Microsoft Fixes Bug In SkyDrive

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                        Microsoft errors

There was recent bug in the consumer cloud storage service of Microsoft called as SkyDrive that had rendered the SkyDrive unusable in Opera web browser. According to the recent update, several million NULL characters caused the Opera web browser to hang and use the hundred percent CPU resources. This will make the computer sluggish and the user will not be able to use the PC until it is restarted.

In response to this issue, Microsoft has issued a statement that promises quick and decisive action on the issue. The statement reads, “SkyDrive engineers have identified a temporary optimization issue that has prevented customers from viewing SkyDrive on Opera in the past couple days. A fix will be released shortly.” SkyDrive offers seven gigabytes of free cloud storage and this has become a key element to Microsoft’s consumer Internet strategy. It is really embarrassing for the cloud storage of Microsoft to suffer a problem of this sort.

As Next Web has said recently, Opera controls over 1.5% of the web browser market, but in its small user base, issues of this sort can lead to waves. This issue is very contained and Microsoft should understand that cloud is not what is next; it is the present of the storage world. DVDs and other physical storage media have given way to cloud storage. Microsoft should understand the importance of these things and should make their cloud storage service error free.

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                         Errors in SkyDrive

The tech world does not know why Microsoft is effectively sending two million Null characters, but Opera also needs to share some blame of this. The reason for this is that Opera is the only web browser that is affected by the random code. While the Opera web browser hangs when the CPU usage reaches hundred percent, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox do not show this type of locking issues. This means that you should always check your code across different browsers. You should not skip even the little ones like Opera. The developers should strictly adhere to this; otherwise, they may confront issues like this in the future.

Let us hope that Microsoft will fix Microsoft errors in Opera web browser and will do the necessary things so that errors like this will not occur in the future. If you wish to know more on the issue with SkyDrive, you can contact our technical support team. They will be able to provide you with more details on this issue and will help you fix Microsoft errors in SkyDrive.

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Microsoft To Launch Next Patch To Fix IE10 Issues

Microsoft Fix It

Microsoft Issues

Recently, Windows users had started to experience issues while using Internet Explorer. Microsoft responded to this issue by stating that the company would be soon releasing the update for this Internet Explorer zero-day flow, on this month’s Patch Tuesday. Although several users had contacted the Microsoft fix it solution center to know about the solutions, the technicians just said that there would be an update soon top fix the issue.

According to recent reports from the famous security firm FireEye, the latest issue that has been found in Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10 is a serious one. Since the last month, issues had started to crop up in IE 9 and IE 10 and thus, most users resorted to other versions of IE. Reports from FireEye also suggested that the official website of the US Veterans of Foreign Wars website was targeted and more websites would soon follow the list. But as on every Thursday of every month, the software giant reveals information about the security patches it would be releasing on every second Tuesday of the given month; this time also, Microsoft has revealed much about the Tuesday patch that would be released soon. As mentioned earlier, the next update would be focusing on how to fix the existing problems with IE9 and IE10.

Cyber Criminals

Microsoft Updates

As stated by technicians at the Microsoft fix it solution center, the company this time has taken a considerable amount of time to test a solution for the IE flaw and fix it permanently. As it is quite clear that the next Patch would put an end to the existing issues of IE, the solution would be available under Bulletin 1 from March’s Security Bulletin Advance Notification. One of the prime reasons why Microsoft doesn’t reveal too much about the next update is because the company doesn’t want cyber criminals to know about it. Microsoft doesn’t reveal too much in its advance notifications so it doesn’t give away anything critical to criminals. Now, the company has stressed on the fact related to “a limited number of attacks using this issue.”

Now as mentioned earlier, all of the security attacks from cyber criminals were targeted only at the Internet Explorer 10 users. So, if you are using a different version of Internet Explorer, you would not have faced the issues. But, it is always recommended to install the latest updates to remain safe from such security threats.

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Microsoft Fix It Center: Easy Detection And Resolution Of Windows System Errors

Microsoft Fix It

       Microsoft Fix It Help

If you are a computer user, more specifically if you are using the Windows Operating System, you will encounter one or the other problem – if not now, maybe in the future. Such problems can be many and varied. Knowing the fix to one won’t help you when another crops up. So, what you require is a one stop solution to all your Windows related problems.

The product presented here is called Microsoft Fix It Center. As the name clearly suggests what it is about and as you reached this page, you probably are a Windows System user looking for the right utility to resolve a system error you encountered.

Microsoft Fix It Center will scan your computer and detect problems with your Windows operating system. This software will detect most problems and it will fix the ones it can by downloading the latest solutions or hot fixes released by Microsoft Corporation, the manufacturer of your operating system. Actually, it covers various aspects of your computer´s system, including devices and hardware, performance and crashes.

Apart from that, it is very easy to install. The software works quickly and comes with a user-friendly interface that will show a list of the issues encountered. When installed in your computer system, all you need to do is to click on Run to start scanning your computer´s system. The program will then suggest the suitable solution, which you can apply either manually or automatically.

Diagnose Common Faults

          Microsoft Fix It Solutions

In case of the beta or test version of the program or software, it promises “tools that help solve the issues you have now and prevent new ones”. Once you successfully download it, the free program should automatically scan your computer and diagnose common faults. It will then ask if you want these to be fixed.

It has an amazingly huge number of fixes, for around 300 of the most commonly encountered problems that affects the normal functioning of Windows. The great fact about this vast database of faults is that it was created by automatic reports sent back by Windows computers that experienced crashes, issues, bugs etc.

Now, since no software can possibly fix every problem, even his wonderful software has its limitations. But, if the Fix It program cannot solve the problem it helps by providing detailed information that can be sent to Microsoft’s support staff about what went wrong and where.

So, to try this new software, you can download it from Microsoft’s support pages.

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Resolve Issues With Microsoft Programs Using Fix It Tools

Microsoft Fix It

Fix Microsoft Issues

If your computer runs on Windows operating system, you may encounter a few troubles occasionally. Sometimes, the issue can be simple and requires only a few steps to fix. You might find step-by-step instructions to fix these troubles on various technical websites.

However, if you are not well versed with computers, it might be difficult for you to follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned in these websites.  It also might not be an affordable solution to call an in-home technician to fix such troubles. So, how can you fix these troubles? Here is the solution. Microsoft offers you tools called Microsoft fix it, which are designed to solve a large number of issues on your Windows computer.

You can find Microsoft fix it for your Windows operating system issues, Internet Explorer issues, Windows Media Player issue, Microsoft Office issue and a lot more. You may download and run this tool on your computer to fix the specific issue. In this post, we will find out how to locate and run a fix it on your computer.

Steps Involved

  • The first step is to launch an internet browser and navigate to the support page of Microsoft. Locate the fix it section in the support website. You may search fix it in the search bar to locate it quickly.
  • Next step is to choose the problem area. For instance, if you are facing troubles with Internet Explorer, click the tab for it.
  • Once you choose the problem area, choose what exactly you are looking for in the second section. For example, if you want to fix errors with the browser, choose the option Fix performance, page display, errors or crashes in the section.
  • In the third section, you can find the available Fix it tools that are designed to fix similar troubles. You can find the description of each fix it tool near its side. Choose the most appropriate tool, which you think would help you fix the issue. Select the option Run Now.

    Technical Support

    Microsoft Online Support

  • The above step will download the program to your computer. Select the option Run.
  • This will open the program. Click the Accept button to accept the license agreement. This will install the program on your computer.
  • The tool automatically scans your computer and fixes the identified issues.

Keep in mind that Microsoft fix it provides solutions for most of the known issues. If the fix it program fails to fix the issues, you may contact our technical support team for assistance.

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Procedure To Fix A Certificate Error

Fix Microsoft Errors

     Fix Microsoft Errors Message

Windows Internet explorer is one of the most popular browsers across the globe. Normally, this efficient and useful browser functions perfectly. But, like any software product/program, even this wonderful program cannot perform optimally always. Errors are bound to happen, and the user may be forced to fix Microsoft errors. In this article, we will fix a certificate error in Windows Internet Explorer.

A certificate error message in Windows Internet Explorer is actually designed to pop up when the browser detects a website’s security certificate has invalid information. This is done in order to protect Web surfers from malicious websites having the ability to download viruses or fake websites set up to gather personal information. But, sometimes this security feature can go through unusual problems and begins to block trusted sites the user knows are safe.


  • At first, you need to close Internet Explorer, and then click on the Start button. Type on regedit in the search box and hit Enter.
  • Then, you need to highlight HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl by clicking on it.
  • Then you need to highlight New in the Edit menu and click on Key.
  • You need to type FEATURE_ERROR_PAGE_BYPASS_ZONE_CHECK_FOR_HTTPS_KB954312 in the new key box and hit Enter.
  • Then you need to highlight New in the edit menu and choose DWORD Value.
  • After that, you need to type iexplore.exe in the value box and hit the Enter key on keyboard
  • Subsequently, you need to choose and Modify in the edit menu and enter 1 in the modification area. Then, you can click on the OK button.
  • Next, you need to close the registry editor and open Internet Explorer to see if the certificate error problem is fixed.

    Invalid Information

           Fix Microsoft Errors Certificate

Before you attempt to fix the problem through a registry repair, you need to check to make sure the date and time on your computer is correct. Often, something as simple as adjusting your clock settings can fix an invalid certificate error. Most of the time, people for set their date and time correctly and this sort of certificate error may occur. Most of the time, date and time change because of CMOS clock error. You need to replace your CMOS battery with a new one. You can also check your security settings. Sometimes security software may block a webpage for no particular reason. In case you are absolutely sure and trust the website, you can adjust your software to allow IE to display the page.

This way you can fix Microsoft errors like certificate error in Windows Internet Explorer.

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