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Steps To Repair A Microsoft Windows XP Professional Code 19 Error

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Sometimes, you may face issues in your Windows XP computer while you try to run a modem or a printer. In such cases, you might get an error message known as Microsoft Windows Code 19 Error. However, you do not need to worry in such cases. According to the technical support, when such Microsoft problems occur, it is best to reinstall some of the drivers.

You can try the following instructions to fix the Microsoft Windows code 19 error before contacting technical support.

  • In the first step, you need to go to the My Computer on your Desktop. You can also click on the Start Up menu and then select the Properties option. Here, you can select the Hardware tab and then go to the Device Manager option.
  • Now, you need to choose the device that has been sending out the Code 19 error. Now, you can right click the device and hit the Properties option. In Properties, go to the General tab, and then troubleshoot it.
  • In the next step, select the Troubleshooting Wizard and then run it. You would see troubleshooting steps here. But if you are not able to fix it, you can continue with the process.
  • As mentioned earlier, now the option would be to uninstall and reinstall the drivers of the problem device. Hence, uninstall the old drivers by clicking into the device’s Property box followed by the Drivers tab.
  • Now, click on the option Uninstall and continue the procedure. Once it is completed, restart the computer. You can also contact the Microsoft tech support to get more information on such Microsoft problems.
  • In the step that follows, you can go to Device Manager and then hit the Action button. Now, click on the option scan to detect any hardware changes, and then again follow the instructions.

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  • You need to reload the device’s drivers. The best way is go to the product’s website and download the proper drivers to your computer.
  • Now, you can follow the on-screen instructions that pop up to do the proper installation of your drivers.
  • Once the whole process is finished, you can restart your computer.

Hence, you would be able to notice that the Windows XP Professional Code 19 error would not appear anymore while running a modem or printer. For more information regarding such troubleshooting steps, please check Microsoft’s official website.

Steps To Run Android Apps On Your PC?

Run android apps on PC

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Nowadays, cell phones are becoming so popular that they seem to eclipse the sales of computers and laptops. The advent of the Android operating system and the introduction of a new series of phones named as smart phones, have made the cell phone industry lucrative. Android has become one of the largest and fast emerging mobile platform operating system, which provides the users with the most advanced applications and games. These apps and games are said to significantly further the usability of a mobile phone, and hence those cell phones which are available out there in the market have become more popular. These provide the users an amazingly new experience which they never experienced with earlier devices. However, those users who did not have smart phones, decided to run android apps on PC.

Some of the applications such as WeChat, Line, Hike and WhatsApp enables users to text others and be in touch with their friends. Some of them, such as Line and Viber, provided an additional facility of allowing free calls along with text messaging. Hence, the need to run android apps on PC became a necessity for most users. Microsoft tech support provides ample assistance in providing information on the android apps.

However, you can also try the following instructions to run android apps on PC, before contacting the technical support.

  • The primary step involves downloading an Android emulator termed as Bluestacks. You can also opt for another android emulator named as Youwave. But it would not run the ARM based apps.
  • Now, install Bluestacks and run it. If you get any messages stating graphic errors during the installation, you can refer to the instructions available with the downloading of the emulator. At any point of time, you can also contact Windows tech support and get assistance to run android apps on PC.

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  • Now, go to the home page of Bluestacks and click on the Search button. Now, enter the name of the app or the game that you want to run on your PC.
  • In the next step, choose one of the many app stores and then install the app. Now, once you go back to the main home page, you would see the app listed there.
  • Double- click on the app to run it in your PC.

These steps would help you to run your desired apps in your PC. If you have more queries, feel free to contact our technical support team.

Mouse Problems While Playing Games

Microsoft problems

Microsoft issues

Among all the current operating systems by Microsoft, the Windows 8.1 rivals the Apple iOS the most. The Windows 8.1 operating system was released in October 2013. Since the release of the operating system, there were non-stop problems for the manufacturer of the OS- i.e. Microsoft. Earlier, there were a number of issues regarding the incompatibility of the Microsoft software and outdated firmware. The recent complaints are regarding mouse issues while gaming. The Microsoft problems regarding the mouse are explained below in this article.

Jumping Cursors

According to the reports by the PCWorld website, the mouse jitters have become the main issue of concern in the new operating system. It seems that the Windows 8.1 operating system is making the mouse pointer act strange. The pointer jumps forward and backward and the physical distance while moving does not equate with that displayed on the screen. Apart from that, the polling frequency of the mouse is also not adequate. This means that the reaction and speed of the pointer is also affected. This leads to lags and slow performance.

Gaming Issues

Jumping Cursors

     Mouse problems

The above mentioned mouse problems are what a number of users are presently complaining about when they are trying to play some games in the Windows 8.1 operating system. One of the users complained in the Microsoft support website that he has upgraded the software of the device and the problem reappeared while trying to play Call of Duty Black Ops 2. The user was unable to finish the game because of the sluggish and lagged performance of the mouse. The worst part is that everything was working well in the Windows 8 operating system.

Response Of Microsoft

Microsoft was very quick in addressing this issue. A Microsoft official posted that there are numerous solutions that the users can try to fix the mouse issues. Before that, they thanked the gaming community for the quick response they got and promised to release an official fix at the earliest. As per the Microsoft, there can be a number of reasons for the mouse issue. The company has suggested the Windows 8.1 users to be patient and has advised them to continue checking on their website for the apt update to get rid of the mouse issues.

If you wish to know more on the mouse issues and other Microsoft problems, you can contact the official support number for more details and updates on the issue.

5 Best Apps From Play Store

Cool apps for android

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Each week, you can find hundreds of new apps added to the Google Play Store and it could become difficult for you to find some cool apps for Android devices. Even though the apps are categorized, it can be a tedious task to find the best ones for your device. One method is to look for the ratings or reviews by the customers. You may also look for the number of downloads of an app to find whether it has been a favorite among the users. In this post, we will take you through five best apps for your Android device that are available for download from the Play Store.

Swiftkey 3 Keyboard

This app has already crossed 80,000 downloads and is one of the cool apps for Android device if you have just migrated from an Apple device to Android. We all know that the suggestions made on spellings by Android devices are not always great and we may end up sending funny things to the other person. However, with Swiftkey 3 Keyboard, the suggestions are more accurate and more natural. Once you install this app on your device, you can type faster and even if you end up with spelling mistakes, the app would detect the accurate word that you intended to type.

Beautiful Widgets

Among the cool apps for Android devices, you are surely going to love Beautiful Widgets. This app is for all those who think that the existing widgets on your device are not attractive. With Beautiful Widgets, you can ensure that your phone gets a new layout and texture. The default widgets present in the program like clock, calendar and weather report will get a brand new look with Beautiful widgets.

Camera Zoom FX

All of you would like to give cool effects to your photo, and Camera Zoom FX is the right app for this purpose. When you take a photo, you will find an array of editing options in its studio. Some of the effects included in the app are ‘Old Film Turned Real’, ‘Faded Dreams’ etc.

TuneIn Radio Pro

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If you are a Radio fan, then TuneIn Radio Pro is inevitable on your Android device. It helps you to gain access to major channels in all categories. It has an extensive coverage of signals in a wide range of frequency.


Minecraft is an addictive game in Play Store and has multiplayer features incorporated in it.

Download and try these cool apps today. Keep in mind that the list of cool apps for Android devices is endless, and we have just picked out five of them.

Microsoft Prevents Attacks On Office PCs

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Microsoft Corporation is undoubtedly one of the largest software companies in the world. That means, it develops, manufactures and licenses many computing products and softwares. With the size and number of products, they off course would have to deal with issues and problems that can frequently affect their products. No matter how advanced, meticulously created, developed or manufactured, any product cannot perform to its best efficiency forever. This is an accepted fact about any man made thing, even softwares. Microsoft has ways to resolve the issues. They call it a “fix” or “Fix it” to resolve a particular issue or issues.

Recently, certain expert hackers had made malicious use of the previously undiscovered security flaw in its popular and heavily used Office suite or collection of programs, services and servers. It was later known that they exploited the anomaly to infect the PCs of its customers with tainted Word documents. As a measure to control and fix the issue, the software giant, Microsoft Corporation, has released a pretty emergency software fix.

The Software-zilla announced on its website that it had released the software, known as a “Fix It”. Microsoft fix it may not be a permanent measure, but this at least will for the time being provide an update that will automatically patch computers to protect against the new threat.


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The software maker mentioned that it came to know of a “very limited” number of attacks. The vulnerability was mainly discovered in the South Asia and Middle East. The software company had not identified the victims who received emails asking them to open the tainted Word documents.

Office 2003 and Office 2007 users as well as those using Office 2010 on Windows XP and Server 2003, are affected by the vulnerability.

When the problem was found out, it was known that the attacks took advantage of an undiscovered flaw, or zero day issue or vulnerability. Normally, when the indisputable king of softwares issue a warning about a zero-day bug, what happens is, a certain group of efficient or excellent hackers quickly rushes to reverse-engineer the Microsoft fix it, so they can design or build malevolent computer viruses that can also take advantage of the same vulnerabilities.

The Chief Executive Officer of the cybersecurity firm Cylance Inc, Stuart McClure, said that businesses using these vulnerable versions of Office should definitely install Fix It to prevent attacks.

If you do not know, “Fix Its” are patches or pieces of software or code for rectifying security flaws, that must be manually downloaded and then installed on your Personal Computers.

Fix The Splash Screen Error That Occurs While Starting Microsoft Word

Microsoft problems

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Microsoft Word is a word processing application available with the Office suite released by Microsoft. Most of the offices and enterprises make use of the Word program for making their documents and agreements. Even though it is a secure and safe software, sometimes the Word program shows some Microsoft problems. Below we discuss how you could fix the splash screen error found while starting the Word application.

Run The Program In Safe Mode

When you start the Word processor in the Safe mode, all the add-ins installed with the program will be disabled and the program will ask you for permitting add-ins so that you will be able to know about the add-in or program creating issues. Keep in mind that this is just a troubleshooting tool and is not to be used on a daily basis. If you use the tool on a daily basis, it will slow down the application and will limit some of the functionalities of the Word program. For opening the Word program in Safe Mode, press and hold the CTRL button while clicking on the Word program from the Start menu.

Registry Fixes

registry issues

  Problems in Microsoft Word

Windows registry is the master set of files maintained by the operating system. It is with the help of these files that the programs are loaded to the operating system fast. If your Word program is taking time for loading, then obviously it might be due to some issue in the Windows Registry. You may try fixing the Microsoft problems due to registry issues by deleting the Word options registry key or Data Word keys from the registry. There is no need to contact a system technician for fixing the issue, you can yourself do it by opening the registry editor utility in your computer. Try renaming the global template file, as sometimes, it also works in fixing the issue.

Fix Errors While Opening Files

Sometimes, you get the error only while opening certain type of files. This is mainly because the documents may be corrupted or damaged. On the other hand, maybe the Word file may contain so much data that the software will not be able to process them. The best way to prevent issues occurring due to documents is to reduce the content stored in the file by removing all unnecessary multimedia data.

Also, try to store the files in Word compliant formats like .doc or .docx rather than storing in any other formats.

Microsoft’s Answer To Increasingly Pounding PC Errors

Microsoft Fix it

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With regard to the growing needs of man, there have been far-reaching changes in computing technology from the time when the first computer device was born. Consequently, malicious code designers have also adopted themselves with respect to the booming trends in technology, and attempted to disturb the ecosystem all the time. No matter how much care one provides to his or her computer, there is alwa

ys a risk of malware and virus attacks, and thus, protecting the system with optimum security becomes the utmost priority.

To deal with the growing security threats, Microsoft incorporates potent anti-malware protection in the Windows platform, known as Windows Defender and Windows Firewall. With the most favorable antivirus shield, the chances of system malfunctioning is reduced significantly. However, virus and malicious codes do not necessarily cause all of the PC errors faced by users, but instead some internal problems in the system can also lead to its malfunctioning.

Therefore, Microsoft has designed a solution center to answer all the problems that bothers Windows users from time to time. This solution center, named as Microsoft Fix it, offers effective troubleshooting tools that scans the system thoroughly and detects the erroneous segments to be addressed. Then with due command of the user, the repair tool fixes all the problems. Microsoft’s Fix it tool promises users an improved PC experience in a speedy way with a few clicks, without even employing any extra repair tool for the purpose.

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             Microsoft Fix it tool

Fix it center is compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 3 and higher versions, as well as with Windows Server 2003 and above. Microsoft claims that the most recent versions of Windows platforms have a superior virus protection and are likely to encounter fewer errors. Nonetheless, the Fix it tool offers a three layered troubleshooting system, which ceaselessly guards the computer from running into any issues. The Fix it center also has an extensive database that offers solutions to the most common PC errors encountered today. Besides that, users can also search for solutions for their computer problems on the web using the same service.

Interestingly, Microsoft boasts that once the PC problems are detected and fixed with the Fix it tool, it will make sure that the system is made immune from the same errors. This makes Microsoft’s Fix it feature even more popular, and worth a try. Microsoft Fix it utility can be downloaded from Microsoft’s official website and is available for free.

What Needs To Be Done When Microsoft Word Fails To Load

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You have a project to complete in two days time. You open your laptop and try to open Word. To your horror, you find that it does not open. You find yourself helpless to tackle the problem. If you have been caught in a situation like this, you will surely find the information in this post helpful.Contained in this post is information devised by the Microsoft problems help team that pertains to how this problem can be tackled.

It is probable that the Normal template is now corrupted. To replace it with backup or to allow Word to recreate it from scratch will make things function again.

The first and foremost thing, which you have to do, is open the Template folder. That is likely to do the trick. Keeping Word closed, click “Start” and then type %appdata%\microsoft\templates, and hit “Enter.”

If you change the name of the file, it will be possible for you to restore Word to its out-of-the-box condition. Should Word be customized, to change styles or to write macros should be able to do the trick. Those who use Windows 7 have the option to do this even if they have not been backing up consciously. The Normal.dotx file has to be right-clicked and “Restore previous version” option has to be selected. Try to restore one of the versions, which you see. Else, you have another backup or you have the option to restore the file from that.

Else, you have the option to rename the Normal.dotm file. It will suffice to just name it as Abnormal. When Word is relaunched, it will be possible for you to recreate a new Normal.dotm file that contains the default settings of Microsoft.

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Based on how corrupt the Normal template might be, it might still be possible for you to load it once Word is up. In Word, the Office orb has to be clicked or the File ribbon tab. Then click “New,” select “My templates” followed by “Abnormal”.

In case the new document that you have chosen to create stops Word from crashing, you have the option to continue to make use of Abnormal.

These instructions should suffice to help you tackle this problem. In case, you need more help with this procedure, feel free to contact the Microsoft problems help center. To visit the official Microsoft Help website is also strongly advised.

Steps To Change The Email Address Associated With Your Windows 8 Account

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If you are using the Windows 8 operating system in your system, you might have faced issues regarding changes to the email address. This would leave you in an irritating scenario; you would not able to use the email applications in the system. The Windows 8 help provides ample assistance with fixing such issues related to the email issues in Windows 8.

However, you can try the following instructions to change the email address associated with your email account, before seeking assistance from Windows 8 help.

  • In the first step, you need to clear the email address that is associated with your account. Now, start the procedure again.
  • If you would like to start the procedure, you can do this by converting the account to a Local account and then changing it back to a Microsoft account. This would let you to start again; and enter your Microsoft Live email address from the initial stage.
  • For this, you need to press Windows + C to bring up the Charms menu, the latest feature in Windows operating system, and then select the Settings option.
  • Now, you need to choose the option Change PC settings. This would help you to bring up the PC settings app. Select the Users option in the left-hand column. You would be able to see a button marked Switch to a Local Account in the right-hand column, under the Your account option.
  • In the final step, you need to click it to dissociate your Microsoft account with the incorrect information from your Windows account. Now, sign out and then back in.
  • Now you need to repeat the process and select the Switch to a Microsoft account option. Here, you need to enter the correct email address associated with your Microsoft Live account.
operating system

   Windows 8 upgrade

However, according to the Windows 8 help, if you are using Windows 8.1 in your system, the procedure of changing the email would be quite different from what it was with Windows 8.

  • In the PC settings app. Now, you need to select Accounts and then click on Your account. You would be able to see your incorrect email address in the right-hand pane. At any point of time, you can contact Windows 8 help to get more information.
  • Sign out from your new local account. Now, repeat the process until you reach the Accounts settings.
  • In the final step, select the Connect to a Microsoft account option.

These steps would help you to change the email address in your Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 computers. For more information, check Microsoft’s official website.

Fix The Windows Live Messenger Host File Errors

Microsoft problems and support chat number

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Windows Live Messenger, formerly known as MSN messenger, is one of the oldest instant messaging applications available for the Windows platform. The current version of Windows Live Messenger boasts of a number of modern features such as options for audio and video chatting in addition to the text communication feature.

About the problems with the Windows Live Messenger      

The Windows Live Messenger problems occur owing to a number reasons ranging from the compatibility issues to the host file errors. If the host file of your computer is corrupted or is found to contain some error, your Windows Live Messenger application will fail to operate properly. The application will fail to connect to the server. Resultantly, the users will have trouble logging into the application. Troubleshooting the problem involves replacing the host file with the default text. Many experts suggest that full system scan using a standard antivirus program is effective solution to fix the error. Contacting the Microsoft problems and support chat number is another recommended solution.

How does the host file error affect the Windows Live Messenger?

The host file prevents your Windows Live Messenger application from connecting to the server as its settings would now be modified and this will prevent the communication with the server. Often, it might be a virus infection, which caused the modification in the host file. Undoing the modification happened in the host file is the only way to troubleshoot the problem.

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The host file decides how your system should communicate with websites and severs outside the system. This host file is stored in the system folders in a machine. The users can prevent their computer from accessing outside servers or machines by altering the host name and IP address of the network or outside server in the system settings. If you want to replace the host file in your computer or want to make any modifications in it, you need to log into your machine with the administrator privileges.

How to troubleshoot this problem

Ensure that you have a standard antivirus program in your computer. If you have installed one already, update the program and run a full system scan. Most of the standard antivirus programs are capable of scanning the system files for a virus infection.

If executing a security scan and the host file replacement did not fix the problem, call a tech expert at the earliest. Dial the Microsoft problems and support chat number for getting the necessary assistance.