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Resolve Microsoft Problems with ActiveSync easily


The Microsoft ActiveSync program offers you the best synchronization experience with Windows XP-based computers and ActiveSync-enabled mobile devices. Though the software helps in the transfer of documents, contact details, and other data, Microsoft problems that come up with ActiveSync are infinite. And more often these Microsoft problems are caused by hardware or software compatibility issues or limited network availability.


Some of the common causes of such limitations and the methods in fixing such Microsoft problems are discussed below.


Resolve Microsoft problems with ActiveSync


If the firewall installed on your PC is configured to restrict TCP/IP data flow, your mobile device might be prevented from establishing a connection with your computer. Even if it does, it is likely that the connection would be more unstable or you might even lose data during the synchronization process. This might cause your OS to become unresponsive.


Such Microsoft problems usually occur when you are using a firewall installed using the out-of-box default configuration. Although it might look scary at first, Microsoft problems such as these are actually the easiest to resolve. All you need to do is add the processes used by the ActiveSync program to the exceptions list of your firewall.


Fix such Microsoft problems by modifying your Port Restrictions


You might already by aware of the fact that ActiveSync uses at the least six specific ports to carry out the synchronization process and allow for the transfer of data. At times, some software that closes or blocks access to certain ports can prevent ActiveSync from establishing a proper connection.


You can modify your port availability status and configure them in such a way as to allow the synchronization process of your mobile device with your PC. This should resolve such Microsoft problems effectively on your computer.

How to counter Microsoft problems as a result of “.docx” issues


Now if you have the new Microsoft Office 2007 installed on your computer, chances are that you may have noticed some changes in your old files with its extensions. For example, Word documents getting saved as .docx by default instead of .doc? Well this is part of what we commonly refer to as Microsoft problems. And this poses a big threat to all the important documents that you might have saved in for your own future references.

Microsoft problems with .docx extension

Microsoft problems as such will tend to persist even when you try and send a document of the same faulty extension to a contact on your list for they will neither be able to read it nor open it.

How to resolve such Microsoft problems

Changing the default format for your documents before saving them (.doc instead of .docx) is one way to go about getting rid of such Microsoft problems.

But in case you receive a mail with an attached document under the same faulty extension, you can try downloading a patch from Microsoft that will allow older versions of Word to open the new file format.

So here is taking a look at both conditions and resolving the Microsoft

problems that follow.

Overcoming Microsoft problems as a result of .docx extension

To begin with resolving Microsoft problems as a result of the faulty .docx extension, you first need to launch Microsoft Word on your computer.

After this, hit on the “Office” button towards the top left corner of Word’s application window and then select “Word Options”.

Now, choose “Save” to check for more options on how to save your Word documents. For you should be able to locate an option that says “Save files in this format” and from its drop down menu, “Word 97-2003 document (*.doc)”.

So once you have made the change to your document’s format, hit on “Ok”.

Whereas in case, you need to view a faulty .docx document with an older version of MS Office, you can actively download and install the “Compatibility Pack” from Microsoft’s official website and avoid unnecessary Microsoft problems.

Fix Microsoft Problems like Windows Update Error “80070103”


For a smooth Windows experience, it is essential to keep the Windows updated.  It is with this in mind that most users install updates on their computers without fail.

But sometimes Windows update itself can give you Microsoft Problems. When you try to install an update to your computer, you may receive an error message stating Windows Update error 80070103. And to get instant help for your Microsoft Problems, you may click on the link Get help with the error, but unfortunately the Windows Help and Support center doesn’t have a result for this error message.

How do you feel now? Really frustrating, right? Well, we can help you fix your Microsoft Problems.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that the error 80070103 is a warning and not an actual error. Hence it is not displayed in the Windows Help and Support center.

Normally such Microsoft Problems occur when you try to install a driver which is already installed in your computer. Or when you try to install a driver that has lower compatibility than the one already installed on your computer.

Now to get rid of such Microsoft Problems, follow these troubleshooting steps.

If you have a device that is properly working on your computer and windows update is prompting you with updates for this particular driver, hide the update prompt by clicking on the plus sign (+) under the title of the update, and then select the check box labeled don’t show this update again to avoid similar Microsoft Problems.

But if you are having issues with the device, install the device manually. For assistance with the installation process, refer to the Manufacturer’s website. Troubleshooting options are also available there. Hopefully, these troubleshooting tips will rectify your Microsoft Problems.

Resolve Microsoft problems regarding DVD in Vista


Even though Windows Vista an immensely popular operating system by many users, it is not perfect. Take for example this one, you may encounter Microsoft problems when you try to play a DVD on your Windows Vista computer. Well, you will get frustrated if this happens every now and then, especially when you’re watching a really interesting movie. Relax! In this article, you will see how you can fix some of these Microsoft Problems.

Run the DVD Troubleshooter for Microsoft problems with DVD

Sometimes, you cannot read or write any media with your DVD drive. Or you may get an error message about the status of your DVD drive. In these situations, use the in-built DVD troubleshooter utility to rectify the Microsoft problems.

To start off with the process, go to Start and then select Help and Support from there. Now, navigate to Find an answer, click on Table of Contents and then select Pictures, Videos, and Movies option. Now click on CD and DVD and then you will get the problem lists. Find the problem that you face with your DVD and then follow the onscreen instructions to rectify your Microsoft problems.

Visit Microsoft Website for Microsoft problems with DVD

If you are not able to find a solution with the help of DVD troubleshooter utility, then go to Microsoft’s Automated Troubleshooting Services. You will be able to run a diagnostic utility from this site. This utility will help you to find whether there are any problems with your computer’s hardware or software that resulted in your Microsoft problems.

To resolve Microsoft problems with DVD, uninstall the application

If you’re still facing the Microsoft problems, then it’s advisable that you uninstall the program, because your registry or CD/DVD-burning software may be incompatible with Windows Vista. So in this case, you need to resolve the issue manually. To do this, go to the Control Panel and then select Programs and Features and then temporarily uninstall CD/DVD-burning applications from your computer.

Hope this article has helped you with your Microsoft problems. So, the next time when you face such problems, you know where you can go for help.

Resolve Microsoft problems with Vista Network


Microsoft problems

Facing Microsoft problems with the Vista Network? Don’t know how to troubleshoot such Microsoft problems?

Well, no need to worry because the Windows Vista operating system has an in-built “troubleshooting” feature. This “troubleshooting” utility is tied up with internal networking capabilities. So if you have any Microsoft problems while connecting with your network, you can run this application and it will automatically fix Microsoft problems with the Vista network.

But if you are unable to found an automatic fix, you can do it manually by following these guidelines from Microsoft help.

Guidelines from Microsoft help for your Microsoft problems with Vista Network

Start off the procedure to solve such Microsoft problems by hitting the Network icon on the task bar of your Windows Vista computer. (If you are using a wireless network connection, the network icon will display a Wireless Signal Strength icon. If you are using a wired network connection, you see this icon in the form of a computer monitor with an Ethernet cable on it).

Now, select the Diagnose and Repair option from the drop down menu. This will launch the Windows Vista’s network troubleshooting utility. When this utility starts running, as a part of troubleshooting, it will disconnect the network connection and then reset the connection and activate it back to its normal position by resolving the issues.

But if you still face Microsoft problems with the network connection, then follow the on screen instructions provided by the troubleshooting utility. The utility will give you precise steps to correct the issue. Once you are done with the troubleshooting steps, click on Close and check whether things are fine now.

Microsoft problems

But then again if such network connection errors continue to persist, click on “Try a different solution” and find more options to solve Microsoft problems that troubles your network connection.

Check for Microsoft problems in programs on Windows XP


If you have installed Windows XP service pack 2, then you may face Microsoft problems caused by conflicts with lot of programs which need an internet connection to function properly. Using Windows firewall, you can check whether XP SP2 is causing these problems. This article contains instructions to do the same.

Instructions to check for Microsoft problems in programs caused by XP SP2

What you can find below are the guidelines with which you can check and resolve Microsoft problems in programs caused by XP SP2.

  1. Initiate the procedure to check for these kinds of Microsoft problems by clicking on the start button on your desktop.
  2. Select the option “Run” from the start menu.
  3. Continue with this procedure to check for these kinds of Microsoft problems by typing “wscui.cp1” in the run text box and press the enter key on your keyboard.
  4. Now click on “Windows firewall” and click “Expectations”. This will provide the list of programs in your exception list.
  5. Go through the list and see if the program having problems is on the list of not. If the program in on the list then you have spotted the problem.
  6. To resolve such Microsoft problems, click on “Add program”. Choose the program you want to fix from the list and click “Ok”.
  7. Mark the check box next to the program that you have added to the files and programs list.
  8. Finally end this procedure to resolve these kinds of Microsoft problems by clicking the “Ok” button.

Once you have followed all the above mentioned instructions, then you can kiss these Microsoft problems that affect the functioning of programs in Windows XP goodbye. But if you are still facing the same problem, then it’s better to get help from the Microsoft support team.

Resolve Microsoft problems like connection issues with Internet Explorer


Microsoft problems

It seems that Microsoft problems are piling up day by day. The Microsoft support team points out that a good percentage of the Microsoft problems faced today is based on the Internet Explorer program.

Now the million dollar question is how do you resolve such Microsoft problems? No worries my friend, all you have to do is read on to learn more about resolving such Microsoft problems.

The Microsoft support team points out that the troubleshooting steps for these Microsoft problems are very simple.

Let’s get straight into the various troubleshooting steps that are involved in resolving such Microsoft problems.

The trouble shooting steps for rectifying such Microsoft problems

The Microsoft support team points out that these Microsoft problems could be caused by a host of reasons which include defective Add-ons, issues with OS configuration and outdated versions of the Internet Explorer.

  • Add-ons

The support team point out that instability in Internet Explorer is usually caused by third party add-ons. In order to resolve the issue all you have to do is disable these third party add-ons. How do disable the add-ons? All you have to do is go to the “System Tools” in the “Accessories” option in the “programs” list and select the option called “Internet Explorer (No add-ons)”.

  • Updates

The Microsoft support team says that you have to make sure that your Internet Explorer program is updated regularly. This will help make the Internet Explorer program more stabile.

Microsoft problems

  • Private data

The Microsoft team points out that the Internet Explorer is a program that has a vast data base of your personal browse history; this at times could cause network issues. In order to rectify the issue, all you have to do is clear your browse history regularly.

That should be all the help you will need.

Troubleshoot Microsoft problems with Xbox 360


The Xbox 360 video game console is subject to a number of technical Microsoft problems and failures that can render it unusable. Many of these Microsoft problems can be identified by a series of glowing red lights flashing on the face of the console, the three flashing red lights (nicknamed the “Red Ring of Death” or the “RRoD”) being the most infamous. It indicates a general hardware failure. These Microsoft problems are difficult to fix, but the good news is Microsoft will probably fix it free.

Instructions to resolve Microsoft Problems

The Microsoft team lists certain steps following which can help you fix your Microsoft problems with Xbox 360 errors.

  • Make sure your problem is a general hardware failure. There are other hardware Microsoft problems that you can probably fix on your own. For instance, if you get an indicator in the second quadrant, which means your Xbox is overheating. Turning it off for a while will probably fix such Microsoft problems. If you get four red rings, your AV cable is not connected properly. Disconnect the cable and reinsert it.
  • Once you know it is a general hardware failure, you need to call Microsoft at (800) 4MY-XBOX.  Unplug the cables and remove the hard drive, before you call. Once you identify the Microsoft problems, Microsoft will send you a package to ship your Xbox in.
  • Remove the nonessential parts of your console. Before you send your Xbox, detach the cables and store them. Remove your hard drive and keep it with you. Remove any game discs in the console.
  • Send your 360. The packaging Microsoft will send you has paid postage. Read the instructions that come with the package to ensure that your console ships safely.

The whole process shouldn’t take more than a few weeks. The good news is you should get a working console back at no cost so the gaming can continue. You may also receive a game or a free monthly subscription to Xbox Live as a bonus for your Microsoft problems.



Microsoft problems with Word footnotes


Frequent users of Microsoft word encounter many Microsoft problems. Sometimes trying to solve these Microsoft Problems will lead to even more. We have here some tips to help you with some common Microsoft problems with the Word document.

A number of people encounter Microsoft problems with the Word footnotes. Microsoft Word can automatically create, number, and move footnotes within a document. However, it is found that automatic formatting creates chaos. Reviewing common footnote problems can help you avoid them in current and future Word documents.

Here are some common Microsoft problems that users face with the Word footnote.

Microsoft problems with Word footnote

According to the Microsoft support team, some of the common footnote problems users experience include not being able to find the footnote button, disappearing footnotes and footnotes renumbering when inside a table.

Solutions for the Microsoft problems

Ensure your headers and footers are set to “Visible” if your footnotes seem to have disappeared. Footnotes normally renumber on their own in order to maintain the numerical order. This can sometimes cause errors in the tables. To avoid such Microsoft problems, try recreating your table, inserting each footnote in the correct order.


Microsoft Word can insert footnotes automatically, but you will have to insert them using the “Insert Footnote” menu. Manually adding a superscript number and note to the bottom or footer of a page will automatically update footnote numbers or keep the footnotes in the same position.

You can always contact the Microsoft tech support in case of any Microsoft problems with your Windows Operating System. In fact the support team tries to help and support their users in a number of ways. This article is one such endeavor from the Microsoft support team to help its users.


Resolve Microsoft problems regarding Firewall in Windows 7 and Vista


If you are a regular Windows user, you may have come across issues with your Windows Firewall. Despite your best efforts, sometimes viruses manage to get through the firewall, causing you needless agony and Microsoft problems. Well, in this article, you will see how you can handle Microsoft Problems related to your firewall.


Enable Windows Firewall in Vista to resolve Microsoft Problems

To resolve such Microsoft Problems, you need to check the status of your Firewall in your Vista computer. To check the fire wall, go to the Start menu and then launch Control Panel from the Start menu. Click on Securities and then select Windows Firewall. Now, you will see an option Turn Windows Firewall ON or OFF. Switch on the firewall if you need security for your computer and then provide the administrative password to enable the changes.

Provide Firewall Exceptions to resolve some Microsoft Problems

Microsoft Problems

Sometimes, you need to exempt some programs from the firewall to avoid Microsoft problems. In such case, to give firewall exceptions, go to the Control Panel and then navigate to Windows Security chevron. Now, select the option, Allow a program through Windows Firewall and then click on Add program to select the program that you want give exception. Click on Browse to locate the program and then click Ok to confirm the change.

Enable Firewall in Windows 7 to resolve Microsoft Problems

To enable the firewall in Windows 7 computer, go to the Control Panel and then type firewall in the search tab. In the search result, select Windows Firewall and then go to the option Turn Windows Firewall Off or On. Turn on the firewall to get rid of such Microsoft Problems.

Now to give Firewall Exception in Windows 7, click on Change Settings option here and then select the program that you need firewall exception and then close the window.

Microsoft Problems

Hope this article has helped you with your Microsoft problems. Have a nice time working in Windows.