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Directions For Troubleshooting The Runtime Error In Windows XP

Fix Microsoft errors

     How to fix Microsoft errors

The unfading popularity of Windows XP has started to create a headache for Microsoft. Even after 12 years since its release, XP still accounts for about 20 percent of total Windows market share. Owing to the higher vulnerability of the operating system to the latest security threats, Microsoft has been warning users to switch to the new operating systems from Microsoft. If you still own an XP powered machine and do not plan to make a shift to any new OS in near future, it is best to update your XP with the latest service pack. Common XP problems such as runtime errors can be averted to a great extent by updating the OS.

How to fix Microsoft errors in XP

According to XP experts, runtime errors in an XP system occur when you attempt to open certain files. In fact, it appears as a warning. At times, the error can be triggered by invalid entries in Windows Registry. If the cause of runtime error in your Windows XP machine were an invalid entry in the Registry, running a Registry Cleaner would help you get the issue fixed. Here are the instructions.

Instructions for fixing the XP Runtime errors

  • Ensure that all running programs or applications are closed.
  • Update your Windows with latest patches and bug fixes. If the runtime error message you get has an error code, type the error message in a search engine and find out what the issue is all about.
  • If you have noticed any debug option when the runtime error occurred, execute the following steps. Go to Internet Explorer and select Tools and choose Internet Options from the context menu. Press the tab titled Advanced and choose the option that says Disable Script debugging. Close the Internet Options wizard and restart the browser. 

    New operating systems

            Fix Windows XP errors

  • After that, remove all spyware and viruses in your computer by running a valid antivirus program. Virus is listed among the top reasons for runtime errors. Make sure that the antivirus program is updated. If you do not have a licensed antivirus program, download and install a trial version.

The simple steps given above should fix Microsoft errors including runtime errors in your Windows XP computer. Windows support for XP is set to end by April this year. Hence, make sure that you update your operating system with the latest service pack and security patches before this date.

Fix Windows Problems Using The Fix It Tool

Microsoft Fix It

          Get Microsoft Fix It

It is quite normal for you to encounter some problems with your OS platform occasionally, whether it is XP or Vista.  Even though operating system that we work on is meant to ease our using of the computer, they might not always function error-free. The XP and Vista platforms have their share of errors and therefore you are likely to encounter some errors while working on them.

If you encounter any problems while working on any of these platforms, you would definitely find the error message or you might know about the application or function that put you into trouble. If you are finding it difficult to fix it from your end, you could definitely seek the assistance of Microsoft Fix It.

You can also seek the assistance of Microsoft using the different automated support service sites that Microsoft has offered online. There are different fixes and solutions offered for different error messages and troubles encountered in Microsoft products.

XP and Vista platforms

        Use Microsoft Fix It

You would find the beta version of Microsoft Fix It and use it to solve 300 different problems encountered in Microsoft products. When you try to run the Fix it tool, you will be provided with a list of things to do. You will have to verify the internet connection and display quality and others. You need to click on ‘Run’ button and this will start the troubleshooting steps that occur automatically. You need to wait for a minute or so to get the process completed.

If you have already visited the support page of Microsoft, you would have already noticed the online version of Fix it. Those encountering online problems with Microsoft could run Fix it and get their trouble fixed. Fix It consists of Microsoft Diagnostic tool that is inbuilt. This is normally a part of the new operating systems launched by Microsoft. You can locate the same in the ‘Control Panel’ by accessing ‘System Security’ and it will open ‘Find and Fix Problems’.

Those who are encountering problems could access the same with ease and these inbuilt diagnostic tools would fix the problem with the computer without any hassles. So in the future, if you encounter any problems with Microsoft products like XP or Vista, you could access Microsoft Fix It or even get the inbuilt diagnosis tool and get your issue fixed. You could also contact the help and support team online that offer assistance to solve any tech problems with the Microsoft products.

Enhance The Speed Of Your Microsoft Money Program

Microsoft problems

    Microsoft Money Tools

Microsoft Money is one of the software programs from Microsoft that helps you to manage your finances and accounts. Even though the program is no longer available for download from Microsoft, it still has numerous users. Sometimes, the program may take a lot of time to load or may not respond quickly. This could be one of the Microsoft problems or an issue with your computer. In this post, let us find out how to speed up your Microsoft Money program.

Add additional RAM

RAM or Random Access Memory plays a vital role in deciding the performance of your computer. More RAM means you can run more programs simultaneously on your computer. In order to check the RAM of your computer, go to your desktop window and right click My Computer. Choose the option Properties. Once the Properties window comes up, select the tab General. Under the heading Computer, you would find the RAM of your computer. Go to the support website of Microsoft Money and find out how much the minimum RAM requirement for the program is. Even if your computer is equipped with the minimum recommended amount of RAM, it is advised that you increase the RAM, as this will not only improve the performance of the program, but also other programs in your computer.

Close unwanted programs

Microsoft chat

   Fix Microsoft Problems

When you find that your Microsoft Money is running slow, open Task Manager. For this, use the keys Shift, Ctrl and Delete together. Once the Task Manager window comes up, choose the Processes tab. This tab will help you to find out the memory usage by each program currently running on your computer. If you find any unwanted processes in the list, select the processes and use the button End Process to kill it.

Remove Unwanted Startup Items

Select the Run window and enter msconfig in it. Click OK. This will launch the window System Configuration Utility. Choose the tab Startup in the window. This will show the list of programs that launches when you turn on your computer. There might be many programs in this list. Uncheck the ones you do not wish to launch automatically during the startup. Restart your computer.

We hope that the above listed steps have helped you to improve the speed of your Microsoft Money program. For further assistance on Microsoft problems, you may contact Microsoft chat support or our technical support team.

Solving Hardware Issues In Xbox 360

Microsoft Fix It

Repair Guides teach you to fix Xbox consoles

Are you a hardcore gamer? Then you surely possess the Xbox 360 gaming console? And you know what the red light indicates? Novice gamers may be unable to recognize the issues with the three red lights. If you do face this problem when you first set out using the Xbox, then this article is meant for you.

Often referred to as “the red ring of death”, the flashing of the red lights indicates that the console is experiencing some major hardware issue. Unfortunately this will render it completely useless – you can’t play any games nor access the dashboard.

In fact the issue goes deeper than a simple hardware problem. These three flashing red lights only indicate that a problem exists within the system, but this does not readily reveal the source of the issue. The problem could be with your processor, or maybe the issue lies with the video card or some other piece of hardware besides. However frustrated you feel, just don’t dismantle the console if you’re not good at this kind of thing. A novice would stand a high chance of wrecking the rig beyond repair. You’ll definitely need professional help if you want to escape this mess. So I have listed a couple of solutions that you can avail.

  • Let Microsoft fix it for you: this is the best solution as long as your console is still within its warranty period. If it’s not covered you’d end up having to pay a lot of money – close to or above $100, all for replacing maybe just a simple component. As long as it’s under warranty the best solution is to have Microsoft fix it for you. All you have to do is send the console over and wait till it gets repaired and sent back. This could take roughly between 4 to 8 weeks.

    Video Card

    Microsoft fixes consoles under warranty

  • Get a Repair Guide: If you are in a hurry and do not want to wait until Microsoft fixes your console, try your own hand at repair. Get a Repair Guide that teaches you how to identify the source of the issue and rectify it accordingly. Some of these are really helpful, and you could have your Xbox 360 gaming console up and running in under an hour. All this as long as nothing needs to be replaced.

Connect with friends on Xbox Live and play awesome games with Xbox 360. Get in touch with Xbox support if you want to know of any other repair options available.

Resolving Issues Hindering Voice Chat In Windows

Microsoft problems

     Microsoft Voice Chat

If your friend is having an internet connection and you want to communicate with him/her, you can make use of voice chat in Windows. With the help of a stable/active internet connection and a working microphone, voice chat can be performed between two or more persons. The advantage that voice chat possesses over normal text chat is that the effort that you put into typing can be avoided and your fingers can get some time off. There is a slight possibility that the users who make use of the voice chat may come across issues and the proper chatting experience may not be availed. In the Windows operating system, if you have issues with the voice chat, you can follow these Microsoft fix it guidelines to resolve all the voice chat issues.


  • An active and stable internet connection is required. If the internet connection gets disconnected during small intervals, the proper voice chat will not be possible. Check if the modem is working properly; if not, your internet service provider should be contacted when there are issues with the line.
  • A working microphone should be in hand. A non-working Mic can result in the other person not being able to hear anything. Almost all leading electronic outlets offer good quality microphones for sale.
  • To the computer, the microphone should be correctly plugged in. In the sound card of the system, the Mic in the input will be present and the cable from the Mic should be plugged in to that input.

    Microsoft Fix It

          Microsoft Windows Operating System

  • Make sure that the Mic is not set as mute; check whether if it is in mute by clicking the volume icon twice and in the mute box, make sure that no check mark is present. If a check mark is present, what it means is that the microphone is set as mute.
  • To test if the internet connection is functioning properly, the power cable has to be removed and after a while, around 20-30 seconds, the power cable has to be connected back in.

By following these simple Microsoft fix it guidelines, the issues with the voice chat can be easily resolved. If professional help is needed for the issues with the voice chat, our customer support center may be contacted. The best professional help and guidelines can be availed by contacting the customer support center.

Steps To Troubleshoot Install Problems For Windows XP Update

Microsoft problems

      Microsoft issues

Microsoft provides a set of services known as Windows updates, which provides updates for the Windows operating system as well as its related components. Amongst these, the Security updates protect against malware threats, whereas the other updates fix errors that are not related to security. The technicians at Microsoft fix it solution center provide assistance in troubleshooting issues with the installation of service updates.

Usually, Microsoft updates get easily installed in your computer. But sometimes you would encounter issues with the download and installation of the Windows’s patch updates, hot fixes and service packs download, especially if you are using a Windows XP computer. Here, you would notice that Windows Update would repeatedly attempt to install the same update, or sometimes fail to even install the updates. The major reasons cited for such an issue are software incompatibilities, and some of the temporary files not getting deleted upon installation.

However, you can follow these instructions to troubleshoot the installation problems for Microsoft XP update, before contacting technical support.

  • In the first step, you need to click on Start, followed by the All Programs option. From the available list of programs, select the Windows Update option. Now, you need to click on the Review your update history link.
  • Once you click on the link, you need to check for a red X in the status column, and click it. You need to highlight the error number, and then copy the number.
  • Once you have copied the error number, click on the Find Solutions option, and then the Type keywords here field. Now, paste the error number that you had copied earlier, and press the Enter key. Meanwhile, if you have any issues, you can also contact tech support to let the experts at Microsoft fix it for you.

    Fix Microsoft errors

           Microsoft updates

  • Now, you would be able to see a list of on-screen instructions. Make sure you follow these steps presented by the troubleshooter, to check the Windows updates error.
  • However, if you still cannot fix the issue, it is advised to search for your Windows Update installation error number in the Microsoft Knowledge Base, to fix the issue.

These steps would help you to troubleshoot the installation issues for the Microsoft XP update. However, if you want to know more, feel free to contact our 24×7 technical support team.

Windows Devices Could Help Retailers, Claims Microsoft

Microsoft help forum

       visit Microsoft help forum

Microsoft Corporation, the software giant has introduced so many devices and software applications, which we all have been using for many years. They continue their efforts to come up with more and more useful features for the new products that they release every year. In fact, they are working on improving the technology and thereby increasing their sales. Since Microsoft has already introduced several devices, you would come across them regularly in your life. Computers and laptops released by them are used in homes and offices alike.

Computers have already conquered many different fields and it is now becoming harder to find a job that does not involve the use of a computer. Computer have widely improved the efficiency in various fields and it has improved the time spend to complete a particular task. People use it at home for their personal use and they can use it to keep records of their essential data in it. Other than that, they depend on the same for storing files, documents, music files, videos and others. The devices from Microsoft are also used by many retailers as this helps them render their business in a much better way. The Microsoft help forum says that the Microsoft devices are indeed very useful to the retailers

Big Show EXPO

         contact Microsoft help forum

At the Big Show EXPO conducted by National Retail Federation, a video was played by Microsoft to show the retailers about the usage of Microsoft devices in a retail shop effectively. They show how the shop staff could use the devices and provide much better service to the customers.  They showed the way of using Windows tablet and how data could be generated when they require the same. They also showed the significance of integrated systems.

Even though the video was somewhat futuristic, it focused more on providing information to the retailers regarding the use of Microsoft devices like desktops, tablets, laptops and mobiles. It shows the method of improving the efficiency of the business using these devices. Even though they might be helpful, we doubt how far these devices would be of help on the shop floor. If you are a retailer, you could visit the Microsoft help forum and check out the suggestions from different technicians. Microsoft help forum is a great source for such tech support advice.

Making Outlook Prompt You For Passwords While Sending Outgoing Emails

get Microsoft Outlook

      Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a personal manager program that can be used for managing your email accounts and your personal contacts. The program is better known for its award winning email manager program and many around the world use this program to make manage their personal and office emails. The Outlook program can be configured with a POP3 or similar non-browser based email settings. However if you do not have the Outlook email client, it will be best for you to get Microsoft Outlook for managing your email.

If you have multiple email accounts, then it will be in your best interests to get Microsoft Outlook as it significantly reduces the effort to manage multiple emails. The program is a great help for its users to manage their accounts, as there is no need for signing in to the account for reading and composing email messages. However, one of the major issues associated with Outlook is that if you are using a public computer, anyone with access to your system will be able to send emails from the program.

This can be fixed by making Outlook to ask for your password once you try to send an email from it. Here we discuss how you can accomplish that.


  • Launch the Outlook application by double clicking on the shortcut icon of the program found in the desktop of your computer and then click on the Tools menu found at the top of the application window.
  • Click on the Mail tab found in the drop down menu and then click on email account that you would like to change the settings.
  • Click on the Properties button found in the dialog box for viewing the properties of the outlook email and for changing it.
  • From the dialog box that appears now on the screen, click on the Servers tab. Look for the option named My Server Requires Authentication under the Outgoing Mail Server section and put a check mark in the check box found next to the option My Server Requires Authentication.

    Outlook email client

            get Outlook help

  • Click on the Settings button found in the dialog box and then click on the radio button found beside the option labeled Log On Using.
  • Leave the boxes corresponding to the account name and password blank and then click on the OK button to save the settings.
  • Click on the Apply button followed by the OK button for applying the changes to the Outlook email account and for exiting the Outlook settings dialog box.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to get Microsoft Outlook program to ask for the password before sending an email from the email client.

Applying Hotfixes In Windows Operating System

Microsoft problems

     Microsoft errors

Hotfixes are special programs developed and released by Microsoft for fixing specific Microsoft errors and issues that you may stumble upon while working with your computer. Follow the simple steps given below for applying a hotfix on your system.


  • Launch the Internet Explorer web browser by clicking on its quick launch icon present in the left side of the taskbar and then navigate to the Windows Update website.
  • Now move to the Windows Update Catalog section from the Windows update site for looking for a quick fix for errors found in your system.
  • In the search box found in the web page, type in the search keywords for the problem that you are having. The search keyword may be your exact problem or a Windows product name with the specific problem name. An example of a search keyword may be as shown here, Windows 7 Security Fixes and then press the Enter button found in the keyboard for searching for available fixes.
  • Now you will be able to view all the Hotfixes relevant for the search keyword that you have entered in the web page that may help you fix Microsoft errors found in your Microsoft software.
  • Click on the Add button found next to each hotfix that you would like to download by selecting them. The selected Hotfixes will be added to your download basket. You can also add Hotfixes to your list by searching for other Hotfixes from a new page.
  • After you have elected all the required Hotfixes, click on the option named View Basket for viewing all the selected Hotfixes. Now click on the Download button found in the dialog box for starting the download of all selected Hotfixes.
  • Click on the Accept button after reading the end user license agreement of the company to start the download.

    Fix Microsoft errors

             Fix errors using Hotfixes

  • Now select the location where you would like to save the file by clicking on the Browse button and then selecting the folder location of your choice. After selecting the file save location, click on the Continue button to start the download of the Hotfixes that you have selected to fix Microsoft errors found in your system.
  • After the download is completed, double click on the downloaded file for running the Hotfixes.
  • Restart your system after all the Hotfixes are applied for making the changes to come in to effect.

You will be able to see that you are able to use the computer without any errors now. If you are still getting any errors, feel free to contact our tech support center.

Accessing The Old Help Files In Windows Vista

Windows Vista help

      Get Windows Vista help

Windows operating system is the most popular operating system out there. Microsoft has always fascinated us with the different versions that they had introduced over the years. Windows 3.0 is one of the initial versions, where the help file format had been used in the operating system. This format continued until the release of Windows XP. The HLP files that were introduced initially were later modified as RTF documents. These documents could be verified only using WinHlp32.exe application.

Because these help file formats were old, new file formats were also tried. Microsoft, which had always been keen on coming up with new formats, preferred to the new Help formats than the one which they had always used. The aim of Microsoft was to make the developers look for new file formats. However, one of the problems that is commonly seen is that, when you purchase a new system, certain hardware problems definitely arise. When you purchase a new system, it is not necessary that you install it with all the latest software programs that are available. You may even install certain old applications there were compatible with XP or earlier versions. When you try them on your Vista platform, you might find some difficulty in reading the help file. Here, you may have to contact the Windows Vista help and support team for assistance.

WinHlp32.exe application

     Acquire Windows Vista help

You might think that the problem with help files cannot be sorted out. But, there are ways, in which you could easily achieve support for the help files. You need to get help for Vista and for which, you need to do a few things. Initially, visit the website of Microsoft, download and install the update. File would be about 601KB in size.

If you already have another XP system or if you are using a dual boot system, from the Windows directory, you can copy the WinHlp32.exe. The copied exe file can be added to your new computer, but you need to ensure that the file is copied to any of the Program files other than Windows. If you want to link the old help files with the new application, you will have to look for the old one and after right clicking on the same, choose Open with and choose the program and set it as default.

If you have any doubts regarding this, contact the Windows Vista help and support team for assistance. The Windows Vista help team would assist you with the same.