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Wi-Fi Fix From Microsoft For Surface Pro 3

Microsoft announced the release of a patch for the Wi-Fi bug on the Surface Pro 3 device. A Microsoft spokesperson asserted that this update would be able to resolve the widespread issue with accessing Wi-Fi on the tablet. Surface Pro 3 has been reported exhibiting several problems by early users – such as the inability […]

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New Security Threat For Windows XP Computers

If you are a Windows XP user, it is high time that you upgraded the operating system to Windows 7 or Windows 8, as Microsoft has discovered a major threat affecting its Internet Explorer browsers. According to Microsoft, this vulnerability could affect Internet Explorer versions from 6 through 11. Keep in mind that if you […]

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Dreaded Zero-Day Vulnerability Found In Microsoft Word

A new vulnerability was found in Microsoft Word which enables hackers to remotely seize control of the PC. This allows system permissions to the hacker without the awareness of the user. Advisory issued on Monday stated, “Microsoft is aware of a vulnerability affecting supported versions of Microsoft Word. At this time, we are aware of […]

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Difference Between Windows Defender And Microsoft Security Essentials

You would have heard about Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender, but are you aware of their functions and differences? I do not think they are the same, even though Microsoft programmed them, they are two distinct programs. You would be able to run both of these programs at the same time on your computer; […]

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Procedure To Fix A Certificate Error

Windows Internet explorer is one of the most popular browsers across the globe. Normally, this efficient and useful browser functions perfectly. But, like any software product/program, even this wonderful program cannot perform optimally always. Errors are bound to happen, and the user may be forced to fix Microsoft errors. In this article, we will fix […]

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New Threats Found That Targets Internet Explorer

A new threat has been detected that targets Internet Explorer users. This threat is referred as CVE-2013-3893, and is known to affect almost all Internet Explorer versions. Microsoft has released a temporary Fixit and an emergency advisory against the threat. According to experts, this Microsoft fix it may not do the trick and it is […]

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Fixing Sound Issues In Your Windows 7 Computer

Windows 7 is one of the most widely used versions of the operating systems. Sometimes, while working on a Windows 7 system, you may face sound issues. In some cases, it might be related to the settings in your computer. Here, you can consider the following steps to fix such Microsoft problems in your system. […]

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Troubleshooting The Windows OS Errors

Windows is a renowned OS platform that does not require any kind of introduction. In order to work on a computer, it is essential to have a working OS platform and Windows from Microsoft is one such OS platform. So far, you might have tried different OS platforms on your computer and you might have […]

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About Troubleshooting The Internet Explorer Errors In Windows XP

Internet Explorer is the default browser that Microsoft provides its users on Windows operating systems, though it is widely replaced by Firefox or Chrome these days. However, IE users enjoy more advantages while surfing Microsoft sites or downloading Microsoft programs or apps to their Windows machines as compared to the Chrome or Firefox browsers. Though […]

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Directions For Troubleshooting The Runtime Error In Windows XP

The unfading popularity of Windows XP has started to create a headache for Microsoft. Even after 12 years since its release, XP still accounts for about 20 percent of total Windows market share. Owing to the higher vulnerability of the operating system to the latest security threats, Microsoft has been warning users to switch to […]

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