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Each week, you can find hundreds of new apps added to the Google Play Store and it could become difficult for you to find some cool apps for Android devices. Even though the apps are categorized, it can be a tedious task to find the best ones for your device. One method is to look for the ratings or reviews by the customers. You may also look for the number of downloads of an app to find whether it has been a favorite among the users. In this post, we will take you through five best apps for your Android device that are available for download from the Play Store.

Swiftkey 3 Keyboard

This app has already crossed 80,000 downloads and is one of the cool apps for Android device if you have just migrated from an Apple device to Android. We all know that the suggestions made on spellings by Android devices are not always great and we may end up sending funny things to the other person. However, with Swiftkey 3 Keyboard, the suggestions are more accurate and more natural. Once you install this app on your device, you can type faster and even if you end up with spelling mistakes, the app would detect the accurate word that you intended to type.

Beautiful Widgets

Among the cool apps for Android devices, you are surely going to love Beautiful Widgets. This app is for all those who think that the existing widgets on your device are not attractive. With Beautiful Widgets, you can ensure that your phone gets a new layout and texture. The default widgets present in the program like clock, calendar and weather report will get a brand new look with Beautiful widgets.

Camera Zoom FX

All of you would like to give cool effects to your photo, and Camera Zoom FX is the right app for this purpose. When you take a photo, you will find an array of editing options in its studio. Some of the effects included in the app are ‘Old Film Turned Real’, ‘Faded Dreams’ etc.

TuneIn Radio Pro

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If you are a Radio fan, then TuneIn Radio Pro is inevitable on your Android device. It helps you to gain access to major channels in all categories. It has an extensive coverage of signals in a wide range of frequency.


Minecraft is an addictive game in Play Store and has multiplayer features incorporated in it.

Download and try these cool apps today. Keep in mind that the list of cool apps for Android devices is endless, and we have just picked out five of them.

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