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Microsoft Getting Ready To Release New Build Of Windows 10 Next Month

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After the release of Windows 10 technical preview, majority of the Windows fans are expecting further news about the operating system. Majority of the members in the Windows Insider program were upset that Microsoft would no longer be releasing Preview builds this year. However, according to Microsoft, the company is getting ready to release a build by the end of January and the members can expect numerous features included in it.

The news was publicized by Gabe Aul, who is the Microsoft engineering manager. He says that the developers are very much excited with the new build and they have given an unofficial name to the build as ‘FBL_AWESOME’. He says, “Yeah, it’s a bit corny, but trust me that every Dev that checks in their code and sees that branch name gets an immediate reminder of our goal.”

He says that the goal is ambitious and therefore, the developers’ team is working hard to stabilize, integrate and test all the newly added goodies in the build. It is to be noted that we have already heard of similar things in the past. Earlier, Microsoft had told customers that users can expect the release of customer-oriented Windows 10 update by January. The software giant had also made it clear that the company would be then working on to develop features that will aid system administrators and business users.

Windows 10 Technical Preview

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Microsoft has already organized an event on January 21, which is to be held at Redmond campus. It is expected that the company would be announcing the details of the ‘next chapter of Windows 10′ at this event. We could also expect the release of the next build with this event.

Even though Aul did not speak about what users can expect with the new build, he told that the company has already corrected more than 1,300 bugs in the program. He also told that the Windows Insider program has more than 1.5 million users and among them, 450,000 are active users who are currently using Windows 10 Preview. Aul says, “In fact, Windows Insiders are using Windows 10 preview builds more actively than participants in preview/beta programs for any prior release of Windows.”

We can hope that the Microsoft fix it and patches for the operating system is going to bring in many changes that will make it easier to work with. If you have any queries on the new operating system or Microsoft fix it tools, you may contact our technical support team for assistance.

Microsoft Partners with iFixit to Launch Repair Guidance Site

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Most of us encounter software troubles with various programs in our computer. Now, if it is an issue with any of the Microsoft programs, most of us seek the help of Microsoft support center or use Microsoft fix it tools. You can find one Microsoft fix it tool for one Microsoft issue. In order to fix a Microsoft issue, you need to choose the exact tool.

Now, that was the case of fixing software errors. So, what will you do if you have an issue with any of the hardware components of your laptop, smart phone or tablet? Most of us take the devices to a service center for repairing it. However, Microsoft, along with the website iFixit, has released a new service, which is aimed to make people understand the different aspects of servicing these hardware items.

The new network partnership envisages making the people more skilled in fixing the issues with these items. This will help the people to save precious materials and time. Various programs are offered in the network. The network provides the users with elaborate repair manuals. Users will be able to ask questions in the community and share their views on a particular issue. The program also helps in cash-flow worksheets, giving marketing tips etc.

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One of the major aims of the program is to cut the rate of electronic waste. This was specified by Josh Henretig, who is the group manager for Microsoft’s Environment Sustainability. He says, “By providing free online training for people to set up a phone, tablet or PC repair business, we hope to increase the reuse of these devices.” He further adds, “Some studies have suggested that you would need to use a tablet or phone for tens of years before the usage footprint was larger than the manufacturing footprint. With this in mind, anything that can be done to extend the life of these smaller, low-power devices can have a positive environmental benefit.”

With the new step, we could expect that a large number of people would become capable of repairing their electronic stuff. It could particularly help those people who replace their old gadgets whenever a complaint arises.

Now, if you have a faulty device, do not forget to avail the new service before replacing it or taking it to a repair shop. For further information on this new initiative, you may contact the Microsoft help center.

Fraudulent Microsoft Support Schemes Still Prevalent

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            Microsoft Error Scams

Remember getting emails from the Nigerian prince asking for your bank account details so he can send you millions of dollars? That particular scheme ran for a long time. Anybody informed enough would laugh it off and press delete before even opening the email. However, this scheme was targeted for the naïve; those who are bound to believe whatever crackpot story that came their way. Although those attacks have reduced recently, other new scams have made their way to your neighborhood.

These scammers could call you claiming to be from Microsoft. After establishing this false identity, they proceed to usher you to open your computer claiming that they discovered significant problems with your computer. Along with assuring you about the problem, they promise to fix your computer if you give them access to it. Few years before, a very similar scam ran along the lines of scammers posing as IRS agents.

This is unofficially called a ransom scam. The working is simple; they make use of a program that freezes your computer screen and then blocks all access to your computer until you pay them the ransom money they demand for. Once you hand over the cash, you receive a password that unlocks the malware application.

According to reports from users, we have been able to gather that most of these calls are just cold calls from scammers sniffing out gulling users. They pose as Microsoft fix it employees and direct you to open the computer’s Event Viewer. This tool is used for logging events and errors that occurred during normal operation and does not pose as any serious threats or risks.

IRS Agents

              Microsoft Hoax Scam

Once they scare you into believing there are serious threats with your computer, they direct you to a website where you have to download software that gives them control over your computer. The website would look legitimate and used by tech support service companies to remote access computer terminals.

If you receive any such calls, hang up the very instant. Microsoft fix it employees would never be calling in users who have errors in their system. Once they have remote access over your system, they can retrieve your bank details in an instant. Apart from that, they will purposefully install malware on your system and try to extort money from you.

Be sure to watch your back at all times and never entertain any calls, emails or flashing pop-ups that tell you that your system is at risk, because there are scammers everywhere trying to make a few bucks by using your gullibility against you!

Microsoft Users Face BSoD Issues

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Recently, Microsoft released a Windows kernel security fix in order to fix a security issue experienced by many users. However, after the release, this update started to cause a blue screen of death error in a number of computers and even forced many business professionals to reboot their Windows PCs.

The update, MS14-045, was launched by the software giant to fix a recurring flaw that was seen to be exploited by several hackers worldwide. Upon launching this security fix on August 12, Microsoft explained in their official blog post that, “The patch fixes three privately reported vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows. The most severe of these vulnerabilities could allow elevation of privilege if an attacker logs on to the system and runs a specially crafted application. An attacker must have valid logon credentials and be able to log on locally to exploit these vulnerabilities.”

However, upon its release, several users started reporting to the Microsoft fix it and support center about the sudden occurrence of the blue screen of death error in their systems. Most users complained that even after repeatedly rebooting their systems, the issue could not get fixed. Microsoft was thus forced to pull back the security update soon. Commenting on the sudden Blue screen of death issue, sources from Microsoft stated that it could be the cause of a mishandling of a Windows font cache file in the customer systems and would occur only in specific circumstances.

The technicians available at the Microsoft fix it and support center started advising the customers about the same and said that the cache file was all that was responsible for the sudden occurrence of the BSoD error. According to Sophos head of technology Paul Bucklin, “You need to have one or more OpenType Font files, installed in non-standard font directories that are recorded in the registry with fully qualified filenames.” This accentuated Microsoft’s claims of the cause of the sudden error.

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Even James Walker, security advisor at Trend Micro, stated that the patch pull by the company can cause issues for the same

business organizations who experienced this error. He stated that, “Since the vulnerability has been announced and the patch then pulled, there is of course a window of opportunity for cyber criminals to exploit the vulnerability until the patch is supplied.”

According to sources, Microsoft has been trying out ways to fix the BSoD error at the earliest. The longer the time the company would take, the more will be the number of unsatisfied users for Microsoft.

Get Your Windows OS Issues Fixed With The Fix It Tool

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Microsoft Operating Systems

It is estimated that about 90 percent of the computers around the world run on any of the Windows operating systems. As the use of Windows operating system is widespread, so is the issues associated with it. Users encounter a wide range of troubles with their Windows operating systems. Now, even though Microsoft provides support for the troubles associated with its operating systems, there are large numbers of troubles that are common with the operating system. Therefore, the software giant has released a program called Microsoft fix it that addresses about 300 common issues associated with the operating system.

So, what exactly is a fix it program? If you have tried to fix the issues by searching for solutions online, you might have heard about the Microsoft fix it tools much before. These small programs are available for download from the Microsoft support website. For using these tools, you need to select your operating system or program first, then select the issue you are encountering. This will automatically give you a list of fix it tools that you may download and run to fix these issues. These tools are available in the support website since 2008 and have been a great help to many users.

Now, this fix it tool, is aimed at Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. As you all know, Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP and therefore, there is no guarantee that this tool is going to work on your Windows XP operating system. However, if you are running a Windows Vista computer, you may download and install this tool on your computer to fix large number of issues associated with the program.

So, why are there no support tools for Windows 7? According to Microsoft support forums, this operating system already has a

Windows 7

Fix Microsoft Issues

built-in tool. If you are a Windows 7 user, go to the Control Panel window and then choose System Security. Select the option Find and Fix Problems and this will run the tool to diagnose and fix various issues with the program.

Even if you do not have any major issues associated with the operating system, you may download and install the new tool since it helps in improving the speed of your computer. With this tool, you no longer have to seek the service of technical support firms for fixing minor issues with your computer. You may download the tool from the official website of Microsoft.

How To Fix The Latest Update Issues With Microsoft Office 2013

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Outlook is one of the best email clients in the market that has large number of features incorporated in it. The advantage of using Outlook is that it has a simple interface and easy to use tools. This helps make working with Outlook a fun process.

In addition to the basic function of sending and receiving emails, Outlook offers numerous other features to the users. Some of these features are task, contacts etc. You can add any number of contacts to the program and contacts do not mean only the email address, the program helps you to enter the complete address, phone number etc. and store these details. Outlook also helps users to schedule appointments. You can plan things more efficiently with the program and thus, improve efficiency.

Since this program comes bundled with Microsoft Office, you will receive occasional updates from Microsoft for the program. Even though most of the updates are designed to improve the features of the program and fix the bugs in the program, some of the errors can create troubles for the users. The latest update for the program from Microsoft is an update that has created problems for the users. The new issue of disappearing Office 2013 after the installation of update patches has troubled many users.

Microsoft Office 2013

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However, Microsoft says that only a few customers, less than 1 percent, have been affected by the issue. There is no Microsoft fix it for the trouble and uninstalling the update seems to be the only solution at this point. According to the software giant, the issue with the update would fully be solved by the release of new updates. So, how can you fix this issue?

According to some of the users, reinstalling Microsoft Office 2013 is the best fix for the trouble. You may use Microsoft Fix it for removing the program. Once you remove the program, restart the computer before you begin installing it again. Once reinstalled, launch the Outlook program and choose the option File. Select the option Account. Look for the option Update in the window and select it. Select the option Disable and this will disable the office updates. You need not worry about Windows updates as they would still be downloaded and installed.

With the above steps, you can fix the Outlook error with the updates temporarily. You need to make sure that you install the updates, which would soon be released by Microsoft for fixing the issue completely.

Microsoft Fix It- A Solution To All Your Computer Errors

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Windows 7 is one of the popular operating systems released by Microsoft. In fact, Windows 7 OS surpassed the market share of Windows XP just after the two years of its release. Moreover, the Windows 7 operating system has become more reliable and safe regarding its performance and security, when the tech giant supplemented it with Windows 7 Service Pack 1. The Windows 7 Service Pack 1 will be very useful when you are printing using the XPS Viewer, connecting HDMI audio devices, and restoring various folders in Windows Explorer. Moreover, it can also make your Windows 7 computer more secure and stable against system vulnerabilities. Now, take a look at the various tips that will help you to keep your Windows 7 system safe and secure.

Windows 7 is embedded with some striking features like Windows Touch, Windows Taskbar, Remote Media Streaming, Windows Live Essentials, and Windows Search etc. However, if you want your system to perform more, then you need to disable some of the unwanted Visual effects and features like Aero, Search Indexing etc. Disabling these features can seriously improve the system performance. Another reason for slowing down of your system is multiple startup programs. Therefore, you need to uninstall or disable those programs that are not necessary and this can be accomplished by navigating to the Control Panel of your Windows 7 computer.

However, if you come across any system errors, you need some troubleshooting in order to fix the issue. If you do not have any computer knowledge, then it is better to run the Microsoft Fix it solution or you can get the help of Microsoft support centre. The tech support professionals can easily solve all your system related issues by examining your Windows registry settings and by taking the information from the Windows Event Viewer. Running the Windows Defragmenter is another option that you can consider in order to run your computer efficiently without any problems. Moreover, in order to help the users, the Action Center often notifies security issues and will also inform the steps needed to find and fix those issues.

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To avoid the data breaching from your system, you can make use of the feature called User Account Control (UAC), which will help you to check whether any unauthorized person is accessing your system. You can make sure that your data is safe and secure by adjusting the permission levels through an UAC. Thus, Microsoft has provided every option like Microsoft Fix it solution in order to keep your Windows system safe and secure from malware, viruses and other harmful software.

For further information and assistance, contact our Windows support number.

Microsoft Hopes To Fix Issues With Xbox At The Earliest

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Microsoft Xbox 360

Xbox consoles are the most popular gaming consoles in the market today, which is a favorite among not only the younger generation but among all gamers of all age groups. There is a huge population that owns an Xbox gaming console and are very much obsessed with the device. Hence, it is a part of their lives, which for some, is more important than any other possession.

It looks like Xbox live service is facing some issues, as it is not working properly in many consoles. Microsoft did respond to this and said that they were aware that Xbox live service is not working, while it has been the case for quite some time. According to the reports from the XBL page, it is said that users signing into their Xbox account via their Xbox console will not be able to do it right now. They also added that the same applies to users who sign into Xbox live through the online website. They are planning to find a Microsoft fix it to resume back to normal.

Microsoft also said that they were doing all they could to restore the situation at the earliest. Microsoft greatly appreciated the patience of their users and apologized for the inconvenience caused. In every case, Xbox users have always been patient every time there is an issue with the service, since they greatly expect that they would come up with a Microsoft fix it even though it was bizarre.

Xbox Consoles

Fix It For Xbox

One of the statements made by Microsoft said that the affected services on Xbox Live include the feature to see what your friends are doing, managing and playing games online with the friends. They suspect that the issue is related to Uplay services from Ubisoft. Uplay is a digital rights management, communication and multiplayer service created by Ubisoft. Ubisoft is a multinational Game developer. They are the creators of some of the acclaimed video game franchisee such as Price of Persia, Ray man etc.

To look at the events on a positive note, users are happy that this did not happen on July 4, since playing on their Xbox consoles would be the first thing on their to do list on a holiday. They would have been very much annoyed if this had happened on a public holiday like 4th of July. They are also in high hopes of getting their consoles back in working condition as soon as possible.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue Fixed In July 16 Surface Pro 3 Update

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Fix By Microsoft

Microsoft is always known for keeping the faith of its customers by improving their products and services regularly. In fact, they constantly release updates aimed to fix the common issues faced by the users of Microsoft related products. Many expected that the recently released firmware will be able to fix the Wi-Fi issue in Surface Pro 3 but it was actually not the case. According to the changelog of Microsoft, it is said that the System Firmware Update released on 7/8/2014 will bring some improvements in the ‘Wireless network controller and Bluetooth.’ This was actually good news for the Surface Pro 3 users as they will be able to use Wi-Fi in their Surface Pro without any problems and issues.

However, this was not the case, as it was on June 3 that the wireless controller driver was built and this gives an impression that the update was released at the time when Surface Pro 3 is shipped and therefore, there is lesser chances of featuring any updates or fixes related to the Wi-Fi issues. Regarding this, a statement was released by Microsoft and it promised the users that they would come up with a new update that will help in fixing the Wi-Fi connectivity issues. As of now, Microsoft promised the users that an update would be released on July 16 aimed mainly to resolve the Wi-Fi connectivity issues in Surface Pro 3.

Most of the users who rely on 802.11ac and 802.11n protocols have faced unstable connectivity issues on Surface Pro 3 and the reports coming from the various sources say that the issues are seen by those who use 802.11b and 802.11g protocols. The Wi-Fi connectivity issue was bought under the radar of Microsoft and a fix was promised to the users before the Surface Pro 3 units reach the users in public. There will be firmware upgrade available through Windows Update when a Surface Pro 3 owner first switches on the tablet.


Microsoft Fix Connectivity Issues

Like other products of Microsoft, Surface Pro 3 is also a product that needs time to patch up certain things. As of now, Microsoft is giving less importance to Wi-Fi issues but it is expected that the tech giant will take the things seriously in the future and will release updates needed for fixing the certain common issues like Wi-Fi quickly.

For more news and information, contact the Microsoft Fix it center. Microsoft Fix it center will be able to clear all your doubts and problems related to Surface Pro 3 tablets and other Microsoft products.

Zero Day Releases Information About Critical Vulnerability In Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft fix it

Microsoft delays Critical patch

Yet to find a Microsoft fix it solution for a critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer 8, even after 180 days of being informed, Zero Day Initiative was forced to release the information publically. Meanwhile, Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on a fix for the same.

The disclosure policy of Zero-day Initiative states that no discovery of vulnerabilities will be swept under the rug. Once the vulnerability comes in to light, ZDI immediately notifies the product vendor and gives them a definite time to release an update. Once the patch is released, full credit of the discovery goes to the researcher who found the vulnerability. This initiative came into place to ensure that all vulnerabilities that have come into the notice of the committee are plugged and adequately rewarded.

“We are aware of a publicly disclosed issue involving Internet Explorer 8 and have not detected incidents affecting our customers. We build and thoroughly test every security fix as quickly as possible” said the spokesperson when asked to comment on the issue. “Some fixes are more complex than others, and we must test every one against a huge number of programs, applications and different configurations. We continue working to address this issue and will release a security update when ready in order to help protect customers.”

This bug was reported to the concerned authorities on 10 November 2013, yet Microsoft fix it center was unable to develop a patch for the issue. Theoretically, this vulnerability can now be exploited by hackers to infect machines that run the Internet Explorer 8.

Even while working on fixes, Microsoft advices to upgrade to the current and updated version. “We encourage customers to upgrade to a modern operating system, such as Windows 7 or 8.1, and run the latest version of Internet Explorer which includes further protections,” adds the spokesperson.

Different Zero-day vulnerability

Microsoft IE vulnerability discovered

Microsoft has been calling on all of its users to upgrade for quite a long time, since it officially ceased support for its 13 year old Windows XP operating system in April. Soon after the Support ended, Microsoft was forced to issue an emergency XP fix, when a different Zero-day vulnerability was discovered in Internet Explorer.

The researcher who discovered the vulnerability continues to defend Microsoft assuring his blog readers a good reason for the delay. He believes the lax on releasing the update is no indication of Microsoft not caring about security or ignoring bug reports.