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Benefits Of Using Microsoft Word Over Other Programs

Microsoft Problems

Why Use Microsoft Word

The Microsoft Word program is undoubtedly the best document processing program available today. It is extensively used in almost all computers, including the ones in offices, homes, and schools. The features and tools present allow you to access, create, and edit documents of varying types. You are less likely to face any Microsoft problems with the use of this powerful word processor.

Available everywhere

The most obvious advantage of using Microsoft Word is that you can find it everywhere. Word is the default program in a majority of computers worldwide, whether it is in an internet café or your college’s computer lab. Because of this, you have the option to access, modify or create Word documents anywhere. Just copy the Word file into a flash drive and you can easily find a computer with Microsoft Word installed to access it.

Microsoft Office integration

All the Microsoft problems with the Office suite aside, Microsoft Word is the default word processor for other programs in Microsoft Office. You can easily cut or copy text from other programs like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint and paste them in Word; and vice versa. Hence, suppose you are working on a project, you can carry out all the required tasks with spreadsheets, graphs, etc. seamlessly. You would not have to spend time using third party programs to convert documents or files to make them usable.

Efficient Help features

Using Microsoft Word

Advantages Of Word Program

Microsoft Word ensures that you create documents without grammatical errors or typos. When you are typing text in the interface of the program, if you misspell a word, it will be underlined in red color instantly and you will be able to fix it yourself or right click on that word to get most appropriate suggestions. When you enter sentences with bad grammar, they will be underlined in green color, and you can right click on the sentence to know what is wrong with it and also to get suggestions on how the sentence can be written in a better manner.

Flexibility of Documents

You can create word-processing documents such as reports and letters with ease. Let it remain plain and simple or customize it anyway you like. You can add colors, clip arts, or format the document with different font styles. There are also options to add tables, borders, or bullets. The predefined templates help you create calendars and greeting cards.

Microsoft Word also allows you to save any document in various types of file formats, even as a web page. These are some of the advantages of MS Word. But it does not conclude how beneficial using Word can be.

Tips For Speeding Up Your Slow Computer

How To Fix Slow Computer

                           Fixing A Slow Computer

Working on a slow computer decreases your productivity and causes undesirable issues. In such cases, availing the services of a tech support provider or giving the computer for repair can seem to be a costly or unwanted expense. If you are wondering how to fix slow computer free of cost, you can try the troubleshooting tips given below to improve its performance on your own.

Using Disc Defragmenter

  • Disk Defragmenter cleans up fragmented data in your computer.
  • Click on the Start In the Search box, enter Disk Defragmenter and press the Enter key. Once the search results appear, click on the Disk Defragmenter icon to open it.
  • Under the Current Status column, select the disk you want to check and select Analyze Disk.
  • The program will now show the percentage of fragmentation in the disk you selected.
  • If the percentage of fragmentation is above 10%, click on the Defragment Disk The process will take some time; wait for it to complete, do not switch off or restart the system.
  • Check all other disks the same way and defragment whenever necessary.

Using Disk Cleanup

  • Disk cleanup removes all unnecessary data in the computer.
  • Open My Computer from the desktop shortcuts or from the Start menu.
  • You will see a list of drives present in the computer. Select the drive you need to cleanup, right-click on it and select Disk Cleanup. If you do not see the option in the context menu, open the Properties window of the drive to access it.
  • Select the items you wish to delete and click

Remove Startup Programs

  • Removing programs that automatically start when Windows is powered on will increase boot up speed and improve overall performance.

    Data In The Computer

                          Improve Computer Performance

  • Click on the Start button and hover the mouse over All Programs. From the menu, click on the Startup
  • You will see a list of programs that automatically start up when the computer is switched on. Select the programs that you don’t want to start automatically and click on the Delete
  • The programs will only be removed from the startup list, not from the computer; so there is nothing to worry about when removing them.

You know now how to fix slow computer issue all by yourself. Additionally, installing a reputed antivirus program and installing official Windows updates periodically would ensure that your computer remains safe from viruses and other external threats.

Registry Key Backup In Windows

Microsoft Problems

Microsoft Windows Registry

The registry is one way the OS keeps track of the installed applications, and it’s one of the most intricate components in Windows. When you make changes you don’t know too much about, there’s the chance of messing it up and causing problems. And like other stuff you don’t want to lose, registry entries can be backed up. What you do is backup parts of the registry, because the whole thing can’t be restored later from a single file. This is one of the more prominent Microsoft problems.

To backup the area of the registry that holds specific application settings, open the regedit window and navigate to HKCU\Software or HKLM\Software. There, find the key for the manufacturer that you’re trying to back up. Some applications don’t have registry entries to their name, but most do, and you’re likely to find what you’re looking for here.

The advantage of this is that if you reinstall your OS and restore the backup file, you won’t have to reconfigure all the settings you had previously. This is not an infallible process. But it works most of the time. Suppose, for example, that you wish to backup the context menu settings in Windows before making changes to them. For this, you’d be going to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\\. Here, right click on the key you wish to save, and hit Export. You can save the file under a name that’s easy to recognize later.

Registry Problems

Registry Backup Problems

After this, you’re free to make any number of changes because if something goes wrong, you can right click on the backed up file and have your old settings restored instantly. This is a speedy way of getting out registry problems you might unknowingly cause. But the restoration can’t be preformed for the entire registry, and only works for sections of it. You hear frequent workaround requests for this and other Microsoft problems on support forums online.

Exporting from the root node in the editor lets you copy the full registry and save it in a .reg file. This file will no doubt be huge, so be careful how you view it. Don’t even think of opening it in Notepad. Running the file would install part of the settings to the registry, and for the rest you’d get an error message. The issue is that some of the important applications settings fall in the second group, and you couldn’t get them back from an overall backup.

Microsoft Getting Ready To Release New Build Of Windows 10 Next Month

Microsoft Fix It

       Microsoft Online Help

After the release of Windows 10 technical preview, majority of the Windows fans are expecting further news about the operating system. Majority of the members in the Windows Insider program were upset that Microsoft would no longer be releasing Preview builds this year. However, according to Microsoft, the company is getting ready to release a build by the end of January and the members can expect numerous features included in it.

The news was publicized by Gabe Aul, who is the Microsoft engineering manager. He says that the developers are very much excited with the new build and they have given an unofficial name to the build as ‘FBL_AWESOME’. He says, “Yeah, it’s a bit corny, but trust me that every Dev that checks in their code and sees that branch name gets an immediate reminder of our goal.”

He says that the goal is ambitious and therefore, the developers’ team is working hard to stabilize, integrate and test all the newly added goodies in the build. It is to be noted that we have already heard of similar things in the past. Earlier, Microsoft had told customers that users can expect the release of customer-oriented Windows 10 update by January. The software giant had also made it clear that the company would be then working on to develop features that will aid system administrators and business users.

Windows 10 Technical Preview

         Microsoft Online Technician

Microsoft has already organized an event on January 21, which is to be held at Redmond campus. It is expected that the company would be announcing the details of the ‘next chapter of Windows 10′ at this event. We could also expect the release of the next build with this event.

Even though Aul did not speak about what users can expect with the new build, he told that the company has already corrected more than 1,300 bugs in the program. He also told that the Windows Insider program has more than 1.5 million users and among them, 450,000 are active users who are currently using Windows 10 Preview. Aul says, “In fact, Windows Insiders are using Windows 10 preview builds more actively than participants in preview/beta programs for any prior release of Windows.”

We can hope that the Microsoft fix it and patches for the operating system is going to bring in many changes that will make it easier to work with. If you have any queries on the new operating system or Microsoft fix it tools, you may contact our technical support team for assistance.

How To Add A Contact To Office Communicator Contacts List?

Microsoft Problems And Support Chat Number

         Fix Microsoft Problems

When talked about Microsoft Office, the general idea that comes to most of our minds is a bundle of word processing, editing or office applications. Hardly does anyone think that it is more than that. In fact, Microsoft Office contains a tool for communicating with MSN messenger client.

How to communicate with MSN Messenger through MS Office?

In order to communicate with MSN Messengers using your Microsoft Office suite, you need to use the communication application in it, which is called MS Office communicator. Office Communicator has a utility called Contacts List. As the name indicates, it is an address book where you can add contacts of your friends, family, colleagues etc. When anyone in the Contacts list becomes online, you can instant-chat with them. According to the experts at Microsoft problems and support chat number help desk, the steps for adding contacts to the MS Office Communicator are simple. They are described below.


  • Turn on your PC and navigate to the Start menu.
  • Choose All Programs from the resulting menu. Select Microsoft Office from the All Programs list.
  • Upon clicking the Microsoft Office option, you will see a list programs included in your Microsoft Office suite bundle.
  • Locate Microsoft Communicator in the list and click it to launch.

    Microsoft Office Suite

                 Microsoft Chat Support

  • When the application is loaded, locate and select the Contacts menu.
  • In the Contacts menu, you will see different options. However, you should select the option that says Add a Contact. This will initiate the Contact Wizard.
  • When asked How Do You Want to Add a Contact, choose By E-Mail Address or Sign-In Name. Proceed by clicking the Next button.
  • You must add the first contact by typing the complete email address. After entering the email address, cross-check to ensure that it is spelled accurately. Proceed by selecting the Next option.
  • You can add the newly added contact to any group of your choice. To add a contact to a group, select the group that is placed under the option Add Contact to This Group.  It is recommended to add all the contacts to any of the given groups such as friends, family and work or any new group that you create because it saves you from looking for contacts in a hurry.

The steps must have helped you add contacts to the Office Communicator Contact Lists. If you run into any issues while executing Office Communicator, contact Microsoft problems and support chat number for assistance.

How To Fix Windows Update Issues?

Microsoft Problems

        Microsoft Windows Update

Microsoft provides a set of updates for its Windows operating system, termed as Windows Update. These include Security or critical updates that protect the systems against vulnerability to malware attacks as well as other updates that improve the overall functionality of the OS. These updates once get installed, help in the proper functioning of the computer. However, at times, certain Microsoft problems related to these Windows updates can arise, which may force the user to contact the Microsoft tech support team.

Sometimes, the update may get installed improperly or even may interfere with another software application that has already been installed in the system. In worst cases, the Patch update, as it is popularly known, may itself be flawed. These factors can make your Windows system behave weirdly and even make the operating system that the computer runs on to work incorrectly.

For fixing such Microsoft problems, it is always recommended to revert back the system to a time before the flawed update was installed. To know how to restore your system, you can use the following instructions:

  • In the first step, you need to log on as Administrator. Now, you can click on Start, All Programs followed by Accessories and System Tools. Now, click on System Restore.
  • Next, you need to choose the Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time option and then click on Next. Here, you need to choose a restore point prior to the updates that are actually creating issues in your Windows system and then again click on Next. You would see a pop-up on the computer screen that lists all the changes that will be made. If it does, then press OK.

    Microsoft Tech Support

               Microsoft Issues And Fixes

  • Once you checked the list of changes, again click on Next on the Confirm Restore Point Selection page. This is to make sure that the System Restore process begins in your system. Once it is done, you can restart your computer.
  • Now, you need to again login to Windows as Administrator to check if the System Restore has completed. Once it is confirmed, you can install updates one by one to find out which update is causing the problem.

By following these instructions, you can successfully opt for the System Restore to fix the Windows Update issues in your system. To know more about the Windows Update and the steps to fix the issues, you may contact our technical support team.

Microsoft Asks Users To Uninstall The Troubled Patches

Fix Microsoft Errors

       Microsoft Operating Systems

Almost all the Microsoft users who installed the Windows update released by the company experienced the Blue Screen of Death error messages after its installation. With the widespread complaint about the update, Microsoft has asked all the users to uninstall it as soon as possible. There were four updates released by the company in its August set of patches, which were released on August 2. The updates were for fixing various security issues associated with the Microsoft operating system and was aimed to improve the features of the operating system.

However, the updates failed to deliver the desired results and it resulted in many issues. The first of the issues were associated with the fonts. Whenever a user installed a font, which was not part of the directory, it becomes impossible to revert or change it when it was loaded. The second issue was associated with the rendering of fonts. They began to malfunction after the installation of the updates. The third issue and the worst of all were the system crashes. Many users experienced system crashes with an error message. This Blue Screen of Death error message came on blue screens and the restart of the computer was the only way to get out of this issue.

In order to fix Microsoft errors that came up with update installation, uninstalling the faulty updates are the best possible solution. The software giant says, “Microsoft is investigating behavior associated with the installation of this update, and will update this bulletin when more information becomes available.” The statement from Microsoft further says, “Microsoft recommends that customers uninstall this update. As an added precaution, Microsoft has removed the download links to the 2982791 security update.”

Microsoft Support

                Microsoft Online Support

The latest update issue was encountered by Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. The users of Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista also experienced troubles after installing the updates. As a damage control measure, Microsoft has released a patch to fix the issue. The fix is designed to change the computer’s registry and revert the changes that occurred with the installation of the update.

In order to fix Microsoft errors with the update, users will have to go to the Windows Recovery Environment and then remove the file fntcache.dat. The detailed information on this process is available on the Microsoft support website. You may also contact our technical support team to fix this issue.

Fraudulent Microsoft Support Schemes Still Prevalent

Microsoft Fix It

            Microsoft Error Scams

Remember getting emails from the Nigerian prince asking for your bank account details so he can send you millions of dollars? That particular scheme ran for a long time. Anybody informed enough would laugh it off and press delete before even opening the email. However, this scheme was targeted for the naïve; those who are bound to believe whatever crackpot story that came their way. Although those attacks have reduced recently, other new scams have made their way to your neighborhood.

These scammers could call you claiming to be from Microsoft. After establishing this false identity, they proceed to usher you to open your computer claiming that they discovered significant problems with your computer. Along with assuring you about the problem, they promise to fix your computer if you give them access to it. Few years before, a very similar scam ran along the lines of scammers posing as IRS agents.

This is unofficially called a ransom scam. The working is simple; they make use of a program that freezes your computer screen and then blocks all access to your computer until you pay them the ransom money they demand for. Once you hand over the cash, you receive a password that unlocks the malware application.

According to reports from users, we have been able to gather that most of these calls are just cold calls from scammers sniffing out gulling users. They pose as Microsoft fix it employees and direct you to open the computer’s Event Viewer. This tool is used for logging events and errors that occurred during normal operation and does not pose as any serious threats or risks.

IRS Agents

              Microsoft Hoax Scam

Once they scare you into believing there are serious threats with your computer, they direct you to a website where you have to download software that gives them control over your computer. The website would look legitimate and used by tech support service companies to remote access computer terminals.

If you receive any such calls, hang up the very instant. Microsoft fix it employees would never be calling in users who have errors in their system. Once they have remote access over your system, they can retrieve your bank details in an instant. Apart from that, they will purposefully install malware on your system and try to extort money from you.

Be sure to watch your back at all times and never entertain any calls, emails or flashing pop-ups that tell you that your system is at risk, because there are scammers everywhere trying to make a few bucks by using your gullibility against you!

Microsoft Users Face BSoD Issues

Microsoft Fix It

         Microsoft Support Team

Recently, Microsoft released a Windows kernel security fix in order to fix a security issue experienced by many users. However, after the release, this update started to cause a blue screen of death error in a number of computers and even forced many business professionals to reboot their Windows PCs.

The update, MS14-045, was launched by the software giant to fix a recurring flaw that was seen to be exploited by several hackers worldwide. Upon launching this security fix on August 12, Microsoft explained in their official blog post that, “The patch fixes three privately reported vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows. The most severe of these vulnerabilities could allow elevation of privilege if an attacker logs on to the system and runs a specially crafted application. An attacker must have valid logon credentials and be able to log on locally to exploit these vulnerabilities.”

However, upon its release, several users started reporting to the Microsoft fix it and support center about the sudden occurrence of the blue screen of death error in their systems. Most users complained that even after repeatedly rebooting their systems, the issue could not get fixed. Microsoft was thus forced to pull back the security update soon. Commenting on the sudden Blue screen of death issue, sources from Microsoft stated that it could be the cause of a mishandling of a Windows font cache file in the customer systems and would occur only in specific circumstances.

The technicians available at the Microsoft fix it and support center started advising the customers about the same and said that the cache file was all that was responsible for the sudden occurrence of the BSoD error. According to Sophos head of technology Paul Bucklin, “You need to have one or more OpenType Font files, installed in non-standard font directories that are recorded in the registry with fully qualified filenames.” This accentuated Microsoft’s claims of the cause of the sudden error.

Security Update

             Microsoft Technical Issues

Even James Walker, security advisor at Trend Micro, stated that the patch pull by the company can cause issues for the same

business organizations who experienced this error. He stated that, “Since the vulnerability has been announced and the patch then pulled, there is of course a window of opportunity for cyber criminals to exploit the vulnerability until the patch is supplied.”

According to sources, Microsoft has been trying out ways to fix the BSoD error at the earliest. The longer the time the company would take, the more will be the number of unsatisfied users for Microsoft.

Get Your Windows OS Issues Fixed With The Fix It Tool

Microsoft Fix It

Microsoft Operating Systems

It is estimated that about 90 percent of the computers around the world run on any of the Windows operating systems. As the use of Windows operating system is widespread, so is the issues associated with it. Users encounter a wide range of troubles with their Windows operating systems. Now, even though Microsoft provides support for the troubles associated with its operating systems, there are large numbers of troubles that are common with the operating system. Therefore, the software giant has released a program called Microsoft fix it that addresses about 300 common issues associated with the operating system.

So, what exactly is a fix it program? If you have tried to fix the issues by searching for solutions online, you might have heard about the Microsoft fix it tools much before. These small programs are available for download from the Microsoft support website. For using these tools, you need to select your operating system or program first, then select the issue you are encountering. This will automatically give you a list of fix it tools that you may download and run to fix these issues. These tools are available in the support website since 2008 and have been a great help to many users.

Now, this fix it tool, is aimed at Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. As you all know, Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP and therefore, there is no guarantee that this tool is going to work on your Windows XP operating system. However, if you are running a Windows Vista computer, you may download and install this tool on your computer to fix large number of issues associated with the program.

So, why are there no support tools for Windows 7? According to Microsoft support forums, this operating system already has a

Windows 7

Fix Microsoft Issues

built-in tool. If you are a Windows 7 user, go to the Control Panel window and then choose System Security. Select the option Find and Fix Problems and this will run the tool to diagnose and fix various issues with the program.

Even if you do not have any major issues associated with the operating system, you may download and install the new tool since it helps in improving the speed of your computer. With this tool, you no longer have to seek the service of technical support firms for fixing minor issues with your computer. You may download the tool from the official website of Microsoft.