Troubleshooting Microsoft Mouse Issues

Microsoft Problems

      Microsoft Problems

Problems with Microsoft hardware like mouse could easily be solved using troubleshooting information available on the web and through customer support services.

Microsoft problems in using mouse

First thing, you need to check for troubleshooting mouse is to check if the electrical connection between the mouse and system is proper. If you are using a wire-mouse, make certain that the wire is plugged intact to the computer port. You have plugged in the mouse firmly the last day doesn’t mean that it would remain in the same position ever, don’t forget that. Something could have happened to pull the mouse’s wire out of the port, which stops the mouse to stop working abruptly.

If you are using a Microsoft wireless mouse, check the batteries before anything else. Mouse is a peripheral device of the computer that you use often. The chances that its battery runs out are high. You could just switch out the mouse batteries and see if they are functioning. Microsoft wireless mouse comes with a connector that can be inserted into the computer’s mouse port. You have to ensure a firm and close connection for the mouse to your computer.

Drivers installed for Microsoft mouse

If you do not install the drivers provided properly or the driver files get corrupted, mouse would fail to work. If you wish to reinstall the mouse drivers, go to Start >>Control Panel >>Device Manager. This would display you a list of all devices installed on your computer. Select and right click the Microsoft mouse option and choose the option saying Update Driver.

Computer Port

          Microsoft Mouse Problems

There is an application provided for Microsoft Windows XP operating system users to check for missing and corrupted driver files for Microsoft mouse as well. Go to Start >> Run >> type in SFC /scannow in the search box >>OK. This is to run the inbuilt application loaded on XP to search for the missing or corrupted driver files, by comparing with the last system backup available.

Microsoft problems-pointer slowdown

Slow mouse pointer speed might be an indicator for the batteries going to stop working; this would be a phase where they are losing power. It could also be caused due to a configuration setting saved in the Control Panel. To fix this, go to Start >> Control Panel >> Mouse. This would open up a new window to set the mouse movements.  You can increase or decrease the mouse speed as desired by adjusting the settings provided here and hit OK button when done.

Hope this information was useful for you to solve Microsoft problems with wire or wireless mouse.

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