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The latest Surface Pro 3 PC is so amazing that even David Pogue of Yahoo tech, a skeptical columnist when it comes to Windows 8 and Microsoft’s Surface Tablets, did not give a bad review about the same. The latest Surface Pro 3 is referred to as the toaster-fridge by the industries, as it is a type of do-it-all PC. This was the statement by the Apple CEO Tim Cook when he was asked if he would do a hybrid by one of the Wall Street Analysis in the year 2012.

The crisp and clear screen is remarkable and commendable. He also liked the adjustable kickstand, size and the speed of the fast processor. Nevertheless, later he ran into listing numerous issues with the PC with the hardware features, and a number of non-Microsoft apps from the Windows Store.

The robust feature of the processor and the productivity software in Surface Pro 3 makes it easy to create and edit contents anywhere. Nevertheless, the features of the eco-system and the applications were limiting, doubting the use of the same overall.

While he was testing a system of the midrange cost $1330, along with the Surface Pro Typecover that is optional. He started grumbling with plenty of Microsoft problems. There was no use for the Typecover, as it did not work anyway. It was quite unfortunate, as during the tests, neither the trackpad worked nor the keyboard.

Office was not included. The new Surface Pro 3, does not come with any of the Office versions, instead he had to spend 10 dollars every month for the Office 365 Home that he bought. There was no place to place the Bluetooth pen.


Microsoft SkyDrive

The Windows 8 app, DropBox did not work either. He was happy to find Dropbox in the Windows Store. Nevertheless, he was unhappy when he found out that the app had so many issues with it that he was not able to use it at all.

There were many limitations in the support for Google’s storage cloud. The Google Drive did not have any app, only the web interface. The native cloud storage form Microsoft works good but the speed of upload was so slow that he could only upload one file at a time.

The expectations for the latest toaster-fridge PC is high, but with this review mentioning so many Microsoft problems, it is evident that it might fail to impress us.

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Instructions For Using Microsoft Script Debugger

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          Fix Microsoft Problems

If you are a programmer who uses JavaScript for coding a website or an application, then Microsoft Script Debugger is an essential tool that you should possess. Here we describe how to use the debugger tool from Microsoft.


  • The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your system has the Microsoft Script Debugger program. If not, visit the Microsoft download site, download the program, and install it.
  • Now open the application you wish to debug. If you wish to debug a code in the website, open the webpage that contains the JavaScript using the Internet Explorer web browser.
  • If you see a confirmation dialog box on the screen asking for permission to debug, click on the Yes button. If there is any error with the file, the program will show you a dialog box that gives you information about the error with the program. To start debugging the file, click on the Yes button. If you are not able to launch the debugger, feel free to contact the support team in the Microsoft problems and support chat number.
  • The program will now show you the line of code where the error is present. The code of line that caused the error will be highlighted, so scroll through the code for viewing the erroneous code line.
  • To debug the code, place the code Debugger; in the line that lies just above the erroneous line for debugging the line of code. Now when you open the website with the script, Internet Explorer will pause, as it will get the debug command.

    Debugger Tool

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  • Microsoft problems and support chat number technicians advice that you click on the option labeled as Command Window found under the View tab in the Microsoft Script Debugger window. From the command window, users will be able to view and change the values in the script in Run Time. This tool is essential for debugging a script.
  • Now press the F5 key found in the keyboard for checking whether the error has been removed and Yes to find additional errors in the script.
  • When the script is error free, remove the command Debugger; from the script code so that the script may run uninterrupted.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to debug a script or program using the Microsoft Script Debugger.

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Troubleshooting Corrupt Microsoft Word File

Fix Microsoft Errors

      How To Fix Microsoft Errors

Microsoft has enriched the Office Application Suite with varieties of applications that can simplify office tasks. One of the most commonly used applications in the suite is Microsoft Word. We generally use this application for sending letters, preparing projects and for a variety of other functions. Other than helping us with these tasks, it offers a plethora of other functionalities that help us to make modifications and implement several changes to our Word document.

Just like any other office application, Microsoft Word is not exempted from any kind of errors or problems.  While using the Word document, you may sometimes come across different error messages. One such error message found in Microsoft Word is “Word cannot Open this document template (…Building Blocks. dotx)…”, which will appear on the screen. This error is normally seen in Microsoft Word while trying to make quick changes in Word, like inserting header or footer, changing them or other similar features.

The error mentioned above will normally be displayed when Word does not remove temporary files. To fix Microsoft errors, it is essential to remove the temporary files at the earliest. In order to find the files to be deleted, you can display all of them. In order to fix Microsoft errors, you can follow the instructions given below.

To display the hidden files

  • As the first step, you can close the Microsoft Word document, which is already open.
  • Select Organize from the toolbar.
  • Choose Folder. A new dialog box will now open.
  • Select View tab.
  • In the Advanced settings list, select Show hidden files, folders and drivers. To select the same, you will find a button on its side.
  • Now click OK.

Find out the hidden files

  • In the left hand side of Windows Explorer, select Home Directory below Computer.
  • In order to commence a search, you can press Search Home Directory (N).
  • To expand your search, you can type *.dotx.

    Header Or Footer

                Try To Fix Microsoft Errors

  • You will find two files with .dotx extensions and they will begin with a ~ character.
  • You can try to delete both these files.

You can definitely fix the problem with Word by following the above set of instructions.

Showing the hidden files can be turned off

  • You can open Windows Explorer.
  • Select Organize and select the folder. A new dialog box will open up.
  • Choose the View tab and select Don’t show hidden files, folders or drives option and select OK.

The above steps will definitely fix the problems faced by Microsoft Word. You may get in touch with our technical support team if you require further assistance.

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Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue Fixed In July 16 Surface Pro 3 Update

Microsoft Fix It

Fix By Microsoft

Microsoft is always known for keeping the faith of its customers by improving their products and services regularly. In fact, they constantly release updates aimed to fix the common issues faced by the users of Microsoft related products. Many expected that the recently released firmware will be able to fix the Wi-Fi issue in Surface Pro 3 but it was actually not the case. According to the changelog of Microsoft, it is said that the System Firmware Update released on 7/8/2014 will bring some improvements in the ‘Wireless network controller and Bluetooth.’ This was actually good news for the Surface Pro 3 users as they will be able to use Wi-Fi in their Surface Pro without any problems and issues.

However, this was not the case, as it was on June 3 that the wireless controller driver was built and this gives an impression that the update was released at the time when Surface Pro 3 is shipped and therefore, there is lesser chances of featuring any updates or fixes related to the Wi-Fi issues. Regarding this, a statement was released by Microsoft and it promised the users that they would come up with a new update that will help in fixing the Wi-Fi connectivity issues. As of now, Microsoft promised the users that an update would be released on July 16 aimed mainly to resolve the Wi-Fi connectivity issues in Surface Pro 3.

Most of the users who rely on 802.11ac and 802.11n protocols have faced unstable connectivity issues on Surface Pro 3 and the reports coming from the various sources say that the issues are seen by those who use 802.11b and 802.11g protocols. The Wi-Fi connectivity issue was bought under the radar of Microsoft and a fix was promised to the users before the Surface Pro 3 units reach the users in public. There will be firmware upgrade available through Windows Update when a Surface Pro 3 owner first switches on the tablet.


Microsoft Fix Connectivity Issues

Like other products of Microsoft, Surface Pro 3 is also a product that needs time to patch up certain things. As of now, Microsoft is giving less importance to Wi-Fi issues but it is expected that the tech giant will take the things seriously in the future and will release updates needed for fixing the certain common issues like Wi-Fi quickly.

For more news and information, contact the Microsoft Fix it center. Microsoft Fix it center will be able to clear all your doubts and problems related to Surface Pro 3 tablets and other Microsoft products.

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Fixing 1335 Installation Error In Microsoft Office

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       Microsoft Office 2003

The error 1335 is one of the major errors that occur while installing Microsoft Office. The major reason for this issue is because that you might be installing the software with insufficient files and settings required to support the installation process. There are certain files and settings required to see that the installation takes place without any major errors. It is imperative to fix Microsoft errors in order to use Office efficiently.

The error message that appears on the screen would be something like this,

Error 1335-Cannot copy cab file The file may be corrupt.

When we look into the root cause of this issue, it is simply evident that it is due to the method adopted to install the software on your personal computer. Whenever you try to install a program or software in your computer, there are certain necessary files and folders required to support the same. Since, the issue is with Microsoft Office, it is necessary to fix the issue with the help of an office installer. This would stabilize any potential issues with the Windows computer itself.

To make sure that the further installation is done properly, there are certain things that you need to check before the installation. One of the first steps is to check the installation CD used to install the software. Make sure that the CD is in a good condition or it does not have any potential scratches on the shiny side. When the CD is working properly, it will let the computer read the CD properly and make the installation process easier. This not only installs the software properly in the computer, but also makes sure that any installation done in future would not have any issues.

Microsoft Office

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The Registry cleaner is one of the best solutions to any kind of installation issues. Hence, it is imperative to see that you have a C Cleaner or any registry cleaner installed in the computer. When you run a scan with the C Cleaner, it would go through the database of the registry in the computer and would fix any issue that happens internally. A huge central storage of files, documents and folders is the registry database that Windows uses to run efficiently that in turn allows the computer to run smoothly.

It is the registry that is damaged largely which leads to the malfunctioning of the computer, hence it is important to have a check on the registry to fix Microsoft errors in the computer.

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