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Repairing Sent Folders In Outlook Express

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Though Microsoft Outlook is an effective news and email client, it might run into issues at times. Most of the Microsoft problems that arise are due to PST file corruption or damage. While some of the issues are simple and can be fixed by restarting the computer, some of them are so fatal that you might not be able to open the application at all. In case you have come across issues with the Sent folder, the instructions below will help you in solving the issue and getting back to work at the earliest.


  • Launch the application, click on the File option and then Folder. Then click on the Compact All Folders option.
  • Click on File once again, and from the drop down menu click on Exit. Open Outlook and test your email, i.e. if you are able to Send an email.
  • Now select the Sent Items folder, you will find this below the Inbox folder to the left hand side of the Outlook window. Click on the File menu, while the Sent Items folder is selected. From the drop down menu, click on Folder and then Compact, this option will compact all the items in the folder currently selected.
  • Next click on the Edit menu, then Empty Deleted Items Folder option. From the Sent Items folder, select all the messages that you want to discard. To do this, press down the Ctrl Key on the keyboard and select Messages, you will find that all the emails selected will be highlighted. When you have selected all the emails, click on the Delete icon. This will delete all the emails that you have highlighted. Do the same for the other folders such as Outbox, Drafts and Inbox.
  • Now click on the File menu and then on Folder. Click on the Compact All Folders option. Close and Open Outlook. Now test Outlook by sending an email from your inbox. Once the email is sent, check with the Sent Items folder, in case you do not find it, move on to the next troubleshooting steps.

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  • Open Outlook Express and then click on Tools, and then Accounts. Now highlight the Mail tab, from here select the email account that has Sent Items issues with it. Take a Backup of the email account that has issues.
  • In the next step, you need to create an Identity in Outlook. Then check if the email account is working properly.

In case you are unable to find solutions for any Microsoft problems, you can call up our helpline number for advance support on all Microsoft products and services.

How To Use The Windows Messenger Chat Application

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    About Windows Messenger

The Windows messenger is the one of the most widely used chat applications. This popularity stems from the fact that Microsoft adds their chat application as a default program in all their operating systems. The user-friendly interface and the excellent Windows online support for the application further helped to add more users to the application.

About using the Windows Messenger chat application

The Windows Messenger chat application will facilitate chat sessions with your friends and colleagues. All you need to do is to generate a Windows user ID for the chat application. If you already have a Windows ID, you can use that to log in to the Windows Messenger chat service.

You can visit the Windows online support page to download the latest version of the chat application, if it not already there in your system. Once you have done this, you can add the contacts that you have to your account. Add the Windows messenger addresses of all your friends and colleagues to the messenger’s contact list.

Finding somebody not in your contact list

It is indeed possible to find someone you know, whose Windows messenger address you have forgotten. You can do a search for the contact address of that particular person, by doing a contact search in the Windows Messenger application.

This search would display a list of people with similar names from which you need to choose the one that you’ve been looking for. Add this to your Windows Messenger contact list.

Now, send an invitation to this person to start a chat session. Once the recipient accepts the invitation, the chat session begins.

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Contact Windows online support

With the Windows Messenger application, it is indeed possible for the users to add a Microphone or a webcam device to get the audio and the video transmission during the chat session. This takes the chat session as close to a face-to-face communication as possible.

Any error that you might be facing with the setting up of these devices can be fixed by contacting Windows online support, after you have exhausted the Device Manager troubleshoot options in the OS. With this in mind, you can invite your friends for a video or audio chat, if they have a webcam or a Microphone.

In the latest operating systems and other Microsoft products like the Xbox One console, Microsoft has decided to use the Skype chat application instead of the Windows Messenger.

Support for Microsoft products

Microsoft support, Microsoft products

Microsoft products and support for them

The computing world was given a new dimension by Microsoft with the introduction of Windows operating systems. with each improved and developed operating system, the popularity of the company and its products become more. Microsoft has entered into all fields- Designing, development and marketing of software products. Not only the Windows operating systems, but the software applications like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, and Xbox 360 game console; all have earned high reputations and demand among the users.


Most of the present day computers have Microsoft software running in them. Hence it is a big task to offer support and maintenance to all these operating systems and the other products. Microsoft support is offered for all the products from Microsoft. The Microsoft support team assists and guide the users through the troubleshooting, installation- uninstallation and repair procedures. They also offer remote assistance, which is utilized by other technical experts to resolve the issues with a system.


Support offered for Microsoft products


As Microsoft and its products become popular and in demand, many other companies also came into market, which offers support and assistance for Microsoft products and software. Similar to the Microsoft help and support team, the technical team of these companies offer support in troubleshooting, installation- uninstallation and repair procedures. All of these companies have expert, experienced Microsoft certified professionals who guide and assist the users in their issues. Most of the Support from Microsoft is free for its users; provided they are genuine product users. If the user is having a pirated or counterfeit product running, Microsoft will not be able to help the users; rather the users will not want to contact the company with the issues. Hence, the other best way for dealing with this issue is seeking help of these third party companies for a small fee. All of the Microsoft products supporting companies offer assistance in:


1. Installation and upgrading of Microsoft Windows Vista

Microsoft support, Microsoft products

Microsoft products and support for them

2. Installation and upgrading of Microsoft Windows XP

3. Installation and upgrading of Microsoft Windows 7

4. Microsoft Office support

5. Microsoft Outlook Support

6. Microsoft Internet Explorer Support


So, all you Microsoft users- genuine or pirated users- can make use of the services from these third party companies in resolving their issues with the Microsoft products. Omni tech support is obe such company offering support for Microsoft products.