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How To Use Microsoft Chat In Windows XP

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A user can use the Windows chat option in the computer to chat with someone in another computer. For this to happen, both these computers should be connected to the same network, for example, a local area network or the Internet. Also, the computers must be running a similar protocol like TCP/IP. The Microsoft chat tips for using Windows chat are discussed below.

To Start Windows Chat

  • Click on the Start button and go to Run.
  • In the Run window, type winchat and hit the Enter key.

This will start the Windows chat program.

To Make A Chat Call

  • After you have started the Windows Chat program, click on the Dial button on the Conversation menu.
  • Click on the computer name or type in the name of the computer for the person with whom you would like to chat and select OK.
  • After the person with whom you need to chat answers the call, you may start to chat in the chat window. You will not be able to type until the person you are calling answers the call.
  • If the person that you call does not answer the call, or if you would like to end the chat, click on the Hang Upon button in the Conversation menu.

Your incoming messages will appear in the lower pane or on the right pane, depending on the arrangement of your chat window.

To Answer A Call

  • Click on the Chat button that appears in the taskbar to answer a call. If your chat window is already open, click on the Answer button in the Conversation menu.
    Sounds and Audio Devices

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To Hang Up A Call

  • Click on the Hang Up option in the Conversation menu to end an ongoing call. If the person with whom you are chatting ends the call, a message will appear in the status bar. Hang-up will take place automatically if you quit the chat window.

To Turn On Or Off Sound

  • Click on the Sound button to turn on or off the sounds. The Sound option is present in the Options menu.

If your computer has a sound card inserted, you may change the sound of the incoming and outgoing rings. To do this, double click on Sounds and Audio Devices in Control Panel.

These are the steps to use Windows chat in your computer. If you have any more doubts, you may contact Microsoft chat support for further assistance. Microsoft chat support center offers technical support round the clock.

About Removing The Task Bar Icons In Windows 7

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When you turn on your computer screen, you may find small icons located at the left hand corner of the screen. If you have Windows 7 installed in your computer, you will definitely notice beautiful small icons that represent different applications. These are applications that you have installed in your computer and opened applications are also shown there. You might have even placed your web browsers on these task bars. However if you have more running applications on your task bar, it can turn your computer slow. The unwanted programs can be replaced from your system tray and this can in turn increase the speed of your computer. You might encounter some Microsoft problems, if you have lot many unwanted applications on your system tray. If you wish to remove the same, follow the instructions below.


  • Right click on the application icon that you find on the task bar in order to remove it. It can be an unwanted or an unused application in the group. Now select Unpin this program from task bar. Now the one that you have selected will be removed from the taskbar. If you do not find the option or in case you cannot remove it from there, then do the following. Click on the Start button on the desktop and click Control Panel and choose Programs and select Uninstall or change a program. This will help you to uninstall the program that you wanted to remove from the system tray. Now select Uninstall and this will remove it.
  • Once you click on Uninstall, the program icon that you have chosen will be uninstalled from the task bar. You can do the same procedure for uninstalling other icons that you wish to remove them. If you have removed a program icon by mistake, you can simply right click the program and bring it back.
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  • Click on Start button and choose Control Panel. Now choose Appearance and Personalization, Task Bar and Start menu. You will now receive the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialogue box.
  • Now select the Notification Area tab. Move to the System Icons in order to remove these icons and choose the icons that you wish to remove.
  • Select Customize, choose the icon, choose Hide from the menu, and select OK.
  • Now click Apply and click OK.

If you face any Microsoft problems with the taskbar, do contact the Microsoft help and support team for assistance.

Firefox Aurora 26 Boasts Of Stunning Features

Interface changes of Windows 8

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Good news to internet users! Mozilla Foundation has released the latest version of its Firefox browser. The developers have succeeded in meeting with the expectations of users by providing a web browser that is totally in line with the new interface changes of Windows 8. Therefore, Windows users do not have to bother about various Microsoft problems and support chat number while browsing, as they have now a more exciting alternative than to stick on with the troublesome Internet Explorer.

Close sources from Mozilla claim that the latest Firefox version, named as Firefox Aurora 26, is good enough to squash bugs and other browser issues on its own. It is currently released as beta version, and users will be able to download the final version of the browser soon. It is believed that the final version would contain a number of exciting features geared for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Update.

Firefox Aurora 26

The most exciting and interesting feature found in the Firefox Aurora 26 version is its tile-based Start feature. As the browser is designed totally in line with Windows 8 touch and swipe gestures, Windows 8 users will have an advanced integrated experience while surfing the internet on Firefox browser. Other notable features include Firefox Sync, Snapped and Fill views, beautiful and modern interface, and Windows Share integration. Firefox 26 is featured with a new icon to match with the monochromatic style of the start-page tiles of Windows 8 operating system as well.

Technical compatibilities of Firefox 26

The technical highlights of Firefox Aurora 26 include 3D graphics coupled with WebGL interface, hardware accelerated video, compatibility with JavaScript software, and the latest asm.js technology. Users will be able to play video encoded with H.264 codec in Aurora 26, a feature that no other browsers have provided so far. Previously, Mozilla had stunned Microsoft by building its Firefox browser into the operating system.

Interface changes of Windows 8

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That is not all. Mozilla is determined to grab the place of Internet Explorer, the web browser developed by Microsoft, which currently holds the status of being the most widely used web browser. To attain this status, Mozilla believes that it has to provide some more exclusive features, and improve the overall performance of Aurora. The only threatening challenge that Mozilla faces now is bugs.

Nevertheless, Mozilla has to plead Microsoft to allow all Firefox features on the new interface of Windows 8. Currently, all third party browsers are restricted to display all features on Windows 8 except IE. However, there have been cases of Microsoft problems and support chat number has not been as useful as before.

Microsoft Router Issues In A Network

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When you are in a computer network, data is sent in the form of data packets, which are forwarded through a router using an overlay network. If there are many networks, they connect to the router using two or more data lines. When data packet arrives in a data line, the router reads the address on the information packet that helps it determine the destination of the packet. When routed to the next network, it employs a routing table or routing policy to jump to the next network.

As regular convention goes, you will probably encounter some issue or the other. If the issues are related with installation or the proper working of the router, the Microsoft help team recommends finding and rectifying the source of the problem immediately. Small issues if left unattended could escalate into much further trouble for the user. So do follow this advice from the Microsoft help team. To help you with your issues, here is some information that you must know about routers before you start investigating.

Router Driver

You must install a driver using the installation disc that comes with the device before you set forth to connect to a router. You can choose different router configuration settings to ensure uninterrupted data flow within the network. Also, customize the network security settings to be applied to safeguard your network. Microsoft router installer will produce simple on screen instructions to help with installation and configuring settings.

Data packets

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First thing you must check is if there are no loose physical connections, like the Ethernet cable connecting the modem and if the Microsoft router is working properly. A proper working modem flashes a green light that will not flash if the router connection is not proper. Do not forget to secure connections between the main computer within the network and the router.

Depending on the number of LAN (Local Area network) ports present in your system, your network can support several computers using the Microsoft router. With a 4-Port Microsoft router, you can support four computers on the network. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable into any of the numbered ports present in the Microsoft router so that you can connect a computer to the network with the other end of the LAN port of the machine. To connect other computers in the same network, follow the same procedure.

If you face any issues with your Microsoft router, contact the Microsoft help and support team for expert solutions for your problems.

Paint 4.0 Is To Drop Support For Windows XP And Vista

Windows 7 support

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Image editing is one of the most frequently done computing tasks. There are various applications designed for image editing in Windows like Adobe Photoshop and Picasa. However, not many users are well versed in using such applications. In fact, one needs to undergo a several days training to be familiarized with different tools in Adobe Photoshop.

The good thing is that you do not necessarily need to know how to work in Adobe Photoshop for basic image editing works. is a widely used photo editing application for Windows. Although you cannot expect the perfection you get from Adobe Photoshop in, it is good enough for basic editing purposes. Most Windows operating systems including Windows 7 support updated versions

Ever since the launch of, there have been a number of updated versions. The developer has announced the release of the latest version of the program named as 4.0. The alpha version of the software is already released. Experts believe that the new version will feature additional features in line with Windows 8.1 update. In fact, the developers of this application have been working strenuously for the last three years on it. Thus, we can hope that the application will have something extremely new.

Once the final version of 4.0 is released, users can replace the existing 3.5 version on their systems with the new one. However, there have been concerns whether the latest version would support all Windows versions.

Alpha version

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When the preview of 4.0 version was released in 2010, the developer had dropped its support on Windows XP. The developer dropped the support on Windows Vista platforms on the following year. As per the information gathered from the official blog of, the latest 4.0 version would only provide Windows 7 support for Service Pack 1 or newer versions.

Added features in Paint 4.0

The new 4.0 version features a number of improvements. It will use less memory while enabling hardware acceleration. Existing default themes have been changed as well. The new version would contain a new Shapes tool with 29 various shapes. There will also be a new Gradient tool with colour picker support and spiral gradient types. Better user interface is another notable feature.

Although the latest version of Paint 4.0 provides only Windows 7 support, users of older Windows operating systems such as XP and Vista can still use Paint 3.5.x versions. 

How To Address Microsoft Office Error 1935

Fix Microsoft errors

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Microsoft Office Suite consists of a number of useful applications. Users can install Microsoft Office suite on their computer from a installer disc or from the Microsoft’s website after purchasing the product and availing a valid product key.

During the installation process of Microsoft Office Suite, users may come across a number of issues. A common problem that occurs during the installation of Microsoft Office Suite is the error 1935.

While searching for solutions to fix Microsoft errors, you would have come across the error 1935. Usually, this error occurs when the installation suddenly fails. Microsoft experts point out that .Net problem in your PC is the reason for such malfunction.

In order to fix this problem, you need to address .Net issue in your computer. Follow the below given steps to counter this problem.

Troubleshooting the error 1935

  • Reboot your computer, and wait until the system is fully loaded.
  • Now, reinstall the .Net framework. Once the .Net frame is reinstalled, the error 1935 will not re-appear.
  • To disable the .Net framework, go to Control Panel (Start>Control Panel).
  • Locate Administrative Tools and double-click on it.
  • When the Administrative Tools window opens up, locate and right-click on Windows Installer link.
  • Select Stop from the dropdown menu. This will fix .Net framework and prevent error 1935 from occurring again.

Why does the error 1935 occur?

Having fixed the error 1935, it will be a good idea to look at why issues like the error 1935 occur in a Windows computer. For an application to run in a Windows system, it requires several elements to be flawless. An error with any of the elements that are a part of the application can cause the application to run into errors. Microsoft Office installation issues occur owing to registry errors too.

Valid product key

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Back to the error 1935, it can turn out to be real headache while trying to install Microsoft Office suite. However, we have seen that addressing .Net issues will ultimately lead to flawless installation of Microsoft Office. Error 1935 actually indicates about malfunctioning of .Net framework. Fixing .Net issues mean that you are immunizing your computer from more critical issues in future.

Microsoft is constantly trying to eliminate the chances of errors and problems in its Office Suite while perfecting its operating systems. Obviously, you can find enough sources to fix Microsoft errors contacting the support center.

How To Determine Whether Your DVD Writer Supports Dual Layer Recordable Discs

Dual layer recordable DVDs

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Dual layer recordable DVDs allow you to write almost twice the data stored on an ordinary single layer disc. As these discs are thriving progressively in the market, there arises a query on whether a disc burner installed in traditional computers will support such format.

Usually, DVD writers that support dual layer media include the letters ‘DL’ written on the drive. Yet if you do not see any such inscription on the DVD drive, there are still chances that the burner supports dual layer media. Here are a few tips provided by Windows 7 support center to identify whether your DVD writer is capable of utilizing the increased disc space. Follow the below given instructions to check the same.

Steps to follow

  • Click on the Start button on your Windows 7 computer, and launch the Start menu. Click on the Run link in the resulting menu. You can also use the Windows logo + R shortcut keys to access the Run dialogue box.
  • Enter devmgmt.msc in the pop-up box and click OK. This will launch the Device Manager window on your computer.
  • Expand the DVD/CD-ROM Drives entry in the Device Manager window. Here you can see the model number of your media drive. Note down the unique serial number, and navigate to the hardware manufacturer’s website to check out the specifications of the drive.
  • You can also utilize the online tech support offered by any IT firms, and provide the serial number as noted earlier to check out if your DVD burner supports dual layer media.

    Dual layer recordable DVDs

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If you are not satisfied with the specifications found online, download a third party tool to clarify the matter. Here we will discuss about Nero InfoTool.

  • Navigate to the Nero official website and browse to the Nero Tools and Utilities download page. Click on the Nero InfoTool link, and download the zip file to your computer.
  • Extract the files from the downloaded zip folder, and run the InfoTool.exe program. This tool will scan the system and you can check the details of your DVD writer here.
  • Go to the Drive tab in the Nero InfoTool utility window, and check the information listed under the DVD section.

The program will display two entries for dual layer media, -R DL for DVD-R dual layer and +R DL for DVD+R dual layer discs. The green dot against any entry indicates which of the two types of dual layer media your DVD burner supports. For any further assistance, contact the Windows 7 support center.

How To Fix Runtime Error In Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows problems

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Runtime is the time taken by a program to finish executing, after it has been initiated. Runtime errors are mostly considered among the most annoying Microsoft Windows problems. A Runtime error is a soft ware or hardware problem that stops a program from working correctly. Runtime errors cause you to lose information from the file you are using. It can corrupt your file and keep you from working on it. Sometimes you won’t even be able to access the data that the file holds. Runtime errors do not cause the system to crash; so you can recover from a runtime error with relatively less damage sustained than in other cases.

Runtime errors occur on computers that use the Windows operating system, and as mentioned, they’re among the most annoying Microsoft Windows problems. The operating system most often seen affected by this error is Microsoft XP, in its Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and Visual Studio applications. The runtime errors can be caused due to software programs that are incompatible, or when your computer has memory problems, the computer registry is corrupt, or if the computer has bugs or malware on it. When the runtime error is followed by a message shortage of memory , more RAM has to be added to the system, or parts of the existing RAM freed. The problem gets fixed by this. Other times fixing the problem only takes you running an application for registry cleaning, an anti-virus or an anti-spy ware.

When you get a runtime error message you must find the root cause and try to disable it. Microsoft Works users can face with this problem often. The software application causes runtime errors very often. The solution for the problem lies in taking out a portion of the Microsoft Works Software application.

  1. On your Windows screen click on the Start button on the left end.
  2. Next click on the Control Panel button in the Start menu.
  3. On the next window you get the Add or Remove Programs; click on it.

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  4. Scroll through the Add/Remove Programs list. Stop when you get the Microsoft Works Word Suite Add-in option.
  5. Hit the Remove button to remove it.
  6. Click OK to effect the removal of Microsoft Works In Word suite Add-In
  7. Reboot your computer and the runtime error is cleaned.

For all of the runtime errors you have fixes, and the problem has to be handled specifically. Runtime errors can be fixed by installing the latest updates for Windows, and for the program displaying the error. Report your problems so that Microsoft can help you. Check for viruses and always have the minimum RAM required to run a program.

Internet Explorer Encounters A New Threat From Hackers

Microsoft Fix it

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Microsoft announced that hackers and attackers are using a vulnerable patch in Internet Explorer that could result in creating troubles in the browser. According to Microsoft, no version of the browser is free from threats. The company has started working on the issue and will soon release a fix for the same. It has already released a temporary fix intended for the affected users.

The fault is connected with a remote code bug. This can result in serious troubles as hackers can install malicious software on your computer by persuading you to navigate to a particular website. Recently, Microsoft had released fourteen bulletins, among which, the company rated four of them critical. It means that these critical bulletins are intended to fight the troublesome malware.

There is also Microsoft fix it solution for the trouble. However, by using this Microsoft fix it utility, you may lose some features of your Internet Explorer. Therefore, if you face troubles after running this fix it program, you can use the ‘enable’ button to revert to the initial condition.

This is not the first time Internet Explorer is facing threats and troubles. However, Microsoft has been able to counter these threats and ensured users with secure browsing. Microsoft released many fix it programs earlier for Internet Explorer. One of these fix it tools was intended to clear troubles with add-ons. It was also effective in turning on the phishing filter in the browser. The security settings in the browser were reverted to default and this ensured maximum security with the update.

Microsoft support

        Fix it tool from Microsoft

Another trouble with the browser was with the pop-up blocker. It turned off automatically and this created troubles for the users. The fix it tool played an important role in fixing this trouble. Other troubles like inefficiency with updates and slow performance were also fixed by the fix it program.

You can download the fix it program from the Microsoft support website. Apart from fix it programs for Internet Explorer, you can find this tool helpful to counter a wide range of issues. Therefore, if you encounter an issue with a Microsoft program, the first thing to search for is to find out whether there is any fix it program to resolve the issue. If there is one, download it and run to resolve the trouble.

As for Internet Explorer and the recent hit of hackers, let us wait until Microsoft releases the new patch to fix the problem.

What To Do When You Confront Windows Error 40


          Microsoft Windows

When applications fail to operate as you expect them to or when the modifications you made in the PC do not seem to work, the next possible thing that you might do will be to reset the settings to the factory default. However, at times you might face an unexpected error message like ‘Bootstrapper has stopped working’ or ‘Error 40.’ You might see the same error message when you try to remove a trial version of an application from your PC. Why does such an error message arise? What should be done to fix such an error? The solution can be found at the Microsoft Fix It solution center.

According to Microsoft expert, the error message ‘Bootstrapper has stopped working’ arises mostly in operating systems such as Windows Vista or Windows 2003. It happens so because the Data Execution Prevention has been enabled or turned on for all programs and services running in the PC. You can resolve this issue by turning off Data Execution Prevention for unnecessary programs. Read these instructions to learn how to disable Data Execution Prevention in your PC.


  • Navigate to the Start button and select Control Panel from the menu.
  • Select the System icon.
  • Go to the left pane of the window to choose Advanced System Settings.
  • Windows will display a pop-up window now. Select the OK button in the window in order to confirm that you wish to continue with modifying the settings.
  • Navigate to the Settings now.


                        Microsoft support page

  • Unselect the box close to the option that says ‘Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select’ if it is already selected.
  • If this does not fix the issue, navigate to the Properties and add ‘autorun.exe’ to the list of exceptions.  
  • To do this, go to the bottom of the screen press on the Add option.
  • This will display the Open dialogue box wherein you can locate the folder that contains ‘autorun.exe.’
  • After adding autorun.exe to the list of exceptions, save the changes you have made by rebooting the system.
  • After restarting the PC, ensure that you have removed autorun.exe from the exception list to avoid any security hazard owing to this.

Following the above instructions, you can easily bypass the Microsoft ‘error 40’ in your Windows PC. If not, visit the Microsoft Fix It solution center for a solution.