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Guide To Fix Microsoft Updates

Microsoft Problems

Troubleshooting issues with automatic updates

One very useful feature incorporated in the Microsoft Windows operating system is the automatic update system. This indispensable feature is important because it ensures that bug fixes and drivers on your system are regularly updated automatically to protect your system against even the most recent bugs and viruses.

How to fix your updates?

In case you are facing issues with your automatic update system, it is absolutely essentially that you get it fixed as soon as possible. A corrupted updating system makes your computer prone to various risks and threats. Here are a few trouble shooting tips that you can try out to fix issues that you might have with your updates.

  • To start with, ensure that you are connected to the internet and also make sure that the automatic updating is enabled. Now select Control Panel and then choose the Security Center area. There will be a green button next to the Automatic Updates section if updates are turned on. But if the button is not green and is red instead, change it to green by double clicking on it and enable automatic updating.
  • Now download Windows Update agent. If your system has not been updated at all, then in all probability the updating mechanism has become out of date and will be compatible with the current system.
  • Repair the System files. You will be required to perform a repair installation if an update fails either due to corrupted system files or missing system files. Insert your operating system’s CD boot into your system and from
    Microsoft support number

            Fix your updates issues

    the Boot menu, launch the Setup utility. To reinstall the missing files, follow the on screen prompts.

  • Reinstall every update. If there was any error while downloading an update or if it was downloaded out of sequence, then the subsequent updates might be corrupted. Disable your automatic updates to uninstall all previous updates by browsing for Software Distribution folder from the Windows directory and switching automatic update function back to on. All files should immediately start downloading again.

These are some steps that you can take in order to fix Microsoft problems with your updates. If you have any queries, dial the Microsoft support number to obtain instant help. You can also contact them for any other Microsoft problems that you might have had to face.   Updates also require the computer to be restarted so doing the same in the middle of work is not advised.

Blocking Microsoft Defender

Microsoft problems

How to solve Microsoft problems

We all depend on the internet to accomplish various tasks, whether for official or personal use.  Since the internet is a platform that provides space for authorized and unauthorized websites, internet users should be more cautious because of the threat of virus attacks. You can find millions of viruses or spyware programs across the World Wide Web, making it difficult to browse without the presence of an effective antivirus program.

To ensure safety while using the internet, Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Defender, which is a tool that detects and prevents malicious software programs like viruses, spyware programs and other threats. This program is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 2003 operating systems. This program is capable of preventing replication of the malicious software. They also prevent changing of the security settings by the spyware program. But if you already have installed another antivirus program on your computer, you can uninstall Microsoft Defender from your computer. This is because the presences of one antivirus program can interfere with the performance of another antivirus program.

Under certain circumstances, you might find it really difficult to uninstall Microsoft Defender from your computer. However, you can think about blocking Microsoft Defender, which will prevent it from interfering with the performance of other software programs installed in your computer. If you find it difficult to solve Microsoft problems, you can contact Help and Support team of Microsoft.Let us follow the below steps to accomplish the task.


  • Click on Start button that you find in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • You can now click on the All programs folder.
  • A list of programs will now appear on the screen. You can select Windows Defender from the list.
  • Once the program is open, select the Tools button.
  • When you click on Tools, you will find the Options button. Click on it.
  • Now under the heading Administrator Options, you can click on Use Windows Defender.
  • You can uncheck the box next to Use Windows Defender.
  • Now click on Savebutton.

    Microsoft Defender

    Microsoft problems and solutions

  • After saving it, you can provide the administrative password, if you are asked to do so by the operating system.
  • After the process, you can restart your computer. This will ensure that the program has been blocked completely by the operating system.

These are the few steps included to block Windows Defender program. The Microsoft problems with Windows Defender can be fixed by them. 

Tips For Solving The Issues Related To Optical Mice

Microsoft problems

tips for customizing your optical mouse

I’m a business professional who continuously uses a computer for carrying out much work related to my business. For this purpose I bought one laptop that works on the Windows 7 operating system. To control the movement of my computer’s pointer in an easier way, I have purchased an optical mouse. Initially it worked fine. But later, it started showing some errors. But with suitable techniques, I was able to clear the issue effectively. Have you got any Microsoft problems while using an optical mouse? If so, read the full article to discover more.

What is an Optical Mouse?

An optical mouse is actually a pointing device that’s used for controlling the movement of the computer’s pointer. It works in the same way as a mouse ball. The main difference between using an optical mouse instead of mouse ball regards its precision. An optical mouse provides you with precise movements and a better control. Like any other hardware, there are instances where your optical mouse can encounter some issues. Here I’m discussing some tips that will assist you to correct the issues related to Optical Mice.

Regarding Port

An optical mouse, whether it is wired or wireless, is usually connected to the computer through ports. The connecting port may be USB or PS2, and that too, depends on the mouse you’re using. If your machine is having a port that is damaged, then your system won’t recognize the device, and will not be able to connect to the computer. In this scenario, you can connect your mouse to another port. This will likely solve this issue.

Windows 7

ensure proper working of your optical mouse

Regarding the Drivers

For connecting any external devices to your laptop, it requires proper drivers. Otherwise the devices won’t work on your machine. So for the proper working of an Optical mouse, you should install appropriate drivers for it. If you are using an outdated driver, it’s better to update it by going to the Microsoft website.

Regarding the System

For the proper working of Optical mice, your system should have a functioning port and current drivers, and the mouse you are using should be compatible with your computer. If your mouse is not working with your computer, try to connect this to another computer, and see whether it is working or not.  If it is working with the second computer, then the problem will be with your first computer.

Hope you have understood the article. For more about Microsoft problems, contact the tech support team. Thank you.

Troubleshoot Problems with MS Optical Mouse

Microsoft Problems

Microsoft Problems and solutions

The mouse is one of the most important computer peripherals that work as an input device. A computer system cannot be this friendly and easy to use without a mouse. Being the most used peripheral also makes it prone to errors.

If you are using Microsoft Optical Mouse 3000, issues can be noticed when the mouse does not respond to clicks, failure in connection or slowness in response. In such a situation, you should know how to detect such issues before going for a new mouse as this will save some cash. Troubleshooting the problem will help determine the issues with the mouse. Although it may seem difficult, troubleshooting the device is relatively easy.Issues can be easily troubleshot as there are a number of forums which deal with Microsoft problems- both hardware and software.

Steps in Optical Mouse Troubleshooting

Connection Issues Troubleshooting

There will be a connect button located at the bottom of the mouse. Locate and press it while you press the connect button on the receiver. Press and hold these buttons for a few seconds. In case there is a connection issue between the two, this action will reset the connection and may fix the problem.

Change USB Port

You can try changing the receiver connection to a different USB port. There are computers where the different USB ports are meant for different connections or specific devices. So in case you use a port meant for another device, the mouse may not respond to the movement or clicks. Connect the mouse to each port and check if it responds to click or movement. This may solve the USB port connection related issues.

Change Batteries

Optical Mouse

Troubleshoot Microsoft problems

In case yours is a wireless mouse, the batteries used in the device should be checked and replaced whenever necessary. Low or completely dead batteries will leave a mouse as good as dead as there will not be any power source to run the mouse. The receiver is driven by the power through the USB port and so it does not require and battery. To access the mouse batteries, push on the star-marked button along with a pull on the casing. Replacing the batteries will fix most of the issues associated with the optical mouse.

The steps shared above will help you solve most of the Microsoft problems associated with the Microsoft optical mouse 3000. For more help on related issues, you can contact Microsoft support center executives.

Activation of Microsoft product

Microsoft problems

Solving Microsoft problems

When we use a product of Microsoft, we can either use the trial version or the full software. If you are using a trial ware, it can be used for a period of 30 days, after which it expires. The trial period is a period during which you can enjoy using the software. Once you get satisfied with it, you can go ahead and purchase it, and enjoy the complete subscription. After the completion of 30 days you can try to purchase the product. When you purchase the product, you will receive a product key which you can use to activate the product. This will help you to enjoy the subscription of the legitimate software.

Expired product

After completion of the trial period, or before completion of the trial period, you will receive constant messages to activate the Microsoft product.  If you do not activate the product within the stipulated period you will receive the message, “Your activation period has expired”. Below this message, you will find a link that will take you to the activation of the product. You will find boxes where you can enter the product key. You can either perform activation manually or through phone.

Use Product key

According to the End User License Agreement, you can use a product key only on one computer. If you are trying to activate the same product key on another computer, you will receive a warning message that you have attempted to install on multiple computers. According to the terms and conditions of the license agreement, you are allowed to install and activate the product only on one computer.

Product key not valid


Troubleshooting Microsoft problems

If you want the activation of the product to be successful, you should enter the product key correctly. If you have not entered the product key correctly, you will receive a message that the product key is not valid. So make sure that you enter the product key correctly.

Lost product key

If you have lost your product key, you will find it difficult to activate Windows.  You can check for the product key on the sleeve of the CD that you have purchased. If you are not able to find the product key, you will have to purchase another product key. Once you purchase it, you can use it to activate the product.

These are the different Microsoft problems associated with activation. The Microsoft Help & Support team will help you to solve Microsoft problems related with activation.