Fix Problems With Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000


How to Fix Problem with Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000

It is frustrating when your mouse suddenly stops working while you are playing games on your system. Some short temper people will throw away their mouse out of anger. Also, if you are using a non-wireless mouse, you may meet the same problem because the wire from the mouse may get entangled with the nearby cables thereby disturbing your work. In such a situation, wireless mouse would be the best choice for everyone, especially for gamers. Thus, if you are thinking of purchasing one, you should try Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000, which comes in handy for gamers. However, it will be wise to read beforehand about the common Microsoft problems with Microsoft products.

Few advantages and disadvantages of the Optical Mouse

This mouse is inexpensive and quite comfortable to use. If you are among the gamers group, you should buy this wireless mouse as it provides lag-free performance. However, in the meantime, there are certain disadvantages of this mouse. Unlike other wireless mouse, software is not included with this mouse. It has no additional buttons and lacks horizontal scroll. It is very short, about only 3-foot range.

If you are having problem with your mouse, read the following instructions.


  • The moment you feel that your optical mouse is not working, the foremost step you should take is to check whether the battery is dead or not. If so, replace them with a good quality one. Installing good batteries will make the LED or USB receiver installed on the bottom of the mouse, a glow which means that the mouse is working normally again.

    Wireless Optical Mouse 3000

  • However, if the battery is fine, try connecting the USB receiver to your system USB port that is compatible with the receiver. Make sure that you hear a sound from your system the instant you connect the receiver to the compatible port. This sound will indicate that the mouse is working.
  • Now, look for the connect button underneath the mouse. Then, by long pressing the button, you can easily readjust the wireless connection. Due to technical reasons or some other reasons, the connection may get disconnected or temporary loss of signal may be the  result, thereby disturbing the onscreen movement of the mouse. Here the movement may be inconsistent.

Thus, keep in mind the above instructions and fix your mouse on your own every time your mouse is not working. For more details about the mouse and Microsoft problems, visit Microsoft’s website.

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