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When you turn on your computer screen, you may find small icons located at the left hand corner of the screen. If you have Windows 7 installed in your computer, you will definitely notice beautiful small icons that represent different applications. These are applications that you have installed in your computer and opened applications are also shown there. You might have even placed your web browsers on these task bars. However if you have more running applications on your task bar, it can turn your computer slow. The unwanted programs can be replaced from your system tray and this can in turn increase the speed of your computer. You might encounter some Microsoft problems, if you have lot many unwanted applications on your system tray. If you wish to remove the same, follow the instructions below.


  • Right click on the application icon that you find on the task bar in order to remove it. It can be an unwanted or an unused application in the group. Now select Unpin this program from task bar. Now the one that you have selected will be removed from the taskbar. If you do not find the option or in case you cannot remove it from there, then do the following. Click on the Start button on the desktop and click Control Panel and choose Programs and select Uninstall or change a program. This will help you to uninstall the program that you wanted to remove from the system tray. Now select Uninstall and this will remove it.
  • Once you click on Uninstall, the program icon that you have chosen will be uninstalled from the task bar. You can do the same procedure for uninstalling other icons that you wish to remove them. If you have removed a program icon by mistake, you can simply right click the program and bring it back.
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  • Click on Start button and choose Control Panel. Now choose Appearance and Personalization, Task Bar and Start menu. You will now receive the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialogue box.
  • Now select the Notification Area tab. Move to the System Icons in order to remove these icons and choose the icons that you wish to remove.
  • Select Customize, choose the icon, choose Hide from the menu, and select OK.
  • Now click Apply and click OK.

If you face any Microsoft problems with the taskbar, do contact the Microsoft help and support team for assistance.

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