Troubleshooting Microsoft Mouse Scrolling Issues


Apart from offering us the most competitive operating systems in the world, Microsoft produces a wide range of hardware devices for our PCs, including accessories such as mice and keyboards. Obviously, the greatest advantage of these devices is that, Microsoft knows well about how Windows systems behave, and their accessories would be designed to get along quite well with a Windows PC. However, there are a few Microsoft problems being reported in this regard. Some devices produced by Microsoft don’t see to put up that good a show. In this post, we’re going to deal with troubleshooting the Microsoft problems that may occur with a Microsoft mouse.

A faulty Microsoft Mouse

The most common issue being complained of a Microsoft mouse is that of scrolling problems. When a mouse has problems with scrolling, it virtually becomes useless as a computer accessory. However, if there aren’t any grave issues, troubleshooting would be quite an easy task. Let’s see how.

Troubleshooting Scrolling Issues with a Microsoft Mouse

  • Begin by verifying the condition of the batteries. In case the mouse is wireless, the cause for the issue in question could be that of low battery power. Changing the batteries would by all means increase the signal strength and thereby fix your Microsoft problems.
  • Now proceed to verify the synchronization indications. As the Microsoft help team says, if the light receiver is blinking or unsteady, the mouse needs an immediate resynchronization. Pressing the button on the receiver would possibly reset and resynchronize the mouse. Or else, you may press the ‘connect channel’ button at the bottom of the mouse and check the light again to ensure whether the mouse has resynchronized.
  • Ensure whether any other electronic devices around the PC are interfering with the functioning of your mouse. As our experts point out, devices such as iPods, phones or other wireless devices in the vicinity of the PC can interfere with the proper signaling of your mouse.
  • Update the mouse driver. In most cases, simply updating the driver software can resolve issues with your devices. You may rely on the official program website of your Microsoft mouse to update the driver and thereby fix any issues with it.

The above account would surely prove helpful in fixing the scrolling problems with your Microsoft mouse.

In case your Microsoft problems haven’t ceased, do get in touch with Microsoft help.

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