Troubleshooting Rundll.Exe Error In Windows XP

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Malware or virus infection cannot damage your PC’s hardware components but it could erase all your valuable data, corrupt the operating system, or slow down the PC performance. When the PC gets infected with malware or viruses, it will start showing up some signs, for instance rundll32.exe.

What does rundll32.exe error message indicate?

Rundll32.exe is a common error message that pops up on Windows PCs when they get infected with viruses or malwares. According to Microsoft experts who deal with Microsoft problems, rundll32.exe is a Windows system process and therefore users are not supposed to delete it. Instead, you can work out the following troubleshooting steps for a fix.


  • Restart your Windows PC in Safe Mode. If your PC is currently, press the Restart button. When the PC is starting, keep pressing F8 key on the keyboard. This will open up Windows Advanced Options.
  • In the Windows Advanced Options menu, choose Safe Mode With No Networking option using the arrow keys and press the Enter button to proceed.
  • Execute the updated antivirus program you have in the PC. Once done, run the antispyware program. Keep an eye on the virus/spyware detection of the programs. Remove them at once when they are detected. After that, restart the PC to check whether the issue has been resolved. If it still persists, go to the next step.
  • The reason for the persistence of rundll32.exe error even after the deletion of the viruses and malwares is that the rundll32.exe file has been corrupted. Try to fix the issue by performing a Windows Repair Installation. Work out the following steps for the same.

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  • Insert your Windows CD in the CD drive of your computer and restart it.
  • You will be prompted now to press any key on the keyboard in order to boot from the CD. Press any key to continue.
  • When the Welcome to Setup window appears, choose Enter to proceed.
  • Choose Setup Windows XP and highlight the appropriate Windows Installation to proceed.
  • Enter repair mode by pressing the R key on the keyboard. Similarly, press F8 to accept Microsoft Licensing Agreement. The OS will be reinstalled now. During the OS reinstallation, the corrupted rundll32.exe file will be replaced.

The above steps must have helped you deal with rundll.exe error effectively in your Windows XP PC. To avoid recurrence of the issue in future, keep your PC free from viruses and malwares with the help of an effective antivirus program. For any queries, visit the official Microsoft problems and solutions page.

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