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Troubleshoot Microsoft Wireless Mouse


Microsoft Wireless Mouse

Besides the operating system and other software, Microsoft also brings out computer peripherals like wireless mouse, keyboard, etc. These devices work on the system that runs on Windows operating system and is simple and easy to use. All you need to do is connect these devices with the system using the wireless interface hardware and software programs and start using like any normal wired devices.

Along with the many advantages of using wireless devices there are a few disadvantages that. Microsoft problems associated with both hardware as well as software products can be serviced through the many options provided by the company to its customers.

If the problem persists even after trying the initial troubleshooting measures like checking the connections and replacing the mouse batteries, follow the measures shared below.

Connection Problem Due to Frequency Interference

Windows system supports the wireless devices from Microsoft, its parent company and other manufacturers such as iBall, Logitech etc. The issues however, follow them too. For instance, you might find connection issue with your Microsoft wireless mouse when another wireless keyboard by different manufacturer is also used. Every wireless device use certain set frequencies to connect to the system and these frequencies may interfere with those from other devices when used together. This will cause the connection problems between the system and device and may lead to connection problem.

Problems with Wireless Mouse

You can overcome this connection problem by using the wireless devices from the same manufacturer. This will maintain the frequencies in order and the wireless mouse will work fine. This will fix the connection issue due to frequencies interference.

Use Updated Devices

Each device will have its updates from the manufacturer at regular interval. These updates depend upon the operating system you use. These updates are necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of the wireless mouse. Microsoft releases updates for its products regularly. The updates fix most of the issues and Microsoft problems associated with the wireless devices by enhancing the software features fixes bugs and enhance the security system. Updating all these features will ensure a trouble free usage of the external peripherals. The updates come free and all you need to do is check for the updates regularly. This will avoid the need for going through the hard troubleshooting steps.

While ensuring great connectivity, Microsoft products come with the assurance of one of the largest tech companies in the world. Never go for devices that do not come from reputed companies as they often result in below-par performance.

How To Fix The Network Problems In The Windows Vista


Troubleshoot Windows Vista

Microsoft has over the years released different versions of Windows operating systems. Among them, Windows Vista is the one which is least accepted by the users. Even though they provide a number of advanced features than its predecessor Windows XP, it shows many problems during its operation.

A common problem seen in the Vista is the issues while connecting to a network.  However, in order to fix the network issues and other Microsoft problems, they provide a troubleshooting utility. You can make use of this utility to fix all the issues automatically. If the utility can’t fix the problem automatically, it will provide you the step by step instructions to solve the issue. Try the following instructions to solve the issues relating to the network problems.

Steps To Follow

  • You can see a Network icon on the taskbar of the Windows Vista. Right Click on that icon.
  • If you have a wireless network connection, the icon will now appear as Wireless Signal Strength icon.
  • If you have wired connection, a tiny icon with the image of an Internet cable in it appears in place of the icon.
  •  Then select the Diagnose and Repair to open the Network Troubleshooting Utility of Windows Vista.
  • As you do it, the Windows Vista tries to disconnect the network connection from your system. Then reset it and activate it again.
  • Then the Vista analyzes the network to know whether this fix the issues.
  • If the Windows finds no more errors, the error fixing is finished

                   Fix the Vista problems

  • If the Vista indicates further errors with the network, you can go to the next step.
  • Follow the on screen instructions that appear on the Troubleshooting utility window.
  • This utility gives you the correct steps of instructions to fix the problems with the network.
  • If the issues with the Network are fixed after one step, click the close button to close the Troubleshooting utility.
  • If the issues are not fixed, click the Try Different Solution link that you can see on the utility window.
  • The utility will give you different options and additional steps to solve the problem.
  • Again follow the instructions on the utility window to solve the issues.

It is common to occur network problems with the Windows Vista operating systems. If you follow the above instructions, you can easily solve the Microsoft problems and network errors.

Best Gaming Computer Reviews

cheap gaming computers

more on cheap gaming computers

Are you a serious gamer? Are you on a search for cheap gaming computers? If yes, you are on the right place. Gaming computers are available in a wide variety of configurations in order to meet the growing needs of the users. When it comes the gaming, Dell desktops are the most preferred. What users like most about Dell is the performance capabilities of their desktops. But if you are a budget buyer, Dell gaming desktops may not serve your purpose. This article contains the reviews of 2 gaming desktops that deliver a decent performance  with minimum investment.

Asus Essentio CM 6870

If you are looking for a cheap gaming computer, you may very well opt for the Asus Essentio CM 6870. The low cost of this desktop does not mean that you need to sacrifice the performance related aspects. The desktop is equipped with a powerful 3.4 GHz i7-3770 processor with a RAM capacity of 8 GB. The total storage capacity is 1750 GB. The worth mentioning feature of the Essentiois that it is incorporated with Nvidia Geforce GT 545  graphics card. These hardware features enhance the performance capabilities of the desktop and sets it apart  from the competitors. The Asus Essentio CM 6870 can be the best gaming PC for a beginner. When it comes to the exterior design aspects, you may not see any flashy lights or other attention grabbing stuff that is normally found on high end gaming computers. At the first glance the Asus Essentio CM 6870 rather looks like an ordinary gaming PC. Well, it’s quite obvious that you cannot afford the high end stuffs for the low cost of CM 6870. You may purchase

best gaming computer

high end gaming computers

this desktop for an affordable price of $1000.

HP Pavilion HPE h9-1120t Phoenix-best gaming computer

Another cheap option  is the HP Pavilion HPE h9-1120t Phoenix. It is equipped with a 3.5 GHz i7-3770k processor with a RAM capacity of 12 GB. It has a total storage capacity of 2000 GB. The graphics card incorporated in this desktop is Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 SLI. The tower is equipped with a Blue ray reader option on the front side. It also houses 4 USB ports that offer 2.0 portability. One of worth mentioning  features of the HP Pavilion HPE h9-1120t Phoenix is that it is released with an inbuilt Norton antivirus security. I am pretty sure that the HPE h9-1120t Phoenix will offer you an enchanting gaming experience with the least investment. Purchase the same for around  $1400.

Hope you have benefitted from the article. Thanks for reading.

Fix Problems With Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000


How to Fix Problem with Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000

It is frustrating when your mouse suddenly stops working while you are playing games on your system. Some short temper people will throw away their mouse out of anger. Also, if you are using a non-wireless mouse, you may meet the same problem because the wire from the mouse may get entangled with the nearby cables thereby disturbing your work. In such a situation, wireless mouse would be the best choice for everyone, especially for gamers. Thus, if you are thinking of purchasing one, you should try Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000, which comes in handy for gamers. However, it will be wise to read beforehand about the common Microsoft problems with Microsoft products.

Few advantages and disadvantages of the Optical Mouse

This mouse is inexpensive and quite comfortable to use. If you are among the gamers group, you should buy this wireless mouse as it provides lag-free performance. However, in the meantime, there are certain disadvantages of this mouse. Unlike other wireless mouse, software is not included with this mouse. It has no additional buttons and lacks horizontal scroll. It is very short, about only 3-foot range.

If you are having problem with your mouse, read the following instructions.


  • The moment you feel that your optical mouse is not working, the foremost step you should take is to check whether the battery is dead or not. If so, replace them with a good quality one. Installing good batteries will make the LED or USB receiver installed on the bottom of the mouse, a glow which means that the mouse is working normally again.

    Wireless Optical Mouse 3000

  • However, if the battery is fine, try connecting the USB receiver to your system USB port that is compatible with the receiver. Make sure that you hear a sound from your system the instant you connect the receiver to the compatible port. This sound will indicate that the mouse is working.
  • Now, look for the connect button underneath the mouse. Then, by long pressing the button, you can easily readjust the wireless connection. Due to technical reasons or some other reasons, the connection may get disconnected or temporary loss of signal may be the  result, thereby disturbing the onscreen movement of the mouse. Here the movement may be inconsistent.

Thus, keep in mind the above instructions and fix your mouse on your own every time your mouse is not working. For more details about the mouse and Microsoft problems, visit Microsoft’s website.