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About the Microsoft Xbox One console

Even before the actual release of the Microsoft Xbox One gaming console, most of the groups on the Microsoft chat networks are busy with speculation. There have been many rumours doing the rounds about when Microsoft would stop the support for Microsoft Xbox 360, PC support for the Xbox One controller; the use of the Skype chat application in the new console, etc.

Gaming enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the release of the Xbox One gaming console

All these rumours and speculations show that the gaming aficionados are eagerly awaiting the release of the Xbox One console. However, the owners of the Microsoft Xbox 360 are also a little worried about Microsoft stopping the support services for the console.

In fact, Xbox 360 owners actually want Microsoft to extend support for the gaming consoles, as well as to introduce backward compatibility for the Xbox games and accessories. This if it happens would mean that it would be possible to use the Xbox 360 controllers and the headsets for Microsoft chat on the Xbox One console, and vice versa.

The support and the compatibility issues

Supports and fixes

      Using the Microsoft chat on Xbox

With the release of the Xbox One console delayed towards the end of this year, Microsoft does not want the sales of the Xbox 360 to drop in the coming months. To boost the already marginally dropping Xbox 360 sales, Microsoft recently announced that Xbox 360 support would continue until 2016.

Then there are the compatibility issues between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One devices and accessories. The Xbox 360 users would really like to able to use the all-new cool Xbox One controllers on the Xbox 360 consoles. It would be convenient for the Xbox users if it were possible for them to use the Xbox One and Xbox 360 with both these devices.

In fact, Microsoft might indeed release such support for the Xbox One console – especially, for the Xbox One controller and the headsets for Microsoft chat. But, the users should not expect this any time soon. Even after the release of the Xbox One console, Microsoft is very likely to delay the release of such support at least for a few months.

The rationale is indeed very clear. Microsoft wants users to buy the new console, if they want to use the Xbox One accessories. Once the Xbox One sales cross a certain threshold, the users can expect Microsoft to release all manner of supports and fixes.

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