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Getting To Know The New Windows Phone App Studio Tool

Microsoft problems

                                                  Microsoft Windows

Windows Phone is a series of operating systems specifically designed for mobiles by Microsoft. It was launched as a worthy successor to Windows Mobile, and boasted some of the most advanced features which were unheard of before. However, off late, many issues have been cropping up regarding the Windows Phone’s lagging app catalog. Microsoft has finally come up with a new tool as a solution for this issue. The most defining fact about this tool, the Windows phone App studio, is that it is user friendly, and does not require any knowledge of coding.

Some of the main characteristic features that this tool possesses are:

  • Availability of a vast range of templates that help you to drag and drop the text, images and other related content into a window. This almost nullifies the fact that you cannot create advanced programs using this Apps tool. Hence, it proves to be the best solution to the Microsoft problems.
  • Even after finishing it, you always have an option to improve the whole setup once again if you are not satisfied. The tool can provide a source code as well as a finished app which can be easily sideloaded to a registered device.
  • The app once created cannot be directly published to the Windows Phone Store and have to be subjected to the Dev Center fee as in the case of every published enveloper. A Live Chat service can be found to create more sophisticated Windows Apps once you have a Dev Center account.


                                Microsoft support

  • Before this, a detailed learning of the developer and the tools are required to ensure that the probability of getting errors is minimized. For further assistance, you can always contact the Microsoft problems support number.
  • Microsoft had declared that they have launched this new tool especially for those shrewd developers who have immense practical knowledge in dealing with the software. The main concerns of Microsoft have been the inefficiency to produce quality apps that are advanced and more user-friendly. It is said that they have a collection of more than 16,000 apps but most of them lack in quality.
  • Another major concern related to the apps is that most of them do not support some social networking services like Instagram.

Although Microsoft has developed the Windows Apps Studio Tool as an effective solution to the lagging of the apps catalog in Windows phones, still there are many areas of concern that needs to be looked upon.

Troubleshooting Microsoft Mouse Issues

Microsoft Problems

      Microsoft Problems

Problems with Microsoft hardware like mouse could easily be solved using troubleshooting information available on the web and through customer support services.

Microsoft problems in using mouse

First thing, you need to check for troubleshooting mouse is to check if the electrical connection between the mouse and system is proper. If you are using a wire-mouse, make certain that the wire is plugged intact to the computer port. You have plugged in the mouse firmly the last day doesn’t mean that it would remain in the same position ever, don’t forget that. Something could have happened to pull the mouse’s wire out of the port, which stops the mouse to stop working abruptly.

If you are using a Microsoft wireless mouse, check the batteries before anything else. Mouse is a peripheral device of the computer that you use often. The chances that its battery runs out are high. You could just switch out the mouse batteries and see if they are functioning. Microsoft wireless mouse comes with a connector that can be inserted into the computer’s mouse port. You have to ensure a firm and close connection for the mouse to your computer.

Drivers installed for Microsoft mouse

If you do not install the drivers provided properly or the driver files get corrupted, mouse would fail to work. If you wish to reinstall the mouse drivers, go to Start >>Control Panel >>Device Manager. This would display you a list of all devices installed on your computer. Select and right click the Microsoft mouse option and choose the option saying Update Driver.

Computer Port

          Microsoft Mouse Problems

There is an application provided for Microsoft Windows XP operating system users to check for missing and corrupted driver files for Microsoft mouse as well. Go to Start >> Run >> type in SFC /scannow in the search box >>OK. This is to run the inbuilt application loaded on XP to search for the missing or corrupted driver files, by comparing with the last system backup available.

Microsoft problems-pointer slowdown

Slow mouse pointer speed might be an indicator for the batteries going to stop working; this would be a phase where they are losing power. It could also be caused due to a configuration setting saved in the Control Panel. To fix this, go to Start >> Control Panel >> Mouse. This would open up a new window to set the mouse movements.  You can increase or decrease the mouse speed as desired by adjusting the settings provided here and hit OK button when done.

Hope this information was useful for you to solve Microsoft problems with wire or wireless mouse.

Xbox 360 Scratching Disks

Microsoft problems

   Problems with the Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox 360 is the gaming device that Microsoft manufactures. Amidst reports of great performance there have been complaints on various gaming forums about the Xbox 360 scratching the game discs. Until now other than the hue and cry by the consumers, there has been no acknowledgement of this problem, especially from Microsoft. Many users have reported that the scratching on it has left many a disc obsolete. This becomes a major problem for gamers; having scratched discs would be a major turn off for most people. This is among the very few things that users of Microsoft Xbox 360 have a problem with it regarding; people have come to love the console for its great performance.

Tests made by a television show indicated that the Xbox 360 indeed scratched the discs. Xbox 360 was placed on a table under the best possible conditions without vibrations, and a game disc inserted and run for a while. When the game disc was ejected, its surface was scratched. This indicates it is one among the many Microsoft problems, rather than a problem on part of the user.

The show also said that this was probably due to a TSST drive that is missing a few parts. This particular component helps to stabilize the disc in the drive. The problem with it is generally found in the consoles that were produced in December 2006, and approximately 1 to 2 million units were produced at that time.

Microsoft support

    Microsoft help and support

Microsoft in a press statement said that “As we were not involved with the experiment of Kassa and have little insights in the testing methods, we are not able to respond in detail on the results. It is possible that scratches on discs originate from frequent use. However, we have no indication that the results of the tests from Kassa are a large scale problem. Of course it is important to us that our customers have the best possible game experience and therefore we take these test results very serious. Xbox owners who think their discs are scratched as reported by Kassa, should contact us. We will investigate the console and when needed repair it so it becomes a full functioning console. We will also inform Xbox owners how they can obtain replacements discs in case they require them.”

There are various other Microsoft problems which the company doesn’t acknowledge until someone calls them out on it. If you continue to have any more problems with the console don’t hesitate to contact Microsoft support. They would help you out with a simple solution.

Fixing Shut Down Hang Up Errors

Fix Microsoft errors

      Shut Down errors

Windows XP is an operating system that is used by a large number of people even today. Windows XP was released 12 years ago by Microsoft. Microsoft has henceforth released three newer versions of Windows but only one has gained more popularity than Windows XP. Windows XP, though a widely used operating system, has its fair share of bugs and problems. One of the major problems faced by XP users is that once you turn off or log out of the system, it hangs at a message, which is either Windows is shutting down or Windows is Logging off. You can fix Microsoft errors like these by simple troubleshooting tips.

  • Click on the Windows Start button to reveal the Start Menu. The Start button is at the lower left corner of your desktop. In the Start Menu navigate to My Computer and right click on it. This reveals the context menu.
  • From there select the option that says Properties. A dialog box with a number of tabs would open up. Select the tab that says Advanced. Navigate to the Startup and Recovery section and click on Settings.
  • Enter 1 in the box next to Time to display list of operating systems. Also enter 1 in the box next to Time to display recovery options when needed. Click on OK twice to exit from the Windows menu.
  • Restart your computer for the changes to take effect. The long delay in logging off, shutting down or restarting would be resolved, and would no longer occur.
  • You should also try clearing the cache and temporary files. Other than resolving these problems, clearing the cache once in a while could give you significant performance improvements, and also maybe clear up any clutter from temporary files. This would leave you more memory to store your personal files in.

    Windows support

    Help with Microsoft Windows XP

  • There are third party apps which help you solve this problem by editing different keys in the registry. You should also try them out if your problem remains unresolved.
  • You should also try running an antivirus scanner on your system and check for any viruses that might have taken control of your system and might be affecting its performance. Also update your AV engine to the latest version and then check if the problem still exists.

If you still continue to have problems and would like to fix Microsoft errors on your system please contact Windows support for any more help. They would help you resolve your issue easily and very quickly.

Yet Another Delay Marring The Release Of Xbox One

Microsoft Problems

    Microsoft Windows

To the dismay of millions of techies and Microsoft fans, the tech giant has decided to delay the release of its much awaited gaming console Xbox One. The reason for the delay is yet unclear. According to sources like SemiAccurate, Microsoft hasn’t perfected its plans for the release of Xbox One.

Meanwhile, some sources indicate that the release of the console would be somewhere in 2014, probably in the first half of the year itself. However, if you are not residing in the North America or Western Europe, you are not likely to see the release of Xbox One as early as the first half of 2014 either. The release of the device for the rest of the world (countries outside Western Europe and North America) will be delayed by almost another year.

The Reasons For the late release

Although Microsoft hasn’t mentioned why it has delayed the release of Xbox One, the experts view that it could be owing to the high expectations and some Microsoft problems, probably its inability to meet some technical issues in the given time. Ever since the announcement that Microsoft has delayed the Xbox launch, techies around the world have shown special interest to tune in to the buzz from Microsoft about its new plans. Xbox One, the latest gaming console from Microsoft has thus created some suspense in store.

According to certain reviews, Microsoft might even outwit Sony and its PS4. If Sony, being the manufacturer of high quality gaming consoles, couldn’t raise as much curiosity and interest as Microsoft has done, this is because of the unique and crowd pulling features announced to be present in Xbox One.


        Microsoft technical issues

Unlike the early days, today’s gamers are well-informed about the changes taking place in games and game consoles industry. They are looking for the ultimate machine and are not going to compromise on this. And, this growing curiosity might be the reason for the sky-high expectations for Xbox One and consequently, Microsoft’s decision to delay the release of the gaming console.

Another possible reason might be the technical issues. Lately, Microsoft is not going through easy times. Instances of potential production errors are being reported from Microsoft from time to time. Anyhow, techies and experts wish that the tech giant comes out all with solutions to these Microsoft problems and hasten the release of Xbox One.

More On The Microsoft Xbox One Headset Compatibility Issues

Microsoft chat

About the Microsoft Xbox One console

Even before the actual release of the Microsoft Xbox One gaming console, most of the groups on the Microsoft chat networks are busy with speculation. There have been many rumours doing the rounds about when Microsoft would stop the support for Microsoft Xbox 360, PC support for the Xbox One controller; the use of the Skype chat application in the new console, etc.

Gaming enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the release of the Xbox One gaming console

All these rumours and speculations show that the gaming aficionados are eagerly awaiting the release of the Xbox One console. However, the owners of the Microsoft Xbox 360 are also a little worried about Microsoft stopping the support services for the console.

In fact, Xbox 360 owners actually want Microsoft to extend support for the gaming consoles, as well as to introduce backward compatibility for the Xbox games and accessories. This if it happens would mean that it would be possible to use the Xbox 360 controllers and the headsets for Microsoft chat on the Xbox One console, and vice versa.

The support and the compatibility issues

Supports and fixes

      Using the Microsoft chat on Xbox

With the release of the Xbox One console delayed towards the end of this year, Microsoft does not want the sales of the Xbox 360 to drop in the coming months. To boost the already marginally dropping Xbox 360 sales, Microsoft recently announced that Xbox 360 support would continue until 2016.

Then there are the compatibility issues between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One devices and accessories. The Xbox 360 users would really like to able to use the all-new cool Xbox One controllers on the Xbox 360 consoles. It would be convenient for the Xbox users if it were possible for them to use the Xbox One and Xbox 360 with both these devices.

In fact, Microsoft might indeed release such support for the Xbox One console – especially, for the Xbox One controller and the headsets for Microsoft chat. But, the users should not expect this any time soon. Even after the release of the Xbox One console, Microsoft is very likely to delay the release of such support at least for a few months.

The rationale is indeed very clear. Microsoft wants users to buy the new console, if they want to use the Xbox One accessories. Once the Xbox One sales cross a certain threshold, the users can expect Microsoft to release all manner of supports and fixes.

Steps To Fix Issues With The Dictionary In Outlook

Microsoft fix it

      Microsoft support

Microsoft Word can be considered as a fully featured word processing program devised by Microsoft for the Windows operating system. Word files are commonly used as the file type for sending text documents through e-mail, because it is easy to access a word document using the Microsoft Word application. Usually in Microsoft Word, multiple custom dictionaries are used to check the spelling of the documents. In this way, additional words such as names, technical terms, and alternative spellings are added to the normal dictionary, thus making the whole procedure quite simple.

Renaming The Corrupt Issues

  • Check if the Microsoft word is closed. If it’s closed, open the application.
  • Click Tools followed by Options. Now, click on the Spelling and Grammar tab.
  • Now, select Custom Dictionaries and click on the computer’s dictionary name under the heading Dictionary List. This will lead you to the directory path of dictionary. You can also go to the Microsoft fix it section in the Microsoft forum, and check for instructions.
  • Now, make a note of the directory path, click Cancel, and then Close to close the Options dialog box.
  • Close Word and click Start followed by clicking My Computer. Now, click on the C: \ drive icon.
  • Now, go back to the directory path and right click on the dictionary name. Select Rename.
  • Now, enter custom.old in the highlighted file name box. Once you do it, you can press the Enter or Return key and save it.

Creating A New Dictionary

  • Open Microsoft Word and click Tools followed by Options. Now, click on the Spelling & Grammar tab.
  • Select Custom Dictionaries and click on the dictionary name under the heading Dictionary List. Click Remove.
  • Now, select New and enter a name for your dictionary in the File name box. Now, click Save.
  • Click OK to close the dialog box. At any point of time, you can also seek assistance from the Microsoft fix it solution center. 

    Directory path of dictionary

         Microsoft Office

Adding Words to your Dictionary

  • Click the Start button and go to My computer. Now, click on the C:\ drive icon.
  • Now, go to the directory path again and right click on the custom.old name. Select Rename and enter custom.txt in the highlighted box. Press Enter/Return.
  • Go back to Word and click File and then Open. Again, navigate to the directory path containing the custom.txt file and open the file.
  • Now, press F7 to activate the spell check utility. Select the Add to Dictionary button to add the words from the old dictionary to the new one that you have created.

So, you can always refer to these instructions depending on the issues that you are facing with the dictionary in the Microsoft Word.

How Can You Disable Java In The Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Fix It

      About Microsoft repair tools

Java is a very useful programming language, which is very widely used for designing many different programs and applications. However, occasionally the java plug-in that comes installed in your web browser would run into some errors, forcing the browser application to crash.

If you are not using any java-based applications that require a web browser java plug-in, disable this to avoid such errors. If any webpage asks you to enable the java link to facilitate a function, then you can do so at that time.

Disabling the Java plug-in in the Internet Explorer

Most of us use Internet Explorer as our default browser application. It is indeed possible for Windows OS users to disable the java plug-in in Internet Explorer. One of the easiest ways to do this would be to use the Microsoft Fix It tool. This is a repair tool released by Microsoft to fix many of the problems that the Windows OS users might encounter, when using different Microsoft software and applications.

The Microsoft Fix It repair tool is available for download from the official Microsoft tech support webpage. Go to the webpage and download the repair tool. There itself you would find the many instructions regarding the use of the Fix It repair tool. You need to follow these guidelines to avoid any errors.

Microsoft technical support

         Contact Microsoft tech support

Once you run the Fix It tool, it effectively disables all the java plug-ins associated with the Microsoft Internet Explorer application. It also clears the registry values for the same. For these reasons, it might be wise to create a restore point on your system before you go ahead with the running of the Fix It tool. So that you can restore the system back to a previous restore point in the event of an error.

Also, since there will be some changes made to the registry files, it would be advisable to create a backup of the Windows Registry before you run the tool. Now, run the Fix It repair tool and restart the system.

The java plug-in for the Internet Explorer would now be disabled, and you’d no longer have to worry about the java-related errors on your Internet Explorer. If the above-mentioned solution did not work, visit the Microsoft technical support webpage for a better one.

How Microsoft Plans To Get Businesses Off Windows XP

Microsoft problems

         Problems with XP

Windows XP may be termed as the most successful operating system ever released by Microsoft Corporation with a stunning 39% market share even after 12 years of its release in early 2001. So to take out all these operating systems from their work and replace them with newer versions will require a lot of manpower and great marketing strategies that the consumers will be reluctant to decline.

It seems that Microsoft has called upon all its partner companies to Houston for a Worldwide Partner conference to discuss on the strategies to solve one of the great Microsoft problems. Microsoft has issued all its partners to stop using and providing support for the 12-year-old OS. One thing is for sure that Microsoft has to put lot of pressure on its partners and business associates to move all the businesses out of Windows XP. It is said that the sole aim of Microsoft for the 2014 fiscal year is to move all the e-businesses from Windows systems by the end of 2014. This would mean that Microsoft along with its partners would need to make the users of 586,000 PCs agree to migrate from Windows XP.

In a measure to make people move off from XP, Microsoft has been researching and developing an array of new applications, offers, tools and partnership plans to encourage more users to move out of XP. Microsoft says that moving from the outdated OS will provide the customers with a modern environment to work with, as in the Windows 8 Metro UI. The company has also asked its vendors and partners to show the customers what they could achieve if they moved from Windows XP to the new Windows 8 operating system by providing live demo of the operating system, thereby hoping to solve one of the biggest Microsoft problems.

Windows devices

         Fix Microsoft problems

Microsoft also introduced a program called ”Get to Modern”, which is primarily aimed to get the small and medium sized business owners to change from Windows XP OS. Microsoft promises to take these companies to greater heights by offering a partnership deal for changing to the new Windows 8 operating system, as most of the small-scale businesses do not plan to change their resources for at least three to four years.

Microsoft also released another innovative program known as “TouchWins” which is a new channel of franchises that features Windows devices at its best with the new operating systems.

How Can You Fix The Hardware Troubles With Your Xbox 360?

Microsoft fix it

                Microsoft gaming device

Xbox 360 has been a huge hit with game enthusiasts and has helped Microsoft in capturing decent market share in the segment. Now, some of the users of Xbox might have encountered the red ring of death error. This comes up when there is a hardware failure. There is no ‘Microsoft fix it’ tool to repair this trouble, as it is associated with the hardware of the console. However, you do not have to worry, as Microsoft will help you to fix this trouble free of cost.

Steps Involved

  • You are not required to contact Microsoft support to fix some common errors with Xbox 360, as you can fix it by yourself. For example, if your device is overheating, you will be notified with a red ring in the second quadrant. This can be easily fixed by turning the device off for a few minutes. If you find four red rings on your monitor, it means that your Audio Video cable is not plugged in properly. Disconnect the device and plug in again to fix this issue.
  • If you have a different problem other than the ones mentioned above, you will probably need help from Microsoft. Therefore, call Microsoft help for Xbox at (800) 4MY-XBOX. The technician will assist you in diagnosing the issue. Once the issue is diagnosed, you would be required to send the device to Microsoft.
  • Wait for a few days and you will receive a package from Microsoft in which you need to ship your Xbox. Before you send the device, make sure that you take out the hard drive and game discs from the device. In addition, remove all the wires connected to the device.

    Xbox live

                 Fix Microsoft Xbox troubles

  • It is important that you go through the instructions in the packing case carefully so that your device reaches Microsoft safely. Remember that the package comes with a paid postage and you need not to pay anything for shipping charges.
  • It might take a few weeks to repair your device. Once repaired, Microsoft will return it back to your home. Good news is that you might be entitled to a free subscription to Xbox Live or might be gifted with a game as a token of compensation from Microsoft.

By following the above guidelines, you can easily fix the hardware errors with your Microsoft Xbox device. As mentioned above, there are no ‘Microsoft fix it’ tools to fix these hardware issues with your Xbox device. Therefore, acquire help from Microsoft experts and get your Xbox working again.