Resolving Issues Hindering Voice Chat In Windows

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If your friend is having an internet connection and you want to communicate with him/her, you can make use of voice chat in Windows. With the help of a stable/active internet connection and a working microphone, voice chat can be performed between two or more persons. The advantage that voice chat possesses over normal text chat is that the effort that you put into typing can be avoided and your fingers can get some time off. There is a slight possibility that the users who make use of the voice chat may come across issues and the proper chatting experience may not be availed. In the Windows operating system, if you have issues with the voice chat, you can follow these Microsoft fix it guidelines to resolve all the voice chat issues.


  • An active and stable internet connection is required. If the internet connection gets disconnected during small intervals, the proper voice chat will not be possible. Check if the modem is working properly; if not, your internet service provider should be contacted when there are issues with the line.
  • A working microphone should be in hand. A non-working Mic can result in the other person not being able to hear anything. Almost all leading electronic outlets offer good quality microphones for sale.
  • To the computer, the microphone should be correctly plugged in. In the sound card of the system, the Mic in the input will be present and the cable from the Mic should be plugged in to that input.

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  • Make sure that the Mic is not set as mute; check whether if it is in mute by clicking the volume icon twice and in the mute box, make sure that no check mark is present. If a check mark is present, what it means is that the microphone is set as mute.
  • To test if the internet connection is functioning properly, the power cable has to be removed and after a while, around 20-30 seconds, the power cable has to be connected back in.

By following these simple Microsoft fix it guidelines, the issues with the voice chat can be easily resolved. If professional help is needed for the issues with the voice chat, our customer support center may be contacted. The best professional help and guidelines can be availed by contacting the customer support center.

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