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Fixing Error Notifications In Microsoft Word

Fix Microsoft Errors

Easily Fix Microsoft Errors

Microsoft Word program is one of the main word processing programs in the world and people all over the world use it for creating and drafting documents. One of the main issues with Word is that it crashes and hangs frequently, making it unproductive to work with. If you are a frequent Word user, then you might have come across any one of the errors mentioned here. But since Microsoft releases hotfixes for fixing the issues every now and then, you can fix Microsoft errors related to Word easily and effectively.

The common error notifications found while working with Word are, Font Problem, Unable to read files, File is not in recognizable format, There isn’t enough memory space to open Word, Word experienced an error trying to open the file, There is insufficient memory. Save the document now etc. Follow the simple tips given below for fixing Word errors.

One of the first things that you need to do when you get any one of the above-mentioned errors is to check whether the CPU is over-used or not. If the CPU is exhausted, there is a great chance of encountering any one of the above mentioned errors. CPU usage can be checked by launching the Task Manager window by pressing the keys CTRL, ALT, DEL simultaneously. If the CPU use is exceeding, click on the Processes tab and kill the processes that are using much of the CPU resources.

Fix Microsoft Errors

Fix For Microsoft Errors

If you were not able to fix the Microsoft errors related with Word by following the simple tips given above, just reopen the document that you have been working on by closing the application and re-launching it by double clicking on the saved file without considering the error. Often the errors get fixed when you reopen the application.

If you still have the issue, then you would have to clean the registry, cache and temporary files stored in the system. If the number of files in the cache and temporary folder are high, the computer will slow down and you may get errors. Clean cache and temporary files folder to fix Microsoft errors of such kind. Since errors in the registry files will also cause errors, make sure that the registry entries are correct and not corrupted. If the registry entries are wrong, correct them.

If you follow the simple instructions give above, you will be able to fix all these errors that occur in Microsoft Word.

Fixing Sleep Mode Problems In Windows XP

Microsoft Problems

Fix Microsoft Problems

Windows XP is an operating system that is widely used all around the world even after its end of support. Here we discuss simple instructions that will help you in fixing the issues that a PC operating in Windows XP may have while in Sleep mode.


  • Move the mouse pointer to the left bottom corner of the desktop and then click on the Start menu button found there. When the Start menu appears on the screen, click on the Control Panel tab.
  • When the Control Panel window appears on the screen, look for the option labeled as Power Options and double click on it when found. From the set of options shown in the window that appear on the screen, click on the Hibernate option.
  • Look for the option labeled as Enable Hibernation under the Hibernate tab and then put a check mark in the check box found next to it for enabling hibernation in Windows XP. Click on the Apply button, and on the OK button to apply the changes and save the settings. This will fix the Microsoft problems related to sleep mode in Windows XP. If the above mentioned troubleshooting tips did not fix the issue, follow the instructions given below.
  • Right click anywhere on the desktop and then click on the Properties tab found at the bottom of the context menu. Click on the Settings tab found in the window that appears on the screen. Ensure that the label Plug and Play Monitor… is found near the Display subheading. If not, follow the next instructions.

    Enabling Hibernation

    Problems In Microsoft

  • Start the Device Manager program by typing in devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box. The Run dialog box can be launched by pressing the Windows and R keys simultaneously.
  • Look for the option labeled as Monitors and then click on the small plus sign found next to it. If the option has an exclamation mark, click on the option labeled as Plug and Play Monitor and select the Update Driver tab. Updating the driver usually fixes all the Microsoft problems in the system.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to fix all the issues with the sleep mode option in the Windows XP operated PC. However if you are still having issues, feel free to contact the help and support team.

Windows 7 Update To Fix Botched Update That Caused Infinite Reboots

Fix Microsoft Errors

           Microsoft Help and Support

You might be aware of the update that resulted into infinite system reboots for many Windows 7 users recently. This seemed quite careless when such a glaring error occurs in an update released by one of the largest and most reputed software companies in the world.

It was not at all acceptable by any standards let alone the high standards set by the software giant. The software maker did make amends for the mistake with a new update to fix Microsoft errors concerning the problem either.

For those who are not aware, let us see what actually happened.

Microsoft released an update for Windows 7 named KB2823324. This KB2823324 update was released as a security update for the Windows 7 file system kernel driver. Unfortunately, this update caused Windows 7 systems to get stuck in an infinite reboot loop.

When KB2823324 is installed, Windows 7 system starts rebooting automatically even before the account login screen appears. What was annoying was the fact that it did not stop rebooting, even when users tried loading the system in Safe Mode or Last Known Good Configuration mode with the help of advanced boot menu options.

Recognizing the infinite reboot loop problem, the Redmond based software maker issued another update, codenamed KB2839011, with an aim to address this infinite reboot problem (just the issue). According to experts at the company, this update was good enough to fix Microsoft errors concerning infinite reboot problem.

Microsoft also released a new security update for Windows 7, codenamed KB2840149, which deals with the security issues that the botched KB2823324 should have fixed in the first place. Through a company blog post, the tech giant stated that they have completely stopped the distribution of KB2823324 when they learned about the reboot bug.

Good Configuration

           Fix Microsoft Errors Easily

The new update KB2840149 replaces the old one, and addresses the moderate security issues described in MS13-036. Moreover, according to Microsoft support staff, the update KB2840149 will not cause the same issues.

Regarding the reboot bug, when analyzed, Microsoft found that the original update was conflicting with certain third party software applications to cause the errors. Microsoft had to act immediately when they became aware of this issue. This is why the company had to pull out the update to avoid any more problems.

If you are running your computer on Windows 7, you can download the latest security fix from Microsoft’s tech support site. If you have enabled automatic updates though, then forget it, as it would be automatically downloaded!

Microsoft Offices In China Raided

Downloading Windows 8

              Windows 8 OS

Officials from China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) made surprise visits to four Microsoft’s offices across China. SAIC is the organization that is responsible for enforcing business laws in China. The agency is currently looking into monopoly complaints that are related to the Office software and Windows operating system. SAIC reportedly confiscated documents, emails, two PCs, and internal correspondence from the Microsoft offices at Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Chengdu.

According to South China Morning Post, Microsoft spokesperson for China Joan Li said the company would cooperate with the Chinese government in their investigation. Microsoft has not been accused of any wrongdoing, but the probe of SAIC comes at a time of tense relationships with the United States over the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s allegations that the United States government spied on China and that the US tech firms were an accomplice. In May 2014, China went as far as to ban downloading Windows 8 on government computers.

China has formally issued a ban on downloading Windows 8 operating system on the central government computers. The official news agency of China, Xinhua said that this decision was made for security reasons after Microsoft had ended support for its long running Windows XP operating system recently. Initially released in the year 2001, Windows XP OS still has about seventy percent market share in China.

In one of their statements, Microsoft said that they were working with the Central Government Procurement Center of China, which issued a ban to meet the requirements of the Chinese government. Microsoft said, “We have been and will continue to provide Windows 7 to government customers.” “At the same time we are working on the Window 8 evaluation with relevant government agencies.”

government customers

                   Download Windows 8

SAIC also raided the Dalian offices of the IT consultancy Accenture. As per the regulator, Microsoft outsources financial works to Accenture. SAIC said that they were formally investigating Microsoft for breach of anti-trust rules and that they had raided four of Microsoft’s offices in China. Microsoft was suspected of violating China’s anti-monopoly law since June. This is in relation to issues with compatibility, document authentication, and bundling for the Windows operating system. The experts in the industry have questioned how Microsoft is violating anti-trust regulations in China, where the size of their business is negligible.

If you wish to know more on this news on the ban on downloading Windows 8 in China, you can contact the Microsoft tech support team.

Troubleshooting Numerous Microsoft Outlook Problems

Microsoft Problems

Microsoft Office Programs

Many of you might have experienced different troubles with your Outlook program. Even though it is one of the most trusted and feature rich program, it can occasionally give a few troubles to its users. Now, if you are not a techie, you may find it difficult to fix these issues manually. However, Outlook makes troubleshooting and fixing the errors in it simple with the help of a few tools and other simple methods. In this post, we will take you through these steps and tools, which will help you to solve most of the Outlook problems.

Outlook repair tool

One of the best methods to fix Microsoft problems with Outlook is to make use of the Outlook repair tool. This program is located in the folder C: \Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12. It has the name scanpst.exe. In order to launch the program, double-click the file scanpst.exe. The program scans the PST file of Outlook. Therefore, you need to find out the location of the PST file and choose it for running the scan. This scan fixes most of the Outlook corruption issues.

Cleanup mails

Sometimes Outlook can give you troubles if there is large number of emails in its inbox. In such situations, doing a cleanup of the mailbox will help you to solve the issue. For this, launch the program and select the option Tools. From the drop down menu, choose the option Mail Cleanup. Choose Find and then select the mails that have a size of more than 250 kb. Once the bigger sized emails come up, delete the ones which you no longer need.

Auto archive feature

Outlook Repair Tool

Microsoft Office Installation

Sometimes, your inbox would have emails that you had received before many years. It is advised that you move such emails to the archives, as it will help you to save a lot of space and thereby help in the smooth functioning of the program. In order to select this function, choose the option Auto Archive.

Sometimes, Outlook may fail to open. This is because some of the instances of the program from the previous session could still be running in the computer. Therefore, first close these instances. Press the keys Ctrl, Alt and Delete together to open the Task Manager window. Go to the process tab and end the process Outlook.exe.

With the above steps, you can fix most of the Outlook troubles. For further assistance on Microsoft problems or Outlook problems, you may contact our technical support team.

Why Microsoft’s Decision To Enter The Tablet Market Might Be A Bad Idea

Microsoft Problems

          Microsoft Hardware Devices

The software giant, Microsoft has been trying its luck in the hardware market for quite some time. We have seen gaming consoles like Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One from the company. Microsoft recently took over Finland’s phone manufacturer, Nokia. It has also introduced Surface tablets in the market. Now, in a market which is flooded with tablets, let us find out the challenges that Microsoft’s tablet may encounter.

Majority of tablet users are loyal to their tablet brand. For instance, an iPad user would be anticipating the release of the next version of the device and chances are rare that he/she might choose a tablet from a different platform. One of the other Microsoft problems is concerning the apps. You may not find many apps for the tablet. Obviously, as a customer, you would like to choose from the thousands of apps, which are available on other platforms than the few apps provided by Microsoft.

Another problem Microsoft has to overcome is that it is a novice in the tablet market. Microsoft does not have a base in the market and has to allure the existing customers of Android and iPad devices. Another drawback of the company is that it does not have a good marketing history. When you are new to the market, you need to market the product with the best strategies, something at which Microsoft is not good. It is also necessary to note that merely offering Microsoft Office in its tablets may not be sufficient to attract users to it, as users have other alternatives to Office programs.

Xbox One

         Microsoft Surface Tablets

Many experts believe that Microsoft should focus more in the software industry, which was always their platform rather than putting in the resources for this hardware device. We all know that Microsoft operating systems run on about 90 percent of computers. However, Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 8 was not a big hit in the market. Therefore, some believe that if more priority were given to make Windows 8 more attractive, it would have generated more revenue for the software giant.

Even though the Surface tablet is a result of years of research and development by Microsoft, the future of this tablet may not be as good as Microsoft anticipates. This is because Surface should be user friendly, it should draw people, it has to be priced competitively etc. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not been so successful so far and these Microsoft problems could make this device a huge flop.