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     Different Microsoft problems

You might be quite familiar with Microsoft Internet Explorer, which had always been the favorite among computer users. This unique browser has served to work with different operating systems. But just like other applications launched by Microsoft, they had always tried to launch new versions that enable it to work and support other software programs.

As a regular user of Internet Explorer, you might be aware that there are programs that work only on the older versions of Internet Explorer, whereas a few work on the latest versions. To avoid Microsoft problems with IE, Microsoft has introduced the Modern.IE which works towards simplifying the process of making the browser work on older versions. Modern.IE provides a standard, and helps the developers to design the programs so that these do not conflict with the browser.


The tools included in Modern.IE are site scanner, a cross-browser testing tool and instructions about building sites with good standards. The cross browser testing tool is created with a view to find out the problems with the prior versions of IE. The site scanner, when plugged with the URL, provides information about compatibility issues which are unique for old versions of IE, issues that are quite common and issues that are outdated.

But sometimes the site scanner would suggest you to contact the Microsoft tech support team. Modern.IE also recommends running your website using Compat Inspector. Even though they are found useful in inspecting serious issues they cannot be used for cross browser testing.

conflict with the browser

Various Microsoft problems

The suggestions provided by Microsoft are that to test with Modern.IE, you can add two fragments that consist of a specific code from Microsoft. Developers may not recommend using this. The initial fragment is harmless, and it consists of an image that can be added by the user to the Windows 8 home screen. This picture is inserted as a tile on the desktop. The second fragment is about adding a CSS support to the MSPointers API.

Microsoft has a partnership with BrowserStack. BrowserStack offers services that are web based, live, and tested through using virtual machines. To do a complete analysis, Microsoft has offered the back level versions of IE and Windows as virtual images. Modern.IE lastly has “20 tips for building modern sites, while supporting old versions of IE” and code, with standards.

These are the different things that can help in browser testing. The Microsoft problems with a browser can be dealt with by a Microsoft technician in a proficient manner.

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