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Wi-Fi Fix From Microsoft For Surface Pro 3

Fix Microsoft Errors

          Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft announced the release of a patch for the Wi-Fi bug on the Surface Pro 3 device. A Microsoft spokesperson asserted that this update would be able to resolve the widespread issue with accessing Wi-Fi on the tablet.

Surface Pro 3 has been reported exhibiting several problems by early users – such as the inability to connect to a Wi-Fi connection locally. ZDNet reports that the software giant rolled out a system update last week, with a new firmware and driver update to follow on July 16. The former will assuredly fix Microsoft errors with the Wi-Fi in Surface Pro 3.

The newest tablet device from Microsoft, Surface Pro 3, runs the latest version of the Windows 8 RT. Currently this is upgraded to Windows 8.1 RT Pro, and is accompanied by services like BitLocker data protection, Remote Desktop Connection hosting, etc.

Touted as the perfect laptop replacement by its manufacturer, it comes with a 12″ touchscreen, a 3:2 aspect ratio display, and a 2160 x 1440 resolution screen for high definition movies and browsing experience. There are two built-in cameras of 5 megapixels each, and two noise-cancelling stereo microphones. The cameras capture video of 1080p in 16:9 aspect ratio. The tablet runs on 4th generation Intel® Core™ i3, i5 or i7 processor, depending on the variant.

Despite having enjoyed a warm reception in the tech scene, this tablet has shown that it can offset its rich feature set by being a

New Firmware

                Microsoft Surface Problems

piece of work. It is possible that there is a driver issue, but users have noticed the Wi-Fi drivers go missing from Device Manager each time the device returns from the low-power state, InstantGo. In addition, if a connection is able to be struck up, it slows down to as little as 6 Mbps when you are running on battery power. Many owners are not getting even that, while others were required to fix Microsoft errors before connecting to specific brands of router.

Microsoft sells the Surface Pro 3 online through their website, and through their big box retail partners. The Intel core i5 variant has a price tag of $999, and comes with 128 GB inbuilt storage capacity. You get a kickstand that can be flipped and set out to any angle, allowing unrestricted work or play no matter where you are. You will need a separate type cover for the Surface Pro 3 though, if you are going to check out the “laptop replacement” claim, and this would cost you $129.99.

How To Fix The Latest Update Issues With Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Fix It

           Features Of Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is one of the best email clients in the market that has large number of features incorporated in it. The advantage of using Outlook is that it has a simple interface and easy to use tools. This helps make working with Outlook a fun process.

In addition to the basic function of sending and receiving emails, Outlook offers numerous other features to the users. Some of these features are task, contacts etc. You can add any number of contacts to the program and contacts do not mean only the email address, the program helps you to enter the complete address, phone number etc. and store these details. Outlook also helps users to schedule appointments. You can plan things more efficiently with the program and thus, improve efficiency.

Since this program comes bundled with Microsoft Office, you will receive occasional updates from Microsoft for the program. Even though most of the updates are designed to improve the features of the program and fix the bugs in the program, some of the errors can create troubles for the users. The latest update for the program from Microsoft is an update that has created problems for the users. The new issue of disappearing Office 2013 after the installation of update patches has troubled many users.

Microsoft Office 2013

              Fix Microsoft Outlook Errors

However, Microsoft says that only a few customers, less than 1 percent, have been affected by the issue. There is no Microsoft fix it for the trouble and uninstalling the update seems to be the only solution at this point. According to the software giant, the issue with the update would fully be solved by the release of new updates. So, how can you fix this issue?

According to some of the users, reinstalling Microsoft Office 2013 is the best fix for the trouble. You may use Microsoft Fix it for removing the program. Once you remove the program, restart the computer before you begin installing it again. Once reinstalled, launch the Outlook program and choose the option File. Select the option Account. Look for the option Update in the window and select it. Select the option Disable and this will disable the office updates. You need not worry about Windows updates as they would still be downloaded and installed.

With the above steps, you can fix the Outlook error with the updates temporarily. You need to make sure that you install the updates, which would soon be released by Microsoft for fixing the issue completely.

Microsoft Fix It- A Solution To All Your Computer Errors

Microsoft Fix It

         Microsoft Fix It Center

Windows 7 is one of the popular operating systems released by Microsoft. In fact, Windows 7 OS surpassed the market share of Windows XP just after the two years of its release. Moreover, the Windows 7 operating system has become more reliable and safe regarding its performance and security, when the tech giant supplemented it with Windows 7 Service Pack 1. The Windows 7 Service Pack 1 will be very useful when you are printing using the XPS Viewer, connecting HDMI audio devices, and restoring various folders in Windows Explorer. Moreover, it can also make your Windows 7 computer more secure and stable against system vulnerabilities. Now, take a look at the various tips that will help you to keep your Windows 7 system safe and secure.

Windows 7 is embedded with some striking features like Windows Touch, Windows Taskbar, Remote Media Streaming, Windows Live Essentials, and Windows Search etc. However, if you want your system to perform more, then you need to disable some of the unwanted Visual effects and features like Aero, Search Indexing etc. Disabling these features can seriously improve the system performance. Another reason for slowing down of your system is multiple startup programs. Therefore, you need to uninstall or disable those programs that are not necessary and this can be accomplished by navigating to the Control Panel of your Windows 7 computer.

However, if you come across any system errors, you need some troubleshooting in order to fix the issue. If you do not have any computer knowledge, then it is better to run the Microsoft Fix it solution or you can get the help of Microsoft support centre. The tech support professionals can easily solve all your system related issues by examining your Windows registry settings and by taking the information from the Windows Event Viewer. Running the Windows Defragmenter is another option that you can consider in order to run your computer efficiently without any problems. Moreover, in order to help the users, the Action Center often notifies security issues and will also inform the steps needed to find and fix those issues.

Windows Support

                   Microsoft Fix It Solution

To avoid the data breaching from your system, you can make use of the feature called User Account Control (UAC), which will help you to check whether any unauthorized person is accessing your system. You can make sure that your data is safe and secure by adjusting the permission levels through an UAC. Thus, Microsoft has provided every option like Microsoft Fix it solution in order to keep your Windows system safe and secure from malware, viruses and other harmful software.

For further information and assistance, contact our Windows support number.

New Update For Hotfix For IE Update Issue

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            Microsoft Updates

The newest browser update for IE is creating a huge problem for users. Those who downloaded the latest update for Internet Explorer application have been facing what’s called “consecutive modal dialog boxes“. This slows down the browser considerably, often causing it to stall for long periods.

IE only recently started getting popular, following the many ways it was integrated into the Windows platforms. However, snags are what users of Internet Explorer have always expected. And Microsoft doesn’t disappoint too.

A usual complaint users have is that rebooting doesn’t work. The problem isn’t something the company is unaware of, and they even released a hotfix for it. The software maker says that this has been a problem since as far back as IE7; as if that’s any consolation. Any system, which automatically updates to version 11 of Internet Explorer, faces this same problem. They are either MS14-051 or MS14-037, according to Microsoft.

Users with the issue have been asked to download and install the new hotfix released for it. This problem can purportedly be eliminated using browser specific software. The same are available for download from Microsoft’s support website.

You will see a list of the updates available, and from these you can sort the entries by name. This will make the process simpler. What you want is either KB2962872 or KB2976627, but if your Windows updates are set to download automatically, you probably have both installed. There is no harm in checking though.

Software Maker

               Microsoft Hotfixes

To users who are facing Microsoft problems with IE’s issues at the pass, and those encountering unexplained shutdowns from the browser, there is the KB2991509 update you will want to look at. Go to the Microsoft website and you will find a long list of links to updates and patches for versions of IE from 7 through 11, and for all operating systems. Windows 64-bit users too would find this useful, and if you do not know whether you are one, there is a page explaining how to find that out as well.

Just find the right package for your version of IE, and then click to download the update, and open the file to install. That’s it. This is how to install the latest IE update from Microsoft, and repair the problems in your browser application. For more stories on Windows updates, check out other posts here. Call our tech support number for any further assistance on Microsoft problems.

Steps To Transfer Files From Windows 7 To Windows 8

Windows 8 Transfer

                   Features Of Windows 8

The mainstream support for Windows 7 operating system ends next year. Even though Microsoft will still provide updates for the operating system after that, it is always better to go for a Windows 8 transfer, and move on to the latest OS.

Many people do not prefer a Windows 8 transfer because they fear that all the files in their old operating system would be lost in the transition. However, this is not correct. You can take your Windows 7 files to Windows 8 after the upgrade easily, and we have a lot of tutorials guiding how to do the same on the internet.

But, what will you do if you are planning to buy a new PC? How will you transfer the files to a new Windows 8 system? There are different techniques to achieve this as well. So, let us see how to transfer files from your old Windows 7 PC to the new Windows 8 computer.

Using Todo PCTrans

Todo PCTrans is a free software application that allows you to transfer files from your Windows 7 computer to Windows 8. Let us find out how to use this software.

  • Browse to the official website of Todo PCTrans, go to the download section and install the program on both Windows 8 and Windows 7 computers. Once the installation completes, open the program in both the machines.
  • In the program, the transfer destination computer should be selected as Windows 8. In the section for transfer direction, choose Windows 7 to Windows 8.

    USB Flash Drive

                    Windows 8 Installation

  • The Todo PCTrans program will show the list of all programs in the Windows 7 computer. Click on the Edit button and select the programs that you wish to move to Windows 8 computer. You can also choose the files in the operating system to migrate.
  • Click on the Transfer button to start the move, and all the chosen data will be easily shifted from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

You can also use an external hard disk or USB flash drive to transfer files from Windows 7 to Windows 8. For this, simply plug in the device in Windows 7 PC and transfer all the files to it. Plug this device in Windows 8 PC and move the files. The disadvantage of using an external drive for Windows 8 transfer of files is that you can transfer only files from Windows 7 and not programs, and even so, the process is too tiresome.

Microsoft Hopes To Fix Issues With Xbox At The Earliest

Microsoft Fix It

Microsoft Xbox 360

Xbox consoles are the most popular gaming consoles in the market today, which is a favorite among not only the younger generation but among all gamers of all age groups. There is a huge population that owns an Xbox gaming console and are very much obsessed with the device. Hence, it is a part of their lives, which for some, is more important than any other possession.

It looks like Xbox live service is facing some issues, as it is not working properly in many consoles. Microsoft did respond to this and said that they were aware that Xbox live service is not working, while it has been the case for quite some time. According to the reports from the XBL page, it is said that users signing into their Xbox account via their Xbox console will not be able to do it right now. They also added that the same applies to users who sign into Xbox live through the online website. They are planning to find a Microsoft fix it to resume back to normal.

Microsoft also said that they were doing all they could to restore the situation at the earliest. Microsoft greatly appreciated the patience of their users and apologized for the inconvenience caused. In every case, Xbox users have always been patient every time there is an issue with the service, since they greatly expect that they would come up with a Microsoft fix it even though it was bizarre.

Xbox Consoles

Fix It For Xbox

One of the statements made by Microsoft said that the affected services on Xbox Live include the feature to see what your friends are doing, managing and playing games online with the friends. They suspect that the issue is related to Uplay services from Ubisoft. Uplay is a digital rights management, communication and multiplayer service created by Ubisoft. Ubisoft is a multinational Game developer. They are the creators of some of the acclaimed video game franchisee such as Price of Persia, Ray man etc.

To look at the events on a positive note, users are happy that this did not happen on July 4, since playing on their Xbox consoles would be the first thing on their to do list on a holiday. They would have been very much annoyed if this had happened on a public holiday like 4th of July. They are also in high hopes of getting their consoles back in working condition as soon as possible.