GDR2 Update Brings Troubles To HTC 8X Users

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Windows Phone 8 has not been a huge success when you compare it with its competitors like Android and iOS. However, Microsoft is slowly trying to catch up with many updates for its Windows Phone 8. The latest in this series is the GDR2 update, which was intended for the HTC 8X and Samsung ATIV S models. However, reports show that this update has created troubles for the HTC 8X users. The phone, HTC 8X was launched back during September, last year. HTC 8X is one among the few phones to be rolled out with Windows Phone 8 during the year. T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon provided users with this model.

The GDR2 update was released to update Windows Phone 8 with features like Data Sense, HTML5 enhancements, FM Radio, addition of Lync, Skype etc. However, the GDR2 updates have not gone well with many HTC 8X handsets and many users are experiencing troubles after the updates. This is one of the latest Microsoft problems with the handset. Earlier, many users faced troubles when their handsets restarted frequently. This was later fixed by an update.

According to Microsoft, the GDR2 update is one of the minor updates in the series and they are all set to release t he GDR3 update. With the release of this update, Windows Phone 8 users will experience significant improvements to their handsets that include enhanced multi tasking features, addition of a notification center etc.

Most users face the troubles when they open media files like songs and videos. This was evident from the numerous complaints by the users in the WP Central forum.

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Nokia devices are not affected by tese GDR2 updates as it were intended only for non-Nokia devices. However, earlier, Nokia Lumia 920 faced similar troubles when the update 1308 was released for it. When complaints about this update aroused, Nokia had to stop the release of this update. They later fixed the troubles by releasing another update 1314. This update fixed the Microsoft problems with update on the Lumia 920 model.

Everyone expects that Microsoft’s GDR3 update for the non-Nokia devices like HTC and Samsung would bring in enhanced capabilities and improvements without troubles. Experts also believe that the bugs, which caused the GDR2 updates to fail in HTC 8X phones would soon be fixed with the release of this update. HTC 8X users are now eagerly waiting for the release of GDR3 update from Microsoft.

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