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Microsoft problems

   Problems with the Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox 360 is the gaming device that Microsoft manufactures. Amidst reports of great performance there have been complaints on various gaming forums about the Xbox 360 scratching the game discs. Until now other than the hue and cry by the consumers, there has been no acknowledgement of this problem, especially from Microsoft. Many users have reported that the scratching on it has left many a disc obsolete. This becomes a major problem for gamers; having scratched discs would be a major turn off for most people. This is among the very few things that users of Microsoft Xbox 360 have a problem with it regarding; people have come to love the console for its great performance.

Tests made by a television show indicated that the Xbox 360 indeed scratched the discs. Xbox 360 was placed on a table under the best possible conditions without vibrations, and a game disc inserted and run for a while. When the game disc was ejected, its surface was scratched. This indicates it is one among the many Microsoft problems, rather than a problem on part of the user.

The show also said that this was probably due to a TSST drive that is missing a few parts. This particular component helps to stabilize the disc in the drive. The problem with it is generally found in the consoles that were produced in December 2006, and approximately 1 to 2 million units were produced at that time.

Microsoft support

    Microsoft help and support

Microsoft in a press statement said that “As we were not involved with the experiment of Kassa and have little insights in the testing methods, we are not able to respond in detail on the results. It is possible that scratches on discs originate from frequent use. However, we have no indication that the results of the tests from Kassa are a large scale problem. Of course it is important to us that our customers have the best possible game experience and therefore we take these test results very serious. Xbox owners who think their discs are scratched as reported by Kassa, should contact us. We will investigate the console and when needed repair it so it becomes a full functioning console. We will also inform Xbox owners how they can obtain replacements discs in case they require them.”

There are various other Microsoft problems which the company doesn’t acknowledge until someone calls them out on it. If you continue to have any more problems with the console don’t hesitate to contact Microsoft support. They would help you out with a simple solution.

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