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Microsoft Resolves Windows 8.1 Mouse Issues

Microsoft support page

     Microsoft support page

The software-zilla Microsoft has been hearing complaints regarding Windows 8.1’s gaming problems, lately in Microsoft support page forums or tech support forums. However, like always the technical experts at Microsoft have been successful at resolving those issues. They have released a fix for the mouse-pointer issues. However, gamers are not entirely happy as said fix resolves the issues of only certain games. Unfortunately, this has happened many times for the software giant – falling short of the expectations of ardent fans and users.

You can download the now available software update for both x86- and x64-based versions of Windows 8, along with Windows Server 2012 R2.

Many users have flooded the support forums, previously reporting stuttering and freezing with mouse input while playing games in Windows 8.1. As per the Microsoft’s support documents, the problems arose from “changes to mouse-input processing for low-latency interaction scenarios” in Windows 8.1.

As mentioned earlier, it is quite unfortunate that the fix may not be useful for all affected games. According to Microsoft support page, the update applies to 16 games, including six games in Activision’s Call of Duty series, including Call of Duty: Ghosts. There are other games on the list, which include Counter-Strike, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Hitman Absolution, Hitman Sniper Challenge, Half-Life 2, Metro 2033, Portal, and Tomb Raider.

For fixing any affected games that are not covered by the update, users must perform registry tweaks for each individual game. For that, users must follow Microsoft’s step-by-step instructions given on Microsoft support page. However, game developers can also apply the registry fix themselves if there are absolutely sure of what they should do, and issue an update.

Other troubled games and fixes

mouse-pointer issues

Windows 8.1 mouse issues

STALKER: Call of Pripyat, Metro: Last Light, World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion are other problematic games for which fixes are available. Not all the problems are what they seem, as separate issues in Windows 8.1 may affect some of these games.

For example, in the case of devices with high pixel density, mouse input may scale faultily in some games. There is a way to resolve this issue. You just have to disable display scaling for each affected game. If you are using an internal trackpad for gaming, then it can prove to be problematic due to accidental click rejection. You can simply turn off this Windows 8.1 feature.

Though Windows 8.1 is a necessary update for nearly all Windows 8 users, there are certain driver problems that present themselves. It is incompatible with few Windows 8 machines. In case you are comfortable with registry edits, most Windows 8.1 issues are now resolvable.

Use The Fix It Center From Microsoft For Tech Support

Microsoft Fix It

      About the Microsoft Fix It tool

Microsoft has an excellent network of support websites, repair tools, chat services, in-built troubleshoot applications, etc that takes care of all the customer complaints about their products. This is why their operating systems are the most widely used in the world. The Microsoft Fix It Center tool and the support website is another addition to this tech support network.

About the Fix It Center tool and the support website from Microsoft

Microsoft added the Fix It Center website to their already expansive Microsoft tech support network. The Microsoft Fix It Center client application was also released to the Windows OS users to allow them to access similar support services without logging on to the Fix It Center website.

The Fix It Center client application would run on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. It can be used for finding the solution to any of the problems to operating systems or Windows applications like the Internet Explorer or the Media Player that you have installed in your system.

The Fix It application has a very simple user interface. You have to select from the list of categories mentioned in the client application according to the problem that you are facing. Soon, the Fix It wizard would start asking you questions and giving your prompts to help you narrow down your problem.

Fix It repair tool

         Contact Microsoft Support

Once your problem is clearly understood by the application, it would guide you through the solution with a set of easy-to-understand solutions. The application is mainly designed for the average user. The more tech-savvy among you might find most of questions basic and time consuming.

The Fix It Center works in a similar way. The website would have two or three sections asking you select the Windows product that you are using and the problem area. There would be a menu, which would help you chose the right problem area for your Microsoft product. When you select one of them from this list, a detailed list of issues associated with this would be shown below.

After going through this list of issues mentioned there, find the one that is applicable to you. There, right next to the option, you would find the Run Now. When you click on this button, the Fix It repair tool designed to fix the issue will start to download.

When the download is complete, run the tool to fix your OS or Windows application errors. Visit the Microsoft Support website to find out more.

Simple Steps To Troubleshoot Microsoft Error 1402

Fix Microsoft errors

     Microsoft problems

Office 2000 is an older version of Microsoft Office suite. Prior to the launch of Windows XP operating system and Office XP version of Office suite, Office 2000 was in the lead. It consisted of a set of programs such as word processing package, design package, spreadsheets, database and even Microsoft Outlook. Office 2000 is compatible to run on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME (Millennium Edition).

Problems with Installing Office 2000

Despite its good features, many users encountered problems and errors while installing Office 2000 on their Windows 95, 98 or ME operating systems. A common error that reported is Microsoft Error 1402. Experts point out that the error could arise owing to a problem in the user profile, like damages of the profile. However, once you are able to fix Microsoft errors in your user profile, you can install Office 2000 without any hitches.

Repairing Windows 98/95 Profile problems using Registry Checker

  • If you have inserted Office 2000 Setup CD in the CD drive of your computer, make sure that it is removed.
  • After removing the CD drive, Restart your computer (Navigate to the Start button and select Turn Off followed by Restart).
  • When your Windows 98/95 computer is rebooted, press down the CTRL key on the keyboard. This would display the Start-up menu.
  • Choose the option that says Command Prompt only. You can select this option by using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • When the command prompt window appears, type scanreg/fix in the text field and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. This would launch the Registry Checker tool.
  • Wait for the Registry Checker tool to finish repairing the Registry files in your computer.
  • Once the repairing is over, click Return or Enter to proceed.
  • Now, type scanreg/opt in the command prompt field and press Enter.
  • This will remove unused space in the Registry File and optimize it.

    design package

             Troubleshoot Microsoft errors

  • Restart your computer now.
  • Once the computer restarts, open the CD drive of your computer and insert Office 2000 CD-ROM in it.
  • Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the program in your computer. You should no longer receive any error messages now.

Following the above instructions, you should have been able to fix Microsoft errors while installing Office 2010 in your Windows 98/95 computer. If the issue persists, contact an expert for technical help.

Microsoft Deeply Concerned Because Of The Xbox 360

Microsoft problems

      Microsoft Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is the second-generation gaming console launched by the tech giant Microsoft. It is the successor to the original Xbox. The Xbox 360 was released in 2005, it was received by much fan fare, and loads of users had a liking for it. The rivals to the gaming console were the Sony Playstation3 and the Nintendo Wii. The console supported a lot of game titles and Call Of Duty was one of the most sought after game titles.

But the recent Microsoft problems started with the Xbox 360. Since its appearance in 2005, users have reported technical issues and problems with the gaming console. Microsoft has tried its level best to rectify these issues. Issues with the gaming console have caused a huge lot of trouble for the customers. One of the major issues with the gaming console was that the gaming console suffered from hardware related problems and the red ring issue in the gaming console was caused as Microsoft tried to cut costs and went cheap by opting for a cheaper graphics chip.

By designing the chip themselves and letting Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing to produce it made them save millions of dollars in their wallet. Actually, they should have used an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) manufacturer to produce the graphic chips for the gaming console. By using the cheap graphics card, it has caused the company to a shell out a lot of money as part of warranty repairs.

hardware related problems

         Microsoft rectifying red ring issues

Everyone believed that the problem was related to the upcoming updates that the gaming console would receive and other updates to the storage and new anti piracy measures. But the issues had no connection with the updates and the sole problem remained with the cheap graphic chips.

Now there seems to be a smile on everyone’s face as Microsoft has announced that they have rectified the red ring issues on the newer pieces of the gaming console. According to the company, the graphic chips have been redesigned and send to an anonymous ASIC vendor in America itself. Now, at least Microsoft will learn that prevention is better than cure and try not to go cheap and in the end pay the price for it.

In the heap of all these Microsoft problems, the company hopes to deliver its customers with maximum satisfaction.

Simple Steps To Uninstall Ask Toolbar

ask toolbar removal

              How to remove Ask toolbar

Ask toolbar often comes as a utility program with other applications. Oftentimes, it is installed in the computer without the direct intention of the users. In fact, the developers have incorporated deceptive techniques to get this toolbar installed without the consent of the users, and you become aware of it after it starts taking control of the browser. Although ask toolbar removal is not a big deal for a tech savvy user, it can be a troublesome job for common users.

There are three different methods, which users can consider to remove Ask toolbar from their computer. The first one is slightly difficult, as it requires you to remove the toolbar manually, where the second and the third methods are easier. You can also use the specially designed tools to remove the toolbar from their computer like Revo Uninstaller.

Ask toolbar removal

In contrast to the second and third methods which require you to download and install a third party removal tool, removing ask toolbar manually is rather simple. All that a user needs to know is how a software application should be uninstalled in Windows operating system.

  • Close your web browser and navigate to the Start menu.
  • Choose Control Panel from the list of applications.
  • Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon.
  • If you are using a Windows 7 computer, select the option that says Uninstall a program under the Programs option.
  • The list of all the installed programs in your computer would be displayed now.
  • Browse through the list of programs until you locate Ask toolbar.
  • After locating Ask toolbar in the list, highlight it and click on the Remove button.

    Revo Uninstaller

                  Remove Ask toolbar

  • If Windows prompt you to confirm your decision to delete the program, click Yes to proceed.
  • Once the toolbar is removed successfully, a dialogue box will appear stating Ask toolbar has been uninstalled successfully. Click OK to continue.
  • If your default web browser is Internet Explorer, you have an even easier option. This is removing the toolbar directly from the Toolbar options.
  • Launch your IE browser and go to Ask toolbar. Click the little arrow that lies close to Options. A drop-down menu would appear. Select Uninstall and click Yes to confirm it.

That is all about Ask toolbar removal. Disable all unnecessary toolbars and utility options to speed up your browser.

Microsoft Suspends Windows Phone App Publishing

Microsoft Problems

     Problems with apps

Microsoft has temporarily put on hold the publication of additional apps on Windows Phone Marketplace, so as to be able to fix Microsoft problems with the digital certificates that it uses to sign apps. At the Windows Phone Marketplace, where thousands of applications and games are on store for purchase, many of the applications are absolutely free, while others can be trialed before you buy.

All things considered, the Windows Phone users may not be so many in number, although it remains a fact that Microsoft has shelled out a lot towards stocking Windows Phone Marketplace. The stock of applications is unbelievable in the Marketplace App Store. The company has taken the decision to suspend approvals of new apps till it is able to fix problems with the digital certificates that it uses to sign the apps it already has. The period of this suspension has not been made clear.

From the statement by Microsoft, it is clear that they intend to suspend not only the new applications, but also the existing ones that were available in the store for Windows Phone 7.5 users. This renders the users helpless to install them. The company meanwhile is not keen on giving out the number of the apps that have been affected. They only say “a small percentage of the 100000-plus” applications were affected. This keeps everyone guessing and confused. Not that anyone really expects Microsoft to come clean about the situation they’re in.

Developer community

         Problems with apps submission

Microsoft has not been able to provide any useful advice for the Windows Phone 7.5 users affected. They have made a statement to the users “If you get an error message while installing or updating an app the best thing to do is wait for us to correct the problem.”

To inform the users of Windows Phone, Microsoft posted a message on its Windows Phone forum, but the response was absolutely none. Only less than 50 numbers of users thought to ask why apps could not be downloaded at the time of publication.

The apps are signed by Microsoft in order to enable users to verify their reliability and when issues with digital certificates cause Microsoft problems beyond their control, like this time, doing what they just did keeps them from becoming unpopular among the developer community.

Steps To Fix The Error Code 1603 In Windows

Microsoft problems and support chat number

     Microsoft Outlook

While you try to install a Windows installer package in your system, you may encounter error messages that would say- A fatal error occurred during installation. This is termed as Error or an installation error. This type of error usually happens in the systems running on the Windows XP or Windows 2000 operating systems. There have been several cases reported where such an issue has even forced the users to upgrade the version of the operating system in their computers. However, they kept getting the same error message. The technicians at the Microsoft problems and support chat number provide ample assistance to help the users in fixing such issues. According to them, the user may receive this error if the SYSTEM account does not have Full Control permissions on the path where you wish to install the package. However, the user can troubleshoot this error by granting Full Control permissions to the SYSTEM account.

You can follow the below-mentioned instructions to fix the error code 1603 in your Windows computer before seeking assistance from the tech support:

  • In the first step, open My Computer in your system. For this, you can double click on the option My Computer on your desktop.
  • Once you open My Computer, you need to right-click the drive where you wish to install the package. However, it is typically your C:\ drive. Now, choose the option Properties.
  • In the next step, click the Security tab followed by the Add button.
  • Now, select the option SYSTEM that you would find under the option Name. Now, click Add and OK. Once you click the options, check the option Allow next to Full Control under the subheading Permissions. You can also contact the Microsoft problems and support chat number to get more information on fixing such error issues in Windows.
  • Now, click Advanced. If you are using Windows XP in your system, check the option Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects and click OK.

    Installation error

             Microsoft helpline

  • However, if you are using other versions of the operating system, check the option Reset permissions on all child objects and enable propagation of inheritable permissions followed by OK.
  • Now, you would get pop ups messages and Click Yes. Double-click the installer package that was previously generating the error.

Therefore, you can follow these simple steps to fix the error code 1603 in your system. However, if you are still getting the same error message, feel free to contact our technical support.

Microsoft’s Fix It To Patch Internet Explorer Exploit

Microsoft Fix It

     Get Microsoft Fix It

Internet Explorer is one of the most widely used web browsers from Microsoft. From time to time, Microsoft has released newer versions, updating many features and tools to its armory. The latest is Internet Explorer 10 which comes packaged with the Windows operating system. As there are many who use Internet Explorer to browse the net, it has now clearly become a target of attack.

Hackers and malicious code developers target Internet Explorer and make it a platform to spread more malicious threats. This vulnerability affects all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Recently, on September 17, 2013, Microsoft announced the release of a fix for the vulnerability. When Microsoft released the security advisory in Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Microsoft was aware of limited targeted attacks.

This vulnerability was found to be able to corrupt memory in way that it could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the computer, making use of the same privileges as the signed in user.

Microsoft’s solution to this problem

To fix this vulnerability, Microsoft has released a Fix It tool that patches this vulnerability, thereby safe-guarding your Windows PC. Right now, this patch is a temporary solution for the vulnerability. Microsoft is planning to provide the patch via the company’s Windows Update system to all users. The problem now is that not all users can obtain this Fix It tool, making majority of Windows PCs to remain vulnerable to the attack. So users will have to wait until the patch is released via Windows Update.

Malicious code developers

          Install Microsoft Fix It

A big advantage of this patch is that users require no major interaction other than selecting the license check box and clicking the Next and Close option. Within no time, the patch will be applied and your system will be protected from the vulnerability then on.

If you want to know more about the exploit, you may check the Technet blog post and learn effective ways to stay protected. As the blog post, the exploit is solely based on JavaScript and depends on the Microsoft Office DLL hxds.dll. Readers can find this Microsoft Fix It to patch the vulnerability and protect your Windows PC right away, from the link provided.

If you suspect that your Windows PC is under the attack of this exploit, delay not and get equipped with the Microsoft Fix It patch and keep your computer secure.

Adding Fonts To The Microsoft Word Application

Windows 7 support

Microsoft Word support

Microsoft Word is a document processor, which comes bundled with productivity tools in the Microsoft Office pack like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and Microsoft Access. It is the most widely used word processing application, employed by educational institutions, homeowners, as well as businesses.

The fonts available in Microsoft Word are stored in the Windows operating system’s central Fonts folder. Thus, if you want to add a new font in the Microsoft Word application, you will have to add it to the central Fonts folder. This is easy to do if you locate the Fonts folder in the system.

Follow the below given steps drafted by Windows 7 support center to add a new font to Microsoft Word in Windows 7 computer.

Steps to follow

  • Close Microsoft Word application if it is open. Open the directory where you have saved the new font to be added to the word processor.
  • Minimize the window and go to the desktop screen on your computer. Click on the Start button and select Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • Enter Fonts in the search box present on the top right corner of the Control Panel window.
  • Click on View Installed Fonts link in the search results page found under the Fonts category. This will direct you to the Fonts folder on your computer.
  • Go to the folder that contains the new fonts and drag the desired one to the Fonts folder. This will copy the new font to the Microsoft Word application database.

    Microsoft Office pack

             Windows 7 computer

  • Close all the windows, and click on the Microsoft Office Word shortcut link on your desktop. If you have not created a shortcut link for the application, go to the Start menu and enter Microsoft Office Word in the search box to access the program.
  • Navigate to the font box under Home section on the menu bar ribbon, and select the newly added font from the drop down menu. You can also use Ctrl + Shift + F shortcut keys to open the Font dialogue box, and select the desired font to work with.

Windows 7 support center highlights that you can also use the Run command for opening the Fonts folder. Open the Run dialogue box, enter fonts, and click OK to navigate to the Windows Fonts folder directly. However, as the Run command is not included in Windows 7 Start menu by default, it is advised to use the Control Panel instead.

A Crash Collaboration Between Microsoft And Apple?

Fix Microsoft Error

How to Fix IPhone 5S error

The iPhone 5S is the newest phone from Apple. One of the problems reported by users of the device is the black screen of death, or the BSOD, on the screen, just before the phone crashes and reboots. This problem has been seen since long back on the Windows machines, and even that led to an irrecoverable crash. What worries many people is how this could have crossed over the inter-platform barrier – a crash collaboration between Microsoft and Apple? And the 5S is hardly one of Apple’s older devices, so where’s this problem originating?

The Blue Screen of Death was a notorious screen that appeared in the Windows operating system, displayed just before the system crashed and then had to be restarted, with any unsaved files the user had been working on till then lost beyond recovery. What’s suspicious is that this problem is now showing on an apple device. There is no nexus between the two companies. From many corners, people have been reporting this issue on their iPhone 5S. Such reports have come up on Twitter, and on Apple’s community forum.


How to fix Blue Screen of Death Error

The problem of Blue Screen Error appears when iWork is used on the iPhone 5S. Some people have reported via their posts to the Apple community platform, that their phone screen unexpectedly turns blue, and after that, the phone unexpectedly reboots. This problem has been there ever since the launch of iPhone 5S.

Some report that they find this Blue Screen of Death when they use the application ESPN Score Center; for some it appears when they make use of the Numbers application in Apple, which is a similar one to Microsoft’s Windows Excel. A distinguishing feature of Numbers is that a copy of this software can be had for the iPhone, and another copy can be had for the iPad, which makes it convenient for the user to have changes made in a file on any of the devices and then have these reflect in the others. The cause of the Blue Screen of Death can be related to some related synchronization lag, but still users see this more as a Windows problem that’s crept into the iOS, and are looking for ways to fix Microsoft errors.

This issue could be fixed by turning off the sync option, which reduces the functionality of the Office suite. To wait until the next update to fix the issue is the only way to fix Microsoft errors.