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You have a project to complete in two days time. You open your laptop and try to open Word. To your horror, you find that it does not open. You find yourself helpless to tackle the problem. If you have been caught in a situation like this, you will surely find the information in this post helpful.Contained in this post is information devised by the Microsoft problems help team that pertains to how this problem can be tackled.

It is probable that the Normal template is now corrupted. To replace it with backup or to allow Word to recreate it from scratch will make things function again.

The first and foremost thing, which you have to do, is open the Template folder. That is likely to do the trick. Keeping Word closed, click “Start” and then type %appdata%\microsoft\templates, and hit “Enter.”

If you change the name of the Normal.dot file, it will be possible for you to restore Word to its out-of-the-box condition. Should Word be customized, to change styles or to write macros should be able to do the trick. Those who use Windows 7 have the option to do this even if they have not been backing up consciously. The Normal.dotx file has to be right-clicked and “Restore previous version” option has to be selected. Try to restore one of the versions, which you see. Else, you have another backup or you have the option to restore the file from that.

Else, you have the option to rename the Normal.dotm file. It will suffice to just name it as Abnormal. When Word is relaunched, it will be possible for you to recreate a new Normal.dotm file that contains the default settings of Microsoft.

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Based on how corrupt the Normal template might be, it might still be possible for you to load it once Word is up. In Word, the Office orb has to be clicked or the File ribbon tab. Then click “New,” select “My templates” followed by “Abnormal”.

In case the new document that you have chosen to create stops Word from crashing, you have the option to continue to make use of Abnormal.

These instructions should suffice to help you tackle this problem. In case, you need more help with this procedure, feel free to contact the Microsoft problems help center. To visit the official Microsoft Help website is also strongly advised.

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