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A user can use the Windows chat option in the computer to chat with someone in another computer. For this to happen, both these computers should be connected to the same network, for example, a local area network or the Internet. Also, the computers must be running a similar protocol like TCP/IP. The Microsoft chat tips for using Windows chat are discussed below.

To Start Windows Chat

  • Click on the Start button and go to Run.
  • In the Run window, type winchat and hit the Enter key.

This will start the Windows chat program.

To Make A Chat Call

  • After you have started the Windows Chat program, click on the Dial button on the Conversation menu.
  • Click on the computer name or type in the name of the computer for the person with whom you would like to chat and select OK.
  • After the person with whom you need to chat answers the call, you may start to chat in the chat window. You will not be able to type until the person you are calling answers the call.
  • If the person that you call does not answer the call, or if you would like to end the chat, click on the Hang Upon button in the Conversation menu.

Your incoming messages will appear in the lower pane or on the right pane, depending on the arrangement of your chat window.

To Answer A Call

  • Click on the Chat button that appears in the taskbar to answer a call. If your chat window is already open, click on the Answer button in the Conversation menu.
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To Hang Up A Call

  • Click on the Hang Up option in the Conversation menu to end an ongoing call. If the person with whom you are chatting ends the call, a message will appear in the status bar. Hang-up will take place automatically if you quit the chat window.

To Turn On Or Off Sound

  • Click on the Sound button to turn on or off the sounds. The Sound option is present in the Options menu.

If your computer has a sound card inserted, you may change the sound of the incoming and outgoing rings. To do this, double click on Sounds and Audio Devices in Control Panel.

These are the steps to use Windows chat in your computer. If you have any more doubts, you may contact Microsoft chat support for further assistance. Microsoft chat support center offers technical support round the clock.

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