How To Add A Contact To Office Communicator Contacts List?

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When talked about Microsoft Office, the general idea that comes to most of our minds is a bundle of word processing, editing or office applications. Hardly does anyone think that it is more than that. In fact, Microsoft Office contains a tool for communicating with MSN messenger client.

How to communicate with MSN Messenger through MS Office?

In order to communicate with MSN Messengers using your Microsoft Office suite, you need to use the communication application in it, which is called MS Office communicator. Office Communicator has a utility called Contacts List. As the name indicates, it is an address book where you can add contacts of your friends, family, colleagues etc. When anyone in the Contacts list becomes online, you can instant-chat with them. According to the experts at Microsoft problems and support chat number help desk, the steps for adding contacts to the MS Office Communicator are simple. They are described below.


  • Turn on your PC and navigate to the Start menu.
  • Choose All Programs from the resulting menu. Select Microsoft Office from the All Programs list.
  • Upon clicking the Microsoft Office option, you will see a list programs included in your Microsoft Office suite bundle.
  • Locate Microsoft Communicator in the list and click it to launch.

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  • When the application is loaded, locate and select the Contacts menu.
  • In the Contacts menu, you will see different options. However, you should select the option that says Add a Contact. This will initiate the Contact Wizard.
  • When asked How Do You Want to Add a Contact, choose By E-Mail Address or Sign-In Name. Proceed by clicking the Next button.
  • You must add the first contact by typing the complete email address. After entering the email address, cross-check to ensure that it is spelled accurately. Proceed by selecting the Next option.
  • You can add the newly added contact to any group of your choice. To add a contact to a group, select the group that is placed under the option Add Contact to This Group.  It is recommended to add all the contacts to any of the given groups such as friends, family and work or any new group that you create because it saves you from looking for contacts in a hurry.

The steps must have helped you add contacts to the Office Communicator Contact Lists. If you run into any issues while executing Office Communicator, contact Microsoft problems and support chat number for assistance.

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