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How To Improve Computer Speed

How To Fix Slow Computer

Computer Speed Issue

Having to deal with a slow computer does not strictly mean you new one in its place. In fact, any machine can slow down under enough pressure, unless you have measures in place to prevent this. With some basic knowledge of how to fix slow computer issues, you can make sure that performance never drops below a certain level – one that you are comfortable operating at. There are innumerous system tools online, which were created for the sole purpose of assisting the user with the maintenance of their PC.

Registry cleaners are one of popular and useful kinds of system utility. These are used to scan the Windows registry and find and delete damaged or corrupted files, folders, and programs. Before these started being used, people did this manually, but there was always the danger of deleting the wrong key and causing a system crash. At the very least, there was the danger that an application would stop working, which is not a concern when using a good registry cleaner.

Get rid of idle programs

Some of the applications in your computer have probably not been used in a long time. Neither do you see any use for them shortly. There is no sense on keeping these around, especially if they run in the background while you are logged in to the OS. Visit the Control Panel and fire up the Add or Remove Programs applet. From there, find the entry for your useless program and hit Uninstall. Follow the instructions given in the window that comes up.

Computer Responding Slowly

Computer Speed Problems

Use a good antivirus

Virus infractions might be another reason for your computer responding slowly. Use an antivirus program that you trust, and make sure that it is updated regularly. This will enable it to block the latest malware that pops up online.

Sort out the startup entries

There will be programs that start running right after Windows loads. You need to get these out of the startup category so that boot time is not slowed down. Less memory is eaten up this way, leaving you with the most resources at your disposal.

That was on how to how to fix slow computer issues. All of this comes down to how much RAM you have available. The more of RAM space that active processes take up, the less you will be able to use for work or gaming.

Update For Windows Defender Detects Superfish Software

Microsoft Tech Support Number

Microsoft Windows Defender Update

Microsoft recently put out updates for Windows Defender, offering this as a standard feature on Windows 8 machines. The definitions install automatically, then scan for infections and remove them as and when. So recently, this Lenovo security advisory checked out different models of laptops affected by Superfish SSL hijacking. The component comes with the claim that it can be used to enhance users’ computing experiences.

The removal process was tried on a copy of Superfish provided by the researcher, who had extracted it from one of the tested PCs. During installation, this software installed the application, as well as a malicious root certificate.

Using Microsoft Windows Defender to scan within the Virtual PC did not reveal any problems. But the most recent update made it more capable, and after installing this, the engine easily detected the fake Lenovo certificate, and recommended that this be removed. And this was on the quick scan setting. The cleanup went without a glitch, and a restart later, there was no sign of the offending certificate in the PC.

If your PC has no antivirus software active, Windows Defender steps in automatically and conducts scans and definition updates. To check try removing the antivirus you do have, and check the event logs on the system. For safety’s sake, this is better done on a virtual machine. Otherwise, you may soon be calling the Microsoft tech support number to recover lost or corrupted data.

When there is another antivirus program running, Defender stays disabled. At this time it performs neither scheduled nor manual scans. This is usually also when the Superfish program sneaks in as part of the installation package of some other third party software. Because with other security software, there is no guarantee of the malicious element being detected. And this is in even more doubt if you are using the quick scan mode

Microsoft Windows Defender

Microsoft Windows Defender Definitions


One area where Windows Defender does not check the certificates is inside programs, which store their own certificates. Firefox is one popular software, which does this, and so if there is a malicious add-on that somehow was installed, Defender will not detect it. For this, you need manual removal from the certificate manager.

If you suspect that Superfish has somehow snuck into your system, put aside calling the Microsoft tech support number and try using the updated Windows Defender for san and removal. With the current definitions, this malicious element is sure to be removed without a hassle.

Procedure To Restore Microsoft Office 2007 Functions


Issues With Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2007 is one of the most advanced suite of services and applications. There are a variety of applications available in this collection, which helps with business and office work to a huge extent. Since, Office applications such as Outlook, Word and Excel are heavily used in the business world, the suite is extremely important for their various business processes. So, when it gets deleted or corrupted somehow, it can be annoying for users, who need it urgently.

If MS Office 2007, the suite developed by the software giant Microsoft, has been removed or uninstalled from your system, then you can reinstall it with the help of a valid product key. It may happen at times that the installed copy of MS Office 2007 may face various issues or slowdowns or other critical problems. If this happens, the software suite has an in-built feature allowing you to diagnose and repair various possible problems whenever they crop up.

Office Diagnostic utility is an exceptionally useful software tool, which checks Windows thoroughly for determining why various issues arise in the first place. The main thing is that this utility will provide some of the easiest work-around for bringing back your Office suite to its actual, smooth and functional state, after resolving various Microsoft problems associated with the suite. This way you can restore various Office functions.


  •  First, you need to click on the Start button (located in the lower left corner of the screen) and then you need to click on All Programs.


    Restore Microsoft Office

  • After that, you need to click on the Microsoft Office folder and then hit the Microsoft Office Tools folder. You require clicking on the Microsoft Office Diagnostics application shortcut. Microsoft Office Diagnostics dialog box will then be displayed on the screen.
  • After that, you need to click on the Continue button and then click on the Run Diagnostics button, after you have reviewed which options to run.
  • Then, you need to click on the Continue button when the complete diagnostics testing finishes.
  • Thereafter, you need to click on the Detailed Results button for viewing any changes made and whether the application was able to fix the complete issue successfully.
  • Finally, you need to click on the Continue button and then click on the Close button for exiting the Microsoft Office Diagnostics dialog box.


This should restore MS Office 2007 functions and you will see that the Microsoft Problems have been resolved.

Xbox Services Go Down For Some Of The Users

Microsoft Problems And Support Chat Number

Help For Microsoft Problems

Microsoft has now acknowledged that some of the users faced issues while signing into the Xbox Live services on their Xbox 360 gaming console, Windows Phone and Windows 8 computers. This will block the users from games and video services in some of the cases. As per the reports of Microsoft, the Xbox accounts, multiplayer matchmaking and the Marketplace were up and running. Microsoft has acknowledged the issues with the Xbox services, though late.

“For our members that are currently unable to sign in to their Xbox Live accounts, we’re right here with you!” Microsoft said on its status blog. “We’ve got our team engaged and they are working hard to get everything back to normal as expediently as possible. You’re being so patient while we’re working, and we really appreciate you! We’ll update you on our progress as soon as we have more information.”

As per the Microsoft personnel, the outage affected, Xbox, Games for Windows Live, Windows Phone and Windows 8 services. The message from Microsoft for the users who are trying to access video services, games or any of the other Xbox services was cheery. The Xbox music service was working normally without any issues. “Oh no! We know that some of our members are having a difficult time accessing video, application, music, and game content on the Xbox console,” Microsoft said. “We want you back to enjoying the full scope of the Xbox Live service as soon as possible. We’ve got our best people working to get everything back to normal.”

Microsoft Support Forums

Microsoft Support Chat Number

Users were not much happy after hearing the announcement from Microsoft. Of course, they will be unhappy after hearing that the Xbox services may go down some time or the other. The Microsoft problems and support chat number refused to provide any more details on the news. Some of the users of the Xbox service were not able to access their videos, music and many of the other files and they were much dissatisfied with this. This has led to many complaints in the Microsoft support forums.

If you wish to know more on this news, you can contact the Microsoft problems and support chat number. They will be able to let you know more on this news and the latest updates on the issue.

Repairing Sent Folders In Outlook Express

Microsoft Problems

Microsoft Outlook Files

Though Microsoft Outlook is an effective news and email client, it might run into issues at times. Most of the Microsoft problems that arise are due to PST file corruption or damage. While some of the issues are simple and can be fixed by restarting the computer, some of them are so fatal that you might not be able to open the application at all. In case you have come across issues with the Sent folder, the instructions below will help you in solving the issue and getting back to work at the earliest.


  • Launch the application, click on the File option and then Folder. Then click on the Compact All Folders option.
  • Click on File once again, and from the drop down menu click on Exit. Open Outlook and test your email, i.e. if you are able to Send an email.
  • Now select the Sent Items folder, you will find this below the Inbox folder to the left hand side of the Outlook window. Click on the File menu, while the Sent Items folder is selected. From the drop down menu, click on Folder and then Compact, this option will compact all the items in the folder currently selected.
  • Next click on the Edit menu, then Empty Deleted Items Folder option. From the Sent Items folder, select all the messages that you want to discard. To do this, press down the Ctrl Key on the keyboard and select Messages, you will find that all the emails selected will be highlighted. When you have selected all the emails, click on the Delete icon. This will delete all the emails that you have highlighted. Do the same for the other folders such as Outbox, Drafts and Inbox.
  • Now click on the File menu and then on Folder. Click on the Compact All Folders option. Close and Open Outlook. Now test Outlook by sending an email from your inbox. Once the email is sent, check with the Sent Items folder, in case you do not find it, move on to the next troubleshooting steps.

    Microsoft Help

    Microsoft Outlook Express

  • Open Outlook Express and then click on Tools, and then Accounts. Now highlight the Mail tab, from here select the email account that has Sent Items issues with it. Take a Backup of the email account that has issues.
  • In the next step, you need to create an Identity in Outlook. Then check if the email account is working properly.

In case you are unable to find solutions for any Microsoft problems, you can call up our helpline number for advance support on all Microsoft products and services.

Common Issues With Mouse Pointers And Icons In A Computer

Microsoft Problems

Windows Live Problems

Windows from Microsoft Corporation is one of the best operating systems that most of us prefer to use. Some of the reasons why we prefer Windows computers is mainly due to its user friendliness. Even if you are new to a Windows computer, you can learn to use it without any difficulty. Though some of the features and functionalities can only be used by professionals, novice users, even if they are not aware of these, can still get the job done.

When it comes to working with Windows computers, the mouse and the keyboard are the ideal links between the computer and the user. Only with the help of the keyboard and the mouse will the user be able to work on the computer. A keyboard is an input device, since you enter the necessary commands with the help of the keyboard.

Talking about the mouse, you might come across some issues with the mouse pointer also while trying to click on a particular icon. There are plenty of reasons for issues with the mouse pointer. One of the top reasons might be due to the changes made by one of the software that you installed recently. It might also be an issue with that particular icon or file that you are trying to click. It might refuse to open due to a possible corruption or damage.

Whenever you have a sluggish or an irresponsive computer, you need to find out the root cause of the same and try to fix it. In most of the cases, this can be solved by restarting the computer. Some of the possible Microsoft problems and the remedies for the same are given below.

Changes In The Pointer Or The Icon

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Outlook Problems

In case you have installed software recently, there are chances for it to have changed the settings of the icon or the pointer. The software that you installed recently must have made the changes without your permission. However, you can fix this by making changes to the display settings from the Control Panel.

Pointers Or Icons Missing

You might notice that the some of the icons on the desktop along with the mouse pointer went missing all of a sudden. Ensure that the icon that you were looking for is configured in such a way that it appears on the desktop. For the missing mouse pointer, ensure that the mouse is properly connected to the computer.

To get assistance on fixing almost all Microsoft problems, you may contact our tech support desk via the hotline number or using the chat support feature.


Steps To Fix Synchronization Issues Between Microsoft Outlook And Office Communicator

Microsoft Problems

          Fix Microsoft Problems

If you have Office Communicator program installed in the computer, you can collaborate it with your Microsoft Outlook email client. With Office Communicator, you will be able to find out whether a person who has sent you a message in your Outlook is currently online or not.

However, sometimes Microsoft problems can creep into the program. The synchronization process might fail and with this, you will no longer be able to view who all in your contact list are online. Let us find out how to fix this issue.

Steps Involved

  • Launch your internet browser and log in to the Microsoft Online Services.
  • Go to the tab Options and choose Advanced Options.
  • Choose the option, Reconfigure My Desktop applications found under the menu Advanced Options. Mark the option for Office Communicator, Office Outlook and Office Live Meeting.
  • Check whether the SIP and the SMTP address of the primary email are same. Now, if this did not help in fixing the issue, change the values and check again. However, you should launch the Office Communicator program only after 24-48 hours.

Sometimes, you might receive an error, which says there was a problem connecting to Outlook. When you encounter this error, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Start menu in your computer and open the Run window. Enter regedit in it and click the button OK. This will bring up the window for Registry Editor.
  • Locate the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Clients\Mail. Delete this key by right clicking it and choosing the option Delete.
  • Locate the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Clients\Mail and check if Microsoft Outlook is set as the default email client here.
  • Close the Registry Editor window and reboot the PC.

    Microsoft Outlook

            Microsoft Software Programs

Sometimes, you might be receiving an Outlook Integration Error. In this case, follow the steps below to fix the issue.

  • Close all programs running in your computer.
  • Go to the option for Microsoft Online Services application and sign in.
  • Choose the button Options from the menu for Microsoft Online Services.
  • Go to the Advanced Options and choose Reconfigure My Desktop Applications.
  • Mark all the programs that come under Reconfigure My Desktop Applications and choose the button Configure Applications.

With the above steps, you can fix the issues associated with the Microsoft Office communicator. If you have any further queries regarding the steps mentioned above or if you encounter any Microsoft problems, you may contact our technical support team for assistance.

Microsoft Releases Update To Fix 8018830f Error

Fix Microsoft Errors

        Microsoft Online Technicians

If you are using a mobile device powered by Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, you might have encountered the 8018830f error. Many of the customers have already complained about this error in numerous Microsoft forums and now, the software giant has come up with an update to fix Microsoft errors.

The announcement was made by Joe Belfiore, who is the vice president and manager who heads the Windows Phone Programme Management. He tweeted that the company has released the fix for the error and users can download it to their mobile devices. He said that the issue had come up due to a packaging issue of the update. Joe, in his tweet, has asked the users to install the update again for the best results.

In addition to the error, Microsoft had also received several complaints about the 80188308 installation issues. Joe says that the company is working on this issue and soon, users can expect a fix for it. Joe adds that the issue is related to the install partition and not the user storage as believed by many. He has not mentioned about the date for the release of the fix.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update was released a few days before. As of now, only the preview version of the program is available and is intended for the developers. Soon after the rollout, many customers reported that they face different issues with the update. One of the major troubles reported by many users was that the update fails to install on the devices. Joe said that the company is working on the issue and would soon come up with a fix.

Microsoft Support

                Microsoft Phone OS

Majority of the customers who received the error 8018830f had Update 1 installed on their devices. One of the members in the Microsoft support forums says, “Just updated. Probably they fixed it for the L925. Tried before over 20 times and always got the f##$# error, but just now it updated without any problems, again I didn’t do anything.” Microsoft is already alerting customers about the release of the update. It is expected that the company would soon come up with a fix for the 80188306 error.

If you own a Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 device and experience this error, then you may contact our technical support team for assistance. You may also contact our support team to fix Microsoft errors with your laptops, desktops and other devices.

Changing Encoding In Outlook Express

Microsoft Problems

         Microsoft Outlook Problems

Microsoft Outlook is a news and email client that is used by people to send and receive emails from any account that uses the POP3 algorithm. For instance, you might come across some issues like they might appear to be coded in HTML but you might find unexpected characters such as exclamations and other special characters. This happens, when the encoding setting is set to load the email in the default format. This issue can be resolved by changing the Microsoft Outlook encoding.


  • Launch Outlook express. Click on the Start button in the desktop, from the menu click on All Programs and then click on Microsoft and then click on Outlook Express from the ensuing menu.
  • You would find the menu bar to the top of the Outlook Express Window. Click on Tools from the menu bar and from the drop down menu, select Options, which would open the Options dialogue window.
  • From the Options window, highlight the Read tab and then click on the International Settings button. The International Settings dialogue window opens.
  • If the check box with the label Use Default Encoding For All Incoming Messages is checked, uncheck the same. Click on Ok and then Close the window.
  • To complete the process of changing encoding, click on Ok from the Options dialogue window.

In case you want to encode just one message, follow these instructions

  • Launch the program from the Start menu.

    Microsoft Outlook Encoding

                  Microsoft Outlook Express

  • Click on the Tools menu and then click on Options from the drop down menu.
  • Click on the Mail Format option and then select the option International Options.
  • You will find an option that says Auto-Select encoding for Outgoing messages, if the option is not checked, then check the option by clicking on it.
  • From the message window that you are planning to send, click on the Format menu and then select the Encoding option, then you have several options to choose depending on the type of coding you want.

Microsoft Outlook Express is a great application bundled with various versions of Windows operating system right from Windows 98 to Windows Server 2003. Windows Mail came after Microsoft Outlook Express. Even though you might come across many Microsoft Problems in Windows OS, there are plenty of tools to solve issues that surface up in Microsoft Outlook. ScanPST is one such tool that helps resolve many such Microsoft Problems related to Outlook.

How To Solve Windows Update Issues

Microsoft Problems

              Windows Problems

Windows Update is a feature that is included in all the Windows operating systems from Windows 98. This is a default feature and it is integrated in the operating system. This feature will be configured during the installation of the OS. The Automatic Updates feature will be turned on by default and it will connect to the Internet and will check for the available updates. In the default settings, the updates will be installed automatically, but the users can change these settings. The user can disable the feature, make it install the update only after getting permission, and so on.

The malware program will mimic like the genuine Windows Update to get installed in the computer and you should be very much careful while installing the update. To prevent this, the user can disable the automatic download and installation of the available updates. The steps to disable Windows Update without encountering any Microsoft problems are explained below in this article.


  • Turn on your computer, click on Start button, and choose Windows Update. You will be able to find this in the Start menu. The System & Maintenance: Windows Update windows will be opened.
  • Select the Change Settings link that is located on the left pane.
  • Now you can choose the radio button that is located in front of the option that you need to select. The options that are available will be Download Updates But Let Me Choose Whether to Install Them, Install Updates Automatically, Check for Updates but Let Me Choose Whether to Download and Install Them, and Never Check for Updates.

    Microsoft Windows Update Program

                     Microsoft Errors

  • Select the drop down that is labeled Install New Updates. From here, you will be able to choose a frequency in which the OS checks for the available updates.
  • If you need to download and install the recommended updates, you will need to select the box near to the Recommended Updates area.
  • After making the changes, you can click on the OK button to save the changes that you have made. Doing this will close the window and the changes will be saved.

These are the steps to fix issues in the Microsoft Windows Update program. You should be careful while doing the steps, so that you do not encounter any Microsoft problems. If you have any doubts in any of the steps that are explained above, you can contact the Windows help and support team.