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Benefits Of Using Microsoft Word Over Other Programs

Microsoft Problems

Why Use Microsoft Word

The Microsoft Word program is undoubtedly the best document processing program available today. It is extensively used in almost all computers, including the ones in offices, homes, and schools. The features and tools present allow you to access, create, and edit documents of varying types. You are less likely to face any Microsoft problems with the use of this powerful word processor.

Available everywhere

The most obvious advantage of using Microsoft Word is that you can find it everywhere. Word is the default program in a majority of computers worldwide, whether it is in an internet café or your college’s computer lab. Because of this, you have the option to access, modify or create Word documents anywhere. Just copy the Word file into a flash drive and you can easily find a computer with Microsoft Word installed to access it.

Microsoft Office integration

All the Microsoft problems with the Office suite aside, Microsoft Word is the default word processor for other programs in Microsoft Office. You can easily cut or copy text from other programs like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint and paste them in Word; and vice versa. Hence, suppose you are working on a project, you can carry out all the required tasks with spreadsheets, graphs, etc. seamlessly. You would not have to spend time using third party programs to convert documents or files to make them usable.

Efficient Help features

Using Microsoft Word

Advantages Of Word Program

Microsoft Word ensures that you create documents without grammatical errors or typos. When you are typing text in the interface of the program, if you misspell a word, it will be underlined in red color instantly and you will be able to fix it yourself or right click on that word to get most appropriate suggestions. When you enter sentences with bad grammar, they will be underlined in green color, and you can right click on the sentence to know what is wrong with it and also to get suggestions on how the sentence can be written in a better manner.

Flexibility of Documents

You can create word-processing documents such as reports and letters with ease. Let it remain plain and simple or customize it anyway you like. You can add colors, clip arts, or format the document with different font styles. There are also options to add tables, borders, or bullets. The predefined templates help you create calendars and greeting cards.

Microsoft Word also allows you to save any document in various types of file formats, even as a web page. These are some of the advantages of MS Word. But it does not conclude how beneficial using Word can be.

Steps To Repair A Microsoft Windows XP Professional Code 19 Error

Microsoft problems

      Microsoft Office

Sometimes, you may face issues in your Windows XP computer while you try to run a modem or a printer. In such cases, you might get an error message known as Microsoft Windows Code 19 Error. However, you do not need to worry in such cases. According to the technical support, when such Microsoft problems occur, it is best to reinstall some of the drivers.

You can try the following instructions to fix the Microsoft Windows code 19 error before contacting technical support.

  • In the first step, you need to go to the My Computer on your Desktop. You can also click on the Start Up menu and then select the Properties option. Here, you can select the Hardware tab and then go to the Device Manager option.
  • Now, you need to choose the device that has been sending out the Code 19 error. Now, you can right click the device and hit the Properties option. In Properties, go to the General tab, and then troubleshoot it.
  • In the next step, select the Troubleshooting Wizard and then run it. You would see troubleshooting steps here. But if you are not able to fix it, you can continue with the process.
  • As mentioned earlier, now the option would be to uninstall and reinstall the drivers of the problem device. Hence, uninstall the old drivers by clicking into the device’s Property box followed by the Drivers tab.
  • Now, click on the option Uninstall and continue the procedure. Once it is completed, restart the computer. You can also contact the Microsoft tech support to get more information on such Microsoft problems.
  • In the step that follows, you can go to Device Manager and then hit the Action button. Now, click on the option scan to detect any hardware changes, and then again follow the instructions.

    Microsoft Help

             Microsoft updates

  • You need to reload the device’s drivers. The best way is go to the product’s website and download the proper drivers to your computer.
  • Now, you can follow the on-screen instructions that pop up to do the proper installation of your drivers.
  • Once the whole process is finished, you can restart your computer.

Hence, you would be able to notice that the Windows XP Professional Code 19 error would not appear anymore while running a modem or printer. For more information regarding such troubleshooting steps, please check Microsoft’s official website.

Mouse Problems While Playing Games

Microsoft problems

Microsoft issues

Among all the current operating systems by Microsoft, the Windows 8.1 rivals the Apple iOS the most. The Windows 8.1 operating system was released in October 2013. Since the release of the operating system, there were non-stop problems for the manufacturer of the OS- i.e. Microsoft. Earlier, there were a number of issues regarding the incompatibility of the Microsoft software and outdated firmware. The recent complaints are regarding mouse issues while gaming. The Microsoft problems regarding the mouse are explained below in this article.

Jumping Cursors

According to the reports by the PCWorld website, the mouse jitters have become the main issue of concern in the new operating system. It seems that the Windows 8.1 operating system is making the mouse pointer act strange. The pointer jumps forward and backward and the physical distance while moving does not equate with that displayed on the screen. Apart from that, the polling frequency of the mouse is also not adequate. This means that the reaction and speed of the pointer is also affected. This leads to lags and slow performance.

Gaming Issues

Jumping Cursors

     Mouse problems

The above mentioned mouse problems are what a number of users are presently complaining about when they are trying to play some games in the Windows 8.1 operating system. One of the users complained in the Microsoft support website that he has upgraded the software of the device and the problem reappeared while trying to play Call of Duty Black Ops 2. The user was unable to finish the game because of the sluggish and lagged performance of the mouse. The worst part is that everything was working well in the Windows 8 operating system.

Response Of Microsoft

Microsoft was very quick in addressing this issue. A Microsoft official posted that there are numerous solutions that the users can try to fix the mouse issues. Before that, they thanked the gaming community for the quick response they got and promised to release an official fix at the earliest. As per the Microsoft, there can be a number of reasons for the mouse issue. The company has suggested the Windows 8.1 users to be patient and has advised them to continue checking on their website for the apt update to get rid of the mouse issues.

If you wish to know more on the mouse issues and other Microsoft problems, you can contact the official support number for more details and updates on the issue.

Microsoft and Spybot issues

Microsoft problems

Fix Spybot issues in Windows

There are many antivirus and antimalware programs out there that helps in preventing your system from malware and spyware attacks. Users of computers can download or purchase antimalware or antispyware programs and install any one of those in their computer to protect it from virus, Trojans, and other malware or spyware. Users should choose an effective antimalware software for their system, with regard to their system’s requirements. Carefully examine the various options available and then finalize with a product, this way, you will be able to compare the function and effectiveness of different antimalware available.

Spybot Search & Destroy is developed by Safer Networking and is a free antimalware and antispyware program. It is fully functional on almost all versions of Microsoft Windows through it can also run on other operating systems, like Linux and Symbian. Like all other software codes and programs, Spybot also can malfunction while running on Windows operating systems.

Purpose of installing Spybot

At some point, most personal computers are likely to become infected with virus, Trojans or other spyware or malware. These unwanted software codes can do anything to your computer, including deleting files, disabling your antivirus software, adding new programs or recording your Internet activity. Such programs should be removed as soon as possible to avoid malfunctioning of your computer.

Microsoft Windows and Spybot issues

It is more likely that, Microsoft Windows operating systems get infected with spyware, viruses and malware than other computer operating systems. Spybot’s download is prevented by some malware and viruses running on Windows or these malware even cause the Spybot to malfunction, if it is installed already. Many Windows operating system owners use Internet Explorer, and some malware can block Internet Explorer by exploiting its proxy server feature. Without Internet access, Spybot cannot function optimally.

Solution to Microsoft problems with Spybot

By using Microsoft’s latest programs having more security features, users can prevent such obstruction. When using computer

Microsoft problems

Fix Spybot issues in Windows

security programs, users should also take advantage of Microsoft’s Safe Mode feature as spyware, malware and viruses cannot function in Safe Mode. Spybot can access the Internet by Disabling IE’s proxy server feature or using a different browser.

That’s all the information you will need to resolve the Microsoft problems with Spybot. Thank you!

How to Repair Windows Live Issues

Microsoft problems, application

Repair Windows Live Issues

Being a set of online services, Microsoft Live comes bundled with the Windows operating system. Microsoft Live is designed mainly for consumers and small businesses, and offers services for file-sharing, instant messaging and conferencing. It is one of the most widely used Microsoft products by millions of business enterprises. However, like any other software application, Windows Live is not without its problems.


There are a number of occasions when users experience problems while using the Windows Live application. One of the major troubles comes in the form of the inability to log-in right away. This can be really frustrating as it kills lots of your precious time. Apart from that, another problem commonly faced by Windows Live users is the disappearance of stored files and contacts in the web application. In addition, there are also problems associated with the security as it gives hackers a chance to send out e-mails with several spam links to contacts listed in their address books. Windows Live is also prone to attacks from viruses and other malware that has an adverse effect on your accounts.


Microsoft problems associated with Windows Live are mainly due to certain device issues taking place on the Microsoft server. This is mainly because of the overload of users subscribed to Microsoft Live, which in turn could not be accommodated by the company’s server. Another major drawback of the Windows Live application is its vulnerable script that makes it prone to attacks from viruses, thereby allowing to be exploited by hackers.


According to our tech support team, you need to check first your Microsoft Live client to see if its settings correspond accordingly with the operating system you are using. It is also recommended that you maintain regular updates with the live application and your operating system for use the various features and functions of the Windows Live application. Now, in the case of a security breach, you need to use the Malicious Software Removal Tool and Safety Scanner to correct any issues.


You need to ensure that the Safety Scanner provided by Microsoft is used to detect and resolve

Microsoft problems, application

Repair Windows Live Issues

potential issues. After that, it is strongly recommended that you change your Windows Live password for preventing unauthorized access to the account.

So, that was some information about Microsoft problems associated with Windows Live application. Adios!

Install Microsoft Internet Spades

Microsoft problems

Fix Microsoft Internet Spades

The Start menu of Microsoft Windows operating systems contains 5 games, out of which Microsoft Internet Spades is one. It is  very interesting to play games in Windows OS and these games help a lot in killing time. If you have an internet connection, then you can play Microsoft Internet Spades online with a partner against the opposing team of two players. If you have this program installed on your system you can start playing it. For some reason, if you have uninstalled the game from your computer, or if it is showing errors, then you may want to uninstall and re-install it. The Microsoft tech support team says this can be carried out so easily with the support instructions provided below.

The tutorial helps you on uninstalling as well as installing Microsoft’s internet Spades, so that you can get back smoothly with the game.

Instructions to troubleshoot Microsoft problems with Microsoft Internet Spades

Install Microsoft internet spades

  • Go to the “Start” menu from the bottom left corner of your screen, and Open the Control Panel by clicking on it.
  • From the Control Panel, Select the “Programs and Features” option then click “Turn Windows features on or off.”
  • Check the box next to the word “Games,” then click “Yes,” followed by “OK.”
  • Restart your computer in order to complete the installation process. Try to open the Internet Spades game again once you have restarted it to check if the game is properly installed.

Uninstall Microsoft Internet Spades

  • Go to the “Start” menu from the bottom left corner of your screen, and Open the Control Panel by clicking on it.
  • From the Control Panel, Select the “Programs and Features” option then click “Turn Windows features on or off.”
    • Place a check mark on the box next to the word “Games,” then click “Yes,” followed by “OK.”

      Microsoft problems

      Fix Microsoft Internet Spades

    • Restart your computer in order to complete the un-installation process. To check if the game is properly un-installed, try to open the Internet Spades game again once you have restarted the computer.

So, that’s how the tech support team advices to resolve Microsoft  problems with Microsoft Internet Spades. If you have any further clarifications, contact support team Thank you and have a great day!

Antivirus issues in Computer

Microsoft problems

Antivirus problems

Antivirus software, when installed on your system, detects, prevents and removes malicious programs from your computer. Antivirus software companies offer computer security including protection from social engineering techniques. There are many antivirus software available out there in the market, you can choose from the good ones suitable for your computer, purchase, download and install. You can also avail antivirus software for free trial, which should be purchased and renewed after the trial period, to continue receiving the anti-virus service.

Certain antivirus software makes issues with the Windows Update Service. The most common issue is when the antivirus software mistakenly identifies the new updates to software installed on the computer as security threats. The official Microsoft support website and the documentation that came with your anti-virus software are best troubleshooting resources for these kinds of issues. Let us discuss some Microsoft problems that arise with antivirus issues in computers.

Windows Update not running

While downloading updates for Windows operating system or other Microsoft products, the Windows Update facility will refuse to run. This might be because the anti-virus tool blocks the Windows Update facility from running. From within the anti-virus application, Check the list of blocked services and ensure that the Windows Update is marked as safe and trusted.

Software updates not running

The anti-virus software may be set so as to allow updates to be downloaded, but then, at certain times antivirus software prevents the smooth installation of updates. This is because the antivirus software views these necessary system changes as security threats and thus blocks them. From within the anti-virus program, check the list of blocked services again and make sure that products and installation tools from Microsoft Update service are not being blocked.

Other issues

Conflicts can also occur between anti-virus software and updates run by Microsoft applications preventing smooth update. These

Microsoft problems

Antivirus problems

conflicts will result in Error messages and program crashes in the computer. During such situations, the best thing to do is to disable the anti-virus program temporarily while the updating is taking place. Once the update completes successfully, enable the antivirus program back on your system. Also, if you have unknowingly installed more than one antivirus software on your computer, that may cause problems.

So that’s some Microsoft problems occurring between antivirus software and Updates. Thank you!

Resolving problems in Microsoft Office Communicator 2007

Microsoft problems, VoIP communications

Troubleshooting Microsoft Office Communicator 2007

The Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 is a very popular tool that helps to unify the communication channels between users. This can be used to help the end users in corporate environments to collaborate with one another. With the help of Microsoft Office Communicator, the users can communicate with each other using various methods such as instant messaging (IM), desktop and video sharing etc. Although a very popular tool, especially among the corporate users, this application does suffer from occasional problems that will require troubleshooting.

We have been providing you with easy solutions for most of the Microsoft problems that you are likely to encounter, and here in this case too, we will be providing you with the necessary information on the various problems that affects the Microsoft Office Communicator 2007.

No multi-party communication

The users can configure the MOC for public instant messaging with public Internet connectivity (PIC) IM-service providers such as MSN (Windows Live) and Yahoo! Messenger. However, you will not be able to hold multi-party communication with PIC users, which is a serious flaw in itself.

Compatibility issues with MS Outlook

Even though both of these applications are developed by Microsoft, it is often seen that they often suffer from certain compatibility issues. Connection errors between these two applications can occur if the email

Microsoft problems, VoIP communications

Troubleshooting Microsoft Office Communicator 2007

address given in the default Outlook profile varies from the sign-in address in the Microsoft Office Communicator. If the Windows Registry configuration for Outlook is incorrect, it can lead to the display of a connection error message.

Vulnerable to attacks in VoIP communications

The Microsoft Office Communicator does suffer from a serious security problem, which is its vulnerability to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks in its Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP communications. There are various methods that an attacker can rely onto, in order to limit the access of the clients to the services. These methods include sending the clients a large number of instant messages that contains a huge number of emoticons and overloading the memory by forcing the MOC to open a very large number of sessions.

There are solutions available for most of the Microsoft problems that you are likely to face while using a Microsoft product. In the case of the Microsoft Office Communicator issues too, there are solutions available that will help you to overcome these issues.

Fix the Xbox Live chatting issues

Microsoft Problems

Xbox Live chatting issues

Xbox 360 has the online service called Xbox Live which is an online multiplayer gaming service developed and run by Microsoft. Users of this online gaming platform need to pay a certain fee to get the service. While playing Microsoft Xbox games, the users can do vocal chatting or text chat with other Xbox gamers on the game or network using Xbox Live. It provides a live and happening feel for gamers.  Xbox Live also provides access to TV streaming and movies, along with the live connection to the Xbox users’ online community.

Xbox Live was first made available in the year 2002 for the Xbox system. In 2007, the service was extended on to Windows platform and was named Games for Windows –Live. This program makes most features of it available on the windows operating system. Handhelds and mobiles will also have this Live feature shortly, as Microsoft has announced.


For the Xbox Live chat to work properly, the user needs to plug in a headset into the controller. With the headset put in, you will be able to listen to other people in the gaming community or network. You can also talk back and forth with people. You can hear others talking while playing the game even if you don’t have the headset.


To talk with other players you must have the headset plugged in or else your chat will not work. To type messages to other players, you can also use the controller or an attachable keyboard. To do this, you must plug in the controller or attachable keyboard into the remote control as well, otherwise it may lead to Microsoft problems preventing its proper functioning.


To chat with other users, you must have an Xbox Live account. If you are not subscribed to the Xbox Live account or if your

Microsoft Problems

Xbox Live chatting issues

subscription runs out, you will not be able to chat. To use Xbox Live, You must also be connected to the Internet, so make sure that you check your internet connection to see if it functions rightly.

So that was some Microsoft problems and information on Xbox Live. If you have any further doubts or clarifications on Xbox Live features or Windows, contact the Microsoft tech support, or you can also look up the help topics listed in our site or any other tech support site. Thank you!


Help for Fixing Issues with Wireless Mouse

Microsoft problems, receiver

Resolving Mouse Issues

Are you annoyed with your wireless mouse? Is it scrolling by itself? Then, you are on the right article. Here in this post, I have come up with some simple troubleshooting techniques that will help you in fixing such Microsoft problems associated with your wireless mouse.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • In case you are working on a wireless mouse, always check if your batteries are working properly. When the batteries become weak, the wireless mouse may scroll the pages. The mouse starts working properly as soon as you change the batteries.
  • Make sure that the synchronization of your wireless mouse is correct. See if the light in the receiver section is blinking or unstable. You need to synchronize your mouse again. For this, press the button the receiver station which will refresh its settings.
  • Check if any other wireless devices like iPod, Cordless phone, or mobile phone has been kept besides your wireless mouse. Such wireless devices can interfere with the smooth working of your mouse and therefore, it’s recommended that you change their position.
  • In some cases, the USB port to which your mouse is connected might be the reason for the troubles. So, try connecting your mouse to a different port. Clean the port before connecting the mouse.
  • Any new patch or program installed on your computer may interfere with the smooth working of your mouse. Remove these patches and programs. For this, you need to click on Windows “Start” menu, “Control Panel,” and “Programs.” After that, choose the program that you want to remove and click on the “Uninstall” button. Once you do that, try restarting your computer.
  • Try reinstalling or updating the driver software for your mouse in case it gets corrupted. You can update the software by visiting the manufacturer’s web site.
  • Turn off the firewall settings on your computer as it may block your mouse without your notice. Go to “Start,” “Control Panel” and click on “Security Center” and select “Firewall Settings.”

    Microsoft problems, receiver

    Resolving Mouse Issues

  • Regularly scan your computer with an anti-virus software as potential threats from viruses is one of the major reasons for mouse related problems.

By now, your mouse should get back working correctly without any issues. So, that was some information about fixing Microsoft problems associated with wireless mouse. Adios!