Fix Microsoft problems caused by automatic updates


Microsoft offers timely updates for their products which can be downloaded at their or the device manufacturer’s websites. These Updates helps keep your system up-to-date and safe from viruses, malwares and attacks. So it is recommended that you frequently check for and perform the updates available for your devices and drivers to keep away any Microsoft issues on your computer.

Updating Windows is an easy and harmless job in general. However, at times, when you do the Windows updates, it is possible that these may install improperly or may conflict with a software application that is already installed on your system. Some other times, the patch may be itself flawed. These Microsoft issues related to a patch or update can cause undesired behavior in Windows regardless of the reason and possibly cause the operating system to work incorrectly or not at all. These Microsoft problems can be fixed by reverting your computer back to a time before the update or patch was installed.

Instructions to fix Microsoft problems with automatic updates

Microsoft help to do a System Restore

  • Log in to your computer as Administrator and click “Start”->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Restore.
  • Click on “Restore my computer to an earlier time” and click “Next”.
  • Select a restore point prior to the Microsoft problems with update occurred, click “next”. Now, a popup menu listing the changes that is made will pop up, press “OK”.
  • On the “Confirm Restore Point Selection” page, click “Next”. The System Restore will begin; restart your computer after the restore is done.
  • Again log in as administrator to your Windows and the system restore will complete with a dialog. You can now install the updates one by one and find out which update is causing the problem

If you face the same issue again, the Microsoft support team advices you to do the same and if you have noticed the install that is causing the problems, try a different version that is compatible with your system and downloaded from a trustworthy website. Make sure the updates you obtain are from relevant sources and compatible for your system and that your system meets the requirements specified by the updates. These can prevent you from bumping into any issues in your computer, while updating it.




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