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Resolving Microsoft problems with hyperlinks in Microsoft Word

Microsoft problems, hyperlinks

Fix hyperlinks in Word

If you have visited us earlier with looking for help with hyperlinks, then I guess it was for removing hyperlinks from Word document. We have helped you in changing hyperlinked text or hypertexts to normal document text. This time we are going to help you the other way round; that is, making a normal text into a hypertext. Sometimes, when copying from webpage, some Microsoft problems may occur. At such times, an already hyperlinked word or group of words may not be pasted as hyperlink. The link may break and the hyper linking is lost.

Sometimes, you may want to change the already set hyperlink with some other URL or redirect the link to some other webpage. Just following the simple steps given in this article can help you with all these. Setting hyperlink or editing a hypertext is as easy as removing a hyperlink. This article has the steps for editing and changing the hypertexts and resolving the Microsoft problems.

Instructions for manipulating hyperlinks in Microsoft Word

Follow the below given steps for making changes to the hyperlinks or hypertexts. The steps are as follows:

  • Launch Microsoft Word and open the file that contains the hyperlink.
  • Click File and then press Open.
  • Click and drag the mouse over the broken hyperlink to select it.
  • Select the Hyperlink or use the Insert Hyperlink option from the Standard or Edit menu to bring up the dialog box that allows you to fix the link.
  • Alternately, you can right-click on the link and select Edit Hyperlink from the menu.
  • Type or copy paste the desired website address in the Link to text field and enter a new name in the Display text field.
  • The new address will bring users to the associated page when clicked, and the display name appears when visitors move the mouse over the hyperlink.
  • Click File, and then choose the Saveoption to save the document to preserve the change.

    Microsoft problems, hyperlinks

    Fix hyperlinks in Word

These steps will serve the purpose. Be careful when changing the hyperlink field. If the URL address or the document location given is not correct, the hyperlink may not function properly and may lead to more Microsoft problems. If you face any problem with hyperlinks, contact Microsoft support for assistance.

Hope this article has been of help to you.

Resolving Microsoft problems with network file sharing in Windows XP


Problems with network file sharing

While working with the Windows XP operating system, you might sometimes face problems with the network file sharing which prevents you from sharing files over a network. These problems can occur due to several reasons, but the good thing is that they can be resolved easily. This article contains instructions for fixing network sharing problems in XP.

Instructions for fixing Microsoft problems with file sharing

To resolve Microsoft problems with network file sharing in your Windows XP operating system, all you have to do is to follow the instructions mentioned below.

Enable your network connection

  1. Click on the Windows “Start” button.
  2. Select the option which says “Connect to” from the start menu.
  3. Continue with this procedure by clicking on the option “Show All Connections”.
  4. Make sure that the local area connection or the wireless network connection is enabled. If connection is not enabled, you will be able to see an “X” beneath the connection name.
  5. To enable it, just double click on the network icon.

Allow sharing of files

  1. First you need to make sure that the folder or hard drive that you would like to share is configured to allow sharing.  If it is available for sharing, you will be able to see a hand holding the drive or folder in the display window.
  2. Right click on the folder or hard drive that you wish to share.
  3. Select the options labeled “Sharing and Security” from the given options.
  4. Mark the check box which says “Share this folder on the network”. Also rename the folder if required.
  5. Hit the “Ok” button located at the bottom on the screen. This will make the drive or folder accessible to the entire network.

Some other things which you need to keep your eye on

Microsoft problems

Problems with network file sharing

  1. Make use of a new LAN cord for connecting to the network.  In course of time, a LAN cord might break the connection or suffer other malfunctions which will prevent you from sharing files.
  2. Verify whether the username and password you are using to connect to the network is correct. If not, you need to provide the correct one to access the network.  You can get this information from the network administrator.

That’s all with the instructions for resolving Microsoft problems with network sharing in Windows XP. Ciao!

Fix Microsoft problems with Office 2000 Professional error 1317

Microsoft problems

Fixing error 1317

Errors, bugs and problems are an integral part of computing. Sure, life is more serene without these technology boons. However, when we already have these technologies, there is no way that we can avoid its negatives, just like we can’t avoid its positives. If the errors emerge, the ways to troubleshoot these also arise. So, the whole life with technology can be carried out in a really cool manner.

Coming to the point, here let us deal with the error 1317 in Microsoft Office Professional. This error is a type of installation error that is found to occur when attempting to install Microsoft Office 2000. This happens if you try installing Office 2000 in a system having NTFS file format and you don’t have proper permissions set for your hard disk. If you change the access privileges for selecting Windows folders so as to let Microsoft Office create the files and folders needed on the hard drive, you can solve these issues. After resolving such Microsoft problems, you can then install Microsoft Office 2000 normally.

Instructions to troubleshoot Microsoft problems with Office 2000 Professional error 1317

  • Log into your computer as an administrator.
  • Click on option “Start” and select “My Computer.”
  • Select “Tools” and select “Folder Options.” Click the “View” tab.
  • Scroll through the “Advanced Settings” and select the radio button next to “Show hidden files and folders.” Click “OK.”
  • Go to the file “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio.”
  • On the file, you should right click and to open the properties dialog box, select “Properties“. Select the “Security” tab. Click on “Permissions.”

    Microsoft problems

    Fixing error 1317

  • Select the group for “Everyone“. For “Full control” in the “Type of Access” list, place an “Allow” check mark.
  • Next to “Replace Permissions on Subdirectories“, place a check mark and to save your settings, click “OK“.
  • When the computer asks for confirmation, click “Yes” and to exit the properties dialog box, click “OK“.
  • Repeat this process for the following files and folders: “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared,” “C:\Program Files,” and “C:\Program Files\Common Files“.

So, that’s how you resolve Microsoft problems with Error 1317 in Microsoft Office 2000 Professional. So easy right, all thanks to the Microsoft support team. Anyways, thank you for reading!

Resolving Microsoft problems with Dictionary in Microsoft Word

Microsoft problems

Fix Microsoft dictionary issues

The Dictionary in MS Word has been a handy tool providing help whenever we are in trouble with the vocabulary, grammar or language. It assisted us as a teacher would help the student and as such we always relied so much on the dictionary options in Word. And so, any corruption or issue with Microsoft Word dictionary will lead to crashing of the program and create Microsoft problems when you try to create memo, letters or any other documents.

However, these Microsoft problems with the dictionary in Microsoft Word can be easily resolved once you follow the steps given below.

Instructions to correct Microsoft problems with Microsoft Word dictionary

Help to rename the corrupt dictionary

  • If Microsoft Word program is closed, open it.
  • Click “Tools,” “Options” and then click on the “Spelling & Grammar” tab.
  • Click “Custom Dictionaries.” under the heading “Dictionary List” and click on your computer’s dictionary name. You can then see the directory path of your dictionary.
  • Note down the directory path on a piece of paper. Click “Cancel,” and to close the “Options” dialog box, select “Close“.
  • Close Microsoft Word. Click “Start“->”My Computer.” Then open the “C:\” drive.
  • Go to the directory path you wrote down in step 4. Right-click on the dictionary name. Select “Rename.”
  • In the highlighted file name box, enter “custom.old” and press “Enter” or “Return” key from your computer’s keyboard.

Help to create a new dictionary

  • Open Microsoft Word.
  • Click “Tools”->”Options” -> “Spelling & Grammar” tab.
  • Select “Custom Dictionaries“, select the dictionary name under the heading “Dictionary List” and choose “Remove.”
  • Click “New.” For your new dictionary in the “File Name” box, enter a name and select “Save”.
  • Click “OK” twice.

Help to add new words to your new dictionary

  • Click “Start“->”My Computer.” Click on the “C:\” drive icon.
  • In the “Renaming the Corrupt Dictionary” section, give the directory path you wrote down in step 4. Right-click on the “custom.old” name.

    Microsoft problems

    Fix Microsoft dictionary issues

  • Select “Rename” in the highlighted box, enter “custom.txt” and press “Enter” or “Return”.
  • Go back to Word.
  • Click “File”->”Open”. Go to the path containing “custom.txt” file and double-click on the file’s name to open it.
  • To activate the spell check utility, press “F7″. To add the words from the old to your new dictionary, click the “Add to Dictionary” button.

So, that’s how you tackle the issues with Microsoft Word dictionary.

Microsoft Problems in Messenger due to Adware

Microsoft Problems

Adware removal from Live Messenger

Messenger services have been a big boon in the field of communication. What could previously be done with the telephone could now be done with ease with the messenger services. The best part is that it’s bigger and better than any other means of communication there is- consider these factors, where else can you video chat, make voice calls and text chat?

Well, you could say there are new mediums that can do all this, these are new and they are similar to the messenger services themselves. When we install Windows Live messenger’s instant messaging client on our computer, there will be a lot of adware and other malware that can affect your computer. This can be due to some users spreading theses malware and adware with the intension of harming your computer. These Microsoft problems with adware can however be removed by employing the following instructions.

Instructions to Troubleshoot Microsoft Problems with Adware

Follow these instructions to effectively troubleshoot the adware problems.

  • First and foremost, remove the present copy of Windows Live Messenger that you use. To remove, click on “Start” from the lower left bottom of the screen. Next click on “Control Panel”>”Add or Remove Programs”>”Windows Live Messenger”. From the list of programs in the Windows Live messenger services, navigate to the Windows Live messenger
    Microsoft Problems

    Adware removal from Live Messenger

    program, highlight it and then click “Remove”.

  • Download a program that can aid you to uninstall the adware due to Windows Live messenger. Examples of such common adware removal programs are Destroy and Spybot search, these programs scan your computer for infections and then removes them for you.
  • Install one of these programs to check for adware. Then from the program, click on “Click for problems”; this starts a search for adware from Windows Live messenger and other infections. Once the scan is complete, infections will be listed. Select all the infections and then click on “Fix Selected Problems” and remove the adware.
  • Now get a new copy of the Windows Live Messenger downloaded from the official page.
  • After the key components are installed a new window with 3 boxes appears, uncheck the three boxes, and then proceed by clicking “Continue”. This enables you to install messenger with no Adware.

The Microsoft problems with Adware can be removed by following the above steps. Ciao!

Fixing Microsoft problems with scrolling in a wireless mouse

Microsoft problems

Problems with scrolling

Microsoft has in its offering not only software products like Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office suite, but also hardware components like pointing devices and keyboards. Buying a Microsoft wireless mouse will provide you with the freedom to move the mouse without having to worry about any tugging from the cable attached to it.

At times, while using Microsoft’s wireless mouse, you might be faced with a situation where in it stops scrolling. When this happens you need to do perform some troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.  And this article contains those troubleshooting steps which will help you to fix the problem with your Microsoft wireless mouse.

Instructions to resolve these kinds of Microsoft problems

To fix Microsoft problems with a wireless mouse, all you have to do is to follow the instructions mentioned below.

  1. Start off by placing keeping the wireless mouse near its receiver.  Also keep any other wireless devices like keyboards at least 6 feet away from the receiver.
  2. Continue with this procedure by re-synchronizing the mouse with the receiver. Press the button located at the top of the mouse’s receiver and wait for the light to blink. Follow the instructions that appear on your computer screen, if any.
  3. Now turn your mouse over, locate and press the small button located underside. If incase you are not able to see the sold green
    Microsoft problems

    Problems with scrolling

    light on the receiver, press the button located on the receiver and then the one on the mouse again.

  4. Disconnect the receivers USB cord from any USB hubs to which it is connected to and connect it directly into one of the computers USB ports. If incase you are not using a USB hub, connect the USB cord to a different port.
  5. After that slide off the top cover on the mouse, and take the batteries out. Put new batteries in the mouse and slide the cover back on.
  6. Move any transmitting devices like a cellular or cordless phone at least 12 inches away from the mouse receiver. Also, make sure that you are not using the mouse or the receiver on a metal surface as it will interfere with the signal.

That’s all with the instructions for resolving Microsoft problems with a wireless mouse. Have a good day!

mso-|�at�pP`tily:Symbol;mso-bidi-font-family:Symbol’>·       When the Windows Explorer dialog window appears, click on the drop box bar and select PDFas the file type.


  • Click Publish to finalize the action.
  • The new PDF file will open automatically.
  • Click on the File tab and select the Save option in the dropdown menu to save the original Microsoft Publisher file.
  • Close Microsoft Publisher to conclude the conversion process.

The Publisher file will be converted into PDF type. The PDF file can be accessed in most of the programs and is compatible with other software and operating systems. PDF files can be easy printed and uploaded online.

If you have any more queries, contact the Microsoft support team.

cou�toP`t@kor Local Area Connection” depending upon the kind of connection you are using.


  1. Hit the button labeled “Details” from the popup window that has just opened up.
  2. Finally look out for IPv4 address which is your IP address.

That’s all with the IT support instructions for viewing your IP address. Thanks for reading!

Factors causing Microsoft problems in wireless keyboards

Microsoft problems

Factors causing problems with keyboards

Wireless keyboards and pointing devices are used for better operational convenience and portability. With wired devices, the workstation always looks like a battle field. Wireless devices are connected to the machine through a USB or PS2 cable or through radio signals. Though these are very convenient and easy to carry, these input devices show many Microsoft problems. Since the connection of these wireless devices are through the USB hub, the occurrences of Microsoft problems are more.

Microsoft problems associated with wireless keyboards

The reasons for such issues can be many, ranging from synch issues to interferences. Some of the wireless keyboard issues are discussed in this article.

Synchronization- As said, these devices connect to the CPU through the USB hub. If the synchronization between the keyboard and the hub are not proper, such issues are initiated. The frequencies of the hub and the device should synch in any one of the many frequencies in which they can couple. Mostly, there will be many matching frequencies for the synching to avoid interferences from other wireless devices. The best fix for the issue is to re-synch the hub and keyboard.

Issues with port –All data transmission happens through the Microsoft USB hub, which is connected to the system through a USB port. If the hub is plugged in to a broken or damaged port, the connection will not be established. It should be obvious from this that a simple re-plugging of the USB hub into another port will resolve the issue.

Microsoft problems

Factors causing problems with keyboards

Batteries- These are the most neglected causes for issues with the wireless keyboard. Users will panic and look for all sorts of help articles when something goes wrong with the keyboard or mouse. But they will never remember to check the batteries and replace them in time. So next time, check the batteries, replace both the batteries with new ones, and install them properly for resolving the issue.

Interferences- As the communication between the hub and the device occurs through radio frequencies, any object in the range of the signals can be an obstacle to the data transmission. Metal objects are the main issues. Remove such metal objects from the signal range to avoid the data transmission issues is a must.

If your wireless keyboard is giving you trouble, check these factors first before calling for a technical help.

Microsoft Problems Involving Activation

Microsoft problems

Microsoft problems solved

Microsoft needs all copies of their Windows operating system to be activated in order to continue its usage. The activation is supposed to occur within 30 days of installation of the operating system or it will no longer be operable. The activation process is fairly simple. However, there are some factors that may cause users to have problems activating their copy of Windows.

Activation expired

You need to activate your copy of Windows within the activation period. In case you fail to activate Windows within the time allowed, you will get an error message saying, “Your activation period has expired”. You will get an option to click on a link which allows you to activate Windows online. It is possible to choose the option to activate Windows over the telephone or by using a modem connection.

Product key in use

Make use of the product key on only one computer. If you get a message stating that the product key you’re attempting to enter is in use on another computer, you are making an attempt to re-use a key which has already been used. Under Microsoft software license terms, only one copy of Windows is installed and activated on each computer. You need to purchase a second product key in order to activate the second copy of Windows.

Invalid product key        

Microsoft problems

Microsoft problems solved

You have to type your activation properly in order to successfully activate Windows. In case you receive a message saying that the key is not valid, make sure that you type it correctly. You need to verify that the product key which you’ve typed matches the key which is assigned to your Windows operating system. Typing product keys incorrectly is one of the most common Microsoft problems which can occur while activating Windows.

Lost product key

In case you don’t have your product key, you will not be able to activate Windows. The key is located on the package of the installation disk which accompanies your operating system. If you are not able to locate your key, you will be able to purchase one from Microsoft by accessing its main website. Once you purchase another key, it is possible to enter it and activate Windows.

Microsoft problems with activation should be tackled by now. If Microsoft problems persist, contact the Microsoft support center.

Troubleshooting Microsoft problems with Vista computer related to shut downs

Microsoft problems

Shutdown issues in Vista

Windows Vista from Microsoft concern is a multitasking, graphic intense operating system. It was released in 2007 worldwide and is the successor to Windows XP operating system. Windows Vista, though it brought many new features, is the most troublesome operating system from Microsoft. Regardless of the version of Vista used by users, a major issue that users encounter with their Windows Vista computer is the start up and shut down problems. Often these Microsoft problems occur as a result of impatience on the part of the user.

Troubleshooting instructions for such Microsoft problems

  • As a first advice, leave the system on its own; let it continue the shut down process itself. This is because, when you install large Microsoft updates on your Vista computer, it might take a long time for the update elements to get applied and this lengthens the shutdown process. It will show the installing process once you choose to shut down which might take quite a long time.
  • You can use the power button on your system to manually turn off your system. You will have to press and hold down the power button for 5- 10 seconds. Then after waiting for few seconds, restart your system. When the system restarts, from the boot screen, select “Start Windows Normally”. After Windows Vista loads the desktop completely, attempt to shut down your computer again and see if the Microsoft issues persist.
  • Click on the “Start” menu at the bottom left corner of your computer screen to open the Microsoft’s Performance Information
    Microsoft problems

    Shutdown issues in Vista

    Tools. Now, proceed to the “Control Panel”, select “System and Maintenance” and then “Performance Information Tools“.

  • Click on “Advanced Tools,” then under the “Performance Issues” section, click on any issues that are listed.
  • Your Control Panel should not be in “Classic View” mode; it should be in “Control Panel Home” view. You can change this setting on the left hand side of the Control Panel window.
  • In the “Performance Issues” results, you can address the issue presented. The issues listed will be most probably related to programs or drivers that you installed recently. If it is so, then try to uninstall the drivers or programs that are causing the issues and reinstall them later.

So that’s how you resolve the Microsoft problems with shut down in Vista computer. Ciao!

Microsoft Problems Involving Windows Live Messenger Error 80072

Microsoft problems

Microsoft problems solved

Windows Live Messenger happens to be an instant messaging application developed by Microsoft. It was launched as part of the company’s Live Essentials package. Problems involving Windows Live Messenger are usually accompanied by an error code which describes the problem. Error code 80072EFD involves the computer’s network connection. It appears when Windows live Messenger is not able to connect to the Internet. In order to troubleshoot this problem, you need to check the network of your computer’s set up for a matter of minutes. Follow the instructions given below in order to overcome Microsoft problems involving the Windows Live Messenger Error 80072.


  • Start off with these instructions by checking your Internet connection. Open internet Explorer or any other internet application in order to see whether it is able to connect. In case the other software does not establish a connection, the problem could be with your internet service provider or modem. You need to try and reset the modem or call your provider’s technical support line.
  • Following which, you need to go the Windows? Update in order to verify whether you have the latest updates which are available for Internet Explorer. It should be able to install any recommended updates. Restart your computer before you attempt to log in to the Windows Live Messenger again.
  • It is then required that you check whether your firewall software is not blocking Windows Live Messenger. Go over to the Windows firewall page for information on how to allow Windows Live Messenger by means of the most common type of firewalls.
  • Proceed to click the DNS cache. Click “Start” followed by “Run”. Type “cmd” into the box. You need to type “ipcongig/flushdns”, into the command box. Click “Ok.” Type “exit,” no quotation marks. Press “Enter” in order to exit the command menu.

    Microsoft problems

    Microsoft problems solved

  • Finally, you need to register any security files which may be conflicting with Messenger. Click “Start” followed by “Run” and type “REGSVR32 softpub.dll initpki.dll wintrust.dll”. Click “Enter” and wait for three pop-up menus in order to appear confirming the files that were registered successfully.

This brings us to the end of the instructions to be followed in order to tackle Microsoft problems involving the Windows Live messenger 80072. Contact the Windows Live help center for more help if such Microsoft problems persist