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Fix The Windows Live Messenger Host File Errors

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Windows Live Messenger, formerly known as MSN messenger, is one of the oldest instant messaging applications available for the Windows platform. The current version of Windows Live Messenger boasts of a number of modern features such as options for audio and video chatting in addition to the text communication feature.

About the problems with the Windows Live Messenger      

The Windows Live Messenger problems occur owing to a number reasons ranging from the compatibility issues to the host file errors. If the host file of your computer is corrupted or is found to contain some error, your Windows Live Messenger application will fail to operate properly. The application will fail to connect to the server. Resultantly, the users will have trouble logging into the application. Troubleshooting the problem involves replacing the host file with the default text. Many experts suggest that full system scan using a standard antivirus program is effective solution to fix the error. Contacting the Microsoft problems and support chat number is another recommended solution.

How does the host file error affect the Windows Live Messenger?

The host file prevents your Windows Live Messenger application from connecting to the server as its settings would now be modified and this will prevent the communication with the server. Often, it might be a virus infection, which caused the modification in the host file. Undoing the modification happened in the host file is the only way to troubleshoot the problem.

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The host file decides how your system should communicate with websites and severs outside the system. This host file is stored in the system folders in a machine. The users can prevent their computer from accessing outside servers or machines by altering the host name and IP address of the network or outside server in the system settings. If you want to replace the host file in your computer or want to make any modifications in it, you need to log into your machine with the administrator privileges.

How to troubleshoot this problem

Ensure that you have a standard antivirus program in your computer. If you have installed one already, update the program and run a full system scan. Most of the standard antivirus programs are capable of scanning the system files for a virus infection.

If executing a security scan and the host file replacement did not fix the problem, call a tech expert at the earliest. Dial the Microsoft problems and support chat number for getting the necessary assistance.