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Microsoft problems created by MS Paint


Do you have an eye for painting and you want to try it out in Paint?

Good, with experience you can create masterpieces in MS Paint. Paint is among one of the initial graphical software. If you have a fair knowledge in Paint, you wouldn’t have much trouble putting up your creativity on your computer. Paint allows users to create, format and edit images in mainly three formats- BMP, GIF and JPEG. Occasionally, Paint does not allow users to use some colors, which leads to Microsoft problems.

Formats supported by Paint and associated Microsoft problems

Bitmap images or BMP format stores images in device-independent graphical formats. The users can save images only in a small range of colors; 24-bit – being the highest number of colors Paint will allow, 256 color – a much smaller palette, 16 color- a still smaller palette and monochrome – which is simple black and white. Anything beyond this color range will give you Microsoft problems.

Graphical Interchange Format or GIF, is an extension of BMP. Using this format, a maximum of up to 256 colors can be used. The colors are chosen from a 24-bit RBG space. However, this will limit the color range of the original picture, altering them to fit the palette. This may cause troubles in some cases. Saving files in GIF format give more options than BMP.

JPEG format was created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. This is a compressed form of the image. This supports up to 65535×65535 pixels. In this format, images lose the quality and the size is reduced much. Realistic images like photos will be best viewed in this format. Compared to stylized images or line arts, small pixelization and ratifications will not be noticed in these formats.

Working with Paint

The best way to learn painting is by playing with the tools in Paint. You get an idea about how they work and what are the tricks that can be applied with them. Try mixing colors to make combinations. Only through practice, the technique of using different brushes and strokes will come to you.

Experts say that when saving the images, avoid saving in BMP as you’ll have to compromise on the picture quality. I’d recommend GIF or PNG (this is also an extension of BMP) for normal users and JPEG for photographers and other professionals. For any clarifications regarding Paint program you can contact Microsoft any time.

Microsoft Problems with Product Activation


As you might be well aware, almost all programs and apps require you to activate them within a stipulated time limit, which is very much in order to ensure that you own a legal copy of the product. Even though the process might seem an unnecessary and time consuming affair, as the Microsoft help team opines, validation or activation is a prerequisite that eliminates any issues with the program, and ensures that you can update it without hindrances. However, there are quite a few Microsoft problems that users may encounter in this regard. Here, we give you a comprehensive account of such issues, so that resolving them would become a cakewalk for you.

Expiry of Activation

You needn’t be told particularly that your copy of Windows must be activated within the stipulated time limit. Failing to do so, you would receive a message that says “Your activation period has expired”. However, the process is quite easy, as there is an option to click on a link that allows you to activate Windows online. In case you don’t have an internet connection, you can avail of the option to activate over the telephone or using a modem connection.

Product Key in Use

Windows operating systems are mostly released such that the product key can be used only one PC. If by any chance you receive a message telling you that the product key that you are attempting to enter is in use on another computer, it can be deduced that it cannot be used as a valid one. As you would know, as per Microsoft software license terms, only one copy of Windows can be installed and activated on a computer.

Invalid Product Key

In most cases the Microsoft problems in question are triggered as a result of not properly entering the product key during activation. Of course, there are 25 digits to be entered, and there are chances that you may make inadvertent mistakes. However, apart from mistyping, there aren’t any invalidity issues that you would face, if your copy of Windows is genuine.

Lost Product Key

In cases, where you lose your product key there isn’t much to be worried about, as a new one can be easily purchased from the official program website. All you’d require for this are relevant details of the product such as the serial number, purchase date etc.

In case your Microsoft problems persist, feel free to get in touch with Microsoft help.

Microsoft problems causing WordPad to open slow


The world seems to be still when you have an extremely slow computer. There is no end to your anguish to see your computer functioning slowly, especially to load simpler programs that used to open quickly and with just double clicks sometime before. Your computing experience can be greatly affected when you have a computer that is too slow. Particularly with programs like WordPad, notepad etc, which are so simple in design, if you encounter this difficulty with speed, it’s even more frustrating.

If your computer worked normally and fast at some point earlier, and it suddenly became slow recently, then there are few simple tactics that will probably speed up your system as it were before, giving you a way to happier computing experience and lower stress using computer. You can bring your computer back to a normal point using a restoration method if any Microsoft problems occur.

Instructions to resolve Microsoft problems

  • With the antivirus program installed on your computer, run a virus scan. If the scan detects any malware, address it.
  • If you were working on the WordPad, save it first and then close the program. Also close any other programs that you were working with after saving the state. Restart the computer.
  • After restarting the system, Open WordPad once again. Test if your WordPad works fine now. If it does, then the problem has been resolved or maybe it is not with the WordPad program.
  • Try to open the file that was open when the problem occurred. If it is taking a long time to open the program, the problem is with that particular file. To know the program with which the file should be opened, just Google the file type. You will get results and find a relevant topic matching your need from the listed topics. If the contents of the document seem to be indecipherable symbols, it is necessary to find it out with Google.
  • If WordPad should not be the default program, Re-associate the file type. If WordPad is the default program and the file is too large, break the file into two separate files.
  • If WordPad is not the only slow program in your computer, add more RAM to your system.

This shall help to resolve the Microsoft problems with your WordPad program.

Resolve Microsoft problems caused by MS Paint


Any beginner who wants to try his artistic skills, prefer to do it with paint. MS Paint is an inexpensive painting program that can help you learn the basics of digital drawing and painting. It is the ancestor of all graphics software. It gives you an idea what the tools are and how they work. Paint gives you can idea how to select colors, change the color patterns, brightness, contrast and all that is needed for a perfect picture. If you know how to work in MS Paint, you have a basic knowledge of all other painting and graphic applications.

MS Paint comes preinstalled with all the Windows operating systems. It helps you create, edit, view images and scanned documents. Like any other computing application, paint can also be corrupted. Paint errors can result in Microsoft problems. The corruption and the resulting Microsoft problems can be due to any issues, not necessarily due to MS Paint itself. The troubleshooting of these issues is simple and easy.

Troubleshooting steps for Microsoft problems due to MS Paint

The reasons for the issue can be many, and so are the solutions. Try these steps until you get rid of the issues. The steps are as follows:

  • When you’re running into memory issues with Paint, decrease the canvas size of the image. If the image is too large, Paint could lock up and freeze the system.
  • Ensure that the images that are being opened in Paint are compatible with the application. Paint can create and edit only bitmap .BMP files. If other applications with filters for other types of graphic files are installed in the system, this may allow Paint to open and edit other file types.
  • Do not attempt to open files that are in a compressed format. MS Paint can’t recognize such files.
  • If you get an error message like this: “Not enough memory or resources. Close some programs and try again.”, conclude that you are trying to open a compressed file format.
  • If you’re having trouble opening a particular image, try opening that picture in other graphic programs other than Paint.
  • If you can open and edit other images but not a certain file, then the issue is with the file, it may be corrupt or damaged.

These steps should help you resolve your issues with Paint. For more help, contact Microsoft.

Troubleshooting Microsoft problems related to Word


Microsoft Word, the word processing program in the Office suite is a very useful program to every computer user. At least once in our lives, we will have used a word document, at least to check the spelling. Writers, or for that matter anyone who uses the Word program knows the relevance of a word document. All their works depends on the proper functioning of Microsoft Word.

The reason for Word being this popular is its unique features and functionalities. Even a non creative person can create designs and styles in Word. The menus and tools are so handy and useful that even a beginner can become proficient in no time. Another important feature is that graphics and multimedia components can be inserted in a word document.

Problems with MS Word

People say “Word is fabulous, Word is fantastic,…” (apparently, the list is pretty long!) but if for once Word fails, then Word is the one at fault. Yes, occasionally MS Word can fail to function or freeze and result in Microsoft problems. This can be due to the corruption of Word itself or can be some other factors. Whatever be the reason, if data is lost, it is lost unless you have the auto retrieve feature turned on. So what is the solution for this Microsoft problem?

Well, we have solutions for all Microsoft problems.

Troubleshooting steps for MS Word corruption

Backup all your important data to an external storage device before starting the troubleshooting steps.

  • From the Control Panel, select Add or Remove Programs.
  • Uninstall MS Word and reboot the computer.
  • After rebooting, create a file and click the Save button Alternatively, press Ctrl + S to save the file.
  • If a message about Insufficient disk space or memory is displayed, the drive is full. Delete unwanted files from My Documents and try to save the file again.
  • Now, try to open a file.
  • If the Open dialogue box does not show up, the file might have been renamed. Do a search by clicking Open and then select Tools.
  • Click Search and type the keywords on the Search Text box provided. Click OK and browse the search results.

After the search, all word documents with the given keyword in the file or in the body will be displayed. Locate the correct file and open it.

Microsoft problems with shutdown in Windows 98


Problems with shutdown like in Windows 98, like when your computer hangs up while attempting to shut it down can be fixed by following some troubleshooting steps. This article is equipped with those troubleshooting steps using which you can easily fix Microsoft problems with shutdown in your computer running on Windows 98.

Instructions to fix shutdown problems in Windows 98

Follow the instructions mentioned below and you will be able to resolve Microsoft problems with shutdown in Windows 98.

Turn off IRQ steering

  1. Start off by clicking on the Windows “Start” button.
  2. Point your mouse towards the “Settings” in the start menu and click on “Control panel”.
  3. Double click on the icon labeled “System” from the control panel window. This will open up the system properties window.
  4. Go to the tab labeled “Device Manager”.
  5. Expand the “System Devices” option by clicking on the “+” sign.
  6. Select “PCI bus” and hit the button titled “Properties”.
  7. Now go to the tab titled “IRQ steering”.
  8. Unmark the check box which says “Use IRQ Steering”.
  9. Finally end this procedure to turn off IRQ steering by clicking the “Ok” button and restarting your computer.

Turn off NVRAM/ESCD updates

  1. Start off by opening the control panel once again.
  2. Double click on the icon titled “System”.
  3. Select the tab which says “Device Manager” and expand the “System Devices” option b y clicking the “+” near it.
  4. Now this time select “Plug and Play BIOS” option and hit the “Properties” button.
  5. Then go to the tab labeled “Settings” on the dialog windows that has opened up.
  6. Mark the check box which says “Disable NVRAM/ESCD updates”.
  7. Finally hit the “Ok” button and restart your computer.

Turn off fast shutdown

  1. First click on the Windows “Start” button.
  2. Select the option labeled “Run” from the start menu.
  3. Type “msconfig” in the run text box and hit the “Ok” button. This will open up the system configuration utility window.
  4. Go to the tab tiled “General” and hit the button labeled “Advanced”.
  5. Mark the check box which says “Disable Fast Shutdown”.
  6. Finally hit the “Ok” button and reboot your computer.

To conclude, disabling and these conflicting functions will fix the Microsoft problems with shutdown in Windows 98 operating system.

Microsoft Problems with Internet in Windows Vista


Matters have reached such a stage that, we could hardly manage any of our day to day needs without the internet. Just think of your internet connection getting slowed down or the downloading graph ticking at only a few kilo bytes per second. Really getting into your nerves, right? So what would it be if your connection goes totally defunct? One frequent query that we’ve been receiving in this regard is about the internet connectivity issues faced in Windows Vista. Well, before giving you the resolution procedure, the Microsoft help team says that, please don’t discern your PC or the OS as the erring factor. Such Microsoft problems are inherently technical and need be attributed only to some configuration criteria on your PC.

Below given are some tips that would help you resolve the issue:

Firewall Settings

As your Firewall program is intended to protect your PC from any internet borne dangers, there’s every chance that its high-level security settings may obstruct the connectivity itself. As such, they may block the ports needed to access the Internet or obstruct any vital tools the connection needs to function properly.

Hence, you may alter your Firewall security settings to modest levels to try resolving the issue.

Software and Add-Ons

As you might be well aware, some malware programs or files that may have come through the internet are more than enough to mess up with your connection. Especially, programs that rely on the Internet to function, may manipulate the settings in ways that you may find it difficult connecting to the internet. Browser add-ons are the most common spoilers in this regard.

As the Microsoft help team says, navigate to your Control Panel, and remove any such add-ons or apps. that you think would be interfering with your internet connection.  

Hardware Settings

Faulty connection devices could be another reason why you might be faced with the Microsoft problems in question. A faulty modem or wireless router could be more than a reason for your internet connection issues. Do verify that all such devices, vital for your online activities,  are in proper health.

You may also rely on the ‘Internet’ options in the Control Panel to diagnose and fix the issue.

The above account would surely prove helpful in resolving the Microsoft problems with internet connectivity on your Windows Vista PC.

In the unlikely event that any issues persist, feel free to get in touch with Microsoft help.


Microsoft problems? Report them immediately!


Computer problems are quite common. Most of the issues are, well, minor ones which can be fixed by a simple restart. This post isn’t your normal how-to guide for getting rid of computer errors; this is for a greater cause. I’m sure I’d have lost half my readership with the last sentence, but seriously, ‘you gotta do what you gotta do’, as some would put it!

Let’s not waste any more time beating around the bush; quickly, on to the issue. Read on!

The Application Error Reporting feature

Microsoft has a unique system wherein, you’ll be able to send error reports when you counter Microsoft problems. Microsoft documents these errors so that they can come up with better products in the future. In short, it isn’t going to give you immediate results. It’s just like sowing a plant. You pour water not hoping to get fruits the coming day. It’s an ongoing process!

So, it’s decided, error reporting is like an investment which is sure to yield better results tomorrow. Let’s look at some of the aspects of this feature.

  1. The setup
    When your system crashes or else comes upon a major issue, the OS requests permission to send a problem report to Microsoft. The rest of the process is out of bonds (for me at least!). I just know its something good going on!
  2. Privacy     
    Microsoft has made it clear that the information sent is purely used for informational and reporting purposes. You may receive information about patches or upgrades available that may fix the issue, but that again, is just a possibility.
    You can also choose not to send these error reports by denying the request each time you’re prompted. But let me remind you, it’s for a better tomorrow, so please choose the other option!
  3. Configuring the feature
    You can even disable the tool completely or simply have them stored on a local server. If you’re individual users, the second option wouldn’t be of much use. It’s aimed for the corporate companies wherein they can use this information to study the Microsoft problems faced by their employees.

So that’s about the Application Error Reporting tool. Let’s all work together to get rid of those Microsoft problems!

Easy Solutions to Microsoft Problems involving Word 2007


Do you make use of Microsoft Office 2007 regularly? Do you face problems while using Word 2007? Have you been in search of appropriate troubleshooting steps to such issues? If your answer is in the affirmative, your search ends here. The Office Diagnostics tool shall be able to address such Microsoft problems most effectively. Numerous diagnostic tests have been devised and are run n order to detect problems in Office Suite programs especially those involving Word 2007. Microsoft office Word happens to be a word processor that was created by Microsoft. It is a most vital component of the Microsoft Office software system. It was later let out for sale as an independent product on a wide scale. Office Diagnostics will take you through a systematic process that shall put an end to such Microsoft problems in no time. Go through the procedure below in order to fix Microsoft problems in Word 2007.

The Procedure to Fix Problems in Word 2007

  • Initiate this procedure by opening Word 2007. Go to the top let hand corner of the user interface. Select the Office button followed by “Word Options” from the drop-down menu.
  • Proceed to click on “Resources” which you will find on the left pane. Select the “Diagnose” button followed by “Continue” and “Run Diagnostics.”
  • In case you are not able to open Word 2007. It is then required to click on the Windows Start menu. Select “All programs.” Select “Microsoft Office” followed by “Microsoft Office Tools.” Click “Microsoft Office Diagnostic” in order to complete this step.
  • You are expected to wait till Office Diagnostics finishes running several tests on your computer.    
  • When you are done with the tests, Office diagnostics will reveal a summary of the problems in your Office programs. This includes Word 2007.
  • Wind up this procedure by clicking “Continue”. Follow the subsequent prompts for Office Diagnostics in order to resolve this issue.

That’s it. It is highly unlikely that you will face problems in Word 2007 again if you complete this procedure successfully. In the unlikely event that such issues persist, it is suggested that you contact the Microsoft support center for technical assistance. Also visit the corresponding website if you feel that the information contained in this article does not suffice. Thank you for your time. Take care and have a nice day.

Troubleshoot Microsoft problems with Virtual PC Network


Virtual PC is a virtualization program for Windows. As Your Microsoft Virtual PC and your “Real” computer use the same hardware to accomplish the task at hand, troubleshooting the network setup information on Microsoft Virtual PC is same as troubleshooting the network information on your real computer. To ensure that everything is working fine in your virtual network, you can troubleshoot the virtual network by examining the physical components of it, and then resetting the network information in the Virtual PC.

Instructions to troubleshoot the Microsoft problems with Virtual PC network

  • To amend the Microsoft problems, first of all, shut down the PC suffering from the network issues. And then from your network router, modem and any other network device, disconnect the power source.
  • After a minute or so, restart all network components to reset all the connection.
  • On the computer screen that is running the Virtual network, spot the “Start” button at left hand corner of the screen. And then select the “Programs” button and open the “Virtual PC 2007” program.
  • Now turn on the virtual PC with Network problems.
  • Click “Start” button on the lower left hand corner of the virtual PC, select “Control Panel” and “Device Manager”. Click on “network Adapters” and then click on your card. Select “drivers” and click on the option labeled “update Driver”.
  • Into the CD drive of the computer, insert the driver CD and as the location to search, select the letter of your optical drive. This will help to reinstall the network drivers on your Virtual PC.
  • Again click “Start” from the bottom left corner of your screen and click “run”. Type “cmd” into the run box and then press the “Enter” button on your keyboard.
  •  Type “ipconfig /release” and press the button labeled “Enter” on your keyboard. Again Type “ipconfig /renew” and press “Enter“. This is to reset the computer’s network information.

You are done with troubleshooting Microsoft problems with the Virtual PC network. In case you get stuck in any of the steps mentioned above, contact the Microsoft support center, where efficient technicians shall help you with your issues in your windows computer. If you carefully follow these instructions step by step, it is likely that you won’t face any further issues.