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What Needs To Be Done When Microsoft Word Fails To Load

You have a project to complete in two days time. You open your laptop and try to open Word. To your horror, you find that it does not open. You find yourself helpless to tackle the problem. If you have been caught in a situation like this, you will surely find the information in this […]

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Microsoft Router Issues In A Network

When you are in a computer network, data is sent in the form of data packets, which are forwarded through a router using an overlay network. If there are many networks, they connect to the router using two or more data lines. When data packet arrives in a data line, the router reads the address […]

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Help to setup MS Word for writing a Novel

If you want to write a novel, you will need to get your manuscript in electronic format. The word processing program, MS Word helps the writers by taking their novel closer to the publishing work. Users can edit their novel work for grammar and spelling, adjust the page layout, insert footnotes and so on. Set […]

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Help for Using Microsoft Access

Every version of Windows operating system comes with a set of useful applications called Microsoft Office Suite. Access is on such application that helps users build database, create forms and reports. Well, you need to use proper language for creating an access query. Our Microsoft help team has come up with some simple instructions that […]

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Writing Letter in Microsoft Word

Windows had all those features that helped users work with maximum efficiency. Windows Office Suite have always helped reduce work load to a great extend. Microsoft Word is the one among the different tools included in Office suite. It helps you create documents with enhanced features that help you create, edit, and access documents from […]

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How to Create an Access Help File for your Application

Microsoft Access allows creating databases and simple programs so that users can type in their query and search these databases. You can’t just expect every user to have a firsthand knowledge about using your application as not all the users are the so-called ‘tech-savvy’ to use your application with ease. In these circumstances, the best […]

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Compiled HTML Help File creation

The Compiled HTML Help File helps the user in creating help files and tutorials for software using the HTML tools. The created file has CHM file extension. A single help file can be created using the HTML tools for the software. Instructions by Microsoft help These steps will help the user in creating a Compiled […]

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Help for Using Rulers in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing program available in the market today. Microsoft Word comes with several simple processes that can help you arrange text on your computer screen. You can move specific pieces of text through the use of guides and rulers and also make rules for automatically arranging future sections. Given […]

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Support to upgrade from Windows XP to Vista without re-installation

Tired of using the Windows XP operating system? Want to upgrade to next higher version of Windows? Windows Vista, released after Windows XP, is an operating system that brought many new enhancements. Try out the Vista operating system without doing a reinstallation! You might have the option of upgrading your current Windows XP operating system, […]

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Resolving MS Excel problems

If you come across any problems while using the MS Excel program, follow the instructions given below, by the Microsoft help, to resolve it. Instructions to troubleshoot MS Excel Launch the Microsoft Excel from the main program itself without depending on the shortcut as it might be corrupted. Click on the “Start” button and then […]

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