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If you are using a mobile device powered by Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, you might have encountered the 8018830f error. Many of the customers have already complained about this error in numerous Microsoft forums and now, the software giant has come up with an update to fix Microsoft errors.

The announcement was made by Joe Belfiore, who is the vice president and manager who heads the Windows Phone Programme Management. He tweeted that the company has released the fix for the error and users can download it to their mobile devices. He said that the issue had come up due to a packaging issue of the update. Joe, in his tweet, has asked the users to install the update again for the best results.

In addition to the error, Microsoft had also received several complaints about the 80188308 installation issues. Joe says that the company is working on this issue and soon, users can expect a fix for it. Joe adds that the issue is related to the install partition and not the user storage as believed by many. He has not mentioned about the date for the release of the fix.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update was released a few days before. As of now, only the preview version of the program is available and is intended for the developers. Soon after the rollout, many customers reported that they face different issues with the update. One of the major troubles reported by many users was that the update fails to install on the devices. Joe said that the company is working on the issue and would soon come up with a fix.

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Majority of the customers who received the error 8018830f had Update 1 installed on their devices. One of the members in the Microsoft support forums says, “Just updated. Probably they fixed it for the L925. Tried before over 20 times and always got the f##$# error, but just now it updated without any problems, again I didn’t do anything.” Microsoft is already alerting customers about the release of the update. It is expected that the company would soon come up with a fix for the 80188306 error.

If you own a Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 device and experience this error, then you may contact our technical support team for assistance. You may also contact our support team to fix Microsoft errors with your laptops, desktops and other devices.

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