How To Solve Windows Update Issues

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Windows Update is a feature that is included in all the Windows operating systems from Windows 98. This is a default feature and it is integrated in the operating system. This feature will be configured during the installation of the OS. The Automatic Updates feature will be turned on by default and it will connect to the Internet and will check for the available updates. In the default settings, the updates will be installed automatically, but the users can change these settings. The user can disable the feature, make it install the update only after getting permission, and so on.

The malware program will mimic like the genuine Windows Update to get installed in the computer and you should be very much careful while installing the update. To prevent this, the user can disable the automatic download and installation of the available updates. The steps to disable Windows Update without encountering any Microsoft problems are explained below in this article.


  • Turn on your computer, click on Start button, and choose Windows Update. You will be able to find this in the Start menu. The System & Maintenance: Windows Update windows will be opened.
  • Select the Change Settings link that is located on the left pane.
  • Now you can choose the radio button that is located in front of the option that you need to select. The options that are available will be Download Updates But Let Me Choose Whether to Install Them, Install Updates Automatically, Check for Updates but Let Me Choose Whether to Download and Install Them, and Never Check for Updates.

    Microsoft Windows Update Program

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  • Select the drop down that is labeled Install New Updates. From here, you will be able to choose a frequency in which the OS checks for the available updates.
  • If you need to download and install the recommended updates, you will need to select the box near to the Recommended Updates area.
  • After making the changes, you can click on the OK button to save the changes that you have made. Doing this will close the window and the changes will be saved.

These are the steps to fix issues in the Microsoft Windows Update program. You should be careful while doing the steps, so that you do not encounter any Microsoft problems. If you have any doubts in any of the steps that are explained above, you can contact the Windows help and support team.

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How To Add A Contact To Office Communicator Contacts List?

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When talked about Microsoft Office, the general idea that comes to most of our minds is a bundle of word processing, editing or office applications. Hardly does anyone think that it is more than that. In fact, Microsoft Office contains a tool for communicating with MSN messenger client.

How to communicate with MSN Messenger through MS Office?

In order to communicate with MSN Messengers using your Microsoft Office suite, you need to use the communication application in it, which is called MS Office communicator. Office Communicator has a utility called Contacts List. As the name indicates, it is an address book where you can add contacts of your friends, family, colleagues etc. When anyone in the Contacts list becomes online, you can instant-chat with them. According to the experts at Microsoft problems and support chat number help desk, the steps for adding contacts to the MS Office Communicator are simple. They are described below.


  • Turn on your PC and navigate to the Start menu.
  • Choose All Programs from the resulting menu. Select Microsoft Office from the All Programs list.
  • Upon clicking the Microsoft Office option, you will see a list programs included in your Microsoft Office suite bundle.
  • Locate Microsoft Communicator in the list and click it to launch.
  • When the application is loaded, locate and select the Contacts menu.

    Microsoft Office Suite

               Microsoft Chat Support

  • In the Contacts menu, you will see different options. However, you should select the option that says Add a Contact. This will initiate the Contact Wizard.
  • When asked How Do You Want to Add a Contact, choose By E-Mail Address or Sign-In Name. Proceed by clicking the Next button.
  • You must add the first contact by typing the complete email address. After entering the email address, cross-check to ensure that it is spelled accurately. Proceed by selecting the Next option.
  • You can add the newly added contact to any group of your choice. To add a contact to a group, select the group that is placed under the option Add Contact to This Group.  It is recommended to add all the contacts to any of the given groups such as friends, family and work or any new group that you create because it saves you from looking for contacts in a hurry.

The steps must have helped you add contacts to the Office Communicator Contact Lists. If you run into any issues while executing Office Communicator, contact Microsoft problems and support chat number for assistance.

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Troubleshooting Common Issues In Office Live Meeting

Microsoft Problems And Support Chat Number

Office Live Meeting Software Support

Microsoft Office Live Meeting is web conferencing software that is designed and created by Microsoft. The basic feature of this software that differentiates it from other web conferencing tools like Skype is that the features in this software allows for maximum collaboration between workers or between a client and a worker. The ability to share files, display presentations and other features like party muting and panoramic video support are invaluable tools for companies and offices. Using web conferences, the software allows individuals from various corners of the world to work together. To know more features of Office Live Meeting, you can contact our Microsoft problems and support chat number division.

When using Microsoft Office Live Meeting, both parties need to be online and connected through web conference. Although this software is extremely useful in workplaces and other areas, this software sometime experiences certain technical issues. It is extremely frustrating, especially when you are in the middle of an important project. However, certain common issues with the program can be easily solved with minimum involvement from the user.

If you come across any issues while using the Office Live Meeting program, here’s what you have to do:

  • First off, check if your internet connection is still connected and has enough speed to enable web conferencing. If not, check the connection cables and your operating system to get internet back to working condition.

    Microsoft Office Live Meeting

                Tech Support For Office Live

  • Click on the Arrow key next to the Options button from inside the Voice and Video pane. Then, click on the Set Up Audio and Video option.
  • A configuration wizard will come up on the screen. Using this tool, test your video and audio settings to determine if they are working properly. Follow the prompts displayed in the computer to establish the problem with the software, if any.
  • Right-click the individual with whom you want to connect and then select the Chat option. This will enable you to send instant messages to the person if the audio is not available.
  • In certain cases, the option to Chat will be disabled. In such cases, click on the Attendee pane and then select the Permissions option. You will find the option to enable Chat with the contact again.

If you have any trouble with the video-conferencing tool, you can contact our Microsoft problems and support chat number division. Our support technicians will help sort out whatever issue you have with the application software.

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Addressing Problems With Automatic Windows Updates

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Windows operating systems needs frequent updates to remain secure, fast, and current. Microsoft encourages users to keep automatic Windows update option on to let the operating system remain up to date and to diffuse all potential Microsoft problems. However, because automatic Windows update can eat up a large number of data from the limited internet plans, many users prefer to turn it off. Consequently, the operating system becomes vulnerable to a large number of security issues and problems. At times, there can be issues with the automatic Windows update itself. Work out the following steps to fix the issues with automatic Windows update in your PC.


  • If the automatic Windows update is not working, turn it off and attempt to execute a manual Windows update. For this, navigate to the Windows Update website and look for all the missed updates. The Windows update website contains options for scanning your PC for the updates. If the website is able to identify the missed updates and install them, go ahead with the process. After installing all the missed updates, the problem with automatic Windows update should get fixed automatically. Often, the automatic Windows update option becomes non-functional when users miss out key updates.
  • If the Automatic update option does not get fixed, you should conclude that you still have pending updates that need to be installed by all means. You can fix the problem by re-registering your Windows Installer program. To re-register the program, navigate to the Windows Start menu and select the Run option. This will open up the Run command window. Enter msiexec/unreg in the type field and hit the Enter button on your keyboard.

    Security Issues And Problems

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  • Again, go to the Start button and select the Run command.
  • Enter msiexec/regserver in the blank field and hit the Enter button. This will re-register the Windows Installer program. Ensure that the automatic Windows update is on and exit the window. Go to Windows Update option from your PC and check for updates. If you have missed out any past updates, you will be notified about them now and the updates will be installed automatically as you have turned the Automatic Windows update option on.

The above steps must have helped you deal with Windows update issues. Windows update is one of the top five Microsoft problems. Microsoft insists that users download and install Windows updates on a regular basis to stay protected against all types of unnecessary bugs and security threats.

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About Using Outlook And Exchange Server

Microsoft Outlook Support

Microsoft Outlook Support

There are many things Outlook lets you do, and sending emails is just one of them. Outlook helps you render your work faster and more efficiently. This email client lets you manage reminders, tasks, and calendar schedules. This way, you can set up meetings and appointments so as to remember them when the time comes. This isn’t confined to your own events, however; you can also organize events with that of other people, as long as they’re using the same Microsoft Exchange server.

How the server connection figures in

The first time you launch Outlook, it looks for an Exchange server to connect to. This is the online spot where every bit of your application info is stored, including emails. If the application is able to find the server and connect to it, you get all this information synced to a location on the computer. And if by chance the Exchange Server cannot be found, then the only information you have will be what’s already stored on the PC. The email client works in the offline mode.


One thing that people like about Outlook and Exchange is that with the two working in sync, they can check out other people’s schedules, for purposes like setting up a meeting. You could try this too, but for this to work, it would require you being connected to the Exchange server in question. If for any reason you’re not, then other’s people’s calendars will not be accessible. This also happens if the Exchange Server happens to be down at the time, which is a common occurrence.

Outlook Connection problems

It is probable that logging in to the Exchange server goes successfully, but after that, your connection can get cut, because of a number of

Microsoft Outlook Probes

Microsoft Outlook Probes

reasons. If this happens and you then try to access the server, you won’t be able to. You might have been setting up a meeting or changing an existing one. All of the changes made after the connection severance will be lost. The best scenario is that you get a notification as soon as the connection is dropped, so you don’t waste any time with the data organization. What you do have left over, you can save locally and then send over later.

For these or similar Microsoft problems you need help fixing, check out the latest posts. You can narrow down the selection of items by using the Search function, so that you get the most relevant information regarding the Microsoft problems concerning you.

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