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Microsoft Says It Is Redesigning The Faulty Patch Tuesday Updates

Fix Microsoft Errors

        Address Microsoft Errors

After admitting that the latest Patch Tuesday update it released was flawed, the software giant Microsoft said that it was working on mitigations to address the issue as early as possible.

MS14-045, the update that caused the issues, was intended to the address three major vulnerabilities reported across latest Windows platforms- Windows 8.1, and Windows RT 8.1. But the update didn’t fix Microsoft errors that were reported, but rather caused new problems, frustrating the users further. Microsoft had bundled the problematic update with its recent August 2014 Patch Tuesday update.

New issues after the installation of the problematic update

Users complained that they saw new issues after they installed the August Patch Tuesday update. While some users saw their PCs crash, others experienced blue screen of death errors. Meanwhile, Microsoft admitted that it was aware of the inconveniences that customers were experiencing and assured that it would work out an immediate solution. The company said that the update that was causing the problem was actually meant to fix Microsoft errors, which include three major vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities were helping hackers to attack compromised computers more easily.

Three vulnerabilities MS14-045 was hoped to address

According to the Microsoft support desk, the MS14-045 update included in the August Patch Tuesday update bundle was designed to troubleshoot three major vulnerabilities reported across the latest Windows platforms. These vulnerabilities include blue screen of death (BSOD) and font issues.

Blue screen of death was in fact the most serious of these vulnerabilities. It occurred when users attempted to turn on their PC. Instead of loading, the PCs shut down at the startup stage showing 0X50 Stop error message. The issue persisted or became worse after the installation of the MS14-045 patch.

Microsoft Support Desk

Microsoft Problems And Solutions

Furthermore, the MS14-045 patch was hoped to address the errors that users noticed with the kernel-mode drivers. In fact, Microsoft had never expected that the kernel-mode drivers would become part of the vulnerabilities because they were designed inaccessible without valid credentials.

Solutions for the problem

Microsoft said that its developers were redesigning the Patch Tuesday updates so that they could deliver what they promise. For the time being, the tech giant advises the customers to stop installing the faulty updates to avert further problems. It said that customers would be notified when redesigned patches were available.

The frequent issues with Microsoft updates are forcing people to distrust them. It is reported that many customers are reluctant to install latest Windows updates when they are released.

Microsoft’s Patching Policies Changed Due To Microsoft Updates


            Microsoft Update Issues

At some point of time, at least one of us would have gone through a tough time with patching Microsoft products. This battle seems to be a never-ending one as they keep testing the updates repeatedly and then roll it out. When there are issues with the updates, they have to repeat the process all over again. Although not all issues have a solution, the poor IT techs bear the blame. The responsibility of fixing hardware problems, blue screen errors and the other Microsoft problems are heaped on these technicians.

Nevertheless, when there are issues with the patches, it is only a set of people who are hit hard while others experience minor problems that are solved with a simple restart. However, this small percentage actually looks big in the real picture when companies have a customer base as huge and wide as Microsoft. The issue is not what it seems to look like, but it is bigger.

Even if customers are not that frustrated with these issues and are fine on waiting until it is fixed, with the social networking sites there seems to be an outburst in anger of these customers. Whenever there is an issue, social network sites are the places where companies look into to know what customers think. Rivals also try their best on stirring the anger largely. This is the primary place, where companies look into to decide on when to roll out the updates.


             Microsoft Patches Problem

From the recent feedback on the patching problem from Microsoft, it is evident that IT techs are delaying the timeline for updates. In the usual agreements, updates and patches are rolled out a week later after the initial inception. This would give them enough time to see if the updates are working effectively or not in that specific environment. Nevertheless, in actual these timelines seem to be changing big time.

Recently, Microsoft had to take six weeks before it could finally release August 2014’s messed up updates. The update, which was supposed to be a Tuesday update, turned out to be a month of Tuesday’s updates. Critical security patches that are developed to ease the zero-day vulnerability are not the most possible scenario. They are exploited in the wild that leaves the systems vulnerable and weak.

Hence, the developers have a tough time releasing the same and managing to roll out updates without possible Microsoft problems. The struggle to roll out updates without issues is still on since ages.

Microsoft Hopes To Fix Issues With Xbox At The Earliest

Microsoft Fix It

Microsoft Xbox 360

Xbox consoles are the most popular gaming consoles in the market today, which is a favorite among not only the younger generation but among all gamers of all age groups. There is a huge population that owns an Xbox gaming console and are very much obsessed with the device. Hence, it is a part of their lives, which for some, is more important than any other possession.

It looks like Xbox live service is facing some issues, as it is not working properly in many consoles. Microsoft did respond to this and said that they were aware that Xbox live service is not working, while it has been the case for quite some time. According to the reports from the XBL page, it is said that users signing into their Xbox account via their Xbox console will not be able to do it right now. They also added that the same applies to users who sign into Xbox live through the online website. They are planning to find a Microsoft fix it to resume back to normal.

Microsoft also said that they were doing all they could to restore the situation at the earliest. Microsoft greatly appreciated the patience of their users and apologized for the inconvenience caused. In every case, Xbox users have always been patient every time there is an issue with the service, since they greatly expect that they would come up with a Microsoft fix it even though it was bizarre.

Xbox Consoles

Fix It For Xbox

One of the statements made by Microsoft said that the affected services on Xbox Live include the feature to see what your friends are doing, managing and playing games online with the friends. They suspect that the issue is related to Uplay services from Ubisoft. Uplay is a digital rights management, communication and multiplayer service created by Ubisoft. Ubisoft is a multinational Game developer. They are the creators of some of the acclaimed video game franchisee such as Price of Persia, Ray man etc.

To look at the events on a positive note, users are happy that this did not happen on July 4, since playing on their Xbox consoles would be the first thing on their to do list on a holiday. They would have been very much annoyed if this had happened on a public holiday like 4th of July. They are also in high hopes of getting their consoles back in working condition as soon as possible.

Troubleshooting Numerous Microsoft Outlook Problems

Microsoft Problems

Microsoft Office Programs

Many of you might have experienced different troubles with your Outlook program. Even though it is one of the most trusted and feature rich program, it can occasionally give a few troubles to its users. Now, if you are not a techie, you may find it difficult to fix these issues manually. However, Outlook makes troubleshooting and fixing the errors in it simple with the help of a few tools and other simple methods. In this post, we will take you through these steps and tools, which will help you to solve most of the Outlook problems.

Outlook repair tool

One of the best methods to fix Microsoft problems with Outlook is to make use of the Outlook repair tool. This program is located in the folder C: \Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12. It has the name scanpst.exe. In order to launch the program, double-click the file scanpst.exe. The program scans the PST file of Outlook. Therefore, you need to find out the location of the PST file and choose it for running the scan. This scan fixes most of the Outlook corruption issues.

Cleanup mails

Sometimes Outlook can give you troubles if there is large number of emails in its inbox. In such situations, doing a cleanup of the mailbox will help you to solve the issue. For this, launch the program and select the option Tools. From the drop down menu, choose the option Mail Cleanup. Choose Find and then select the mails that have a size of more than 250 kb. Once the bigger sized emails come up, delete the ones which you no longer need.

Auto archive feature

Outlook Repair Tool

Microsoft Office Installation

Sometimes, your inbox would have emails that you had received before many years. It is advised that you move such emails to the archives, as it will help you to save a lot of space and thereby help in the smooth functioning of the program. In order to select this function, choose the option Auto Archive.

Sometimes, Outlook may fail to open. This is because some of the instances of the program from the previous session could still be running in the computer. Therefore, first close these instances. Press the keys Ctrl, Alt and Delete together to open the Task Manager window. Go to the process tab and end the process Outlook.exe.

With the above steps, you can fix most of the Outlook troubles. For further assistance on Microsoft problems or Outlook problems, you may contact our technical support team.

How To Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar Easily In Windows 7 And XP?

Removing Yahoo Toolbar

Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar

The popular search engine Yahoo offers a free toolbar called Yahoo toolbar. After installing this toolbar on the web browser, users can access all Yahoo features such as website search, image search, Yahoo answers and many more by simply clicking the dedicated buttons on the toolbar. Users are not required to open a separate tab for this.

Apparently, with its awesome features, Yahoo toolbar helps users simplify their online activities. However, it can slow down the internet speed. Unless you have an unlimited internet connection, get rid of the toolbar. Likewise, if you do not want to use the default home page or search engine set by Yahoo toolbar, you should remove it from your web browser. Work out the following steps for removing Yahoo toolbar from your web browser.

Instructions (For Windows XP)

  • Go to the Start button and select Control Panel from the menu.
  • In the Control Panel window, locate the icon labelled Add/Remove Programs and double-click it to open. Windows will display a long list of all the programs and applications in your PC. An alternative method to open Add/Remove Programs is by executing the Run command.
  • Press the Windows+R key combination on your keyboard to open the Run command.
  • Type appwiz.cpl in the type text field and hit the Enter button.
  • After the Add/Remove Programs window is populated with the list of installed programs, browse through the list until you can see Yahoo toolbar in it. Once located, highlight it and select the Remove button.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the removal. You may be required to restart your PC once the toolbar is successfully removed.

    Default Home Page

    Yahoo Toolbar Removal

Instructions (Windows 7)

Work out the below steps for removing Yahoo toolbar from Windows 7.

  • Go to the Start button and select Search. Alternatively, press Windows+R key combination on the keyboard to launch the Run command.
  • Now, enter appwiz.cpl in the text field and hit the Enter button to proceed.
  • Once the list of all the programs and apps is populated, go through the list until you find Yahoo toolbar. Highlight the toolbar and select the Uninstall/Remove button.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the un-installation.

The above given steps on removing Yahoo toolbar should have helped you get rid of the toolbar from your PC. You can use the same method for getting rid of any other toolbar that is bothering you.

How To Fix Error Message 80070005 In Your Windows System?

Microsoft Problems

Microsoft Updates

Although your Windows computing can work like a charm most of the times, sometimes certain issues may pop up in the system. One of the most commonly found error messages that users encounter in their Windows systems include the error code 80070005.

According to the Windows tech support team, the Microsoft problems due to this error message are usually related to the administrative permissions. Sometimes, such an error code can occur when the Windows user might be trying to create a task under an account with a blank password. While in other cases, the same error message can appear due to a malware attack that can restrict permissions while installing system files.

You can use the following methods to fix the error code 80070005 in your computer.

Due to blank password:

  • If the error message occurs due to the blank password, first you need to click on Start, Control Panel and then double click on User Accounts. You can find the user who is associated with creating the task in the task scheduler.
  • Once you find it, click on that user and then on the Create a Password option. Here, you can enter a new password. While doing so, close all the programs and then restart your system.
  • Now, you can access the Task Scheduler option by clicking on Start, All Programs followed by Accessories, then on System Tools and finally on the Scheduled Tasks option. Here, you need to reconfigure the task that led to the Microsoft problems and once you get the message, enter the new user name and password.

Due to restrictions in startup program:

  • In cases where a malware attack leads to the occurrence of such an error message, you need to first download Windows Defender from the Microsoft website and then install it.

    Anti-Virus Program

    Microsoft Support

  • Once you’ve installed it, you need to open the Windows Defender by clicking Start followed by All Programs and then on Windows Defender.
  • You can also view a list of software programs that run on startup. For this, you need to click on Tools and then on Software Explorer. You will get a list of all software programs that run on startup. Among these, you can click on the name of any anti-virus program that might be interfering with the administrative permissions and then click on Disable.
  • Now, you need to close all the programs and then restart your computer. After restarting your system, you can try to start the task that had caused the error earlier.

These methods can help you to successfully fix the error code 8070005 in your system. To know more about this, you may get in touch with our technical support team.

Microsoft’s Toaster-Fridge Has A Few Issues

Microsoft Problems

Microsoft Office 365

The latest Surface Pro 3 PC is so amazing that even David Pogue of Yahoo tech, a skeptical columnist when it comes to Windows 8 and Microsoft’s Surface Tablets, did not give a bad review about the same. The latest Surface Pro 3 is referred to as the toaster-fridge by the industries, as it is a type of do-it-all PC. This was the statement by the Apple CEO Tim Cook when he was asked if he would do a hybrid by one of the Wall Street Analysis in the year 2012.

The crisp and clear screen is remarkable and commendable. He also liked the adjustable kickstand, size and the speed of the fast processor. Nevertheless, later he ran into listing numerous issues with the PC with the hardware features, and a number of non-Microsoft apps from the Windows Store.

The robust feature of the processor and the productivity software in Surface Pro 3 makes it easy to create and edit contents anywhere. Nevertheless, the features of the eco-system and the applications were limiting, doubting the use of the same overall.

While he was testing a system of the midrange cost $1330, along with the Surface Pro Typecover that is optional. He started grumbling with plenty of Microsoft problems. There was no use for the Typecover, as it did not work anyway. It was quite unfortunate, as during the tests, neither the trackpad worked nor the keyboard.

Office was not included. The new Surface Pro 3, does not come with any of the Office versions, instead he had to spend 10 dollars every month for the Office 365 Home that he bought. There was no place to place the Bluetooth pen.


Microsoft SkyDrive

The Windows 8 app, DropBox did not work either. He was happy to find Dropbox in the Windows Store. Nevertheless, he was unhappy when he found out that the app had so many issues with it that he was not able to use it at all.

There were many limitations in the support for Google’s storage cloud. The Google Drive did not have any app, only the web interface. The native cloud storage form Microsoft works good but the speed of upload was so slow that he could only upload one file at a time.

The expectations for the latest toaster-fridge PC is high, but with this review mentioning so many Microsoft problems, it is evident that it might fail to impress us.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue Fixed In July 16 Surface Pro 3 Update

Microsoft Fix It

Fix By Microsoft

Microsoft is always known for keeping the faith of its customers by improving their products and services regularly. In fact, they constantly release updates aimed to fix the common issues faced by the users of Microsoft related products. Many expected that the recently released firmware will be able to fix the Wi-Fi issue in Surface Pro 3 but it was actually not the case. According to the changelog of Microsoft, it is said that the System Firmware Update released on 7/8/2014 will bring some improvements in the ‘Wireless network controller and Bluetooth.’ This was actually good news for the Surface Pro 3 users as they will be able to use Wi-Fi in their Surface Pro without any problems and issues.

However, this was not the case, as it was on June 3 that the wireless controller driver was built and this gives an impression that the update was released at the time when Surface Pro 3 is shipped and therefore, there is lesser chances of featuring any updates or fixes related to the Wi-Fi issues. Regarding this, a statement was released by Microsoft and it promised the users that they would come up with a new update that will help in fixing the Wi-Fi connectivity issues. As of now, Microsoft promised the users that an update would be released on July 16 aimed mainly to resolve the Wi-Fi connectivity issues in Surface Pro 3.

Most of the users who rely on 802.11ac and 802.11n protocols have faced unstable connectivity issues on Surface Pro 3 and the reports coming from the various sources say that the issues are seen by those who use 802.11b and 802.11g protocols. The Wi-Fi connectivity issue was bought under the radar of Microsoft and a fix was promised to the users before the Surface Pro 3 units reach the users in public. There will be firmware upgrade available through Windows Update when a Surface Pro 3 owner first switches on the tablet.


Microsoft Fix Connectivity Issues

Like other products of Microsoft, Surface Pro 3 is also a product that needs time to patch up certain things. As of now, Microsoft is giving less importance to Wi-Fi issues but it is expected that the tech giant will take the things seriously in the future and will release updates needed for fixing the certain common issues like Wi-Fi quickly.

For more news and information, contact the Microsoft Fix it center. Microsoft Fix it center will be able to clear all your doubts and problems related to Surface Pro 3 tablets and other Microsoft products.

Dealing With The Windows OS Update Errors

Fix Microsoft Errors

Fixing Microsoft OS Problems

As in the past, Windows OS users are dealing with some problems with the update files for the latest Windows 8 OS. Microsoft releases periodic updates for their operating systems and software applications. These are actually supposed to fix OS problems and make Windows function more efficiently, without exhibiting any errors. But often, installing these updates will lead to OS problems because of some error in the update files.

How to fix Microsoft errors caused by Windows OS updates?

In the case of Windows 8 OS, the UEFI users in particular had to deal with a lot of problems during the Windows OS update. Their system simply crash after installing the KB 2920189 or KB 2871690 OS updates. Microsoft has provided a detailed list of instructions for such UEFI users affected by update file problems. In order to fix Microsoft errors caused by them, a user has to recover their OS using the installation or recovery disc.

So, it is always a smart idea to have a recovery disc as well as a backup of all your important data, before you install the Microsoft Windows updates. If you system crashes because of some error in the Windows OS update files, then you can easily recover the system using this disc, and also restore the backed up data.

Creating a Restore Point before installing the update is yet another solution. But sometimes, the OS will crash completely, showing an error message asking you to recover it using the OS installation disc. The System Restore Points stored in the system will be pretty much useless in such cases.

OS Installation Disc

Contact Microsoft Support

If you can run the OS even after it showed the error message, then you can use the System Restore option, or remove that update file alone, which is causing the problem. You need to go to the Windows Add or Remove Programs window from the Control Panel for this. There, you need to select the Show Updates option displayed at the top of the window. You will now see the installed Windows OS updates displayed among the list of software applications in the system.

The update files will have a title starting with the letters KB like the Windows 8 OS update KB 2871690 mentioned earlier. If you know which update file is causing the problem, select that one alone from the list and press the Remove button to solve the OS problem.

These are just some of the ways of fixing the Windows OS update errors. For related assistance, call our tech support.

Fixing Microsoft ActiveX Control

Microsoft problems

Microsoft ActiveX controls

Every Windows operating system user who uses Internet Explorer to browse the internet would have seen some notification about Active X controls. The idea behind ActiveX is simple; different programs that need the same functions can share the code instead of building them from scratch each time. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer and a flash file is present in the website. Internet Explorer cannot display flash files by itself but it can enlist the help of Adobe Flash Player. Thus these tiny applications are required to enhance your browsing experience and install security updates.

Faulty ActiveX control lies pretty high on the list of Microsoft Problems. Here’s how you Reset Active X controls in Internet Explorer.


  • Open the Internet Explorer from the Start menu, which is normally located in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Once the Internet Explorer opens up, click on the Tools icon to view the Tools drop-down menu. In this drop down menu, you will find Manage add-ons option. If you can’t locate Manage add-ons here, it can be accessed by selecting Internet Options, Programs and then clicking on the Manage Add-Ons button.
  • A new window will pop up. In this Manage add-ons menu, select Toolbars and Extensions option.
  • Search from the list of extensions, find the faulty Active X control, and then click on it.
  • Disable this extension by clicking on Disable and then press OK to confirm this action.
  • Re-enable the extension to reset ActiveX. This can be done by hitting Enable and then clicking on OK.
  • Close the extension window by hitting Close.
  • Verify that the changes you have made are successful by accessing a website that requires ActiveX.

If you are able to view this website without any hassle, then you have successfully reset the ActiveX controls.

Instructions to Un-install an ActiveX control

  • Open the Start menu and then click on Control Panel.
  • Once the Control Panel settings window is open, click on Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features depending on which version of Windows you own.
  • You will see the complete list of programs that are installed in your system. Scroll through this list and click on the ActiveX control you want to remove. Hit the Uninstall button.

    Adobe Flash Player

    Microsoft ActiveX settings

  • Un-installer wizard will start. It will un-install the program and restart your system once you follow the on-screen instructions.

Installing ActiveX Control

  • Open Internet Explorer again and wait for it to load.
  • Type in or paste the URL into the address bar and hit Enter.
  • Navigate through the ActiveX controls and install the program you wish to install by clicking on the button Add to Internet Explorer and follow the instructions on screen.

If you have any further Microsoft problems, feel free to contact our technical support desk for assistance!