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Update For Windows Defender Detects Superfish Software

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Microsoft Windows Defender Update

Microsoft recently put out updates for Windows Defender, offering this as a standard feature on Windows 8 machines. The definitions install automatically, then scan for infections and remove them as and when. So recently, this Lenovo security advisory checked out different models of laptops affected by Superfish SSL hijacking. The component comes with the claim that it can be used to enhance users’ computing experiences.

The removal process was tried on a copy of Superfish provided by the researcher, who had extracted it from one of the tested PCs. During installation, this software installed the application, as well as a malicious root certificate.

Using Microsoft Windows Defender to scan within the Virtual PC did not reveal any problems. But the most recent update made it more capable, and after installing this, the engine easily detected the fake Lenovo certificate, and recommended that this be removed. And this was on the quick scan setting. The cleanup went without a glitch, and a restart later, there was no sign of the offending certificate in the PC.

If your PC has no antivirus software active, Windows Defender steps in automatically and conducts scans and definition updates. To check try removing the antivirus you do have, and check the event logs on the system. For safety’s sake, this is better done on a virtual machine. Otherwise, you may soon be calling the Microsoft tech support number to recover lost or corrupted data.

When there is another antivirus program running, Defender stays disabled. At this time it performs neither scheduled nor manual scans. This is usually also when the Superfish program sneaks in as part of the installation package of some other third party software. Because with other security software, there is no guarantee of the malicious element being detected. And this is in even more doubt if you are using the quick scan mode

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One area where Windows Defender does not check the certificates is inside programs, which store their own certificates. Firefox is one popular software, which does this, and so if there is a malicious add-on that somehow was installed, Defender will not detect it. For this, you need manual removal from the certificate manager.

If you suspect that Superfish has somehow snuck into your system, put aside calling the Microsoft tech support number and try using the updated Windows Defender for san and removal. With the current definitions, this malicious element is sure to be removed without a hassle.

Benefits Of Using Microsoft Word Over Other Programs

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Why Use Microsoft Word

The Microsoft Word program is undoubtedly the best document processing program available today. It is extensively used in almost all computers, including the ones in offices, homes, and schools. The features and tools present allow you to access, create, and edit documents of varying types. You are less likely to face any Microsoft problems with the use of this powerful word processor.

Available everywhere

The most obvious advantage of using Microsoft Word is that you can find it everywhere. Word is the default program in a majority of computers worldwide, whether it is in an internet café or your college’s computer lab. Because of this, you have the option to access, modify or create Word documents anywhere. Just copy the Word file into a flash drive and you can easily find a computer with Microsoft Word installed to access it.

Microsoft Office integration

All the Microsoft problems with the Office suite aside, Microsoft Word is the default word processor for other programs in Microsoft Office. You can easily cut or copy text from other programs like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint and paste them in Word; and vice versa. Hence, suppose you are working on a project, you can carry out all the required tasks with spreadsheets, graphs, etc. seamlessly. You would not have to spend time using third party programs to convert documents or files to make them usable.

Efficient Help features

Using Microsoft Word

Advantages Of Word Program

Microsoft Word ensures that you create documents without grammatical errors or typos. When you are typing text in the interface of the program, if you misspell a word, it will be underlined in red color instantly and you will be able to fix it yourself or right click on that word to get most appropriate suggestions. When you enter sentences with bad grammar, they will be underlined in green color, and you can right click on the sentence to know what is wrong with it and also to get suggestions on how the sentence can be written in a better manner.

Flexibility of Documents

You can create word-processing documents such as reports and letters with ease. Let it remain plain and simple or customize it anyway you like. You can add colors, clip arts, or format the document with different font styles. There are also options to add tables, borders, or bullets. The predefined templates help you create calendars and greeting cards.

Microsoft Word also allows you to save any document in various types of file formats, even as a web page. These are some of the advantages of MS Word. But it does not conclude how beneficial using Word can be.

Tips For Speeding Up Your Slow Computer

How To Fix Slow Computer

                           Fixing A Slow Computer

Working on a slow computer decreases your productivity and causes undesirable issues. In such cases, availing the services of a tech support provider or giving the computer for repair can seem to be a costly or unwanted expense. If you are wondering how to fix slow computer free of cost, you can try the troubleshooting tips given below to improve its performance on your own.

Using Disc Defragmenter

  • Disk Defragmenter cleans up fragmented data in your computer.
  • Click on the Start In the Search box, enter Disk Defragmenter and press the Enter key. Once the search results appear, click on the Disk Defragmenter icon to open it.
  • Under the Current Status column, select the disk you want to check and select Analyze Disk.
  • The program will now show the percentage of fragmentation in the disk you selected.
  • If the percentage of fragmentation is above 10%, click on the Defragment Disk The process will take some time; wait for it to complete, do not switch off or restart the system.
  • Check all other disks the same way and defragment whenever necessary.

Using Disk Cleanup

  • Disk cleanup removes all unnecessary data in the computer.
  • Open My Computer from the desktop shortcuts or from the Start menu.
  • You will see a list of drives present in the computer. Select the drive you need to cleanup, right-click on it and select Disk Cleanup. If you do not see the option in the context menu, open the Properties window of the drive to access it.
  • Select the items you wish to delete and click

Remove Startup Programs

  • Removing programs that automatically start when Windows is powered on will increase boot up speed and improve overall performance.

    Data In The Computer

                          Improve Computer Performance

  • Click on the Start button and hover the mouse over All Programs. From the menu, click on the Startup
  • You will see a list of programs that automatically start up when the computer is switched on. Select the programs that you don’t want to start automatically and click on the Delete
  • The programs will only be removed from the startup list, not from the computer; so there is nothing to worry about when removing them.

You know now how to fix slow computer issue all by yourself. Additionally, installing a reputed antivirus program and installing official Windows updates periodically would ensure that your computer remains safe from viruses and other external threats.