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Fix Your Xbox 360 Free From Microsoft

Microsoft problems

       Common Microsoft problems

Xbox 360 is the latest gaming device designed by the Microsoft. Xbox 360 is embedded with an Xbox live service feature that offers online services like multiplayer games, downloading games, music and movie trailers etc. It also supports Windows media center and enables users to access other third party programs. Xbox 360 non-functionality is one of the known Microsoft problems and it arises due to a hardware failure. You cannot easily fix this issue; however, you can seek the help of Microsoft support team to resolve this problem free of cost.

Troubleshooting steps

You can follow the below steps to identify this issue and correct it.

  1. You should ensure that this issue is occurring due to a general hardware failure as you can resolve other hardware problems by yourself. For example, you can resolve the Xbox overheating problem by switching off the indicator from the second quadrant for some time. Four red rings in the quadrant indicate that AV cable is incorrectly connected. Disconnecting and re-inserting the cable will fix this issue.
  2. You should contact the Microsoft Technical support once you figure out that it is a general hardware issue. You can reach them via phone by dialing (800) 4MY-XBOX. Prior to contacting, you should disconnect the cables and detach the hard drive. After identifying the issue with the help of support personnel, a package will be sent to you by Microsoft in order to send your Xbox to the service center.

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  3. You should manually take out the unnecessary components of the console prior to your sending. Disconnect the cables as well as the hard drive and keep these in a safe location. You should also eject any game DVD’s from the console if any.
  4. You should ship the Xbox 360 to the respective Microsoft support center now. You should not pay the shipping charges again as it is inclusive with the Microsoft package that you received previously. You should understand the instructions in the leaflet that came with the package to ensure the safe sending of your Xbox 360.
  5. You should wait for a few weeks for any response. The main benefit is that you will get back a working device without any additional cost so that you can carry on your gaming. In addition, you may get a free game or an Xbox Live subscription for one month free as a relief for the trouble you faced.

Once you follow the above solutions, you should be able to fix the Xbox 360 issue. You can also contact Microsoft support to fix other Microsoft problems also.

Fix Troubles With Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft problems

Fix Microsoft problems

Microsoft Security Essentials is the default antivirus software from Microsoft. It is free to download the Security Essentials program from the Microsoft Website if your computer has a genuine version of Microsoft operating system. Security Essentials is light weighted antivirus software and does not use up all your system resources. This makes it a favorite antivirus application among those whose computers have the basic configurations. However, lately various reports show that some compatibility issues with Security Essentials program have caused the Chrome to crash. This is one of the Microsoft problems with the Security Essentials program, and in order to fix this issue, follow the steps mentioned below.

Update the signature files

Before you reinstall Chrome, update the Security Essentials signature files. For this, run the antivirus program and click the ‘Update’ tab. This will download the latest updates for Microsoft Security Essentials from Microsoft and install them on your computer. After the updates are over, check if they are successfully installed on your computer by checking the version of Security Essentials. If the Security Essential version is 1.113.672.0 or higher, you can be sure that, the signatures are updated successfully.

Next step is to reinstall the Chrome program. Follow the steps below to uninstall and reinstall Chrome from your computer.

For Windows XP

  • Select Start, choose Control Panel, and then click on Add or Remove Programs.
  • From the Currently installed programs window, choose Google Chrome and select the Remove tab.
  • If a confirmation window pops up, then click on ‘Yes’ to validate the removal. This removal process does not remove the browsing data. However, keep in mind that your browsing data will be deleted if you check the option “Also delete your browsing data?”

    control panel

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  • Open internet explorer or any other browser on your computer and navigate to to download Google chrome. Double click the exe file to install it.

For Windows 7

  • Select the Start button, and choose Control Panel.
  • Select Programs (or Programs -> Programs and Features)
  • From the list of programs, choose Google Chrome.
  • Select the Uninstall tab that you will find at the top.
  • Navigate to in a different browser. You may use internet explorer or Firefox for this. Click on the download tab and download the Chrome setup file.

Microsoft problems like the error with Security Essentials can be fixed by following the above steps.