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Xbox Services Go Down For Some Of The Users

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Microsoft has now acknowledged that some of the users faced issues while signing into the Xbox Live services on their Xbox 360 gaming console, Windows Phone and Windows 8 computers. This will block the users from games and video services in some of the cases. As per the reports of Microsoft, the Xbox accounts, multiplayer matchmaking and the Marketplace were up and running. Microsoft has acknowledged the issues with the Xbox services, though late.

“For our members that are currently unable to sign in to their Xbox Live accounts, we’re right here with you!” Microsoft said on its status blog. “We’ve got our team engaged and they are working hard to get everything back to normal as expediently as possible. You’re being so patient while we’re working, and we really appreciate you! We’ll update you on our progress as soon as we have more information.”

As per the Microsoft personnel, the outage affected Xbox.com, Xbox, Games for Windows Live, Windows Phone and Windows 8 services. The message from Microsoft for the users who are trying to access video services, games or any of the other Xbox services was cheery. The Xbox music service was working normally without any issues. “Oh no! We know that some of our members are having a difficult time accessing video, application, music, and game content on the Xbox console,” Microsoft said. “We want you back to enjoying the full scope of the Xbox Live service as soon as possible. We’ve got our best people working to get everything back to normal.”

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Users were not much happy after hearing the announcement from Microsoft. Of course, they will be unhappy after hearing that the Xbox services may go down some time or the other. The Microsoft problems and support chat number refused to provide any more details on the news. Some of the users of the Xbox service were not able to access their videos, music and many of the other files and they were much dissatisfied with this. This has led to many complaints in the Microsoft support forums.

If you wish to know more on this news, you can contact the Microsoft problems and support chat number. They will be able to let you know more on this news and the latest updates on the issue.

How To Add A Contact To Office Communicator Contacts List?

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When talked about Microsoft Office, the general idea that comes to most of our minds is a bundle of word processing, editing or office applications. Hardly does anyone think that it is more than that. In fact, Microsoft Office contains a tool for communicating with MSN messenger client.

How to communicate with MSN Messenger through MS Office?

In order to communicate with MSN Messengers using your Microsoft Office suite, you need to use the communication application in it, which is called MS Office communicator. Office Communicator has a utility called Contacts List. As the name indicates, it is an address book where you can add contacts of your friends, family, colleagues etc. When anyone in the Contacts list becomes online, you can instant-chat with them. According to the experts at Microsoft problems and support chat number help desk, the steps for adding contacts to the MS Office Communicator are simple. They are described below.


  • Turn on your PC and navigate to the Start menu.
  • Choose All Programs from the resulting menu. Select Microsoft Office from the All Programs list.
  • Upon clicking the Microsoft Office option, you will see a list programs included in your Microsoft Office suite bundle.
  • Locate Microsoft Communicator in the list and click it to launch.

    Microsoft Office Suite

                 Microsoft Chat Support

  • When the application is loaded, locate and select the Contacts menu.
  • In the Contacts menu, you will see different options. However, you should select the option that says Add a Contact. This will initiate the Contact Wizard.
  • When asked How Do You Want to Add a Contact, choose By E-Mail Address or Sign-In Name. Proceed by clicking the Next button.
  • You must add the first contact by typing the complete email address. After entering the email address, cross-check to ensure that it is spelled accurately. Proceed by selecting the Next option.
  • You can add the newly added contact to any group of your choice. To add a contact to a group, select the group that is placed under the option Add Contact to This Group.  It is recommended to add all the contacts to any of the given groups such as friends, family and work or any new group that you create because it saves you from looking for contacts in a hurry.

The steps must have helped you add contacts to the Office Communicator Contact Lists. If you run into any issues while executing Office Communicator, contact Microsoft problems and support chat number for assistance.

Troubleshooting Common Issues In Office Live Meeting

Microsoft Problems And Support Chat Number

       Office Live Meeting Software Support

Microsoft Office Live Meeting is web conferencing software that is designed and created by Microsoft. The basic feature of this software that differentiates it from other web conferencing tools like Skype is that the features in this software allows for maximum collaboration between workers or between a client and a worker. The ability to share files, display presentations and other features like party muting and panoramic video support are invaluable tools for companies and offices. Using web conferences, the software allows individuals from various corners of the world to work together. To know more features of Office Live Meeting, you can contact our Microsoft problems and support chat number division.

When using Microsoft Office Live Meeting, both parties need to be online and connected through web conference. Although this software is extremely useful in workplaces and other areas, this software sometime experiences certain technical issues. It is extremely frustrating, especially when you are in the middle of an important project. However, certain common issues with the program can be easily solved with minimum involvement from the user.

If you come across any issues while using the Office Live Meeting program, here’s what you have to do:

Microsoft Office Live Meeting

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  • First off, check if your internet connection is still connected and has enough speed to enable web conferencing. If not, check the connection cables and your operating system to get internet back to working condition.
  • Click on the Arrow key next to the Options button from inside the Voice and Video pane. Then, click on the Set Up Audio and Video option.
  • A configuration wizard will come up on the screen. Using this tool, test your video and audio settings to determine if they are working properly. Follow the prompts displayed in the computer to establish the problem with the software, if any.
  • Right-click the individual with whom you want to connect and then select the Chat option. This will enable you to send instant messages to the person if the audio is not available.
  • In certain cases, the option to Chat will be disabled. In such cases, click on the Attendee pane and then select the Permissions option. You will find the option to enable Chat with the contact again.

If you have any trouble with the video-conferencing tool, you can contact our Microsoft problems and support chat number division. Our support technicians will help sort out whatever issue you have with the application software.

Microsoft Releases Solution For Xbox One Error

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Microsoft Problems

You may have just bought the Xbox One, unpacked and set it up. After that, you try to do the mandatory system update, and you get the message “There was a problem with the update.” You need not worry as this seems to be pretty common issue for the new users of Xbox One and Microsoft has now provided a guide to troubleshoot and fix the issue. “This message can appear before, during, or after a system update has started. In general, this type of error is a network or caching issue,” Microsoft says. You can simply follow the Microsoft problems and support chat number tips that are shared below to fix this issue.


  • Troubleshoot your network for any issues. To do this, choose Network connection. This test will verify that you have a working Internet connection from your Xbox One to the network device.
  • You may then try to resolve any errors that appear.
  • If you are not able to resolve the issues, you may be facing other issues with the network that are making your Xbox One to time out or fail the system update. These issues can be,
  1. Wireless interference
  2. Latency
  3. High packet loss
  • If any if these issues are causing problems with the Xbox One gaming console, you may try a wired connection if possible.
  • If you see that everything is okay after running the Check network connection test, the cause of the issue is not your network.
  • Choose Start update again.

    Network Connection

    Microsoft Support

  • If you see the There was a problem with the update screen again, you may try to power cycle your console by pressing the Xbox button on the front side of the console for about 5 seconds. After shutting down the console, unplug the power cord and then wait for about 30 seconds.
  • You may then plug the console back in and turn it on by pressing the Xbox button. Power cycling will clear the cache and rest the network card.
  • You can choose Start Update again.
  • Hopefully, you may not see the There was a problem with the update screen error again.

These are the steps to get rid of update issues in the Xbox One gaming console. If you have any doubts in any of the steps that are discussed above, you can contact the Microsoft problems and support chat number for further assistance.

Instructions For Using Microsoft Script Debugger

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If you are a programmer who uses JavaScript for coding a website or an application, then Microsoft Script Debugger is an essential tool that you should possess. Here we describe how to use the debugger tool from Microsoft.


  • The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your system has the Microsoft Script Debugger program. If not, visit the Microsoft download site, download the program, and install it.
  • Now open the application you wish to debug. If you wish to debug a code in the website, open the webpage that contains the JavaScript using the Internet Explorer web browser.
  • If you see a confirmation dialog box on the screen asking for permission to debug, click on the Yes button. If there is any error with the file, the program will show you a dialog box that gives you information about the error with the program. To start debugging the file, click on the Yes button. If you are not able to launch the debugger, feel free to contact the support team in the Microsoft problems and support chat number.
  • The program will now show you the line of code where the error is present. The code of line that caused the error will be highlighted, so scroll through the code for viewing the erroneous code line.
  • To debug the code, place the code Debugger; in the line that lies just above the erroneous line for debugging the line of code. Now when you open the website with the script, Internet Explorer will pause, as it will get the debug command.

    Debugger Tool

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  • Microsoft problems and support chat number technicians advice that you click on the option labeled as Command Window found under the View tab in the Microsoft Script Debugger window. From the command window, users will be able to view and change the values in the script in Run Time. This tool is essential for debugging a script.
  • Now press the F5 key found in the keyboard for checking whether the error has been removed and Yes to find additional errors in the script.
  • When the script is error free, remove the command Debugger; from the script code so that the script may run uninterrupted.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to debug a script or program using the Microsoft Script Debugger.

Fix The Windows Live Messenger Host File Errors

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Windows Live Messenger, formerly known as MSN messenger, is one of the oldest instant messaging applications available for the Windows platform. The current version of Windows Live Messenger boasts of a number of modern features such as options for audio and video chatting in addition to the text communication feature.

About the problems with the Windows Live Messenger      

The Windows Live Messenger problems occur owing to a number reasons ranging from the compatibility issues to the host file errors. If the host file of your computer is corrupted or is found to contain some error, your Windows Live Messenger application will fail to operate properly. The application will fail to connect to the server. Resultantly, the users will have trouble logging into the application. Troubleshooting the problem involves replacing the host file with the default text. Many experts suggest that full system scan using a standard antivirus program is effective solution to fix the error. Contacting the Microsoft problems and support chat number is another recommended solution.

How does the host file error affect the Windows Live Messenger?

The host file prevents your Windows Live Messenger application from connecting to the server as its settings would now be modified and this will prevent the communication with the server. Often, it might be a virus infection, which caused the modification in the host file. Undoing the modification happened in the host file is the only way to troubleshoot the problem.

text communication

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The host file decides how your system should communicate with websites and severs outside the system. This host file is stored in the system folders in a machine. The users can prevent their computer from accessing outside servers or machines by altering the host name and IP address of the network or outside server in the system settings. If you want to replace the host file in your computer or want to make any modifications in it, you need to log into your machine with the administrator privileges.

How to troubleshoot this problem

Ensure that you have a standard antivirus program in your computer. If you have installed one already, update the program and run a full system scan. Most of the standard antivirus programs are capable of scanning the system files for a virus infection.

If executing a security scan and the host file replacement did not fix the problem, call a tech expert at the earliest. Dial the Microsoft problems and support chat number for getting the necessary assistance.

Issues With The Windows Live Mail Application

Microsoft problems and support chat number

            About Windows Live Mail Problems

Microsoft has many platforms to help the users fix the Microsoft problems and support chat number is often provided in the product user manual itself. Microsoft sets up a new support webpage for the newly released Microsoft product, to make it easier for the customers to access tech support by going directly to the page.

About the Windows Live Mail application

Windows Live Mail is another mail client application from Microsoft, and is very similar to the Microsoft Outlook mail client. Though marketed as a superior mail client to Outlook, this application too had many Microsoft problems and support chat number was provided to the users for getting in touch with the Outlook tech support.

The Windows Live Mail client application is compatible with all the Windows operating systems, from the latest Windows 8 OS to the old Windows XP OS. Those Windows users who are used to the Outlook mail client would find it easier to use.

About the Windows Live Mail problems

As already mentioned, the Windows Live Mail client application has its fair share of Microsoft problems and Microsoft is providing the necessary tech support to fix these issues. Some of the commonly reported Windows Live Mail problems are listed here.

  • The email account setup errors are indeed common.
  • Failure to view or download the attachment files from the received messages.
  • Sometimes the Windows Live Mail users find it difficult to go to the webpage links mentioned in the mail message.
  • The Spam email messages going to the Inbox folder instead of the Spam folder.
  • Too much delay when attaching or opening big files in the mail client – for example, HD resolution pictures.
  • Occasions mail client crashes showing some error message, probably caused by a corrupt file.


                Contact Microsoft Support

Fixing these issues

The detailed solutions for all such Windows Live problems are indeed available at the Windows Live support webpage. Some of these errors are caused by error in setting up the Windows Live Mail account, incorrect mail client settings, virus infection, etc.

Some technical bug in the Windows Live Mail client application might also cause these errors. In such cases, you would be able to find the necessary fixes and updates at the same official support for Windows Live Mail.

If you are using an older edition of the Windows Live Mail client, download and install the latest version from the website. The Windows Live Mail client is a freeware for the Windows OS users.

Steps To Fix The Error Code 1603 In Windows

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     Microsoft Outlook

While you try to install a Windows installer package in your system, you may encounter error messages that would say- A fatal error occurred during installation. This is termed as Error or an installation error. This type of error usually happens in the systems running on the Windows XP or Windows 2000 operating systems. There have been several cases reported where such an issue has even forced the users to upgrade the version of the operating system in their computers. However, they kept getting the same error message. The technicians at the Microsoft problems and support chat number provide ample assistance to help the users in fixing such issues. According to them, the user may receive this error if the SYSTEM account does not have Full Control permissions on the path where you wish to install the package. However, the user can troubleshoot this error by granting Full Control permissions to the SYSTEM account.

You can follow the below-mentioned instructions to fix the error code 1603 in your Windows computer before seeking assistance from the tech support:

  • In the first step, open My Computer in your system. For this, you can double click on the option My Computer on your desktop.
  • Once you open My Computer, you need to right-click the drive where you wish to install the package. However, it is typically your C:\ drive. Now, choose the option Properties.
  • In the next step, click the Security tab followed by the Add button.
  • Now, select the option SYSTEM that you would find under the option Name. Now, click Add and OK. Once you click the options, check the option Allow next to Full Control under the subheading Permissions. You can also contact the Microsoft problems and support chat number to get more information on fixing such error issues in Windows.
  • Now, click Advanced. If you are using Windows XP in your system, check the option Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects and click OK.

    Installation error

             Microsoft helpline

  • However, if you are using other versions of the operating system, check the option Reset permissions on all child objects and enable propagation of inheritable permissions followed by OK.
  • Now, you would get pop ups messages and Click Yes. Double-click the installer package that was previously generating the error.

Therefore, you can follow these simple steps to fix the error code 1603 in your system. However, if you are still getting the same error message, feel free to contact our technical support.

Firefox Aurora 26 Boasts Of Stunning Features

Interface changes of Windows 8

     Windows problems and chat support

Good news to internet users! Mozilla Foundation has released the latest version of its Firefox browser. The developers have succeeded in meeting with the expectations of users by providing a web browser that is totally in line with the new interface changes of Windows 8. Therefore, Windows users do not have to bother about various Microsoft problems and support chat number while browsing, as they have now a more exciting alternative than to stick on with the troublesome Internet Explorer.

Close sources from Mozilla claim that the latest Firefox version, named as Firefox Aurora 26, is good enough to squash bugs and other browser issues on its own. It is currently released as beta version, and users will be able to download the final version of the browser soon. It is believed that the final version would contain a number of exciting features geared for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Update.

Firefox Aurora 26

The most exciting and interesting feature found in the Firefox Aurora 26 version is its tile-based Start feature. As the browser is designed totally in line with Windows 8 touch and swipe gestures, Windows 8 users will have an advanced integrated experience while surfing the internet on Firefox browser. Other notable features include Firefox Sync, Snapped and Fill views, beautiful and modern interface, and Windows Share integration. Firefox 26 is featured with a new icon to match with the monochromatic style of the start-page tiles of Windows 8 operating system as well.

Technical compatibilities of Firefox 26

The technical highlights of Firefox Aurora 26 include 3D graphics coupled with WebGL interface, hardware accelerated video, compatibility with JavaScript software, and the latest asm.js technology. Users will be able to play video encoded with H.264 codec in Aurora 26, a feature that no other browsers have provided so far. Previously, Mozilla had stunned Microsoft by building its Firefox browser into the operating system.

Interface changes of Windows 8

         Windows problems and chat support

That is not all. Mozilla is determined to grab the place of Internet Explorer, the web browser developed by Microsoft, which currently holds the status of being the most widely used web browser. To attain this status, Mozilla believes that it has to provide some more exclusive features, and improve the overall performance of Aurora. The only threatening challenge that Mozilla faces now is bugs.

Nevertheless, Mozilla has to plead Microsoft to allow all Firefox features on the new interface of Windows 8. Currently, all third party browsers are restricted to display all features on Windows 8 except IE. However, there have been cases of Microsoft problems and support chat number has not been as useful as before.

Guide To Fix Error Code 1603 In Windows Live Messenger

Microsoft problems and support chat number

Issues with Microsoft Windows Live

Windows Live Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging programs that let you stay connected even while on the go. This program enables you to communicate with your friends, family and relatives, no matter what part of the world they are in. Generally, you should be able to install this without much trouble, but in certain situations, you may run into a 1603 error. Usually this happens when there are unnecessary files interfering with the installation file or if an anti-spyware program is hindering the installation.

How to Fix Error Code 1603

Given below are the step by step directions that will help you fix the Error Code 1603 for Windows Live Messenger:

  1. Disable any anti-spyware programs that may be running on your system. For instance, if you are using Windows Defender, right click on the Defender icon on the taskbar and from the list of options that come up, choose Shut down Microsoft Antispyware. Other anti-spyware programs can be shut down in similar simple steps by referring the manufacturer’s documentation.
  2. Try to download the Windows Live Messenger and run it again. If you still encounter the 1603 error, follow onto the next step to perform hard disk cleaning.
  3. Select the Start button from the left end of your taskbar on the bottom of your screen. From the list of options that come up, choose Control Panel. Here, select the Performance and Maintenance option and then choose the Free Up Space on Your Hard Disk option to launch the Disk Cleaning Utility.

    Instant Messaging

        Microsoft Windows Live Messenger

  4. In the disk tab, place a check against all the following categories: Temporary Files, Temporary Internet Files, Offline Files, Temporary Offline Files and Downloaded Program Files. To delete all unnecessary files from these specified locations, click OK followed by Yes to start the disk cleanup.
  5. Attempt to perform the installation all over again.
  6. Try out the above step to fix the Error Code 1603 for Windows Live Messenger.

If you still have any queries, navigate to the official Windows help website and check out their immense data base to get more help or simply Google ‘Microsoft problems and support chat number.’ However, if that does not seem to work, feel free to seek support from our tech support team. Alternatively, you can also check out the ‘Microsoft problems and support chat number’ blogs and forums.