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New Threats Found That Targets Internet Explorer

Microsoft Fix It

    Microsoft Internet Explorer

A new threat has been detected that targets Internet Explorer users. This threat is referred as CVE-2013-3893, and is known to affect almost all Internet Explorer versions. Microsoft has released a temporary Fixit and an emergency advisory against the threat.

According to experts, this Microsoft fix it may not do the trick and it is advisable to exercise caution until the software giant releases a permanent fix. The new threat seems to be not affecting the server platforms when the Internet Explorer is run in the restricted mode. However, experts say that when the restricted mode is disabled, these platforms can also become infected.

Therefore, until there is a permanent fix for the threat, users should take certain measures to keep their computers running smooth. Let us discuss some of the measures that you could take to avoid this error.

Try other browsers

Even though Microsoft has released a temporary fix, it may not be sufficient to keep away the threats. Therefore, it is advisable that you use any other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc. These internet browsers are known to be less vulnerable to errors and therefore, are considered a good alternative until Microsoft is ready with the fix.

Update your antivirus program

If you still want to use Internet Explorer browser, run the temporary Microsoft fix it on your computer. Then ensure the protection of your computer by updating the antivirus program. Make sure that your antivirus program is running fine and you have scheduled automatic scans. It is also important that you turn on the automatic updates for the antivirus program. This will ensure that your antivirus program receives information on all the latest threats, and in turn keep your computer clean and protected.

Turn on the firewall

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Internet Browser

By turning on the firewall in your computer, you can prevent unauthorized data traffic from and into your computer. Keep in mind that you can turn on either the firewall in the antivirus program or the firewall in the Windows operating system. As it is not yet clear when Microsoft intends to release the fixes, it is advisable that you turn on automatic updates in the operating system so that you receive the updates as and when they are released.

In addition, you can ensure that you receive all the security patches and fixes. Let us wait for a few more days for the security patches, and until then avoid browsing with your Internet Explorer.

Fixing Critical Windows Errors For Free

Fix Microsoft errors

solving Microsoft errors

Microsoft released several operating systems for the Windows users. Like other devices, Windows computer too shows errors called as critical errors. These errors are those errors, which will make the program running on your Windows computer to stop. These critical errors will make your machine to restart or result in freezing of your computer. There are many reasons that lead to critical errors like requirement of a new hardware, or the failure of a hardware.

If you come across any critical errors, then there is no need to worry, as there are tools available to fix these errors very easily and effortlessly. Well, given below are some easy tips, which will help you to fix Microsoft errors.

For updating Windows

  • In the lower left corner of your Windows taskbar, you will see a button named as Start, click it. Once the Start screen opens in your screen, you need to click the option labeled as All programs, followed by clicking the option called Windows Update. This will open up a window for Windows Update.
  • As the next step, you need to click the option labeled as Check for Updates. Now, the system will show a list of updates available for your Windows machine, which will help you to solve common errors that include critical errors too.
  • Install the available updates on your system by clicking the option called Install Updates. Once the installation is completed, you need to restart your Windows computer to makes these changes to take effect on your computer.

If the above given steps is unsuccessful in solving the critical errors, you need to move on to the next step

Using Microsoft Fix tool

  • Start the process by navigating to the Microsoft Fix It Solution Center.

    Microsoft Fix it tool

    how to fix Microsoft errors

  • In the left pane, you will see an option called Windows. Click it. Next, in the right pane, you need to select the problem that is similar to the one that you are experiencing.
  • Lastly, you need to click the option labeled as Run Now. Clicking this option will help the Microsoft Fix It Tool to scan your computer for errors and will display the cause of the error that you are experiencing. Once the problem is identified, the Microsoft Fix it tool will automatically try to fix the error. However, if the tool is not able to fix the issues faced by your computer, then it will show the additional ways to solve this error.

The above said instructions will help you to fix Microsoft errors related to your Windows computer. To know more, contact the Windows support team.

How To Repair The Microsoft DirectX Errors?

Fix Microsoft errors

how to fix Microsoft problems

‘Microsoft.directx.direct3d.dll’ error Messages often surface when users attempt to install a new program, application, or game in their PC. According to Microsoft experts, the major cause for this error is the issues with Microsoft DirectX. DirectX software collection consists of several files, one of them being Microsoft.directx.direct3d.dll. When there is an unexpected error with DirectX, the files associated with it also get affected giving rise to many of the Microsoft.directx.direct3d.dll error messages. Some of the common error messages that users will receive are the following – “File microsoft.directx.direct3d.dll not found”, “The file microsoft.directx.direct3d.dll is missing”, “Microsoft.directx.direct3d.dll not found. Reinstalling might help fix this.”

There are many solutions to fix Microsoft errors of this sort. Here, we discuss one of the easiest methods.


  • If your computer is currently running, restart it. Sometimes, a simple restart would fix errors like the microsoft.directx.direct3d.dll error. Most Microsoft issues are fixed by a simple restart.
  • Uninstall the current version of Microsoft DirectX and install the latest version. This can be the ideal solution if the issue is caused by corrupted files in the Direct X software collection. Even if you see that the number of the DirectX version in your system and the one in Microsoft website are not the same, you can proceed with downloading the latest version. Oftentimes, Microsoft does not change the version number when it releases updates to DirectX.
  • If you have multiple PCs running different operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, save the DirectX version you download from Microsoft website on an external storage device. You can install the same DirectX version on all existing Windows operating systems. When you install the latest DirectX on your PC, the missing DirectX 9, DirectX 8 or DirectX 11 files are replaced.

    external storage device

              address Microsoft errors

  • If Microsoft.directx.direct3d.dll error messages pop up even after installing the latest version of DirectX after downloading it from Microsoft website, try to fix the problem by installing the program from a CD or DVD. A compatible version of DirectX is found in the setup disc of popular programs, applications or games.
  • If the issue persists still, uninstall the program that caused Microsoft.directx.direct3d.dll Error Message and reinstall it again.

You would definitely be able to address Microsoft.directx.direct3d.dll error in your PC by following any of the above discussed steps. Alternatively, you may also contact the Microsoft customer care. They would definitely be able to help you fix Microsoft errors related to directx.direct3d.dll.

Fixing Sound Issues In Your Windows 7 Computer

Microsoft Support

Microsoft Support

Windows 7 is one of the most widely used versions of the operating systems. Sometimes, while working on a Windows 7 system, you may face sound issues. In some cases, it might be related to the settings in your computer.

Here, you can consider the following steps to fix such Microsoft problems in your system.

  • First, launch your web browser and go to the Microsoft Support Center website. Here, you need to download the Microsoft audio playback troubleshooter, and click on Save File button. Now, you can save MicrosoftFixit.AudioPlayback.Run.exe file to your computer.
  • Next, login to your computer, open the saved file, and then click Run. Now, you would get a message asking to accept the license user agreement. Here, click the I Agree check box followed by the Next button. The troubleshooter would start checking for issues in the system.
  • Now, you need to click either the Detect problems and apply the fixes for me (Recommended) or Detect problems and let me select the fixes to apply option. This would allow the troubleshooter to check the common sound problems. If you have selected the first option, the program would fix the issue by itself. However, in case of the second option, it would give you an option to fix it.

    Microsoft Issues

    Microsoft Issues

  • Once the troubleshooting is completed, click on the Yes, the problem has been fixed button followed by Submit. Now, close the troubleshooter window. According to technical support, such Microsoft problems can also arise due to defects in the drives of the sound card. However, if the troubleshooter is unable to detect an issue, run a hardware and device troubleshooter, and check where the exact problem lies in the system.
  • For this, open your web browser and start downloading the tool by the name MicrosoftFixit.Devices.Run.exe and save it in your system. Now, let the application run and detect the sound issues in the computer. If you get any prompts from the tool, you can also update the drivers and finish the troubleshooting.
  • If the troubleshooter detects a faulty sound card or speaker, you can replace it. Once you have successfully done that, you can close the troubleshooter window.

Hence, these steps would help you to diagnose and fix the sound issues in your Windows 7 computer. However, if you still face the same issues in your system, feel free to contact our technical support team.

Use Ms Fix It Patch To Fix The IE Security Vulnerabilities

Microsoft Fix It

         About The Microsoft Fix It Application

It seems that Microsoft Internet Explorer has had some security flaws Microsoft was not aware about. They came to know about it only after it was reported that hackers are taking advantage of this flaw and many Internet Explorer users’ systems were indeed hacked.

Microsoft releases a Microsoft Fix It patch to fix the issue temporarily

Microsoft has already started working on fixing all the security flaws in Internet Explorer so that hackers can no longer take advantage of them. However, in the mean time, those using Internet Explorer, would be still be vulnerable to hacking attacks and malware infections.

To prevent this, Microsoft has released a quick temporary solution. Microsoft is known for releasing software pitches and fixes through their Microsoft Fix It applications online. These are generally designed to fix a problem in a Microsoft software program.

Over the years, the MS Fix It applications have helped the users deal with many software issues, without having to wait for the full version of a software update. Microsoft is now using the MS Fix It route to temporarily fix the current problem, while they continue to work on an update for the Internet Explorer browser, that would eliminate all security flaws.

Windows Update

          Contact Microsoft Support

As far as Internet Explorer users are concerned, it is important that they download and install this update at the earliest, or stop using the Internet Explorer browser until they install the Internet Explorer update. Microsoft has been careful so far as to not reveal too many details about these security flaws.

But, some IT experts have expressed their concerns that sophisticated hackers might be able to figure out what these security vulnerabilities in the browser are, by simply studying the functioning of the MS Fix It tool. In short, by issuing the warning to the IE users and releasing the temporary solution, Microsoft has also brought the matter to the attention of all the hackers out there.

This means that though the temporary MS Fix It solution might be able to protect the browser for now, Microsoft needs to come up with a permanent solution to the problem fast. When the Internet Explorer update is ready, it would be automatically updated to your system using the Windows update function in your operating system.

So, make sure that you enable the Automatic Update option in your Windows operating system, as well as the Internet Explorer browser application. Visit the Microsoft tech support webpage for more information about this.

Troubleshooting Tips For Windows Vista

Vista Support

Troubleshooting With Vista Support

Microsoft is one of the world’s most leading software companies. Over the years, Microsoft has introduced a wide range of operating systems to the market. All the operating systems are heavily loaded with specific features and tools. Microsoft Windows Vista is also a unique and user friendly OS.  However, there are times when you might come across technical issues with Windows Vista. With Vista support, you can resolve all such technical problems.

Troubleshooting with Vista support

Ensure that you have the real Windows Vista installation disk before you start the troubleshooting process. Take away all the system peripherals such as printers, gaming consoles, routers etc. Boot your system after inserting the installation disk. Press any key on your keyboard after getting the prompt and this will start the boot process. Now wait for some time until Windows load all your files and other system settings.

You have to select the language, time and currency on your Windows install screen. Once this is done, select the repair option. You can now see the system recovery options with the installation copy of the OS you are using. Choose your copy of Windows Vista and click on the Next button. The repair process will be launched with Vista support and diagnosis for Vista will get started at the same time.

System Settings

       Microsoft Windows Vista

Your system might reboot several times while Vista support is carrying out the repair process. You will get a confirmation message once the process is successfully completed. On the other hand, you might also see a message that will say that the startup repair cannot be done automatically. There will be a prompt to report the problem to Microsoft. You can either send the information to Microsoft or opt not to send it. If you are opting not to send, you will automatically return to the startup repair screen.

There, you will be able to find the advanced system recovery options. You can select the recovery options from command prompt utilities or systems restore to rectify the problem. Close and exit all the programs if the technical issue has been rectified. Finally, you can remove the installation disk and reboot your system. Make sure that all the changes have come into effect.

Apart from trying the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps, you can contact Microsoft Online support. If necessary, they will help you with further professional assistance. Qualified computer professionals can also be of help in fixing Microsoft Windows Vista problems.

Contacting Microsoft To Report A Problem

Microsoft problems

      fix Microsoft problems

One of the worst things that a computer user can face is unsolvable errors with the system. In most of the cases you will have to get the help of support technicians for fixing the issues. The best choice available for you is to contact the Microsoft support team for getting support instructions for fixing your computer or any other Windows devices like Xbox, Zune or Surface tabs.


  • If you are troubled with some Microsoft problems on  your computer, before you decide to contact Microsoft support for getting support to fix the issues, tryout the instructions given in the Microsoft help site. Most of the times, you will be able to fix the issues with your computer by complying with the instructions given in the help and support page.
  • If you are not able to find the fix for the Microsoft problems found in your computer, you need to contact the Microsoft support team. For getting the customer service email address for the type of Microsoft product you are having, visit the Microsoft Help and Support Contact Us website. From the website, you will be asked to select the type of product you are having and sometimes about the trouble. Provide those and you will be provided with an email address for contacting the customer support executive. The customer support executive will get back to you as soon as possible with the fix for the error, mostly they provide you with Hotfixes or instructions for fixing the issue. Sometimes the support executives will have to remotely access your computer for fixing the issues.

    Microsoft device

             problems in Microsoft Xbox

  • There is also another method for contacting Microsoft support- that is through telephone. If you are residing in USA, call in the number (800) 642-7676 for getting support from Microsoft and if you are in Canada, call in the number (877) 568-2495. However, you need to be sure that you call in the telephone numbers provided here only in the periods given here, 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Pacific Time Monday through Friday and 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pacific Time on Saturday and Sunday.

One of the common issues while requesting Microsoft support is that often they may redirect you to other sections for fixing the issue; this can be eliminated if you provide a correct idea of the issues with your Microsoft device in the first instance itself.

Troubleshooting The Windows OS Errors

Fix Microsoft errors

      Try to fix Microsoft errors

Windows is a renowned OS platform that does not require any kind of introduction. In order to work on a computer, it is essential to have a working OS platform and Windows from Microsoft is one such OS platform. So far, you might have tried different OS platforms on your computer and you might have definitely encountered some Windows errors while working on your Windows operating system platform. When error messages are reported on your system, you would see the error message along with some ways to fix the same. To fix Microsoft errors, normally the users contact Microsoft help and support team for assistance. Since there are so many Windows users than any other platform, hackers concentrate on Windows platforms and create malwares for the OS. Through the means of an active internet connection, hackers access the system and try to steal personal information.

When you find error messages on your platform like from the Windows Error Reporting(WER) wizard, you would find an error message on the screen and Microsoft would require further verification of the same. Much more information would be described in the error message and the major cause of the error would be given. You need to note down the error message as it as and you may contact the support team to fix these Microsoft errors.

When users receive such error message from Microsoft, a majority of people fail to follow the instructions provided to them and instead, they tend to go through other websites and fail to fix Microsoft errors properly. Almost all the errors reported in Microsoft have fixes and it is essential to find them and follow the instructions given on the website of Microsoft. Errors can sometimes be small or some may be serious and hence it is essential to know about the cause of the error before you try any simple step.

steal personal information

   Fixing Microsoft errors

One of the most common problems faced by users is with the registry and since Windows registry is quite important for the OS functioning, it is essential to follow the steps correctly so that registry is not altered. This might require the expertise of a skilled technician and hence you need to contact the support team for assistance.

Another problem in Windows is with the low memory and if you add more memory to the system, you could solve this issue. For every Windows error, the solution is available and you could access them by visiting the official website of Microsoft.

Microsoft To End Virus Protection For Windows XP

Windows Support

Windows Support Ends For Windows XP

Microsoft has released several operating systems for the Windows users. One such operating system that brought revolutionary changes in the user experience is Windows XP. Windows XP bought so much revenue to Microsoft and it is the operating system that dominated the industry market for quite a long time. According to the Windows support team, it provides a wide range of functions and characteristics to the users and because of that, it is still employed in many business organizations.

However, with so much people still using this age old operating system, Microsoft recently shocked the entire PC world by announcing the withdrawal of Windows support offered to the Windows XP operating system. According to the reports, Microsoft is going to end the tech support offered to Windows XP users on April 8.

Earlier this week, Microsoft came up with shocking news where they announced that along with the withdrawal of Windows XP support, they are also going to end the support for the Windows XP Microsoft Security Essentials. As a result, Windows XP users will no longer receive updates for the Microsoft Security Essentials. This will make your system more prone to virus attacks.

The main aim of Microsoft behind this strange decision is to promote the newly released operating system, Windows 8.1. With Updates for Windows XP Security Essentials no longer available, it will make the Windows XP computers more susceptible to malwares and virus attacks. This will completely lower the efficiency of a Windows XP machine and will indirectly force the Windows XP users to either upgrade to Windows 8.1 or to Windows 7.


        Windows XP Support Going To End

Recent survey data suggests that about 20 to 30 percent of the users who use internet employ Windows XP PC. In China, this is almost 50 percent. All the businesses employing Windows XP computers are struggling to cope up with the upcoming XPocalypse. However, during any point of time, the users will have to update their system from Windows XP to prevent the malware attacks.

According to Microsoft, those users who are still using Windows XP computers need to upgrade their machine to new versions of the operating system like Windows 8 or 8.1 before 8th of April. Before upgrading, it is recommended to download and run an application called Microsoft’s Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. This will help you to know whether you system is compatible with Windows 8. If your machine does not support Windows 8, then consider buying a new PC installed with Windows 8.

To know more about downloading Windows 8, you may contact the Windows support team.

About Troubleshooting The Internet Explorer Errors In Windows XP

Microsoft Fix It

       Microsoft fix it tool

Internet Explorer is the default browser that Microsoft provides its users on Windows operating systems, though it is widely replaced by Firefox or Chrome these days. However, IE users enjoy more advantages while surfing Microsoft sites or downloading Microsoft programs or apps to their Windows machines as compared to the Chrome or Firefox browsers. Though Microsoft has released IE11, the latest version of Internet Explorer, Windows XP is not compatible with it. The latest IE version compatible with XP is IE8. Moreover, the old IE versions on XP are susceptible to frequent errors. The following steps would help you fix IE errors on XP.


  • Navigate to the Start button and select Run.
  • Type sfc /scannow in the command prompt field and press OK. Make sure that a single space is left between sfc and /scannow.
  • Windows will run system file checker now.
  • Follow the on-screen directions given by System File Checker to complete the procedure. System File Checker is regarded as one of the best solutions to fix Internet Explorer errors in Windows XP.
  • Upon the completion of the steps initiated by Windows File Checker, reboot your computer. Open Internet Explorer and verify if the problem exists. You may try to load a new URL. If the problem seems to persist, try to fix the problem by reinstalling the IE version or upgrading it. You cannot upgrade IE to versions beyond IE8. If you are currently running IE7, you are allowed to upgrade to IE8.
  • Make sure that you have the latest service pack for XP. XP needs to be updated with the latest service pack to be able to run recent IE versions.

Using Microsoft Fix It tool to fix IE issues in XP

fix IE errors on XP

            run Microsoft fix it tool

Users are able to fix a number of IE issues on XP by running MS Fix It tool, a repair tool you can download from the Microsoft website.

  • Open an alternative web browser and load Fix it web page. Click the download link to download the tool.
  • Once the tool is downloaded, run it following the on-screen directions to fix the IE problems.

You have learnt how to troubleshoot problems with Internet Explorer in Windows XP using Microsoft Fix It tool. If neither of the solutions discussed above helped you fix the problem, visit the Microsoft help forum, navigate to XP section and choose IE problems. Browse through the entries listed in there till you find the one with the most appropriate steps to fix the problem.