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Fix Your IE Issues

Microsoft Problems

Microsoft Problems Help

Internet Explorer is probably the oldest and one of the most popular web browsers around. The software giant Microsoft developed this series of graphical web browsers and included it as part of Microsoft Windows, a line of operating systems.

Internet Explorer issues

You might encounter certain Microsoft problems while using this web browser. These include browser crashes, run-time errors, the browser getting stuck so you can’t even call up the task bar, etc. When you encounter problems while browsing the web on IE, it is highly recommended you call for technical support.

Internet Explorer keeps crashing

Internet Explorer is the default web browser on most Windows computers. It is a useful browser containing a good amount of built-in support for various Internet applications. However, this makes IE sensitive to a range of issues.

The browser might stop working, or close down immediately, after launching. So, you receive an error message saying that IE is not working, or has encountered a problem and has to be closed. One of the things that could be causing this problem is the firewall blocking your Internet connection. This is one of the probable reasons why Internet Explorer won’t work properly, so make sure that the firewall of your computer system permits IE to connect to the internet.

But, if this does not help, you can still call Microsoft experts for instant resolution. Problems might crop up due to missing system files or, corrupted or, low memory size of Internet Explorer. Another possible reason is viruses or malware.

Default Web Browser

Microsoft Problems Resolve

MS Internet Explorer Support

In case of Microsoft problems concerning Internet Explorer, IE support services help business as well as personal users in fixing their computer-related issues. This assistance is provided through phone or email. A range of problems can be addressed through this Microsoft tech support, including frequent crashes, freezing issues and error messages and connection issues.

In each case, Microsoft certified professionals can provide the required help. They are well trained at offering you the requisite technical support. They even have good understanding of and ability to identify, tackle and resolve, a variety of IT-related problems. This way they ensure you enjoy the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Apart from official Microsoft Internet Explorer support, various technical support companies are coming up with the provision of requisite tech support and assistance for IE and other web browsers. And some of their services are exceedingly cheap, so don’t rule those out.

Zero Day Releases Information About Critical Vulnerability In Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft fix it

Microsoft delays Critical patch

Yet to find a Microsoft fix it solution for a critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer 8, even after 180 days of being informed, Zero Day Initiative was forced to release the information publically. Meanwhile, Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on a fix for the same.

The disclosure policy of Zero-day Initiative states that no discovery of vulnerabilities will be swept under the rug. Once the vulnerability comes in to light, ZDI immediately notifies the product vendor and gives them a definite time to release an update. Once the patch is released, full credit of the discovery goes to the researcher who found the vulnerability. This initiative came into place to ensure that all vulnerabilities that have come into the notice of the committee are plugged and adequately rewarded.

“We are aware of a publicly disclosed issue involving Internet Explorer 8 and have not detected incidents affecting our customers. We build and thoroughly test every security fix as quickly as possible” said the spokesperson when asked to comment on the issue. “Some fixes are more complex than others, and we must test every one against a huge number of programs, applications and different configurations. We continue working to address this issue and will release a security update when ready in order to help protect customers.”

This bug was reported to the concerned authorities on 10 November 2013, yet Microsoft fix it center was unable to develop a patch for the issue. Theoretically, this vulnerability can now be exploited by hackers to infect machines that run the Internet Explorer 8.

Even while working on fixes, Microsoft advices to upgrade to the current and updated version. “We encourage customers to upgrade to a modern operating system, such as Windows 7 or 8.1, and run the latest version of Internet Explorer which includes further protections,” adds the spokesperson.

Different Zero-day vulnerability

Microsoft IE vulnerability discovered

Microsoft has been calling on all of its users to upgrade for quite a long time, since it officially ceased support for its 13 year old Windows XP operating system in April. Soon after the Support ended, Microsoft was forced to issue an emergency XP fix, when a different Zero-day vulnerability was discovered in Internet Explorer.

The researcher who discovered the vulnerability continues to defend Microsoft assuring his blog readers a good reason for the delay. He believes the lax on releasing the update is no indication of Microsoft not caring about security or ignoring bug reports.

28 Million Computers Affected By Browser Ballot SNAFU Worldwide

Fix Microsoft errors

            Fix Microsoft errors

Microsoft had introduced a new system known by the name Browser Choice Stream in their computers according to the norms set by European Union, so that the users will have a choice to select the web browser of their choice for using with the system. Usually the Windows operating systems provided the Internet Explorer web browser as their default web browser and do not ask users if they would like to install a new web browser. However, the company itself admits that it had done a bad job with the feature and will fix Microsoft errors found in the system due to BCS.

The company has released a statement about the issue in their latest blog post saying. “We believed when we filed our most recent compliance report in December 2011 that we were distributing the BCS software to all relevant PCs as required, we learned recently that we’ve missed serving the BCS software to the roughly 28 million PCs running Windows 7 SP1.”

According to latest reports, the company has had about 28 million computers sold all over the world that is devoid of the BCS feature. Even though they vouch that they are going to fix Microsoft errors due to this issue soon, the European Commission will not be happy with the acts of Microsoft. It is found that all the computers that have the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 operating system installed by default will be devoid of BCS. This means that if you have bought a computer that has Windows 7 SP1 installed in it, then you will not be able to enjoy the freedom of browser choice.

Browser Choice Stream

                           Fix errors in Microsoft

The company in their latest blog post stated that they are looking for a fix for this issue and very soon, they would have a fix and now it is in the testing phase. So it is for sure that the fix for the issue would be coming out pretty soon. The company officials stated that they hope to “Substantially complete distribution of the BCS software to the PCs we initially missed by the end of the week.”

Microsoft also stated that due to the presence of the error, they would be extending their compliance period a 15 months additional for all users who did not have BCS pre-installed in their systems. Let us hope that this step will rescue Microsoft from any action from the EU commission.

Dreaded Zero-Day Vulnerability Found In Microsoft Word

microsoft fix it

      Microsoft Word security issues

A new vulnerability was found in Microsoft Word which enables hackers to remotely seize control of the PC. This allows system permissions to the hacker without the awareness of the user.

Advisory issued on Monday stated, “Microsoft is aware of a vulnerability affecting supported versions of Microsoft Word. At this time, we are aware of limited, targeted attacks directed at Microsoft Word 2010. The vulnerability could allow remote code execution if a user opens a specially crafted RTF file using an affected version of Microsoft Word or previews or opens a specially crafted RTF e-mail message in Microsoft Outlook while using Microsoft Word as the e-mail viewer.”

Targeted attacks are usually directed against a certain individual or a group of individuals and are more complex in nature. They are also hard to find because only certain systems will be infected.

It is a real cause of concern since the vulnerability exploits RTF format files, which Outlook versions since 2007 automatically parse RTF content and display it in-line within the preview pane. Users can get infected by just opening the infected mail. Usual viruses are transmitted by manually opening the attachment file.

Drew Hintz, Shane Huntley, and Matty Pellegrino of the Google security team first discovered this RTF memory corruption bug, which has been formally named CVE-2014-1761. Works for creating a permanent patch is under way once complete investigation is carried out. How soon will Microsoft fix it? Only time will tell.

specially crafted RTF

         Virus effects Microsoft Office

Even though a complete fix is not available at this point, a temporary fix that prevents MS Office from opening RTF files in supported format is released. Even though the bug only targets Office 2010 at the moment, the flaw exists in Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2013 RT, Word Viewer, the Office Compatibility Pack, Office for Mac 2011, the Word Automation Services plug-in for SharePoint Server 2010 and 2013, and Office Web Apps 2010 and 2013 making this a serious issue!

Dustin C. Childs, who is responsible for managing communications for all software security incidents said, “At this time, we are aware of limited, targeted attacks directed at Microsoft Word 2010. We continue to work on a security update to address this issue. We are monitoring the threat landscape very closely and will continue to take appropriate action to help protect our global customers.”

You can contact our Microsoft fix it Centre for more information and assistance on mitigating the virus attack.

Microsoft Released An Update To Fix Word Vulnerability

Exploit The Application

Try Microsoft Fix It

Microsoft is always cautious with all its decisions and strategies. However, hackers are always keen on attacking Microsoft products, as a wide spectrum of the world population continues to use Microsoft products. Even though we use computers on a daily basis, there is something which we always fear and it is none other than virus or spyware attacks. These malicious attacks could wipe out everything from our computers and may land us in trouble.

Microsoft had to face such a trouble recently, and it is about the vulnerability that was found in the Microsoft Word application. Word 2010 has been targeted by hackers and they have been releasing several vulnerable codes that could exploit the application. The new vulnerability has been exploited by Microsoft and they have even issued a security advisory to confirm the same.

The latest vulnerability has in fact affected all the versions of Microsoft Word that has been released so far, and the new error even permits to take remote code if the user opens a specially designed RTF file on Word. This is also possible if you view the RTF email using Outlook and if Word is used as the email viewer. This means that the attacker could access your account easily if you perform the above actions and the impact of the vulnerability will be quite less if you have an administrative account.

Will Microsoft fix it? We are not sure yet, but they are working around the same and they are looking for a new patch that could fix the problem with Microsoft Word. Meanwhile, Microsoft advises its users to try the following steps.

Exploit The Application

Get Microsoft Fix It

  • You can try Microsoft Fix it solution Disable opening RTF content in Microsoft Word. This fix is a temporary one and it helps Microsoft Office File Block policy and this will constrict the opening of RTF file in Microsoft Word.
  • You can read emails in plain text. Reading the email messages in plain text format will help you to protect from email attack vector. This provision is available in all versions of Outlook like Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.
  • In Word 2007, you can use Microsoft Office File Block policy and this will prevent RTF files from opening in Word.

You can try them anyways, as they work effectively to solve your problem until Microsoft releases the fresh patch for the same.

About The Free Microsoft Fix It For Windows Vista And XP

Microsoft Fix It

Microsoft Help Desk

Microsoft released Windows 7 with more security features as compared to Windows Vista or Windows XP. Microsoft Fix It solution, an error diagnostic feature for Windows 7, made the OS appear more convincing for users in terms of security. This feature allowed Windows 7 users to initiate self healing in their machines whenever they came across security risks. Many users found MS fix it feature to be quite impressive. The absence of it for Windows Vista and Windows XP were regretted. Surprisingly, Microsoft has rolled out a free MS fix it solution for Windows Vista users. Windows XP users with service pack 3 can also download this free solution.

Microsoft Fix It for Windows Vista and XP

In order to use the free fix it solution from Microsoft for your Windows Vista or XP, you ought to have a licensed Windows Vista or XP OS installed in your machine. Moreover, you should ensure that your OS is up-to-date with Windows updates. It is also necessary to ensure that your operating system has the latest service pack available from Microsoft. Also, you must log in as administrator to execute Fix it solution in your PC.

To download the free fix it solution, navigate to the MS Fix It Centre online. The operation of MS Fix it solution is quite identical to Windows Automatic Update. You are not required to wait until it figures out the issue in your machine and execute necessary steps to fix the problem. You can run it in the background and go back to other tasks. If it manages to detect any error in your PC, it will alert you in due time. Upon receiving the alert, you can return to the Fix it UI and take a look. You have the option to choose the appropriate action based on the warnings you see on the Fix it UI.

MS Fix It Solution

Microsoft Fix It Solution

Other options with MS Fix It

In addition to scanning the system for errors and fixing them, MS Fix features a few other options such as storing each diagnostic report in its database and running batch tests. Users could access the diagnostic reports stored in the Fix It database for future references.

Users are allowed to personalize their Fix it Solution for better productivity. So, make good use of it. For any help, get in touch with Microsoft support desk via the toll free number or online chat option.

Six Steps To Fix Battery Issues In Surface RT Post Windows 8.1 Update

Microsoft Fix It

Microsoft Announced The Release Of Windows 8.1

Microsoft’s Surface RT has had a tough week since the release of the new Windows 8.1 OS. Soon after the update was released to the public, Microsoft pulled the service back because the devices were being corrupted while trying to update Windows 8.1 in their Surface RT tablets. Later it was restored back to the original condition with a Microsoft fix it that was released later.

Microsoft released the surface tablet in the year 2010. The release of the tablet is an effort to run Windows operating system on its own hardware. Surface RT and Surface Pro were two of the debuted models of the Surface Tablet.

After all the chaos was settled with the update to Windows 8.1, currently there are complaints from the Tab owners that their battery life was affected drastically after they updated to Windows 8.1 on their devices. Fortunately, Microsoft has published a Microsoft Fix it for the surface battery issue on its website. This would solve the battery related issues in most of the Surface RT Tablets.

The company claims that the issue was with the wireless adapter of the Surface Tablet, which was the same during the update. They also added that it is not possible for the wireless adapter to reduce the consumption of power when Windows 8.1 is being updated.

The fix is however not for timid people since it requires the users to perform the following tasks.

  • Begin by swiping in from the screen’s right side edge, then tap search.
  • Enter command prompt in the space provided by the search bar.
  • Touch and hold or right click on the command prompt in order to pull up the context menu. From the context menu, click or tap on the option that says Run as administrator.
  • There will be a prompt from the User account control. Click on Ok in this dialogue box.

    Surface Rt Tablets

    Many Fix It Are Available In Their Website

  • In the command prompt which now has the privileges of an administrator, enter the following command- powercfg -setdcvalueindex SCHEME_CURRENT 19cbb8fa-5279-450e-9fac-8a3d5fedd0c1 12bbebe6-58d6-4636-95bb-3217ef867c1a 3.
  • After which you need to enter powercfg -setactive scheme_current.

Microsoft did not put this article as a knowledge base on its website, instead they limited it to only the Surface users by uploading it only on the information page for Surface RT Tablets, and this is a very bizarre fact about the fix. However, this will be a good to know information for the owners of the Surface RT Tablets.

About The WiFi Issues In Microsoft Tablet

Microsoft Problems

        Microsoft problems with WiFi connection

There have been many problems reported about wireless connection in Microsoft Surface Tablet. In spite of the repeated announcements about a solution for this issue, none of them has actually fixed this so far.

Microsoft says the same thing time and again that the patches would solve the WiFi issue. When people were not happy about these Microsoft problems and asked for a solution, they were told to wait for the next patch that would – unlike the previous one – would fix this issue. Many users are very frustrated by these problems.

The new Surface Tab loaded with Windows 8 Pro is not that great to carry around because there is no WiFi connectivity because of this problem. Moreover, it could connect only to the home networks. There were some issues with the connection as it was not able to stream videos.

Many users thought about selling off their new device as a solution to this issue. However, the Microsoft Surface Forum moderator Steve_B has come up with a solution for the WiFi issue that has 26 steps.

It starts from downloading Surface Pro Enterprise Driver Package from another computer. This ZIP file had to be copied to a USB device and then connected to the Surface tablet. After that, you need to extract the folder in the tablet, delete all the files except the Marvell folder. Open the Marvell folder, and then look for 20130311_Release_R93_Signed folder, and finally WLAN folder from the Win8 folder section.

Microsoft Surface Tablet

           Update patches from Microsoft

After you open the x64 folder, click on the View option that is available in the Ribbons at the top and check the box for the File Name Extensions. You need to then right click on the INF file with the name mwlu97w8x64.inf18 and then finally click Install.

After all this, you have to then swipe in from the right in order to access the settings and from there the Control Panel. Then, you need to set the view to icons, click on the Windows Update icon and as the last step click on Check For Updates.

According to a Latinos Post Report, there are a few updates announced for the Microsoft Surface Tablet users. However, there were no announced updates for the firmware to fix the Microsoft problems. The Windows RT update for Surface recently released was to just enhance the system performance.