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Outlook Website Outage Imperils Microsoft’s Reputation

Microsoft problems

     Microsoft Outlook

After a three-day outage of its email service Outlook, Microsoft extended its deep regret for the inconvenience caused to the millions of customers worldwide. However, it was reported that even after Microsoft claimed that the issue has been fixed, some customers still found the site inaccessible.

According to a reliable source at Microsoft, the outage issue of Outlook was triggered by a failure in Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), a synchronization service employed to sync tablets and smartphones with multiple data such as email, calendar and contacts saved on Microsoft Exchange Server Systems. On Saturday, a Microsoft representative was quoted extending an apology on Microsoft’s behalf.

However, confusion continues among techies and Outlook users as the issue still seem to persist. The issue with the SkyDrive cloud storage and Outlook website started on last Wednesday around 10 a.m. Due to the outage, large number of users suffered problems with the Peoples contacts application. Microsoft claimed that the issue had been partially fixed soon after it was first detected – within 5 hours. However, users reported to have the same issue bothering them yet on the following day even after 4 p.m.

Obviously, the issue affected the users, who access their email on mobile devices; as such data had been stored on EAS for synchronization. This issue was reported to affect mostly the iPhone users as the Operating system on such devices (iOS) employed EAS for synchronization.

According to one Microsoft expert, the issue occurred as the cache service failure sent error message to the devices which unsuccessfully tried to connect to EAS. Consequently, a flood of traffic emerged imperiling the Microsoft services.

Exchange ActiveSync

         Microsoft tech team

In order to prevent similar Microsoft problems in the future, the tech giant has initiated some precautionary steps. This includes the changes it has made to deal with problems pertaining to the EAS and an increase in network bandwidth.

A similar problem had occurred early this year with iPhones and iPads running on iOS 6.1. The problem had a wider impact on Exchange servers and Office 365 subscription services.

The outage has been viewed quite in contrast to the claims that Microsoft has made recently that its cloud-based Office 365 service exceeded 99.9% uptime. More to the shock of Microsoft is the latest campaign titled “Scoogled” from Google Gmail which was started on Aug. 9 – the major rival to Microsoft’s Outlook. Unless the tech giant determines to do away with these common Microsoft problems, users would certainly have to think of an effective alternative.

Windows 8 Problems Hit Hard On Intel’s Estimated Revenue

Microsoft problems

Windows 8 problems

The biggest market owners of computer technology is experiencing the hardest fall of their entire reign. The successful collaboration of Intel and Microsoft has been put to the toughest test of endurance. The latest operating system of Microsoft, Windows 8, has disrupted the company’s reputation for its successful upgrades. The demand for the Microsoft computers have drastically declined and Intel is short of its proposed sales on computer chips. The Microsoft problems have resulted in the overall decline of Intel’s estimated revenue.

Statistical decline of sales

The overall sales of both corporations are statistically charted by analysts, which depict the speculated downfall precisely. The data shows a deficit of 25% on its net income, which accounts to about 2.05 billion dollars. The return on each share has depreciated to 40 cents from the earlier dividend of 53 cents per share. The share value of Intel was reduced to $21.64 by mid-day, with the decline of 1.2%. At the same time, Microsoft experienced a drop of 0.7%, the value reaching at $28.78.

Impact of Windows 8

The impetus of the consumers towards the enticing provisions of Tablets and smart phones and the upcoming of IP supplier companies like the ARM has forced Intel Corp to rely on the updated versions of Microsoft. The latest upgrade of Microsoft was the expected strategy for Intel to reignite the demand for personal computers. However, Windows 8 failed to provide the expected outcome and its incompetency propelled further downfall of the corporation.

The Windows 8 turned out to be less preferred by the existing consumers and they are opting for alternative operating systems. The customers insist on installing Windows 7 along with the upgraded versions of the Intel processors rather than with the latest software that Microsoft has to offer. Microsoft failed to convince the buyers with the fancy Metro home screen adopted in Windows 8. The audio driver enhancement for windows 8 has trouble operating different audio files, making it more of a degrade than an upgrade.

Plans for future launches

Intel and Microsoft

       Failure of Microsoft windows

The deteriorating demand for PCs and the current scenario of revenue downfall have compelled Microsoft to revaluate the strategies and opt for a relaunch with the rectification of the existing problems. Microsoft may add features for enabling the much-preferred Start screen option in the Windows 8 and make the Metro home screen optional. The company promises to rectify the various Microsoft problems which they failed to recognize earlier and to uphold the reputation of its allied partner Intel Corp.

In the present era of updated technologies, the failure of Microsoft to overpower the upcoming technologies may prove to be fatal for its supreme alliance with Intel. Let us hope that their future strategies may provide us with some efficient upgrades and sustain its support from Intel.

Problems With MSN Backgammon Games

Microsoft Problems

Microsoft Problems

In your childhood you would have been fascinated by the backgammon board game, weren’t you? Now, it is available in MSN games for purchase and downloading, alternatively it could be played online.

Recalling those wonderful days when we used to engage in playing backgammon with our family, when no software errors had to be solved; let’s start looking into the issues that Microsoft Backgammon games have.

Microsoft Backgammon game

Backgammon is just a family of games available at MSN games for entertainment. There are millions of users for MSN games who agree to the fact that some tweaking of the computers are necessary to make the games work correctly or while downloading them. Thankfully, all what is needed for MSN games are straightforward actions.

Microsoft problems with OS compatibility

You need new operating systems like Windows XP, Vista, 7 or later versions to play MSN games.

Trouble with browser

You also need the web browser Internet Explorer 7 or later versions with Active X controls for MSN games to work. It would not work with other web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Pop up blocker

You should turn off pop up blockers in order to download MSN games. To do this in Internet Explorer, go to Tools >>Pop-up blockers >> turn off pop up blocker. You must disable pop-up blockers via Norton or other PC security tools, Yahoo or Google toolbars, if any.


Open Internet Explorer and go to Internet Options >>General >>Browsing history >> Delete Cookies >>OK. Re-open the Explorer window so that cookies wouldn’t hinder MSN games functioning.

MSN Games Zone

          Microsoft Games Support

To adjust the Internet Explorer security settings, go to Tools>>Internet Options>>Security>>Security level for this zone>>Custom Level >>Reset Custom Setting>> select Medium or Medium-Low option >> Reset >> OK. Click Apply after the security settings window closes.

Allow games

Mark MSN games zone as a specifically allowed site in Internet Explorer via Tools >>Internet Options >>Security >>Select a Web Content Zone>>Restricted Sites>>Sites >>highlight,>>Remove. Now, highlight and>>Remove>>OK.

This information might be useful to solve issues with almost all MSN games and not just backgammon. Microsoft problems with playing MSN backgammon games online and downloading it could surely be solved, with the information contained in this article. For further queries and solutions to the Microsoft issues, you can take help from 24/7 customer support available online.

GDR2 Update Brings Troubles To HTC 8X Users

Microsoft problems

     Microsoft online support

Windows Phone 8 has not been a huge success when you compare it with its competitors like Android and iOS. However, Microsoft is slowly trying to catch up with many updates for its Windows Phone 8. The latest in this series is the GDR2 update, which was intended for the HTC 8X and Samsung ATIV S models. However, reports show that this update has created troubles for the HTC 8X users. The phone, HTC 8X was launched back during September, last year. HTC 8X is one among the few phones to be rolled out with Windows Phone 8 during the year. T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon provided users with this model.

The GDR2 update was released to update Windows Phone 8 with features like Data Sense, HTML5 enhancements, FM Radio, addition of Lync, Skype etc. However, the GDR2 updates have not gone well with many HTC 8X handsets and many users are experiencing troubles after the updates. This is one of the latest Microsoft problems with the handset. Earlier, many users faced troubles when their handsets restarted frequently. This was later fixed by an update.

According to Microsoft, the GDR2 update is one of the minor updates in the series and they are all set to release t he GDR3 update. With the release of this update, Windows Phone 8 users will experience significant improvements to their handsets that include enhanced multi tasking features, addition of a notification center etc.

Most users face the troubles when they open media files like songs and videos. This was evident from the numerous complaints by the users in the WP Central forum.

Nokia Lumia 920

         Fix Microsoft problems

Nokia devices are not affected by tese GDR2 updates as it were intended only for non-Nokia devices. However, earlier, Nokia Lumia 920 faced similar troubles when the update 1308 was released for it. When complaints about this update aroused, Nokia had to stop the release of this update. They later fixed the troubles by releasing another update 1314. This update fixed the Microsoft problems with update on the Lumia 920 model.

Everyone expects that Microsoft’s GDR3 update for the non-Nokia devices like HTC and Samsung would bring in enhanced capabilities and improvements without troubles. Experts also believe that the bugs, which caused the GDR2 updates to fail in HTC 8X phones would soon be fixed with the release of this update. HTC 8X users are now eagerly waiting for the release of GDR3 update from Microsoft.

An Account Of Master File Table Problems In Windows

1024 byte

                              Windows problems

Over the decades, Microsoft has catered millions of users worldwide with the most reliable operating systems. Alongside they have also done their best to aid us in our digital activities by developing world-class applications and programs that rarely throw up issues. However, as the Windows help crew opines, as our PCs get bombarded with more and more data, and due to inevitable wear and tear, it’s quite likely that we might stumble upon some Microsoft problems or the other. In this post, our panel of experts gives you a comprehensive account on one such issue- the problems your PC’s Master File Table could encounter.

What is the Master File Table?

It is very important to know what the Master File Table is before we delve into the issues it might encounter. As most of you would be well aware of, the MFT is basically a file that encompasses information in the form of ‘1024 byte’ records about every file and directory in an NTFS volume. Hence it is essentially a table of metadata whose contents are what the Windows operating system requires for retrieving the files on your hard drive. The data stored in the MFT range from the name of the file, its size, date and time of creation to its specific file permissions. Hence it need not be further explained how important it is to keep the MFT safe and intact. Let us now have a look at the kind of problems your PC’s MFT could encounter.

Damaged Directory

This is the most common problem MFTs are inclined to encounter. As a result of attempting to delete, open or rename a folder or file using the command prompt in Windows File Manager; the occurrence of a damaged directory or file would display the following error message:

Microsoft Problems

                    Microsoft Windows help

“<drive>:\<folder> is not accessible

The file or directory is corrupt and non-readable. The file or directory is corrupt and non-readable. The file or directory \<folder> is corrupt and unreadable.

Please Run the Chkdsk utility”

Irrecoverable Space

Lost space is another reason why your MFT could be damaged. This normally occurs when you reorganize or defragment your hard disk. At times, as a result of deleting large-sized files, your MFT ends up with a big hole or gap, which are in effect irrecoverable lost storage spaces.

Hope this post gives you a good idea on the problems you might encounter with your Windows PC’s MFT. To learn more about resolving Microsoft problems, feel free to get In touch with our tech support center.

Problems In Downloading Microsoft Lifecam Program

Download Microsoft Lifecam

             Microsoft Lifecam software

When you try to download Microsoft Lifecam software, if an error message pops up, you would indeed be not happy.

For those who don’t know about Microsoft Lifecam; this is a webcam from the reputed brand Microsoft that is available in various models to be used in personal computers. The special features of the Lifecam include integration with WLM or Windows Live Messenger and an embedded microphone. This enables direct Internet support with the above-mentioned features. Microsoft problems could be dealt with all variety Lifecam models, which have a Windows Live Call button, whose purpose is to initiate WLM-Windows Live Messenger video calls. Microsoft came up with Lifecam VX versions for desktop computers and NX series for laptop computers.

Let us see to the main problems that hinder Microsoft Lifecam software download.

Space available on Hard disk

Your computer needs to have at least Microsoft Lifecam recommended minimum space on the hard disk. If this is the problem in downloading software for Microsoft Lifecam, the error message pops up as There is insufficient hard disk space to install the LifeCam software.

To tackle such Microsoft problems, uninstall all the unnecessary files and applications from your computer hard disk. Free up space on your system’s hard disk so that Microsoft Lifecam software could be accommodated.

Security programs

Firewalls, antivirus programs and anti-malware are security programs that could interfere with the installation of Microsoft Lifecam software. The problem is the improper configuration of these programs, which would block the installation wizard of Microsoft Webcam. If you are prompted to allow the installation process by a security program, mark the Lifecam installation as allowed and then proceed. The software installation, if blocked by the Firewall needs you to change the configuration settings of the Firewall. This procedure varies slightly for different Firewalls.

Pop-up Bocker

Microsoft Problems

               Fix Microsoft Problems

Installing Microsoft LifeCam requires running ActiveX controls that are usually blocked by pop up blockers. In case, the programs blocking level is set too high, this is sure to stop the download. Just disable the program temporarily to allow Lifecam installation, if an error message pops up while attempting to download.

Enable .net

You must have .net enabled to install Microsoft Lifecam. This is to ensure functionality of other Microsoft Windows programs.

Hope you understood the common problems and solutions associated with Microsoft Lifecam software installation. For more clarifications, contact the Microsoft tech support team.

Microsoft Dwindles Its Reputation On The Windows Security Coding Errors

Microsoft fix it

         Microsoft coding vulnerabilities

The recent crucial flaw in the Windows security update has squandered the hard-earned credibility of Microsoft technologies. The security feature throws the users into the most vulnerable platform against cyber offenders. Users are intensely agitated by the incompetency of Microsoft that leave them exposed to the potential threat of hackers.

Microsoft plans to clear up the coding drawbacks in all of its products, by the next launch of updates. The errors are being reported extensively in a number of products, which is stated as the utmost disregard to Windows users. Microsoft Fix It upgrades for the coding failures are urged to be implemented with imminent urgency.

Code execution errors

Travis Ormandy of the Google corp. was the first to submit a complete report mail on the driver vulnerability on Windows Kernel driver. The detail result of the coding error analysis was submitted along with the mailing list. The operating systems Windows 7 and Windows 8 were comparatively tested in order to pin out the proposed coding vulnerability.

Paul Henry of the Lumension vulnerability management states these coding failures to be the ugliest of all the launches in Microsoft’s history. The majority of the coding bulletins that are significant for Windows security updates are found to be corrupted and incompetent. Almost six of the prominent bulletins are manifestations of the code vulnerabilities that expose its users to the adverse threat of hackers.

Windows security update

 Microsoft to fix its coding errors

The reputed technology officer Wolfgang Kandek of the Qualys enterprise has pointed out the disastrous coding errors affecting the internet browser. The latest update adversely affects all the versions of Internet explorer. The Windows users are rendered vulnerable to any remote attacks from cyber criminals.

The default antivirus software of Windows also reports to be inflicted by the coding error vulnerability. Windows defender has proposed to be updated with significant fixes in its drawbacks. Microsoft announces urgent solution to all of its coding errors reported on the latest product updates. Microsoft has initiated the Microsoft Fix It launches and estimates to be completely implemented within the year-end. The company is projecting a confident approach on its credibility by offering rewards to those who point out further vulnerabilities.

Microsoft has subjected its users to an ultimate test of endurance, which can prove fatal to its reputation, if persisted with successive incompetency. The users are diligently expecting Microsoft to manifest its obligation by efficiently rectifying the coding errors and avoiding future disregard.

When MS Word Fails To Save Documents By Itself

Microsoft problems

    Microsoft problems

Microsoft Word application can be used to create documents for projects, data creation and for other important tasks. You could use the following steps to avoid losing data in Word documents and encounter Microsoft problems unnecessarily. The following instruction would help you to save MS Word files, without missing any part of the data.

Instructions to save a new copy

  • You have to click on File option listed in the menu bar, just below the tile bar of the MS Word window. Now, from the dropdown list, select the option reading Save as.
  • Next step is to navigate to the desired location; you wish to save the file. Type in a suitable file name and choose a proper format to save the Word document under the option Save as type. By default, the format for MS Word is .docx for higher versions like 2010 and it is .doc for Microsoft Word 97 to 2003.
  • Click Save option to save the file as a new copy in the location you have specified. The edits that you have made till the last second in the document would be saved in this newly saved document.

How to use another program

  • Highlight the entire contents of the Word document by pressing Ctrl + A keys; simultaneously press ctrl and A keys on the keyboard.
  • Now, you should copy the document contents to the office clipboard by pressing Ctrl + C or right click on the highlighted contents, select copy option.

    Save as type

         Microsoft issues

  • Open the program you need to use for saving the document text. It would be logical to use WordPad or notepad for Windows operating system. Microsoft Word processor as well as AbiWord could be used to save such text document contents.
  • After opening the program, click on Ctrl + V, alternatively right click and select paste option. Go to File>>Save as and proceed by selecting a location, filename and suitable format as before. Click on Save option.

Set the AutoRecover saving time for Word document to the minimum to avoid losing data accidently. You might lose some important data due to an immediate power failure and system shut down, making you in a terrible mood. You would not have Microsoft problems due to losing Word document contents by following the above-mentioned steps. Hope these steps work well for you to save a Microsoft Word document properly.

How To Fix Outlook Errors With The Windows Live Mail Added To It?

Outlook connector

       Fix microsoft problems

If you wish to see your Windows Live emails in Outlook, then you need to install the Outlook connector program. By this, you can configure and view your Windows Live mails in Outlook. However, even though this helps you to view multiple email accounts, they can also give you certain errors. You can fix these Microsoft problems without seeking any technical assistance. Follow the steps below and fix the errors with your email.

Steps Involved

  • The first step is to verify if your computer has the Outlook Connector program. If not, download and install it. However, make sure that you are downloading the correct version on your computer, that is, 32 bit or 64 bit.
  • You should enter the username of your Windows Live account and  password on the Connector Window. Make sure that you enter them without any errors.
  • Compatibility issues with other add-ons can also give you errors. Therefore, disable other Outlook add-ons.
  • Some errors pop up with an error code. Search over the internet specifically to find out the fixes for this error.
  • Junk settings can give you errors. Therefore, verify your junk settings and ensure that these errors do not pop up due to these settings. The errors associated with junk settings are 4202, 4203, 4304, 4350, 4401 and 4403.
  • Among the above errors, you can fix the error 4204 by selecting Home, then Junk and Junk Email Options. From the list of blocked senders, find out if they have any of the characters like !, #, $, %, *, /, ?, ^, `, {, |, },~ and _.

    Microsoft problems

             Microsoft help center

  • For the error 4203, find out if you have blocked any domains, which are not permitted and if so, remove them.
  • The error 4304 occurs when there are more than 500 email addresses on either your safe list or your blocked list.
  • For the error 4305, search your safe list and blocked list and find out if there is an email account that comes under both lists. If so, remove them.
  • The error 4401 can occur, if there are two or more same email addresses on the safe list or blocked list. Verify and remove the multiple entries to fix this issue.

With the above steps, you can fix most of the errors with your Microsoft Outlook program while Windows Live is synchronized with it. For additional help on these Microsoft problems, you may contact Microsoft help center.

Fix The Outlook Error Message: The Requested Operation Failed

Archiving messages

        Problems with Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a very popular email client used by many to manage their various email accounts. Outlook makes it easy to manage different email accounts using a single mailbox. However, like any other application, Outlook is not free from glitches and bugs. You might have seen error messages popping up while trying to send or receive email messages. Often Outlook displays error codes that can be perplexing for the average user to decode. But for someone who is an expert, these error codes provide an easy way to troubleshoot the problem. One common error message that Outlook users get is The requested operation failed. There are several possible reasons and solutions for this. It greatly depends on what you were doing and when you received the error message. Microsoft problems like these can be easily fixed it you follow the right troubleshooting steps.

Causes and Solutions

Getting error when archiving messages

  • One solution for this problem is to download the hotfix for this issue from the Microsoft website. Since this is a very common Outlook error, Microsoft offers an easy downloadable fix for it. One possible reason why you get this error message while trying to archive messages is that the HTML message that is being archived has many nested HTML tags. The downloadable hotfix can easily fix this issue.
  • After downloading the hotfix, install it on the server that hosts your mailbox. Once you have it installed, it will log the problematic message in the Application log. You can check this Application log to identify the problem message.
  • Now forward the problem message to yourself from Outlook. When you do this, Microsoft Word will reformat the message when you send it and will remove the unnecessary HTML tags. After this, delete the message and continue archiving.

Getting error when running a synchronization process to work offline

Microsoft Problems

        Microsoft Outlook troubleshooting

  • The easy solution for this is to clean up your Outlook folder. You possibly get several error messages beforehand indicating that Outlook cannot synchronize. You get this while trying to synchronize Outlook to work offline. If you ignore these initial error messages, eventually you will get the one stating The requested operation failed. Usually this problem occurs when the data in your email folders exceeds the amount allowed by your mail administrator.
  • In order to stop this from happening, you can reduce the amount of data in your email folders by reducing the amount of storage space your email takes up. Another effective solution is to clear off old, unnecessary messages, especially those with attachments.
  • Finally press the F9 key to run the synchronization process again.

If you still have Microsoft problems related to your Outlook, contact Microsoft Support team to get the problem fixed quickly.